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A Day at the Mall

A Day at the Mall

Yesterday I was feeling pretty bored at work, there was not much to get done and everyone was pretty relaxed around the office. I have enough freedom to go where I like if there is not much to do, so I decided to go to the mall and get myself some new sexy underwear for my week-end follies.

I ended up in the department store looking for some deals. I lingered over to the pantyhose. They were in a section near the men’s underwear and close to the unisex change rooms. To my surprise they had some nice grader-belts on sale so I eagerly starter looking through them.

As I was pulling them out one by one, I could see an attractive older man enter the change room in front of me. He had a pile of clothing in his hands, but I noticed he was hiding some garments under them.

This intrigued me.

So out of the corner of my eye and not to draw attention to myself, I kept watch on his dressing room. I could see that the curtain was left slightly open. I could also see his reflection in the mirror. The gentleman started to get undressed, I could see his bare thigh but not much else.

I love watching/spying on men so I was hoping for a glimpse of his penis. My fingers were still shuffling through the pantyhose but my gaze was locked on the room.

Then I could see some ladies getting closer to the room and the curtain seemed to open a little more, all of sudden they looked away, started whispering to each other and rushed off.

What scene did I miss? What was happening in the room?

I put down what I was doing rushed over to the closest panties rack and grabbed the first undies I could get my hands on - they were red and black with a small black bows at each hip.

“Excuse me miss” I said to the change room attendant, “may I try these on”

She pointed to a room just past the man’s.

As I walked past I could see that he was looking at himself in the mirror. His penis was erect and he was wearing the very same panties I had in my hands. His hard cock was sticking slightly out of the underwear and he was rubbing it over the sexy lingerie.

I stopped and our eyes met.

“Get dressed and come with me.” I said in a calm and quiet tone, “I’ll be in the back room.”

The attendant was no longer there, so I took the opportunity to go to the back rooms down a second corridor and out of sight. I sat in the back room and could hear the man’s feet behind me. My heart was racing and my panties were getting wet.

He sat down across from me in the room on the other side of the aisle, and for a long time we just stared at each other.

Then he began to get undressed and I watched. He looked adorable in the panties and his hard beautiful cock looked so yummy. When he was fully undressed he started rubbing himself again and the muscles on his arms were bulging.

I stared at him, never taking my eyes away and then I started to undress. Once naked, I slowly started to rub myself and when I was good and wet, dripping vagina juices down my legs, I grabbed the red and black panties and slowly put them on. I could tell this excited the man and I was drawn to him.

I rushed over to his stall and threw the curtain closed. I worked one hand up the bottom front on his panties to caress him while my teeth pulled the waist-band down. I started sucking his cock and he grabbed my head and started pushing. He was thrusting and I took him deep down my throat.

I could hear him moaning and then explode. Cum was running down both sides of my face, there was so much, he came so hard for me that I couldn’t keep it all in my mouth.

Next he grabbed me and lifted me onto the dressing room bench, he pulled my panties to the side and shoved his fingers into my pussy. He fucked me hard while licking my clit. Then I came and squirted over his face. I had never cum like that before, so I collapsed to sit on the bench.

We just rested there while not saying a word – the man sloped forward sitting on the ground and me on the bench with one leg up.

Then he spoke - his voice was sexy and smooth; “Are you going to get these?” and he motioned to the red and black panties.

“Absolutely” I responded with a smile.

I went back to my dressing room and tidied myself up.

We walked to the checkout side by side, not saying anything.

Then the man went to the counter first.

The lady behind the desk said; “How lovely sir, are you getting a present for you wife?”

He responded with a pleasant smile; “Yes I am, it’s her birthday.”

He walked away and I watched him for a moment before I stepped up to pay.

We never exchanged names or phone numbers but I was sure I’d see him again, he’ll be looking for me and I’ll be looking for him.


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