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A Day With Daddy

A Day With Daddy

My day starts like any other day. I wake up to my alarm going off. Groggily I turn it off and roll over. My wet diaper clings to me. Daddy is already up being a morning person. I know he heard my alarm, I keep the volume on high since I'm a heavy sleeper. I climb out of bed and make my way to the kitchen. My diaper still clings to me. I used to have to wake up to wet it at night but now I do it without thought. He's having a cup of coffee and as always he smiles at the sight of my sagging diaper. I hug him from behind and he pulls me in.

His hand quickly rubs the front of my diaper and he asks if I'm ready to start the day. I tell him I'd rather go back to bed but he quickly overrules me and leads me to the bathroom. I know whats next and I look forward with eagerness and a tinge of dread.

He takes out an enema bag and begins filling it up. I notice with a small amount of relief he's just using warm water. Usually he'll use soap which always requires a second enema. I lay down on my back on the floor while he hangs the bag. He then reaches down and untapes my diaper and leaves it open. He lubricates the nozzle and grabs my ankles and lifts my legs up and slides the nozzle in. I've grown accustomed to having things in my bottom and the nozzle slides in. I feel him inflating the nozzle sealing the water in me. He opens the clamp and water starts quickly flowing in me. I can feel going inside me and hear it gurgle as it flows higher and higher into me. Daddy gives me frequent enemas so I stay pretty cleaned out. It makes the enema easier but not quite easy. He's using the 2.5 liter bag with the wide hose so the water flows pretty fast. I whimper a little bit as I begin to cramp from the pressure. Daddy quickly shuts the clamp and rubs my belly. There was a time when someone gave me an enema they wouldn't shut the clamp and just make me ride out the cramps. Daddy says you shouldn't do that to a child so he always shuts the clamp. I almost wish he would let me cramp sometimes but he never does. Its just the slightest bit degrading.

Finally the bag gurgles empty and he shuts the clamp. He rubs my belly more while I hold the enema. My penis quickly hardens. He notices it and begins rubbing it. I've not been allowed to cum all week and I quickly begin oozing pre cum. After several minutes of teasing he tells me to sit on the potty. He lets the air out of the nozzle and lets me expel the enema. It takes several minutes and he stays with me the entire time. Its very rare that he allows me privacy in the bathroom. Especially after being teased. He once told me he trusts me but only as far as you could trust a little boy. Once I'm done I get up and flush. Daddy has me lean against the counter and wipes me.

He grabs my penis again making it hard. "That's better still be hard when you come down." He tells me. I start the shower and let the water warm up. Daddy doesn't allow me very many "big boy" pleasures. My morning shower is one of the few. I do enjoy being his "little boy" even though age play was never a big kink of mine. I'm certainly submissive but before we met diapers were never something I thought about trying. He changed that fairly quickly. He had me diapered our third time together and since then I've hardly ever been out of them. I let the hot water flow over me and enjoyed the high pressure shower nozzle. It wasn't an easy adjustment but Daddy is very patient. He started slow with more adult looking plain white diapers and eased me into more childish designs. Before too long I was asking for the teddy bears over the baby blocks. I still remember my first wetting. It was sitting on our bed with him holding me from behind. I had to go so badly but my body wouldn't let me. He had the water running in the bathroom and finally like a dam bursting I was able to. I ended up flooding my diaper and it leaked onto the sheet. I thought he would be mad but he just held me tighter. He then lead me downstairs and I had one of my most powerful orgasms followed by my first real changing. I'm still quite hard especially after remembering that but I'm clean and refreshed and I know Daddy doesn't like to be kept waiting.

I make my way downstairs to what he calls Daddy's Den. Lots of people think our basement is a normal junky basement and it is when you first walk down. Beyond that room is the den. I see him standing next to the changing table and I quickly hop on and lay back. Its a large wooden table with cuffs built into it. Daddy hardly ever restrains me when he's changing me but sometimes he likes having me immobilized for other things. He takes a wipe and rubs down my diaper area. He asks if I expelled all my water and I nod yes. "Good boy." he says. Hearing that always brings a smile to my face. Daddy has no issues with messy diapers but out of respect for my wishes he gives me enemas so I won't have to mess them. He reaches in the shelf built into the table and grabs a diaper. He keeps a wide variety stocked, almost all of them have babyish or childlike designs on them. He's never let me see where he orders them from so I couldn't put a brand name to them. Some are thick and some are thicker. Most are easily worn under my work clothes. He grabs my ankles again and lifts my legs straight up and slides the diaper under my bottom. I'm not allowed to look at it until its taped up so I continue looking straight up at the ceiling. I look straight into the print he has framed. It says "Little boys need their diapers just as Daddies need their little boys." I feel him taping my diaper up and nice and snug like he always does. It fits almost like a second skin. I look down and its a less thick diaper with planes, helicopters, and balloons on the front. I'm a little relieved that this isn't one of the really thick diapers. I've worn them at work before and even after all this time I still get nervous about someone seeing them.

