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Carole and her Mother

Carole and her Mother

Carole had often wanted to wear diapers just like her little brother got to do every day. She knew it was a silly thing to want to wear diapers. She was 18 years of age and the thought of it made her wet and warm between her legs.

Today was a real treat, after Carole's Mom offered and then diapered her pretty young 18 year old in thick soft cloth diapers and hot pink plastic pants. Carole walked around the house and became very turned on by the thick soft diapers between her legs and the thick pad of diapers snug against her bum.

Carole why don't we go shopping for groceries at the store and you can wear your diapers in public. No one will notice under your skirt. Let me get your skirt and we will see if you can get away with your diapers on.

Her Mom returned with the short pleated skirt that did just barely hide Carole's nicely diapered bottom. As long as she squatted and did not bend over her diaper secret would not be seen.

Your right Mom no one will see my diapers, and I think it might be a real hoot to walk around the store with my thick diapers on just like a baby girl. I am sure this will be a real fun diaper experience that I have always fantasized about.

Let me get my purse and we will go then, I have some extra room in my bag I can bring a change of diapers for you if you like? It might be fun to change your diapers in the back seat of the car like I did for you when you were still a baby in diapers.

Oh Mom I am just going to wear my diapers not use them, remember I am not a baby who needs diapers.

Carole's Mom smiled at her pretty young Daughter, I guess your right. If you do have an accident I can always buy a package of Pampers to change you. Now lets go I have a few stops to make.

The two loaded up in the car and drove to the busy Mall to do their shopping. They wondered the stores with Carole's secret from all of the patrons in the different stores. Carole had made one mistake and did bend over to look at some shoes and her Mom reminded her by a firm pat on her exposed diapered seat. The two giggled at the the little miscue and the exposure of Carole's thick humiliating diapers. Careful some one might see your diapers baby is all Carole's Mom said as the two continued to giggled and carried on shopping.

Carole there is a store out here in the Mall I would like to show you. It is just around the corner here, your going to like this place and I am sure they have plenty of things you are going to love.

As the two rounded the corner there was a shop that said A.B. Medical on the door. They walked in and Carole's Mom was greeted by an elderly grey haired Lady with a very pleasant smile on her face.

Is this the young Lady you told me about yesterday, the young Lady who wants to be back in diapers?

This is her you can see by the thick diapers and plastic pants she is wearing under her skirt. Carole's Mom reached down and lifted the hem of Carole's Skirt exposing the thick diapers and plastic pants to the Lady.

Carole was on the verge of throwing a fit as her diaper secret was fully exposed to the Lady stranger. Mom how could you do this to me? Was all she could blurt out through her total humiliation from having her diapers exposed.

Now now young lady just be calm your mother asked our advice yesterday. She has a bunch of really nice stuff picked out for you, now let's all be calm and come to the back and see all of your new clothes.

The three ladies walked to the back of the store with Carole still fuming mad at her Mom.

Now your Mom asked us about your wishes to wear diapers again and we have everything she is going to need to care for her new A.B. Daughter. As you can see here on the counter she has picked out some of our very best stuff for the Adult Baby. Let me read the sales list for you; we have 3 packages of diapers, six pairs of plastic pants, baby sleepers three pairs, two adult soothers and four adult baby bottles. and the cutest baby girl onsies for the days you want to wear just your diapers. Now should we go to the dressing room to try a few things on?

Mom you set this whole thing up didn't you? How can you do this to me?

Now hold on Carole, you always wanted to wear diapers like your brother. Dad and I thought you might enjoy being an Adult Baby for a while. Don't be mad your going to have all kinds of diaper fun for the next few months with Dad and I caring again for your diapers like when you were still a baby. While we have been out shopping Dad is setting up the Adult Baby Nursery in your bedroom back home. Listen I know it will be hard at first but I am sure all of the diaper care and love all of your family and friends are going to give you, I know you will enjoy being in diapers again.

My friends, they are not going to hear about this , no way Mom.

Too late Carole they are all at our house helping Dad set up your nursery, and getting ready to baby sit you tonight while Dad and I go out for dinner. Don't worry they all have been taught how to diaper you and will give you the best of diaper care.

Have you given her that powder I gave you? The grey haired lady asked Carole's Mom.

Yes this morning in her breakfast, you said it would take a few hours to take all of her control away. I was so happy to find out it was just a natural herb and not a drug and that it will render her totally helpless and totally dependant on diapers. As a matter of fact it looks like it is working. Carole is wetting her diapers and she doesn't even know it is happening. Ah poor baby has wet her diapers, do you want Mommy to change you for the drive home?

