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A different kind of doctor

A different kind of doctor

First try at a med-fet story

I have to admit, lately I had some difficulties in the erotic department. I've been single for a while now and apart from the occasional one night stand my hands and a small array of toys are my best friends. I've started to dig into different groups on the Internet and found some interesting ideas. Getting aroused and reaching a good orgasm had gotten harder lately. Somehow my fantasies had lost their appeal and I hadn't found a new turn on.

That's when it happened. In one group a special brand of magic marker was advertised. It's special shape of cap had proven to stimulate rather well. I figured a try couldn't hurt. I bought one of those markers and went about my business. Not only wasn't it as good as advertised but also in the midst of it I had a little accident and the cap got lodged. My attempts to free it were not only unpleasant but also fruitless.

So I powered up my computer. There was no way I would go to see my regular doctor with this kind of problem. Again an internet group proved helpful. There I found the name of a gyno who was not only discreet but also had a lot of experience with fetish accidents and other related injuries. Research revealed he had written a few nice articles about orgasms as well. I wish I had found him earlier. I was on a roll. His surgery wasn't too far from my place. – what a coincidence!- I called him up and explained my situation to a rather relaxed and kind nurse. Due to the urgency of my situation she checked in with the doctor and got permission to schedule an appointment the same day

A few hours later, after filling out a bit of paperwork I was let in to see the doctor. The man sitting behind a huge desk was about my age and had a kind smile. I crossed the room to greet him. By now the foreign object inside me was really unpleasant and it showed.

“I see you were sent here by the ministry of silly walks?” he smirked.

I rolled my eyes. “You could say so... I called earlier, I think your nurse has told you my problem?”

“Yes she has, and I think we should get right to it. If you don't mind just get undressed and lay down on the chair.”

I nodded, highly appreciating his tempo. I turned around to undress when a sqeeking sound startled me. I turned back to see the doctor come around his desk. In a wheelchair. I must have looked a bit startled but he just laughed.


“You can say that again.”

Suddenly the articles I had found made sense. I had only read the headlines but there was a lot about orgasm difficulties and I had also found something about sexual pleasure with spinal injuries. I sat down on the chair and put my legs in the stirrups.

“good thing about the wheelchair I'm already the right hight.” He grinned as he wheeled between my legs.

I snapped on some latex gloves and started examining me. “How long has the object been lodged?”

“Four hours by now.”

“Did you reach an orgasm before it happened?”


“hmmmm. Why did you use that marker instead of a normal vibrator or dildo?”

I started explaining my situation to him. The difficulties I had experienced lately, the search for relief. From time to time he nodded.

“What I see here is that you're still not properly lubricated. The object has been stimulating and irritating you for several hours but you're barely damp. That could be one issue.”

I watched as he carefully lubricated a speculum. The object felt cold as it entered me and I inhaled sharply as he spread it inside me. Carefully he pulled the cap out with a pair of long tweezers.”

“There he is, the little bugger.” He held up the cap and grinned.

“Thank you doctor.” I had felt ultimately relieved as I felt him pull it out.

He checked his watch. “My practice is closed by now and everyone is home. What would you say if I check out your other problems whilst you are here?”

“But when it's closed, don't you have to get home?”

“not really.” He smiled. “I know where you got my name. So I feel confident to offer you that I can bring you to orgasm, and can show you ways you can manage to pleasure yourself better.”

I was intrigued. “Ok doctor go ahead.” I grinned mischievously.

He returned the broad grin and wheeled over to a locked cupboard. On his lap he sorted an array of different toys and machines. I noticed the speculum was still inside me. I hadn't even noticed that before. He came back and placed the different devices on a tray next to me. I felt his fingers stimulate my clitoris and the walls of my vagina where the speculum left room. It felt nice but I didn't get really aroused. I saw him attach cables to the speculum and the case altered. A small current ran through the metal implement and I moaned.

“Aha!” The doctor grinned “that's what I wanted to hear.”

Slowly he pulled out the instrument and I moaned again. Still I was tingling inside.