My penis is hard again and we both look at see it poking into my diaper. I look down and see his poking into his pants.

"If you're good today I might take care of yours tonight. Would you like that?"

"Yes Daddy." I reply hoping he does.

"Well go get dressed, we both have busy days." I run upstairs and get my work clothes on. I grab my tablet and see my workload for the day. Daddy usually checks it before I get up, if I have a light day I usually end up in a thicker diaper. But he's right my day looks to be pretty busy. I research my jobs and grab a light breakfast before heading out to work. My job is fairly physical, lots of climbing, crawling, and carrying large weights. The crawling always makes me nervous about my shirt riding up and my pants down. To the best of my knowledge no one has discovered my diapers at work.

My morning went about average. One of the perks of my job is being able to go home for lunch. Daddy works from home so he's always there. I wet as I pulled into the driveway. Daddy is usually a little disappointed if I'm dry, plus if I'm dry now it'll be that much more in my diaper later. Daddy never removes a dry diaper without a good reason. He hugs me as I walk in and slips his hand down my pants and feels the still warm wetness. He tells me he made burgers for lunch. He makes the best burgers and we sit down at the table. He pours me a glass of milk as I sit down. He has a high chair downstairs that fits me though he rarely makes me eat from it. He explained early on that he's not too into baby play rather he prefers a mindset akin to more of a toddler. So far he accepts that I can't regress that far, he says I act more like a four or five year old. Though he's always working on getting me to the age he wants.

We eat lunch and talk about our day so far. He respects that its hard for me to shift mindsets during a lunch break so we speak more as partners rather then Daddy and little boy. When lunch is done he leads me downstairs and back onto the changing table. I look up at the print again as he untapes my diaper and I lift my hips up so he can slide it out from me. He then grabs some wipes and cleans me up. I feel him grabbing my ankles again and a new diaper is slid under me. This one he only tapes up once on each side. When he's done I look down my suspicions are confirmed, teddy bears. As always the tapes and nice and snug. I get up and get dressed and head back to work.

Finally I get home to start our weekend. Daddy always finds a way to make them special, even when we don't go anywhere or do much of anything.

"Daddy I'm home!" I announce as I walk in. He greets with his usual bear hug. I had wet awhile ago and I'm more then ready to be changed. Instead of taking me downstairs we go to the bathroom. He starts taking my clothes off and soon I'm standing in front of him in just a wet diaper. He puts my work clothes in the hamper, I won't be needing them until Monday. I figure he's probably going to give me an enema. I'm proven right when he pulls out the same bag from this morning. This time he fills it full of hot soapy water.

"On your hands and knees head down." He orders. I assume the position, normally this means he plans on cleaning me out pretty well. The water flows in pretty quickly and I feel the weight inside me. Before I can cramp up he already has the clamp shut. I pant and he reaches down to rub my belly. The water gurgles as it flows deeper into me. He opens the clamp again. This process repeats itself a few times until all the water is finally in me. He then lets me lay on my back while I hold the enema. After several minutes he lets me sit on the potty and deflates the nozzle so I can expel. When I finish I join him in the bedroom and we lay down together. He teases my penis back to erection and rubs pre cum all over it. I'm moaning with pleasure and I feel a gurgle.

"Daddy I gotta go potty."

