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Adams Christmas

Chapter 1

December has been a great month for Adam. He got a good report card and all his teachers just love to have him help out in the class. He was actually helping another boy with his math. The boy had a learning disability and Adam seemed to understand how to get the boy on track. His teacher sent home a few notes praising Adam and that meant that Beth gave him some extra reward coupons. Adam used them for special requests and special treatment when he wanted to. This was another idea from Elian on how to get Adam to do all the things that parent’s hate to ask children to do. It wasn’t strange to see diapered Adam pushing the vacuum cleaner and dusting the furniture. He had received a Wii at thanksgiving for just that type of behavior.

It is wonderful to be in that Christmas holiday spirit and I and Adam plan to take full advantage of it. He has been counting the days until school ends, not that school is a bad thing. We have plans! Every year we go and see Santa and then go for lunch at the mail. I asked Adam if he was getting too big for Santa and he replied that he was never going to be too big for santa. School had ended on Friday and it didn’t take Adam long before he came bursting though the door talking about all the things that we were going to do together. Any kind of put off was simply out of the question. I made dinner and he striped down to just the diaper and t-shirt and play on the Wii. He was a sight playing ping pong with his diaper mimicking and amplifying ever move. He had adopted the disposables for school days and if they were not to wet, he would slip on a pair of his day time baby pants over them after school, Just in case!

I gave him dinner, macaroni and cheese, milk and his favorite pie after. The way he mouthed the pie, coconut cream, was like a carnivore and I told him if he keeps using his fingers to eat with, then I would have to put a bib on him. He laughed the kind of laugh that says “I dare you”. At dinner he gave me one of his coupons and said please. This meant that he wanted and was entitled too a special diaper treatment after dinner. I told him to go and make his choices of what he wanted me to put on him. I thought he would have wanted to just play with his Wii for a while, but no, he wanted to have his bath right away. I ran his bath, adding some bubble bath soap, and I told him to go and get all his bath toys and that I would take off his diaper in the bathroom when he was ready to get in. I told him that I had heard from Elian and that she may be coming for a stay over during Christmas. He was happy about that and asked for all the details, when and for how long. He gathered up to many toys and headed for the bath room all stripped down except for his diaper and baby pants.

I was still bent down getting the water just right when he returned with his load of toys, throwing them in on top on the bubbles and splashing me in the process. I scolded him and treated him to a light slap on his leg which made him scream and jump for joy, laughing a laugh that was contagious. After gathering my composure, I slipped his baby pants down over his wet diaper and down to his knees. The rubber binding gripped tightly to his thighs as I pulled them down. His diaper was wet and saggy and when I released the pins, it fell into the waiting baby pants carrying them down the rest of the way to his feet. Since he wet often, his pee only smelled lightly. With another slap on the bum I helped him into the bath. Such commotion, water splashing and some strange noise’s coming from the bath as he imitated sounds of animals and machines. I think one of the best parts of him being happily back in diapers was the absolute joy that he infected everyone around him with. Ok it was time for the scrub, and I do mean scrub, that included all of his places. Ears and between his toes were my favorites and his worst nightmare. When I pulled up on his feet to do his toes, he had to try not to sink below the suds and every time that he started to laugh he’d lose his balance and down under he would go splashing me at the same time. Finally done, out and dried off with the sound of the bath draining and his now clean toys reappearing in the bottom it was time for him to get his coupons worth.

I wrapped in a hooded towel that Elian had sent me for him, slightly larger that the one’s available in the stores for toddlers. There on the bed, he had laid out his diaper and a boaster pad and a pair of his night time baby pants. I made sure that he was dry enough and sat him on the bed. This was going to be as much fun for me as for him. First, I got a pacifier out of his drawer, asking him if “The Baby” wanted to suck on it while I diapered him. The look on his face was enough of an answer, so I put some baby scent Vaseline on lips and inserted his soother holding it there, waiting for him to start sucking on it. I positioned him on the changing matt ready for the next part of his diapering. The diaper that he had chosen was one that Elian had made for special night time occasions. It had a zipper across the top of the front and this was so that the diaper could be opened up in order to accommodate a boaster pad that went from the front to the back and was wide enough to force his legs apart and make him waddle when he walked upright in them. I inserted it into his diaper while he watched. I asked him if baby needed such a thick diaper on, he nodded a “yes”. The diaper was special also because it had rows of pink ruffled lace across the bum and that made it puff out more and gave it a sort of spongy touch. I slipped it under him and stretched out the back. I had left the jar of Vaseline on the window sill for it to get cold as it was winter outside and that window gave off a draft. As usual I scooped out a gob of the Vaseline on my finger and showed Adam what was going to be spread on his bum. I asked him if he thought that it would be sufficient. A nod “Yes” again and he lifted his knees to his chest in anticipation. When my cold Vaseline coated fingers met his peachy cheeks he let out a shriek. I told him had I would give him a slap if he didn’t stay still. The Vaseline warmed as I made sure that all his behind was covered and I took my time spreading it out in to all his forgotten places. Next step was the front and the pinning. He dropped his legs and I widened them more than normal in consideration of the wider diaper. The baby oil was just as cold as the Vaseline and the first spurt of it landed on his already exited thing which made him jump and want to bring his leges back up. A slap was in order at this point and his leges descended once again to the change matt. The application of the baby oil continued and he responded with ou’s and ah’s when the oil found it way onto and around all of his precious parts. It was now time to see if frosty the snowman would reappear and with a little help from J & J we were not to be disappointed. I had to wait while frosty went for a nap before proceeding with the pinning. I could feel his warm tummy as I squeezed the ends together ready for pinning. The pink pins that I used stood out against the light blue cover on the diaper.