Carole started to cry a little as she felt the thick diapers between her legs become warm and heavy. She didn't even get the slightest hint about needing to go, now here she is in the middle of AB Supply Store soaking her diapers.

There, there, my Dear I have a supplied changing table over here and that wet diaper will only take a second to change into some of your new diapers. If I may make a little comment, the older sales Lady asked? Your a lovely young lady and those diapers are just adorable on you. I know a lot of good looking young men would love to be the ones changing your diapers, but we all know what they would want! Now come on and lay on this nice new changing table over by the curtain here.

Carole walked over to the beautiful big fancy changing table with its straps and stacks of diapers and powder on the bottom shelf. She looked over at her Mom who came over to help remove her pleated skirt and blouse to leave her only in her now very soaked diapers, plastic pants and onsie. Soon she was up on this large changing table looking very much like a rather large baby waiting for her wet diaper to be changed.

My Dear for safety sake we must do up the lap belt and I want to show your Mom how the other devices secure little ones for changing with no dangers of rolling off the diaper changing table. Now I know your still upset but I have something that does help. Put this in your mouth, as the Lady offers Carole a big Nuk soother.

A soother, Carole tried to say, but it was popped into her mouth as soon as she opened to talk. It felt very odd, but was just that, very soothing and Carole almost instinctively began sucking it like a baby. It did just what the Lady said it would do and Carole found herself totally at ease. She watched as her Mom and the Lady tightened down the lap belt and the ankle restraints. Next were the two wrist restraints this left Carole totally secured to the top of the changing table, helpless.

Carole made quite a sight on this large diaper changing table all done up in her soaking wet cloth diapers and plastic pants. She was totally at ease with the soother working in and around her pretty mouth. She was looking much like a baby would with a soother. Her long blond hair cascaded down off the end of the changing table while her feet and legs were totally secured to the other. Carole found herself in total diaper bliss. Carole squirmed around now a bit like her wet diapers need a change. After all she was getting rather soaked and cold.

Well now your all comfy and totally safe on the table let us get to your diapers my Dear. Mom may I change your daughter's diapers for you?

Yes by all means and I will watch how you change her. This is bringing back so many memories for me of my Baby Girl. It broke my heart how quick she grew up and out of diapers as a baby. I loved to take care of her and her cute little diapers so many years ago. How time passes by! Do you want me to open the curtain now? Carole glanced over at the curtain with a sort of with a shocked inquisitive look. She is fully belted down to the changing table as you and I had talked about?

Yes she is fully secured to the table and will be very safe, open the curtain, the extra light is always nice when changing Adult Baby Diapers.

As the Sales Lady began to work Carole's plastic pants down over her soaking wet diapers. Her mother pulled a big cord that led up to the curtain just off to the side of the changing table. As bright sun light began to spill into the room and light up the changing table Carole was in horror of what she saw. This was a display window on the Mall side of the store and she was on full display of all of the Mall Shoppers.

Carole was being diaper changed in a display window wearing soaked cloth diapers and restrained to an Adult Sized diaper changing table in the Mall for everyone to see. She struggled, but to no avail with the straps and the lap belt. She was totally retrained to the table, helpless to the Lady's wishes as she changed her soaking diapers. She spat the soother out, but it was replaced immediately with a strapped version that held the soother firm into her mouth. It was larger and muffled all of her complaints and pleading for help to just long baby like gurgles.

Very soon a crowd formed outside of the Mall display window as dozens of people crowded to watch the pretty 18 year old get her very soaked diapers changed. Laughter and heckles sounded down the Mall as all of the folks could not believe their eyes. After all an 18 year old baby in wet diapers and a soother in her mouth being diaper changed in a mall window. The final blow to Carole's image was the little bulb of mineral oil that her Mom helped insert in to her rose bud rectum and squeezed it's contents into her waiting full bowels. She felt the almost hot oil run deep into her bottom. As she was rolled back onto her back a thick pad of humiliating diapers could be felt under her bottom.

The Sales Lady looked over at Carole's Mom and said she will have a glorious diaper experience on her trip home with this oil in her bottom, maybe double diapers are in order? Immediately another thick cloth diaper was added under her bottom. The two Ladies giggle then laughed out loud. Carole felt tears rolling down her face and began to recognize a few people in the crowd outside of the window laughing at her predicament.