"Wait just a minute. Wait and you'll hear another one." He continues teasing me until he hears more water gurgle inside me. Daddy is always right. He lets me up so I can expel some more. I introduced Daddy to enemas and he learned a lot very quickly. I think he enjoys them more then I do. As I'm finishing expelling Daddy comes in to wipe me and starts preparing another enema. This time I watch him grab another bag. Its clear plastic but we only use it for a special kind of enema. He pours mineral oil into it. Now I know he has kinky plans for later. He pours about two quarts into it. "Okay lie on your left side." I lay down and he spreads my cheeks as he slides the colon tube into me. He starts the flow and I feel it oozing in. Its not too often that Daddy gives me an oil enema. But he loves how my bottom stays lubricated for him for at least a day. Plus for a couple days he has another excuse to keep me diapered, not that he'd need one at this point. The oil flows in without issue and I lay on my back while he rubs my belly. He rubs counter clockwise so he can rub the oil higher into me. He teases me and I see his penis pushing against his pants. My mouth is watering thinking about it. Eventually though he lets me expel, only oil comes out this time.

We go downstairs and I hop up on the changing table. This time its a thicker diaper with rabbits on it. He lets me play on my computer while he makes dinner. This gives my insides time to settle down. He comes back downstairs with food. He made ribs, another of my favorites. We eat while talking about the rest of our day. When we're done he wipes some bbq sauce off of my face and takes the plates upstairs. When he comes back down he tells me to save my game and come over to his chair. I do so and come over to him. He pulls his pants down revealing his large penis. I don't need any prompting and grab it and start stroking it gently. He must have been waiting for this eagerly too from his pre come. I slowly take him into my mouth. We've worked on my gag reflex and while it sometimes pops back up I'm relaxed enough with him I'm able to take his penis in easily. I suck his penis and swirl my tongue over his head while he watches some TV. I play with his balls with one hand while using my mouth and other hand on his penis. He uses his foot to lightly rub my penis through the diaper and I look up and we make eye contact. His smile lights up my day and I try harder to bring him more pleasure. Soon he's jerking his hips a little bit. I know he's starting to get close. I go a little faster wanting to make him cum like a good boy but he stops me and says "Not yet." During this I had felt some oil in me, knowing what was expected I let out into my diaper. I was met with him running his hand through my hair in an approving way. He decided that we need a break for a little bit and I needed to be shaved anyway.

Daddy never let me grow out any hair below my neck so I found myself back on the changing table. He kept me in my diaper but I knew soon it would come off so he could shave under it. He came back with a bowl of hot water and his razor. Naturally a little boy can't be trusted with a sharp razor so he first shaved my chest and legs. When he was done with that he untapped my diaper which I had wet in to his smiling approval and shaved my butt followed by my pubic hair. He took his time stroking me to keep me erect until he was done.

Instead of reaching down for another diaper he ordered me to scoot until my bottom was at the edge of the table. He grabbed some leather stirrups and hung them from the ceiling and put my feet in them. They were now spread high and wide. He walked between them and grabbed my hips and I felt his head begin to enter me.

No matter how many times he's done this and how much I enjoy it I always close my eyes for a second while his head stretches my opening. Once he passes through my sphincter he slides in easily. He loves the feeling of my bottom after its been oiled. Once I feel his hips against mine he gives me a second to adjust until he starts fucking me. Sex is another of the few big boy pleasures I get. I start moaning very quickly. Daddy is very good and manages to hit my prostate on every stroke. I try to wrap my legs around him but the stirrups prevent me from closing them. Daddy is in complete control. His pace quickens and I feel him getting close.

"Daddyyyy please?"

"No not yet. Not till Daddy says so." I beg more to cum but he refuses again and again.

"Please Daddy!? I need to cum badly!"

"Do you like wearing diapers?" He asks.

"Yes Daddy! I like being your little boy."

"Do you realize that big boy underwear is a thing of the past for you?"

"Yes Daddy, I wear diapers all the time now."

"How do teddy bear diapers sound?

"I want to wear them Daddy! Please can I wear teddy bear diapers?"

"Does my little boy want to cum?" He asks as he begins lightly stroking me.

"Yes Daddy please Daddy!" He fucks me harder and faster, I can feel his head swelling. "Please Daddy let your little boy cum so he can get back into a diaper!"

