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A Day At The Beach

A Day At The Beach

Since plucking up the courage to write my first account of how I was introduced to enemas "From a Female Perspective " I have received a number of emails asking me for details of other experiences. Well here's one memorable day while on vacation.

About 3 years ago my girlfriend , who I work with, and I decided to go to Hawaii and have two weeks relaxation, just doing what pleased us both and enjoying life after 10 months of virtually non stop work. We both are flight attendants, and fly in and out of Honolulu about 3 times a week, but apart from overnights in a hotel , we had never explored the islands at all. After finding a holiday house on the internet described as isolated and private we contacted the owner and made arrangements to rent the house for 2 weeks. The house was located on one of the other islands which meant a short flight on Hawaiian Airlines, and a 20 minute taxi ride to this remote location.

The house was down a steep drive through bush to a private beach with white sand and crystal clear water, an ideal location for our vacation. At this stage I should say that my GF Linda was also an enema enthusiast and used enemas regularly. I also do them to help me adjust to time changes and for general enjoyment. I do tell myself that they are good for me and I passionately believe this.

Well, after unpacking and settling in, Linda said she was going to have her first holiday enema. She proceeded to do this, not in the bathroom but on a beach lounger, on the deck overlooking the ocean. She hung her bag on a wire clothes line that ran across the deck, and the sight of this started to turn me on and it wasn't too long before I had my bag out and was also enjoying my first holiday enema as well.

The next day we decided to explore the beach and found it to be really deserted with no other houses anywhere near, in fact it was a taxi ride to the nearest shops to buy food and other supplies. With the beach being so remote and private we shed all our clothes and swam in the crystal clear water nude, and in fact didn't wear any clothes at all while we were on the beach. After lunch Linda hit on the bright idea of giving herself a sea water enema, something I eagerly agreed with. Instead of filling the bag she produced her Higginson syringe and walked into the sea with it and proceeded to pump the sea water directly into herself.

She was in ecstasy over this and when she had filled herself she threw the Higginson to me and said try it, an invitation I eagerly accepted. While I pumped myself full of this crystal clear sea water, Linda ran up the beach into a patch of bush and proceeded to expel. The sensation of filling with sea water is incredible and somehow it seemed as if I could take much more water than I usually can. Eventually I reached the full point and also found my piece of bush to empty out. After expelling we both entered the water again and this time Linda invited me to give her another enema. I eagerly accepted and as she relaxed in the sea laying floating on her back I pumped the bulb on the Higginson filling her for a second time. This time she didn't go up into the bush to expel but moved along the beach a bit and while still in the water let go there. Well it was my turn after that and Linda filled me good and full. I released into the incredible sensation.

That day we must have given each other no fewer that 4 enemas in the sea and experienced the same number of orgasms. It was the best sleep I can recall that evening. Well tomorrow was another day and after the repeated enemas of the previous day I was feeling a bit tender round the anus, so decided to give them a rest. I went into the small shopping centre for the day instead. Fortunately there was a drug section n the general store and I managed to buy a tube of "preparation H" to soothe our sore butt holes. It worked and the following day we were at it again with our sea water enemas both in the water and in the bag which we had filled from the sea.

Our vacation would soon come to an end and on our last evening in our Island hideaway we both gave each other a real warm water enema each on the deck in the moonlight. After filling myself for the second time I took the hose of my bag and put Linda's double inflatable nozzle on and inserted it in her, and laying close together we passed the warm water between us for about 2 hours while we sipped the last of our wine that we had taken with us on our vacation.

Well all good things have to end and the following day we were heading home to start work again. I still fly into Honolulu and enjoy my enemas in the hotel after a long flight but that vacation will live a long time in my memory as one of the best I have ever had. Linda and I have gone on vacation together again but the snow of Colorado cannot compare with the isolation of a deserted beach in Hawaii.


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