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A Week like no other

A Week like no other

(BDSM and Ageplay)

With a good stretch I rolled over to see if Hailey was awake yet. We had dropped the kids off with the grandparents the day before so we got to sleep in.

She wasn't there!

I sat up and looked around. When had the little stinker gotten up? With one more stretch I got up and headed for the bathroom. "Hailey?" I called downstairs. There was no answer. I shrugged and continued on. She was probably out having a smoke. Filthy habit. The hot shower was the perfect way to start the day. I half expected her to join me, with there being no kids and no work...

Wen the shower was done I called down to her again. "Hailey!" Still no answer. I huff a little, she could have at least come upstairs and dried me off. A little BJ while getting dried of is a wicked way to start the day, where the heck was she? Shaking my head I went to get dressed. Camo shorts in case I needed to hide quickly and my black t-shirt I was ready to attack the day. Coming downstairs I noticed the basement door opened blocking the way to the living room. Weird.

I closed the door and stopped in my tracks. Kneeling on the floor by the large arm chair was a very naked Hailey with her hands offering up a diaper and bath brush. How long has she been kneeling there? I didn't know what to say right away and trying to process the situation. (A naked Hailey kneeling is a tempting thing to process 😃

The only thing about it all that had me stumped was the bath brush. She was offering me the bath brush. It was probably the one thing we have that she HATES with a capital OUCH! Standing in front of her I don't say a thing. Waiting to see what she will do I just look down and wait. I smile to myself when she remains quiet. Good girl.

"Well? What do you have to say for yourself?"

I can tell that she wants to just spill it all but takes a small breath and in a small voice

"Ive been a bad girl Daddy!"

"Have you now..."

She nods and I open the basement door again so that we don't have any onlookers. I grab a kitchen chair on the way back to the living room and place it in front of Hailey and sit down.

"What have you done?"

In my mind I can only imagine what she is going to tell me. The fact that she is offering me the bath brush speaks volumes. She looks so small kneeling before me that I want to pick her up and make everything all better. She tells me everything. I shake me head listening to to make sense of the situation. She really hasn't done anything to warrant the bath brush, then it hits me. I nod my head to myself. I know whats going on here. Someone is out of sorts.

She was looking for a realignment of sorts. Strict discipline and some structure to bring her back to where she needed to be. Without saying so, her actions tell me that she is looking for a good cry. Nodding to myself again I take the diaper and brush from her hands.

"you have been a naughty girl." Normally I would tell her if I thought she was as bad as she was making herself out to be or not, but not in this case, this is what she needed. I toss the diaper over to the couch since we wont be needing it right away. Spankings with the diaper on are playful and for warm ups.

"Stand up and assume the position in front of me."

She stands up and places her hands behind her head keeping her eyes down. She hasn't made eye contact with me once since I came downstairs. Standing up and I move the chair back and slowly walk around her not saying a thing. For added effect I slowly smack the palm of my hand with the brush. This is going to hurt. She is going to cry. If this will help her get her head in the right place a Daddy's gotta do what a Daddy's gotta do.

Stopping behind her I pause

"Assume the position on the chair"

Without seeing her face I can see the pout. She wanted to go over my knee. This wasn't going to be that kind of spanking. Smiling to myself and holding the brush firm. I know how this blessed kids free week is going to play out.

NO gentle touching this time, I fight the urge to run the tips of my fingers down her spine. I love her in this position. Stepping in, I reach my arm in front of her and hold her firm. It's such a wonderful feeling with they just tense right up waiting...knowing whats about to happen. A little girls bottom looks so cute right before a good spanking. Only thing missing is that wonderful "glow"

Resting the flat of the brush on a very tensed up cheek I close my eyes to collect myself. Before I open my eyes up, my arm goes back and


I hold nothing back. There are no warm ups for this kind of spanking.

For me the first strike is the most important. It sets the tone for the rest of the spanking, and its when Hailey gives out that first all important burst of emotional energy that I just get off on. Its popcorn for my soul. If you've ever seen Hailey and I ever in a scene, I am always in contact with her. Always touching. I feed off of it and give back my own.