"Good boy!" He exclaims. "Cum for Daddy right NOW!" He orders as he shoots his load inside me. He aims my penis at me as I cum. Long streams shoot into my face. I moan and some goes into my mouth. Having been arched for so long my back slumps onto the table and Daddy pulls out of me. He wipes himself off then uses a wipe on me. He reaches down and grabs a diaper. With my feet still in the stirrups he lifts my hips up and slides the new diaper under me. He then grabs the powder. Normally I don't let him use it on me but I'm too spent and basking in my post orgasmic bliss to argue. He holds it up and gives me a second to say no anyway. I feel him sprinkle it on me and he tapes the diaper up. He pats my crotch a few times and helps me off the table.

We then lay on the couch and watch a movie while we cuddle. As I drift off to sleep the last thing I'm aware of is my diaper growing warm.

I woke up feeling almost like death, I was sore, hot, and had a headache. But Thursdays were usually busy at work and I didn't like being babied when I got sick, in both a literal and figurative manner. I knew I wouldn't be able to hide it from Daddy forever but I could try. I got up and waddled into the kitchen with my sagging crinkling diaper announcing me before I entered it. I hugged Daddy and he drew me in. He held on for a second longer then normal then announced my morning enema would be given in bed. It wasn't totally out of the ordinary but he did it from time to time. We walked in the bedroom and he went into the bathroom and came out with two thermometers, one was a pacifier one and the other a rectal one.

"Well which one do you want to use?" He asked. I groaned hoping I would have gotten away at least until the end of the day.

"The rectal one please." He hasn't had the pacifier one long and I know sooner or later he's not going to give me the choice so I thought to enjoy it while I could. He untaped my diaper and had me lay on my left side. He dipped the thermometer in Vaseline before I felt it sliding into my bottom. While it was reading he got up to prepare my enema. He came back in a minute later and took the IV stand out of the closet and hung the bag. He sat down next to me pulled the thermometer out.

"100.4 I guess you can go to work but I'll check you again at lunch and we'll see about this afternoon." Daddy knew I didn't like missing work but wouldn't let me work if I was really sick. He inserted and inflated the nozzle and let the clear warm water flow into me. He rubbed my back and belly and in true Daddy fashion clamped the hose before I cramped. Within a few minutes I was full and laying on my back while he massaged my belly some more. He made me hold it for five minutes until he was satisfied and let me expel in private.

Once I was sure I was done I went back in the bedroom and he was ready with a diaper. I laid on the bed and he lifted my ankles and slid it under me. He brought it up and taped all four sides down nice and snug. Once I was allowed I looked down and it was teddy bears.

"You have a fairy light day so try and sneak home for lunch a little early so we can check you."

"Okay Daddy." I replied. I got up and got dressed and looked my workload for the day. As Daddy said it was pretty light so I was happy for small favors. After getting ready I hugged Daddy on my way out.

I managed to come home for lunch a little early. I greeted Daddy and we hugged then went into the bedroom. I had wet after leaving my last job so I was ready for a changed. He untaped my diaper and readied the thermometer. Quickly it was inserted in me and told me I could use a small enema. I didn't think I did but I knew better then to argue, if Daddy thought I needed an enema I got an enema. Just the same if he thought I needed a thick diaper, a butt plug, a spanking (luckily those were rare), or anything else. He came back in a minute later with the bag filled to 1/3 capacity. He took the thermometer out and slid the nozzle in in one smooth motion. I felt it inflate again then he read my temperature. It was 100.8, still okay to finish the day. The enema flowed in quickly and he didn't make me hold it long. He did accompany me into the bathroom while I expelled and wiped me when I was done. We went back into the bedroom and he took out a diaper from his nightstand drawer. Once again he held my ankles in the air while I was diapered and once the tapes were sealed I saw I was still in teddy bears. As degrading as it was I did like them and he made me feel sexy. We ate a light lunch and I laid on the couch afterward until I needed to go back to work. Daddy ended up waking me and I left for the rest of the day.

I got home at a decent hour and was again ready for a change. Daddy hugged me right after I walked in.

"I have a friend coming by later to look you over. He should be here soon so go lay down downstairs for a minute." He announced.

"Umm may I be changed please?"

"No not yet, he'll need to check a few things down there so we'll do it then."

"But he'll see me Daddyyyyy." I pleaded.

"Shush, what else would he expect to see in a little boy's pants? He knows and I trust him." I knew it was futile to argue any further. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't spank me while sick but he had other things he could do. Plus I just couldn't argue with him, not with Daddy.

I hadn't been laying down long when I head them coming down the stairs.