The straps were unbuckled and the soother gag removed. Carole composed herself and slid down off of the changing table. The thick plastic pants and bulk of her double diapers forced her legs apart. The crowd outside of the window was roaring with laughter at the sight of her and the taunts could be heard up and down the Mall.

Madame, I must say she looks just like a baby in those double diapers and plastic pants, but she will need some clothes to cover her lovely breasts for the walk home. A onsie or the cute pink rompers you bought the other day? Don't forget she will have a very messy diaper soon.

I think the rompers will be the best. I want to walk her up and down the Mall a few times so everyone can see her in her big diapers and plastic pants. Your idea of the re-diapering in the window was just perfect, I am sure she will not want to keep up with her diaper fetish now.

Mom you set this all up and I hate you for this. Everyone is going to know about my diapers now.

Oh don't you worry everyone already knows, take a look up in the corner of the window. That is a closed circuit camera and it just recorded this whole diapering episode of yours. Everyone of your friends and all of the people you know have already received a copy. Also with that copy they have received an invitation to a baby shower tonight at our house, and your the baby. OK now young lady on with your rompers and let's go for a walk. This should turn out to be a hilarious event when you fill the seat of your diapers for all of the folks in the Mall to watch. Maybe a quick change down at the Mall baby diaper changing station then you can walk home, like a big girl all by yourself.

Madame, may I suggest a stroller that has a restraint system built in. It is inescapable for diapered adults. You can park her in the busiest part of the Mall and let her fill her diapers for all to laugh at.

As Carole's mom and the Sales lady were doing up the snaps on the pretty pink rompers, Carole was already struggling to control the oil in her bowels.

Sounds like your baby girl might not make the stroller and the Mall Crowds. Should I help you walk her out for the crowd by the window to have fun with her.

Yes, if you don't mind, I think that will be just fine. Your very good at this diaper humiliation thing, you have done a lot of this before.

The old Sales Lady just shook her head and smiled, yes but mostly young men.

I am sure all of the people out side of the window will have fun with her out there in her diapers and rompers. Oh! Oh! I hear thunder in some one's diapers, Carole are you pooping your diapers?

Carole's Mom pats the ever growing bulge in the seat of her daughter's now full diaper.

Carole you know this is the way your going to be kept from now on. You have not resisted me once the whole time we have been humiliating you in diapers. You deserve and will be kept in diapers from now on. I am sure your father has the new crib and baby furniture set up in your bedroom. He was really surprised at how many volunteered to help from all of your friends. The Baby Shower tonight is going to be a great party with little Miss Poopy Diapers front and center for everyone. Your welcome to attend after you helped me set up this little humiliation for my Carole.

No Madame, this is as far as my help goes, the AB Store has rules about us associating with the ABs we supply. If you ever need again please call us the window and changing table is always here for fittings and public humiliations. Maybe you might like to give your Husband a little taste of a diapering sometime.

Mom, no, please no, oh my lord. I am wetting and pooping in my diapers, help please Mom I have no control? Carole's pleading fell on deaf ears as she loaded the seat of her bulging humiliating diapers. She was helpless and the seat of her diapers was bulging out and making even the loose fitting rompers bulge out. There was the tell tale hissing sound as she wet her diapers totally uncontrolled.

Come on baby lets waddle that full diaper out front here for the good folks outside. Hey folks this is my Adult Baby Girl, she wants to wear diapers again. Now you have all watched us diaper her here in the window. How about walking her down the Mall for me so she can really enjoy wearing diapers again like when she was a baby. Oh by the way she has filled her diapers so I apologize for the humiliating stink of her dirty diaper.

The crowd parted and a few young ladies stepped forward, remember us Carole? Remember when you took our boyfriends away at the Club. Guess what they are down at the Sporting Goods Store and they are going to love to see you like this. We have her now, we will bring her back in an hour or so.

Thanks girls do you want her new diaper bag too it is full of supplies if you would not mind changing her later?

Sure that will be just perfect we will change her in front of all of the guys. Lets go baby Carole let's see you waddle that diapered butt down the Mall. We are sure the guys are just going to love watching your diaper change, maybe they can change you with our directions. Don't worry baby Carole will be fine with us.

Girls thanks for your offer but she is my daughter and I feel a little guilty here. Maybe the trip down the Mall can wait for another day. What I was thinking since you girls know all of Carole's friends from school maybe you would all like to come over to our house for a sort of baby shower and party tonight? There will be food and drink and of coarse Baby Carole will be front and center for everyone to see in her new baby outfit. Since she wants to go back into diapers a baby shower I think is in order.