The spanking begins! She braces herself against me trying not to cry out. Its a losing battle. The bath brush is a mean little Master. The back of the chair groans as her hands white knuckle it.

Setting myself into a fast careful rhythm nowhere on that bottom escapes the brush. What starts as whimpers turns into soft tears, turns into sobs. 10. 20. 40. 60 I don't slow down. She is bracing herself against me crying uncontrollably. 80. 90. 100. I stop.

Setting the brush down. I'm holding her close to me. She's close to limp in my arms. This was the hardest spanking she's ever received. Her body is shaking as she tries to catch her breath between each sob. I hold her tighter letting her cry. I lean back and she leans closer to her.

"shhhhhhhhhh" I kiss the top of her head and push her away gently and help her stand up. with wobbly legs I lead her over to the big chair and I sit down pulling her into my lap.

"Oh Daddy......." she sobs and nestles her face into my shoulder. I rock the chair and just hold her close. This really isn't a time for words. I lean her forward and she looks at me with puffy red eyes. I just smile and take my shirt off and then pull her back into me. Skin on skin I can just feel the sexual, emotional just pouring out of her. Closing my eyes I just give into the moment with my little girl and rock her.

The next part of my plans are going to be hard for her at first but she'll make it and be the stronger for it.

We rocked for about 10 mins. I stopped rocking and leaned her forward a bit so that I could look her in the eyes.

"I want you to go stand in the corner and think about why you wanted to be spanked."

Hailey almost jumps out of the chair with a major pout on. My eyes narrow and I look over at the bath brush. If I have to repeat myself out loud I'm going to beat her bottom all the way to the corner with the brush the long way round. It wouldn't have been the first time. She follows my eyes and sees what Im looking at and sighs. I have to hold the smile in laugh in. I could totally hear her foot stomp in that sigh. I just look at her and then look over to the corner. Just as I'm about to repeat myself her lower lip sticks way out and she heads for the corner.

I want to kiss that pout. She looks very yummy when she does that. Not that she would ever hear that from me, wouldn't want to send mix signals.

She stands in the corner and brings her hands up behind her head. Good girl. I watch her for a min then head upstairs to grab a few things and make a couple of phone calls. Some plans need to be changed for the week. I do an evil little laugh while I get a few toys out. I'm such a dork.

I take care of whats needed and come back downstairs. I Fold a few blankets and place them on the floor beside the chair. Hailey is still in the corner. I grab the diaper on the couch and come back and kneel down beside the blanket.

"Hailey you may come out of the corner"

She drops her arms and comes over and stands before me.

"thank you Daddy"

I motion for her to lay down. She lays before me and watches me. She pouts again when she notices that there isn't any baby powder or oil. I notice her looking.

"only good girls get sweet smelling powder and soothing oils and you haven't been a good girl have you"

"No Daddy" she pouts.

Opening the diaper and tap her hip and she lifts up. In time time at all I have a diapered baby girl before me. I stand up and help her up. She assumes the position and puts her hands on the seat of the chair so that I can adjust and check to make sure she is properly diapered. Little tug here and a little twist there and she's ready. I give her diapered bottom a good swat because all diapered bottoms bent over deserve to be. She moans and I smile.

I stand her up and stand her before me.

"Plans have changed for the week. We're going to be doing something different. Ive already made the calls. Its just you and I for the week."

She blinks and her jaw drops a little. Before she can say anything I shake my head and give her the look. I go over to the small pile of things I brought down and grab the blind fold.

I went back to Hailey and started to put it back on. I kiss her while I'm putting it on. I fix it so that its somewhat comfortable. She'll be wearing it for a while.

"This is what is going to happen. Until I tell you so, you will not speak. You have no voice. My voice is your voice. When It is time to eat I will feed you. When its time to go to the bathroom. I will tell you. Right now you will lay on the blanket at my feet. I will say this once and only once. If I have to repeat myself once you will be punished. If I repeat myself twice, you will suffer" my eyes narrow "If there is a third....." I leave it unsaid. I don't think I really need to go there. I really hope we wont have to go there.

