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Daddy's new couch

Daddy's new couch

Its kind of funny how every little thing Daddy says gets my imagination into over drive. Like, just the other day, Daddy said He was gonna get a new couch.

Well.....even that sets my mind in motion. I start off with more or less normal thoughts. Like what color will it be? White, blue? Maybe brown....or sable? Then on to fabric. Leather? Suade.That super soft micro stuff?

But, of course, with a naughty babygirl likee me, the normal stuff doesn't last long. Befor I know it I am off and running on thoughts like...what will we DO on the couch?

We like movies.... Daddy says the couch He liked was kind of a boxy U shape with a big old odomen that slides into it so it is more like a bed.

Oh yeah! We sure could snuggle up nice and close on that to watch a movie. That would be great. Daddy and I love our cuddles and kisses.

oppps now my thought are running away again. Cuddles just heat up so quick! Then they turn into touching and rubbing and......

I wonder.....I bet that new couch will be just the right hight for Daddy to lay on it with His legs hanging off the side. Yup I can see it now. At the leg on each side of the corner..and Mr. Happy just right for me to get Him in my mouth if I kneel on the floor. That could just lead to lots of fun. I love to suck....and Daddy loves putting His hands in my hair and pushing my head down untill Mr. Happy goes right into the back of my throat. That makes me gag a little sometimes. I don't like that part so makes me pout! But Daddy realy loves it so I don't mind at all, cause I love when Daddy say"its ok babygirl, your allright. what a good babygirl you are!"

Oh yeah! I'm getting the picture now. Gonna be LOTS of good stuff we can do on this new couch.

Like.... if it the right size for me to kneel in front of then it will be the right size for me to bend over when I have been a bad girl and have to get a punishment! Ohhhh but it won't have my straps on it so I will have to hold myself still. That gets so hard when Daddy uses His belt on my bottom. I can almost feel what that sting is like just thinking about it. I do ok for the first few licks but after that, once my bottom is all red and stinging all over it gets harder to do. I would have to fold my hands under me by about ten or so. And I just realized too...I would not be able to bounce around on my toes in that position. Or even wiggle very much. 😢 All I could do that way would be to whimper and cry. and say "Daddy..please" I usually sound all pitiful when I say that. But it doesnt work if I have been bad.

And if it works for my spanking then I bet it would be just the right thing for Daddy to put in my plug to..Or His fingers...or ummmmmm oh man....the soap plug when I been really bad. (Maybe I won't tell Daddy ALL of these Ideas I got about His new couch)

Of course, the couch won't work for everything. Like...we can't go getting all wet with Pee! So when Daddy wants to pee in my treasure or my hinney we will just have to use our play table! Boy I can't wait for that either.... Daddy says next time we are together He is gonna put Mr. Happy right in my hinney whole. I know that is gonna hurt a little and streatch so I guess it is best if I am all tied up on the table where I can't go wiggling around to very much. THEN He is gonna pee. I will be able to feel all that warm feeling inside! I think it is gonna be just great and so does Daddy. I can telll cause His voice gets all deep and slow when He talks about it.

Opps guess my daydream time is over..the alarm just went off saying it is almost time for my visitors to get here!