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A chance encounter with a real physician

A chance encounter with a real physician

I had eaten lunch and was walking back to my office when I was overtaken by painful cramps. I leaned against the building to catch my breath, bending over slightly when I heard a male voice ask me if I was all right. I managed to croak out yes but he wasn't buying it.

"I am a doctor and my office is just three blocks away, if you don't think you can make it I can call a cab." He sounded sincere but I couldn't take the chance so I said, "It's just cramps, I'll be OK in a minute."

"Have you had cramps like these before?" he asked beginning his doctor patter. I had to admit I didn't and they weren't getting better.

Then he took out his wallet and showed me his ID card from the AMA and his drivers license. It appeared he indeed was a doctor, but he could sense my hesitation. "Look, you obviously need medical attention, just come with me to my office and you'll see I just want to help you." As the cramps grew worse I acquiesced and we began to walk, we only made it to the first corner before I deposited my lunch onto the closest bush.

"OK,, he declared, "enough of this," and without a second thought hailed a cab. I made it to his office without embarrassing myself any further and he helped me up the steps, unlocking the door at the top. There was a sign which read "Joseph Hawk M.D" the same as was on his drivers license so I was feeling a bit more at ease.

There was a light on inside which seemed to puzzle him but was soon answered when a female voice called "Is that you Doc Hawk?"

"I thought you were going to go home ON TIME tonight?" he chided, but quickly added, "I think we have an emergency here so I am glad you're still here, can you help?" A 30ish brunette with an hourglass figure rose quickly and assured him, "Sure, anything you need."

Hawk asked, "Are you sure Harve won't mind?"

"Tonight is his night class so I thought I would get caught up on the paperwork." she answered. Hawk asked her to help me into Exam room 6, so she put her arm around me, replacing his and cooed gently, "Sure honey, here let me help you."

We walked to the end of the corridor into a very large tiled room. It was different from any of the exam rooms I was used to with three walls of counter and equipment I hadn't a clue to its use. I didn't have much time to think before the nurse said, "I'll get you undressed while the doctor washes up."

She sat me on a chair and reached into a cabinet withdrawing what I thought would be a gown. Then she helped me take off my clothes keeping up a dialog the whole time reassuring me I would be OK and the doctor was very capable. Then she shook out the gown and held it up to me. It was very short reaching only down to my upper thigh. I felt very exposed but was in so much pain I was ready to do anything.

As she helped me to the exam table the doctor entered wearing the ordinary lab coat I was familiar with when I was gripped by more nausea. Seeing something on my face the doctor quickly helped me onto the table and instructed me to lie on my left side. A warm blanket was placed over my shoulders and there was the sound of drawers opening. The nurse and doctor seemed to be able to work without talking then Hawk said, "I am going to give you something for the nausea, then I will examine you. Just breathe deeply and relax."

I felt the corner of the blanket covering my unclothed bottom being raised. Not knowing what was going to happen I just took a deep breath, when I felt a gloved finger applying something wet to my anus. I kept taking deep breaths as something was inserted into my rectum. It didn't hurt but definitely felt uncomfortable. The nurse said, "Take a deep breath," so I did as something larger was inserted, followed by a gloved finger which pushed the objects deeply into my rectum. The finger stayed there for a minute then was withdrawn and the blanket was replaced.

"I've inserted a suppository for the nausea and one with a mild sedative to help with the cramping." the doctor said. "I'm going to get my equipment ready to allow the medication to take effect." The door opened and closed and there were the sounds of drawers, the clanking of metal and the sound of running water. I am not sure how long it took because the medication began to work and I might have dozed off a bit.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and the nurse said, "Here let me help you roll over," as she gently pressed down on my shoulder and I polled onto my back. "The doctor will do a complete exam and if that doesn't tell him what is wrong he'll get more specific," she assured me. "I have to go home but you are in capable hands, there's nothing to worry about. Is the medication helping?" I told her the nausea was abating but not the cramps as she placed stirrups into their slots and then gently placed my legs in them. "I have to secure your legs to the stirrups because of the medicine we gave you, we wouldn't want you to fall off!"

I have had exams before just not with the same stirrups, but I was in no position to complain. The nurse used the blanket to cover what was exposed as the doctor reentered the room. "Are you sure you won't need me?" the nurse asked, "I could stay."

"No, go home to your husband. I can summon an ambulance if it gets worse." he assured her. She left the room as the doctor came to the side of the table.

He lifted the blanket slightly and placed his stethoscope on my chest over my heart. He continued to do all the routine tests, examining my eyes, ears, throat and neck. Then he pulled back the blanket to expose my torso and began palpitating my breasts. When he was finished he moved down to my abdomen asking, "Does this hurt?"

I couldn't help but yelp as he reached a sensitive spot. "Is it always this sensitive?" he asked. I told him no as he found more sensitive areas.

"I can't tell from this where the pain is or what might be causing it so I'm afraid I'll have to do a pelvic, just to rule out anything there." He covered my torso and moved between my suspended legs. I heard the slap of latex gloves and the scrape of a lamp stand before the blanket was folded up and over my legs. I could see the lamp but not the doctor. "Just relax now as I examine you." He opened my labia and spread lubricant over my vagina and then I felt the cold metal of the speculum being inserted. "Did that hurt?" he inquired.