"Do you understand what I am saying?"

she nods her head.

"You have permission to speak. What will happen if you disobey me?"

She repeated everything back in a small voice. I nod and guide her down to the blanket. I look down at the blindfolded diaper girl lying on the blanket on the floor. Heaven.

I go to the kitchen and take one of the extra dog bowls we have and fill it with water and bring it back and place it on the floor near the blanket. Her head moves trying to hear what I'm doing. I don't say a word and sit down grabbing the remote. I have some Sanctuary episodes taped and its the perfect time to watch them.

Absently I place one of my feet on her diapered bottom and gently rub it with my foot making her diaper crinkle.

Man I love that sound. I hit play on the PVR

She fights every so often, but stays pretty still for the most part. Just seeing her at my feet like this makes me hard. I keep rubbing her diaper with my foot. she wiggles her hips a little when I do that. I know she likes it when I touch her diapers. I give her a gentle kick.

"don't move"

The episode of Sanctuary is a good one. I go back to watching it. After a while though, its hard to concentrate on the show. Giving Hailey a beating like I did and diapering her at my feet is all I can think about. I think she needs to take care of some things. I undo my belt and pants and sigh with relief. I didn't realize how confident I felt. I lean down and grab her by the back of her head and hold firm.

"kneel up"

Feeling generous I help her up into position so that she is kneeling between my legs. I watch her for a moment. Taking a handful of hair at the back of her head I pull her forward, she knows whats coming and her mouth is open in anticipation. I thrust in and close my eyes. Moving my hips I trust in as far can and make her gag. Holding her firmly in hand I don't let up. She jerks after 30 seconds. She cant breath. I count to 10 slowly and let her catch her breath. I let go of her hair and lean back and let her work her magic.

She catches her breath and comes back for more. she does this thing with her tongue....shivers....

I look down when I hear her diaper start to crinkle. She is rocking her hips. She doesn't have both of her hands on my lap naughty girl. I look beside the chair and grab that lovely little rattan cane Shade had given me. I cant really get her ass from where I am so I bring it down on her back. She lets out a gasp but doesn't stop. In the past when I was training her I would beat her ass while she was sucking me off. If she lost concentration and stopped I would beat her harder and she would start over.

"hands in my lap. It doesn't get any pleasure. Its pleasure is my pleasure."

She pauses for a brief second as what I said and how I said it sinks in. she wasn't a person, she was an object and I was going to use her as such. her hands quickly came up onto my lap with a small whimper. I know she is hot right now. Everything I have done up to this point was calculated to make her so. I know the right buttons to push.

She works me over using all her little tricks. Daddy is happy. After 10 mins or so I move my foot between her legs and push up. She moans with pleasure and starts to ride my foot. She cant help herself now. I close my eyes and lean back. All I can hear is the crinkle of her diaper and the moans of pleasure as she sucks me off and rides my foot.

Such a dirty girl.

She starts to suck me off faster. She is close to orgasm.

I slap the back of her head.

"slow down!"

I push my toe up and wiggle. She leans back and gasps.

I shake my head. You couldn't have had an orgasm if you had concentrated! I slap the back of her head again and growl moving my foot away. She whimpers and takes me in her mouth again. She does that tongue thing and I grab the back of her head again holding firm I orgasm pretty hard. If could see my eyes they would be burning with fire. MINE! Leaning my head back I let go and catch my breath. She keeps me in mouth licking and cleaning up. Satisfied I push her off my lap back onto her blanket and reach for a drink of water.

I can just feel the disappointment and burning coming off of her. She wants a release as well. Not yet little girl. You will get it soon enough if you are a good girl. Smiling to myself I nudge her over so that she is on her stomach. baby-slave foot rests are always the way to go.

I grab the remote and rewind. I missed almost all of the show.



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