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A dream

A dream

I dreamed this a few days ago. I wrote it down over the past few hours. Need to share it, here it is. I'm quite anxious to post it, because this is so far from anything that's ever happened to me and likely never will happen to me.

I'm on summer vacation during college, visiting Australia, my first trip overseas. Leaving my girlfriend behind in the US, I'm wanting to explore. Arriving at a small city, I find a hostel and check in. They have a room with one bunk bed left so I take it. As I enter there's a young guy on his way out. "Hi." "Hey, I'm Richard", I reply. "I'm Sam. You staying here?" he asks. "Just the night. You?" "Been here a week. See you later. I'm off." "OK, see you", I say as he walks past me with a friendly grin. Seeing his pack up on the top bunk, I settle in below and then head out for the afternoon. After a few hours, I'm tired from the long travel that morning and the warm evening weather, so I grab some dinner and head back to the hostel for the night. After a shower, I change into my boxers. Soon I'm relaxing on the bed and drifting off to sleep. I hear the door open and am awoken from my half-sleep. Thinking I'm sleeping, Sam quietly goes about his business, getting ready for bed. I listen as Sam brushes his teeth, changes, uses his phone, and I think to myself that I've never traveled like this before, alone. Never stayed in a hostel, never shared a room with a stranger. I feel a bit exposed, lying there on the bed in just my underwear. And I'm a bit homesick, though excited to be out on my own. Sam seems kind, trustworthy. Seems like someone I can confide in. Maybe? Still on my side, facing away from him, I say, "Good day, Sam?" "Oh, sorry Richard, did I wake you?" "Nah, just kind of half asleep." "Everything ok? How was your first day?" he asks. "Ya, good. Just a bit, I don't know, lonely. Never been away from home on my own. Miss my girlfriend I guess." "Hmmm. Ya. I know the feeling." I love Sam's voice. It's very calming. I like it. I want to look at him but for some reason can't. Can't turn and face him. What is this? What's this feeling? Does he feel it? My palms are sweaty suddenly. What do I say next? Why do I even care? "That's normal if it's your first time traveling solo" Sam continues, to my relief. "I've been to a lot of places but that feeling hits me from time to time." I realize that I wish he were next to me, just as comfort. Or do I? What is the craving I suddenly have for this guy? I hear Sam step nearer. My heart starts racing. I feel him sit down on my mattress next to me. Oh my, what is happening?! "Richard", he says as he places his warm hand on my hip, "perhaps I can make you feel better." Now my heart stop beating altogether. What do I say? I want it, whatever it is. But I can't bear to look at him. I just want this to continue. "Yes." I can't believe these words are coming out of my mouth. "Please. Please Sam." Where are these words coming from? I can't control them. "Make me feel better. Make it feel good." "I will," he says with that soothing voice. Before I can even deal with the conflicted sensation I'm feeling and thinking, I feel his thumb hook inside my thin shorts and slowly pull them down over my bottom, just to my knees. The night air is now touching my exposed skin. Sam says nothing, unmoving. What is he doing? "Mmmm, you have a beautiful body, Richard," he says. But my mind is confused. I've never been with a guy. I have a girlfriend. Is this right? Is this OK? And as Sam begins to caress my cheeks with that warm soft hand, I have my answer: it doesn't matter right now. This is what I want at this moment. It is heavenly. His fingertips rubs my skin gently, around, across, in circles, along my crack, slowly down toward my balls. And back up. I don't know what he is doing, but I love it. My cock is thickening. The bed creaks as he adjusts his body slightly, and I realize that he is drawing closer. And then I feel his breath on my bottom. Wow, he is right there. THERE. "Mmmmm, sweet." I hear his deep voice murmur. Should I feel embarrassed? Do I? God, I don't know but I'm fucking excited, that I feel so strongly. The excitement of what is happening to me. Sam continues in that gentle, firm voice, "Nice and shaved and clean." And before I can think to reply, his fingertips return, stroking my perineum tenderly. "I love the little pink bumps you have here, Richard." And now I am rock hard. Oh god, this feels GOOD. It seems to last forever, his attention on this small patch of skin, his hot breath on my cheeks. I want to touch myself but I am frozen. I haven't moved a muscle since Sam sat down beside me. Suddenly Sam's fingers stop their caresses and his hands are again gliding over my cheeks. Time to exhale. Wow. What IS this? "Richard?", he says as his hands slow their movements and he sits up slightly. "Yes, Sam?" I meekly whisper. As he starts his reply, I feel his thumbs begin moving slowly up and down along the crack of my ass. "I am going