The smell of the powder and Vaseline was becoming the new scent of the house. My hands were getting softer with every diaper change. I took at moment and gazed at my handiwork and at Adam just lying there with out a care in the world in no hurry at all. But the baby needed his semi transparent white plastic baby pants on now so I powdered his legs and rubbed that in and then reached for his soft vinyl plastic pants. These had thinner elastics at the waist and legs and the legs would stretch out just enough to slip on over and up his legs leaving little room for his diaper to escape. The waist had plenty of extra stretch in order to open wide enough to get over his night time diapers. He had chosen the white baby pants because he liked to stand if front of the mirror in my room and watch as his wetting crept up his diaper. The ruffled pink lace on his behind under the plastic pants grew darker and more obvious as it got wetter. This was the part that I think he liked the most, me sitting on the bed with his baby pants in hand with a leg hole stretched out waiting for him to start his foot though the hole and then waiting for me to stretch out the other and then the slow and sure in-casement of his diaper. I guess he felt complete once the baby pants were in place, free to do as he pleased and with me there participating with him, accepted and loved.

All done, I bet he wanted it to last for forever. I stood up waiting for him to get up off the change matt and wanted to see my newly packaged Adam. The baby pants were very puffy on him and his diaper was close fitting on him under the pants. The pink lace frills puffed out and expanded the rear of the diaper and the plastic panty, the crotch of his vinyl baby pants dropped down between his legs to almost the top of his knees caressing his thighs as he walked around in them. The size of the diaper and pants made him look like an over sized four year old.

I wanted to relax and watch some TV now and I made my way to the couch. He settled on the couch with me still sucking on his pacifier resting in my lap, hands fingering his baby pants and looking still desperate for attention. I just had to ask, but maybe I shouldn’t have, “Adam do you want me to feed you a bottle” His eyes lit up and he nodded and exaggerated “Yes” I told him that it was going to cost him another coupon and he still nodded the same “Yes” Ok then, I said, I’ll go and fix your bottle and you go and get your blankie and Bear and the pink bottle of baby lotion in your room. I had one ready to go and put it in the pot to warm. The bottle formula could be adjusted for all kinds of things. Some time’s I used it to deliver vitamins or other meds and sometimes it was a great way to add bulk fiber to his diet mixed with some mineral oil. This was a no excuse way to keep him regular. He could not resist a bottle feeding. He made himself comfortable on the couch and waited for me.

The bottle of white formula toped of with a medium flow rubber NUK nipple was ready. I sat down on the couch and let him snuggle up as I covered him with the blankie. I flicked though the channels on the TV and to my surprise the classic “Bells of Saint Mary’s” with Bing Crosby was on. Adam and I both liked watching it, Adam sang along with the carols; his favorite was “Silent Night” He looked at me as I let the bottle nipple find it way deeper into his wanting mouth. I felt him surrender to his pleasure as he moulded himself to me and the couch. We watched the movie, repeating the lines that we remembered from last year. The Christmas vacation had just begun for Adam and I and it was shaping up to be an exceptional one.

With the bottle finished and his pacifier back in place I gave him the pillow end of the couch and I moved to his bottom end. I squeezed out some of the baby lotion on to the back of his legs and started to message it in from his upper thighs where his baby pants had a firm grip on his legs, down to his knobby knees and on down to his ankles and feet. As he watched the movie I could feel his leg react under my gentle touch, half way between wanting to scream and half way to wanting to laugh. I pulled his blankie down over his legs and diaper and the applied the lotion to his back. I ran a pink line of lotion down his spin and then smoothed it out over his shoulders and arms. With my job done, I let him fall asleep watching the movie with Bear held tightly under one arm. Adam and I had a big day planed for the next day, Saturday. First, breakfast with Santa, he wanted to ask for some special things that only Santa could bring, then shopping and then we needed to go and find the perfect tree. I needed him to help me home with the tree so I was going to give him a coupon for that. And then tomorrow night, trimming the tree, I was the lighting specialist and he was in charge of the decorations and the angel. I rinsed out his bottle filling it with warm water and then getting him up of the couch and walked him to his bed half a sleep and still clutching Bear in his arms. He climbed into bed and I covered him with a light blanket placing the bottle in his hand and saying my good nights.


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