“I venture the guess you lately have been so desperate for a good orgasm you blocked yourself and this blockage is the thing we have to get out. I will bring you to orgasm with the electrical stimulation. And afterwards, if I may, I'd like to do it the old fashioned way. So you don't mentally connect the orgasms to the current and toys. It'S a way of tricking your body, and why shouldn't we both have some fun whilst doing so?” He wiggled an eyebrow. The first faint tingling had left me longing for more and I was more than intrigued. My first guy in a wheelchair. Why not? I nodded my agreement and he went on to pick some things from the tray.

A well shaped dildo was carefully inserted into my vagina, and connected with a small cable. Another, smaller one went into my butt. That was a first for me and felt really weird at first. But he had lubed it good and after a while it felt really good. The doctor turned a dial and a really soft vibrating current started to flow. It felt warm and comfy.

“I'll keep it low for now. We want to slowly stimulate you, call it foreplay if you want. I want your body to start lubing yourself again. Meanwhile, if you don't mind I'll get ready for the second part of the show. Given my condition you might imagine I need some time to get into a state where I can keep my promise.

I nodded, eager to watch the show. My doctor knew what was expected from him and wheeled beside me, giving me a full view. He opened his trousers and lifted sideways off his cusion to pull them down, taking his shorts with him in the move. He was still soft but I could already see, I was in for a treat. The pants around his ankles he wheeled over to the tray to take a syringe.

“This is a special stimulant you might say it's a kind of viagra. It helps me get and sustain an erection.”

Without further ado he cleaned an area near his penis and gave himself an injection. Meanwhile the machines inside me did their job and I felt how I slowly got get and aroused. He started massaging his still soft penis.

“Do you still feel it?”

“Not really there's some residue of feeling left. It's a bit like eating when you come from the dentist. You feel it but it feels numb at the same time.”

“But you can orgasm?”

“yes and I feel the orgasm, too. Even tho I have to trick a bit.”


He checked the dials and turned the current up a notch. I instantly started to moan. This was good! The doctor grabbed a pump and inserted his still only half erect penis into it. Securing it at the bottom he started pumping and his penis started growing. I had been right. The good doctor was hung like a carthorse. He left the pump around his penis and wheeled between my legs again.

“k this looks good, we can start now.”

Again he dialed up the current and switched on the vibrator. My whole body stated to tingle and I orgasmed instantly.

“That was nice.” he grinned.

Pulling out the vibrator, a bit too early I thought, he smiled and wiped me clean. The small vibrator in my butt came out too and I groaned again as I felt it pass my sphincter.

“Take your time, catch your breath, if you want to start the second round, I'll transfer to the couch. And you may take full advantage of me. The interesting part for you now will be that you're in complete control I will regulate the speed but I can't push inside you. You'll have to do that.”

I watched him transfer on the couch, the pump still on his member. He adjusted his position an then finally removed the pump. He had fastened a cock ring around the root of his penis. Apparently to help him keep the erection. I slowly got up, still a bit weak in my knees and walked over to him. Straddling him I hovered a bit over his erection and he used this to insert 2 fingers into me.

“yes, still nice wet and stretched. Otherwise I might tear you, I've had that issue in the past.”

He grinned I grinned too and slowly lowered myself. A gasp escaped me as I felt him inside me. I sat down all the way and was amazed how deep inside me he was. I wanted to start moving but he kept a firm grip on my hips.

“no, stay like this. Feel me inside you, map it out inside your mind. Let it sink in.”

I started grinding my hips a little, feeling it move inside me. Still keeping a firm grip he started to move my hips with his hands. In slow rotating moves he circled me on his groin. It felt amazing. I was moaning and groaning, eager to finally move freely. Finally he started to make lifting moves, telling me to move up and down on his shaft. I started to ride him and I rode him good. His hands telling me a slow but deep rhythm. I felt an orgasms approach and rip through me. But he didn't stop there. Conducting me with his hands on my hips he brought me thee more orgasms before he finally told me to get off him. The moment his member slid out of me he exploded in a huge orgasm himself groaning and gasping he shot his semen all over my belly.

Those were the best orgasms I had had in a while. And he gave me a few nice tips and things to work on till we'd meet again.



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