"This is Doctor Jones, he's a friend of mine and he's being very nice making a house call after hours." Daddy announced.

"Umm thank you." I shyly said.

"Why don't you take your clothes off and lay down on the table here." His words were a suggestion but I knew it was an order. I took off everything but my wet diaper and laid down on my back. Doctor Jones untaped my now twice wet diaper and rolled me onto my left side and ran his hand over my forehead. "Well your diaper is almost as warm as you." He said to me then asked Daddy if he had checked my temperature yet. After hearing no he asked for wipes. Daddy wiped my diaper area down while he got some stuff out of his bag. Soon I felt the slightly larger thermometer sliding into my bottom. While it was reading he asked Daddy a few questions about me talking as though I weren't even there. He asked about my bowel habits and Daddy informed him of my enema regime and answered a few other questions. After a few minutes he announced my fever had climbed to 102.3. "Son I'm writing you a note for work until Tuesday. If you feel better by then and your temperature is down you can go back to work." He said he needed to check a few other things. I laid on my back he listened to my heart, took my blood pressure, and looked down my throat. After that he rolled me back on my side and I heard them snap on a glove. He used plenty of Vaseline from taking my temperature and his large finger slid in. He moved it around and I felt like he was trying to operate a puppet. He didn't have Daddy's finesse so it was a tad uncomfortable. Reading my reactions Daddy ran his fingers through my hair. He reassured me telling me I was a good boy and he would take care of me. Doctor Jones took his finger out and said I could use an enema. He suggested enemas till clear and then cool water enemas before bed and at least twice during the day and night. He also he said he was off tomorrow but he'd ask a nurse to swing by and check on me. I blushed again at the thought of someone else knowing about my... attire and lifestyle.

After Doctor Jones left Daddy went upstairs to prepare an enema. He came down with a large bag bulging full and the water was almost white as snow. I trembled at the thought of such a strong enema. Daddy held me and told me he loved me but it was Doctor's orders. Then he whispered that we'd cheat a little bit. If I could take the entire bag and hold it for ten minutes he would do one soapy enema instead of two. I nodded and he had me get on my knees with my head up and face down.

I felt the lubricated nozzle enter and me and was inflated. He let me adjust to it for a minute until he opened the clamp slightly. I felt the warm water flowing into me and braced myself for the coming onslaught. For the first couple of minutes it flowed in just fine and a cramp hit. Daddy quickly shut the clamp, after a few moments it subsided and I heard the click of the clamp opening again. The cycle was repeated again and again, here and there Daddy was tell me how much was left. Once it was down to the last pint I was cramping all the time and thinking about the times I had wished Daddy would let me cramp sometimes... and regretting it. The flow slowed as I filled and Daddy had to raise the bag higher and higher until it finally gurgled empty. He quickly shut the clamp and had me lay on my back. I felt like a beached whale and probably looked like one too. He rubbed my belly while telling me how I was a good boy and he was proud of me for taking my enema was a big boy. I felt happy that I made him proud but I was still cramping.

Finally he said I could get up. I kept the inflated nozzle in me and lead me to the bathroom. I sat down and spread my legs and he reached down to deflate the nozzle. It hissed as the air escaped and he jerked the nozzle out and I expelled. He stayed with me and held me the entire time, flushing as needed. I thought I was empty but now I knew I would be. After awhile I was done, Daddy wiped me and had me lay on the bed. We laid together with him holding me until I gurgled, Daddy didn't make me wait like he usually does and let me go to the potty. This time I felt pretty empty when I walked back in the bedroom he had the bag refilled with warm water. I was spent and kinda zoned out as the nozzle went back in followed by the water. I held this one longer but never really cramped. When it was done Daddy accompanied me to the potty and the water came out pretty clear. He said that should be good enough.

We went down to the changing table and soon my legs were up in the air. He held the baby powder up where I could see it and said with my fever I needed it so I didn't develop a rash. I was too tired and too good a boy to argue with Daddy. I felt him sprinkle it on my groin and butt and rub it in. The fresh scent teased me and reminded me of my place but rather then feel humiliated I felt taken care of and happy.

We went upstairs after he taped the diaper on me (bunnies) and he put me to bed. Later I felt him lay down behind me and hold me close to him, my crotch was warm and wet.

