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Aunt Virginia

Aunt Virginia

Making it fun

My parents press me to spend a few days with my Aunt Virginia. She is going on in years and she is very lonely. I do not particularly like Aunt Virginia, even though we have spent little time together in the past. She seems so backward and narrow. Not very surprising though from an aging spinster!

However, I finally surrender to please my parents, as much as to stop their constant nagging. Thus I do fly across country to meet with her. I have never yet been to her house. Our previous encounters have always been during her few visits to our home. And each time, my parents got their innocent martyrs' looks! I simply guess that they want to get on her inheritance!

Anyway, I already feel very upset when the airline crew looks me after! Of course, I am still a minor, but I am no longer a little kid, for goodness sake! Upon my arrival, I start looking for my Aunt Virginia and I feel kind of glad that the flight attendant holding my hands appears being lost! I notice the cardboard panel with my name on it and I practically drag the rather young and pretty flight attendant towards the rather rotund and jovial looking man holding the piece of cardboard.

Even though the man explains that Aunt Virginia is not feeling too good and that she is sorry for missing me at the airport; even though he produces a letter of authority signed by Aunt Virginia, the flight attendant still embarrasses me by asking so many silly questions!

I admire the rather jovial man for being so patient and understanding! Finally, he is allowed to sign the demeaning discharge form and he grabs my suitcase.

We walk through like miles of corridors to a smelling car park until we reach a yellow checkered cab. The guy is a cab driver rented by Aunt Virginia! How gross! According to my parents she is rolling down in silk bed sheets and piles of gold!

Anyway, I do not really mind, because he seems very polite, addressing me as "the young Lady." He talks a lot, but since he does not wait for my answers, I really do not mind. Yet, I start feeling rather despondent as we drive away from any civilized spot and into the wilderness! How boring those few days are going to be! I console myself at the idea that I am here only for a very few days!

Finally, the jovial cab driver turns into a side road. We pass through what-looks-like miles of varied coniferous trees until we come to the foot of a grassy knob.

Even over the relative raucous of the aging cab, I can hear the pounding of the surf. We are back to the seashore. Not that it consoles me, because the temperature of the sea precludes any pleasant experience!

We climb the hill to stop in front of the very large house. It is very solidly built in gray stones, with a slated roof. It looks old and terribly gloomy. No wonders that Aunt Virginia is sour and depressed living in this house! It really reminds me of so many creepy movies!

As the cab stops by the porch, the high and solid door opens. Aunt Virginia comes out to greet me. She looks fine enough to me, from my previous fleeting recollection. Her blond hair is immaculately brushed. She wears a very youthful and elegant short dress in pastel blue cotton. Her legs are shinny from her light stockings. She wears also white pumps with fairly high heels.

She embraces me warmly, while thanking me profusely for my kindness to spend my holidays with my boring old Aunt. I blush from all my previous misgiving feelings and I assure Aunt Virginia that I am truly delighted with my few days with her.

She casually invites the cab driver to carry my suitcase inside the hall. Then, she grabs familiarly my arm to lead me inside. The décor is certainly in stark contrast with the forbidding outside. It is very pleasant and almost joyful. It certainly conveys warmth belied by the cool oceanic breeze blowing outside.

Aunt Virginia takes me inside a very pleasant living room. Again, the rather fresh weather, despite the spring, does not contradict the gay fire burning in the elegant fireplace.

She invites me to join her on the sofa facing the fireplace and she starts serving the prepared tea. She obviously waited for my arrival. We chat amicably while enjoying the nice warm tea and the fresh strawberries.

Suddenly I notice the face of my Aunt Virginia contracting under some obvious displeasure. I cannot fathom why she changes attitude so suddenly. She hurriedly puts down her half-filled cup of tea and she barely mumbles some excuses as she starts rushing out of the room.

Nonetheless, I have the sudden revelation that she simply just wet herself! Her nice pale blue dress carries now the unmistakable large darker sport around her bottom.

Naturally, I feel at a complete loss how to react about this unfortunate accident. I feel like laughing. But I also feel so very sorry for poor Aunt Virginia! I realize also how terribly humiliating this must be for her. I hesitate pretending to ignore the whole incident. Yet, I feel certain that she will have to present some lame excuses upon her return.

Upon a sudden impulse, I decide that she may needs foremost some comfort. I leave the warm living room to walk up the stairs. I detect her bedroom from the faint sounds coming through the door, because the rest of the house is merely filled with the whispering sounds of the outside wind.

Naturally, I politely knock at the solid door. However, I do not get any response. Still moved by my sheer impulse, I turn the brass knob and the door opens a crack very silently. I observe Aunt Virginia totally naked and frantically busy cleaning her crotch with wet wipes, which she extracts in frenzy from the box.

I realize again how simply shameful such accident must be for the poor dear. I still move out of sheer impulse as I enter completely her bedroom and I close the door behind me.

Although the door moved silently, something must have drawn Aunt Virginia's attention, because she turns her head towards me. She freezes instantly!

I have always looked at Aunt Virginia like some very old person. This must be the privilege, or the stupidity of my youth. Aunt Virginia is truly a beautiful mature woman. She most obviously takes greet care about her shape and figure. She is actually very attractive.

Now, in my complete ignorance, I do not know anything about incontinence. Wearing diapers simply disappears when the infant is potty-trained. Women need some sanitary pads and I already experience that requirement. Yet, I know nothing of adults wetting themselves.