to make you feel very, very good now," he whispers back to me, and his thumbs slowly but firmly draw apart, opening my bottom. Wide. Oh fuck, I think. What is he doing? No one has done this to me before. No one has seen me like this. I am frozen. Mute. No movement now. Sam says nothing. I am open, my most private area no longer private. I am suddenly sharing something so intimate with someone I do not even know. My blood feels like it is boiling, my mind spinning. Holding me like this with those big, warm hands, for what seems forever, he finally speaks. "Beautiful. Mmmmmmm," he says, now edging his thumbs right to the rim of my anus. "Shhhhh, don't move," he says, as if I could do anything but submit to him at this point. He gently spreads me, opening my tiny hole wider. This is beyond anything I had ever imagined. It is too much to bear, too GOOD. Suddenly his hands release my cheeks. NO, please, NO! Still sitting beside me, Sam reaches up to his bunk, quickly finds what he's looking for, and then *snap* I hear the click of a cap being opened. What is he doing? I quickly wonder. But I don't care. I don't move or speak. I want it whatever it is. I wait, my ass missing his attention. Soon enough and to my relief, his hand is back on my bottom, this time his fingers pulling my cheek up, my anus again open, vulnerable, wanting. Sam's finger touches upon my asshole, slowly moving around it, and I can feel the cool lubricant (lotion? vaseline?) as he spreads it on my soft opening. Sooooo good, so perfect, YES. "Richard?", he inquires. "Yes?" I meekly reply...and with that Sam plunges his finger inside my bottom. Deep. DEEP. DEEEEEEP. Up to his big knuckle. OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. That is GOOD. "Yes, Sam, YESSSSS." I can barely speak. I feel absolutely taken. "Yes, PLEASE. Again." Overpowered. Dominated. FUCKED. "You have the sweetest ass, Richard." I murmur something incomprehensible. I'm probably drooling. I'm beyond reasoning. "Smooth. Soft. So hot inside," Sam says quietly, his words drawn out. And with that, I feel his thick warm finger pull back and push forward again, in and out, slowly at first, his other hand pulling my bottom wide open, his greased finger moving in and out of my asshole. Fucking. Fucking me. Fucking me hard. Fucking me sweetly. Ohhhhh my god. "Two," he whispers in my ear. And with that word I feel more pressure, my hole gripping his second finger as it enters. UNGFF!! So full. So fucked. Yes, I am being fucked, and it is unlike anything I have ever felt before. So wonderful, his two thick fingers moving in and out of my bottom. I never want this to end. Sadly it does. The dream ends. And I am awake. (I only wish the dream had continued and I could keep writing. Thank you for reading if you got this far. Please be kind in your replies.)
Unfortunately I never did have a follow up to that original dream posted. But I did have a very powerful dream last night involving a co-worker.
I've worked with this woman Julie for several years and know her husband who also works at our company, both good people. There has never been anything between us and I can't even say I've really daydreamed about her or anything like that. She is a really attractive woman and very nice and professional. We're not good friends just collegues. Anyway, the dream was very short. I'm in a room, like a bedroom but it's not mine. Julie walks in looking at me with a big smile and embraces me and starts saying how we only have a few hours together so we shouldn't waste any time. I look at her to be sure of what she's suggesting and she is nodding her head grinning, and says "go get undressed", pointing to the bathroom. So I go to the bathroom which has a window to the outdoors. It's nighttime. I'm excited and now completely erect as I take off my clothes, wondering if this is OK and should I go back into the bedroom. Of course I cannot resist this opportunity, that's my thinking, so I open the door and enter the bedroom. Julie is lying on the bed with her pants and panties around her ankles, shirt and bra off, facedown, legs hanging off the bed. Her skin is creamy white, her pert bottom completely exposed and beautiful. As I approach her and stare at her naked backside, she doesn't talk but reaches back and spreads her bottom open, revealing a glistening, hairless, pink anus that is slightly open, not wrinkled shut. And I say "oh my god, Julie, this is so amazing" and kneel down between her legs. Holding her cheeks with my hands I spread her open wider and immediately begin to rim her, outside, inside, tonguefucking her in and out, raising my head up once in a while to look in her eyes as she looks back at me. She keeps smiling and nodding. Then I woke up. I seem to have this bad habit of waking up during intense dreams at the wrong moment. It's going to be interesting seeing her at work next time. Not like there is anything I could do or say about it. -------------------------------------------


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