I woke up sometime the next morning to Daddy untaping my diaper and getting the thermometer ready. He handed me my work phone and told me call in. As my dispatcher answered the thermometer slid in and I gasped a tiny bit. I told them I felt like death personified and wouldn't be in today and then called my boss to say the same. Once I was off the phone Daddy snapped a glove on and I felt two of his fingers enter me, he felt around for a minute and said a small enema should do. He left and returned soon with a partially full bag. Once it was in and held he let me expel in private. Once I was done I went back into the bedroom where he had a stack of diapers on his nightstand along with powder, vaseline, the thermometers, and a few other supplies. In short order I was cleaned, powdered, and diapered in bunnies again. He asked if I was hungry and I wasn't. He then turned the lights off and said he'd check on me later. I went back to sleep.

Some time later I woke up to Daddy sitting next to me on the bed, my diaper was wet, after it was removed my temperature was checked again (still high) and I was powdered and diapered again. He insisted I get up and eat a little bit. He made me a light lunch and I ate it and went back to bed.

Later yet I was halfway awake and playing on my phone. I felt very mildly better, I was wet but knew Daddy would check on me soon enough. I heard the doorbell followed by a lady's voice. She and Daddy spoke for a minute without me paying much mind to them until I heard their footsteps approach then I almost panicked. The nurse!

They came in and Daddy didn't turn the lights on all the way and said she was Nurse Smith and she was here to check on me. I covered myself with the blanket and she laughed to herself a bit. Daddy said he would be in his office and that I was well behaved, but if wasn't to let him know. She leaned down to where I could see her and she was very pretty. She was still in her green scrubs which hugged her figure and had red hair in a bun. She slowly took the blanket off while telling me I was a good boy.until I was laying there in just my wet diaper. "My you're a wet one, don't worry I'll get you out of that." Even through the low lights I think she could see me blush. She reassured me and told me she had a little girl just like me at her house and that she needs to be diapered too. Once it was off and I felt cool air on my skin followed by cool wipes she said she needed my temperature. I rolled onto my side and was met with approval. She grabbed both thermometers to my confusion. She explained she needed a more complete picture of my body. She slid the teat into my mouth and the guard covered my entire mouth all the way from under my nose to over my chin. Then I felt the lubricated thermometer slide in. As this happened she took my blood pressure then listened to my heart. She said both were a bit elevated but she knew I was just being shy around her.

Once the pacifier beeped she took both out and read them stating my fever was starting to break. She asked if I had sat on the potty today and I nodded. Then she asked how many times I had been changed and said this would be the third. She thought a nice cool enema would do the trick and went to talk to Daddy. She returned a minute later saying Daddy had asked for her help and since I was such a good boy she was happy to help. So she went to fill the bag (full) with clear cool water and when she came back in I rolled onto my side but she stated she gives enemas to little boys and girls while they lay on her lap in case they try to squirm or fight her. Reluctantly I laid across her lap and the nozzle went in and was inflated. I heard the clamp open and she rubbed my back and cooed while telling me how good a boy I was.

She let me cramp a little as the water filled me up and I couldn't help but squirm. She held me firmly but gently by the small of my back and grabbed the pacifier and put it in my mouth. I groaned some more as I cramped and the kept reassuring. "Its okay honey, I know it hurts but it has to if you want to feel better." "Just suck on that paci and be a good boy. You want me to tell your Daddy you've been good right?" And so on until it gurgled empty. She held me in place through two more rounds of cramps until she followed me into the bathroom. She checked the temperature on the pacifier here and there. When I was empty she lead me back into the bedroom for what I thought was a diaper but she had me lay over her lap again. I hoped I wasn't about to be spanked. She said we were almost done and that since I wasn't eating much I still needed nutrients. She said I would need to hold this suppository and inserted it into as high as it would go. Once it was in she laid me down, grabbed a diaper and the powder, and then went to work. Soon enough I was taped up nice and snug. She leaned down and kissed my forehead and patted the crotch of my diaper. She then got up, turned the lights off and walked out. I heard her give a good report to Daddy and said if he ever needed a babysitter Cassi could always use a playmate. I was intrigued but embarrassed too.

Daddy came in told me how good a boy was and how proud he was and I would be rewarded when I was better but for now to sleep. So that's what I did, I drifted back to sleep. Once again I thought I felt my diaper grow warm as I finally drifted off.


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