Suddenly I am simply faced with this reality. All this naturally cross my mind in a fleeting instant, as Aunt Virginia stands simply transfixed at my sudden appearance.

Then, she blushes and she hides hurriedly her face behind her hands, while a sudden sobbing racks her body. It seems silly to me that she would hide her face rather than her totally naked body in such moment.

Anyway, I move quickly towards Aunt Virginia and I grasp her in tight embrace. She hangs to me for dear life! I calm her desperate sobbing by caressing gently her silky hair, while she hides her face against my shoulder.

As she clams down, she confesses that she gets frequently such accidents and that she is too scared going out of the house. I naturally inquire rather candidly why she does not wear protection. She assures me that she does! As I throw a quick glance at her discarded soiled panties, I notice that indeed she wears a sanitary pad inside! I tell her that sanitary pads have never been designed with this kind of flow in mind! Why doesn't she wear diapers? She looks horribly shocked by my reasonable suggestion and she blushes in obvious terrible embarrassment.

Anyway, I do not insist and I let the subject rest for the moment. I suggest that she could wear provisional makeshift diapers inside the house, just to see the feeling. She does not need to feel ashamed since we are only between ourselves.

As she does not answer my suggestion, I collect a large pink bath towel and I fold it as diapers. I use regular safety pins to hold the makeshift diapers in place. I need to use several safety pins on each side, because they are not large enough. I can find a pair of cute cotton panties, printed with small pastel flowers and large enough to cover the bulk of the improvised diapers. Then, I complete her new dress with a pink tank top and a pair of knee-long white socks.

Aunt Virginia looks now so cute and juvenile! She is really adorable. However, I can see that she is very far from being convinced by her improvised costume. To release her embarrassment, I suggest that she could change me in similar dress as her new one. She looks rather puzzled by my suggestion. However, as I start undressing easily in front of her, she gets out of her stupor to collect the necessary clothes for me.

Naturally, I do not need wearing diapers, but I have tried them for fun several times before and I quite liked the feeling. Henceforth, this play-acting does not disturb me one bit.

Once I am ready also, we almost look like sisters and I can see that Aunt Virginia seems better at ease now. We return downstairs to finish our tea. I resume my suggestion that she should really wear diapers rather than continue staying cooped up in her house. She admits that she feels much too embarrassed to enter the pharmacy and ask for those. I suggest that she orders them online, but I can see that she has really no idea of what I am talking about! How can a beautiful and vibrant woman be so backward?

Anyway, I rush out to collect my laptop. I promptly set it up and I start showing Aunt Virginia how to surf the web. I start showing her the medical supplies type of sites. She looks very dubious as she finds the products so utilitarian and rather ugly looking. Then, I switch to the DL oriented sites. Instantly, I notice that Aunt Virginia seems rather amused, and even aroused!

As money is no matter for her, I suggest that she should buy some samples first to see how she likes them. I place the order for her, with express delivery.

Afterwards, I help clean the tea utensils and start preparing our dinner. When she starts wetting her makeshift diapers, I have little efforts to make to wet mines as well.

By the time our new things arrive, we have exhausted the entire supply of bath towels in the house, and not particularly to dry ourselves after baths and showers!

We have lots of fun trying on and modeling our new genuine cloth diapers and cute plastic panties! However, Aunt Virginia requires some convincing before accepting to drive us to town!

Yet, she finally surrenders. Naturally, we wear long and loose skirts and no one take any notice of us. Aunt Virginia still needs some time before she starts relaxing. She seems totally reborn! When she pauses and blushes, I know that she just wet her diapers! I continue talking to the sales girl as nothing happened until Aunt Virginia is convinced that she is not leaking at all.

From that moment, we really have a wonderful time together. I return to my big girl's clothes upon the day of my departure. Aunt Virginia is now my best friend and she sincerely miss me. But she promises to visit us soon. We kiss tenderly as she takes me to the embarkation gate.

I am fairly astonished when I receive an E-mail from Aunt Virginia some times later! She took some initiation classes and she jumped happily into this century!

From that day, we exchange daily mails. Also, I feel rather worried when she stops writing to me for three consecutive days. Then, as I come out of school one evening, I hear someone calling me. I turn around to discover Aunt Virginia in a brand new imported convertible! She drove all the way to visit me! She really puts the accent on the visiting me, rather than my Family! I jump gladly in her car and I compliment her for her youthful looks. She is truly radiant!

She kisses me very tenderly before driving us away towards my parents' home. She is even playfully naughty now, as she lifts my skirt to look at my underwear! Where is my timid Aunt?

She seems disappointed that I show no sign of wearing diapers or plastic panties. I retaliate by lifting her own long and loose skirt. She wears naturally very frilly panties, obviously covering the thick padding of diapers and probably plastic panties. I ask her if she is wet and she giggles while confessing that she is certainly drenched!

My parents are truly astonished by Aunt Virginia's arrival. Mom even seems somewhat jealous. Aunt Virginia looks younger than she is, although she is really much older!

They take little convincing to let Aunt Virginia share my bedroom and I certainly do not mind. We go up and I help her unpack. She promptly starts undressing. I change her diapers for her. Then, I barely resist when she undresses me and she puts me also in diapers.

She most definitely enjoys them now and she is so grateful to me for making it a fun thing!


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