Baby shower for Carole great plan we will be there plan for twenty of us and we will all bring gifts suiting Carole's return to diapers. Can we bring our boyfriends as well?

By all means girls bring your boyfriends and all that know Carole. I think it will be good that they all know what they are in for if they want to get into Carole's pants from now on. OK Carole once more on the changing table and I will clean you up for a walk home from the Mall. It is a nice sunny day and the walk home in nice clean diapers will be a good lesson for you since your back in diapers full time from now on.

You know Carole I am just so excited to get home and show you your new nursery that your Dad and Brothers have been setting up for you today. That reminds me we have to pick up 5 dozen of Aunty Nell's home made cloth diapers, she has made special for you. She thought that would be nice for your return to diapers.

Tonight the Shower and Carole comes out for her friends with her new diapered life.

Carole's walk home was far from ordinary as the two, Mom and Carole in tow stopped and talked with all of the neighbor ladies. None of them could believe their eyes, pretty young Carole still in her early twenties wearing diapers and rubber pants while out walking with her mother. Carole's Mom was very open about her daughters request to return to diapers with all of the ladies who asked. Many offered to baby sit and to check and change Carole if it was needed.

Soon the two arrived home with a group of the neighborhood kids all teasing, laughing and making fun of Carole as she was towed along by the hand by her Mom. There in the front room of their home was a couple of green garbage bags with what looked like clothes.

Oh good your Dad and brothers have bagged up all of your underwear for the garbage. I think your Dad is over at Aunty Nell's house picking up the diapers she has sewn for you. Come Carole and see the wonderful stuff we found for your nursery. We have a crib with a locking top and a cradle all in adult sizes and Dad has made a changing table for your diaper changes. Your chest of drawers is full of diaper shirts and plastic pants and there is a shelf in your cupboard full of enema equipment so baby can keep her bowels nice and loose.

Now I know this does not concern you but there is a diaper pale in every bathroom for your wet and messy diapers. Oh by the way bathrooms are totally off limits for you. Your bathroom is on your bum full time. And don't worry Carole they say after a month or two you will lose your toilet training and you won't even know when your using your diapers.

Carole we have a few hours before all of your friends and their boyfriends start to show up for your shower. Why don't I give you a bath and shave all of that nasty hair off of your pubic area. Babies in diapers don't have pubic hair and it will help you keep clean between baths. Oh I forgot to mention we have hired a professional photographer for your party. I thought some nice pictures of you being cared for by all of your friends might be nice for your album.

Now come along and let's get you out of those diapers and into a nice warm bubble bath. One more surprise Carole your long lost friend MamasBoy will be coming over tonight with his date Miss Gretta some nurse he is dating. He has told me that he had some great suggestions for us to try now your back in diapers full time.

Carole just hung her head as she could feel a small amount of poop slide out of her bum and lodge deep in the seat of her soft cloth diapers. Carole's Mom just smiled as she recognized the smell coming from Carole's diapers.

Carole was shaved and bathed as she was trundled off to her nursery. Her Mom folded and powdered a thick pad of ultra soft cloth diapers. As Carole settled back on her changing table her Mom pulled the thick pad up between her lovely young legs. The diapers forced her legs wide apart and soon over lapped tight over her tummy. After a few diaper pins on both sides of the well folded diapers Carole was ready for her hot pink rubber pants and very cute little diaper shirt. As her Mom snapped the crotch of her diaper shirt the tight fit began to give her a little bit of a diaper wedgie.

Now just some booties and a ribbon in your long blond hair and your ready for your party. Won't all of the boys just think your so cute in your diapers. I'll bet they won't be so eager to get into your pants from now on when they realize your probably in messy diapers. Besides your girl friends are going to make a diapered spectacle of you and destroy your reputation as a hot chic and change it to a diapered chic. Now how about waiting for everyone in your new highchair and I will feed you some strained carrots and peas.

Carole do you remember Mrs. Lamb from down the block, she has some skills in hypnosis and will be over tonight. She says she can make you do all kinds of cute baby things for the party. Mrs. Jones is also coming and told me she would breast feed you for the full effect of making you a baby again in front of everyone.The photographer is going to be busy recording all of this.

As Carole sat back in her high chair contemplating her return to infancy she thought she might have a little gas to pass. Big mistake as she filled her thick clean diapers with that oily poop she had so many problems at the mall. It even began to flow out of the leg opening of her hot pink rubber pants and stained the seat of the high chair.

Well Carole that is just perfect for the arriving friends of yours. You in messy leaking diapers in a highchair pushing poop into your diapers.


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