"No, not really." I felt something cold and metallic inside me probing the walls of my vagina. It was not uncomfortable but I felt myself getting flushed.

"Let me know if I hit a sore spot he said as he continued the probing." After a few more passes of the object, which were starting to hit nice places the object was removed. The speculum came next. He discarded the instruments and stood up. He placed one hand on my abdomen and the fingers of his other hand entered my body. "Does this hurt?" he asked each time his fingers moved to a new location. I knew he was checking my ovaries and uterus but his fingers were finding places that definitely didn't hurt.

"I'm feeling nothing here but there seems to be some fullness around your colon. I'd like to examine it more closely but it will require some preparation," he said as he removed his probing fingers. He looked at me and asked if the medications were still working or if I felt I needed more explaining that the further tests may take as long as an hour or more. I assured him I was still feeling the medication and he moved off.

He dimmed the light next to the table and moved out of my sight. The light at the foot of the tale where my nether regions lay exposed grew brighter and there was more scraping of metal and clanking of instruments. "I'm going to drop the bottom of the table now so I can prepare you," and the six or so inches at the end of the table holding up my bottom fell away with a clank. I again felt a gloved finger spreading lubricant on and around my anus and then it slipped inside me.

He moved it around spreading the lubricant deep inside, while slightly stretching the hole. He withdrew his finger and said, "Take a deep breath and push slightly as if you were going to have a bowel movement." Which I did as I felt a hard plastic object pressed to the hole. The doctor pushed on the object and it slipped inside with a little pain. I might have gasped because he said, "Just keep breathing deeply, the hard part is over."

He stood again, pushed the blanket toward my head and dropped some lubricant on my abdomen. With his gloved hand he spread the lubricant in a circular motion as I heard a click and very warm water began to enter my bowels.

"This first one we'll do slowly, let me know if you feel cramping at all or any sharp pain." And almost on cue my bowels clenched so hard I gave a little cry. He stopped the flow and rubbed my stomach, occasionally straying to my pubic mound, where he would press slightly. "I'm sorry but I have to get all this in," he apologized as he opened the clamp and water again began to flow. He must have sensed the clenching of my bowels because he pressed firmly on my colon and then my mound. It was alternately uncomfortable and pleasant.

Then the flow stopped, but he kept up the massage. "I want to give it at least five minutes before you void," he explained as he kept up the massage. He removed his hand from my abdomen and pulled something towards the table. "I don't want you to get up so when I remove the nozzle you can void right into the pail."

Not knowing what he meant I asked, "what pail?"

"I'm sorry, there's a pail at the bottom of the table, just relax and allow the solution to flow out." Feeling quite flustered I replied, "You mean right here, laying here I'm supposed to just go?"

"Yes it's quite all right or do you mean you have to urinate?"

"Well I hadn't thought of that…" He deftly removed the nozzle from my anus and it emptied without much help from me.

He palpitated my abdomen eliciting more groans from me, the medication was definitely wearing off now and I was getting more uncomfortable. "I'm going to insert a tube into your bladder, it will feel uncomfortable but shouldn't be painful." He explained as he wiped my labia with something very cold, several times. Then I felt him spread my labia and draw the hood of my clitoris back. The next sensation was unpleasant but not painful and I felt an instant urge to pee. "You may feel the need to urinate but the tube will take care of that." he explained and I wondered idly if he could read my mind.

He spread more lubrication on my anus and then inserted the nozzle, it went easier this time. Once again warm water flooded my bowels and the massage began again. "It is really important to get more in this time, I'll go slowly and shut it off if it gets uncomfortable," he encouraged. "I hate to be a baby but it is really uncomfortable" I managed to moan. He didn't stop the flow but I think he slowed it down, then his fingers ran over the top of my outer labia all the way down to the opening of my vagina.

I was a bit surprised but it did seem to help the cramping. On the next pass his fingers slid in a bit deeper, touching my clitoris and sending a shiver up through my stomach. I didn't even notice he had increased the flow of the water, his fingers were so soothing, until I noticed I was filling up. Then suddenly his hands withdrew and he removed his gloves with a snap.

He walked out of view for a moment and when he returned he walked around to the side of the table. I felt something cold on my hip and the sharp sting of a syringe. Warmth flooded my whole body and the pain lessened slightly. He put on fresh gloves and squeezed more lubricant on my stomach. This time when he massaged slow circles on my abdomen he pressed harder. I moaned and his fingers returned to my labia, lubricant making the way for his fingers to slip deeper easy. He didn't stay long tracing a line from my mound to my hole which was getting slightly wet and dripping towards the nozzle imbedded in me.

Several minutes later he removed the nozzle and the water ran out into the pail. I don't think he was happy with what he saw because he made a little noise and then turned the water on. I guessed he was preparing more solution. He came around to the side of the table and placed his hand, now ungloved, on my forehead. "I think you have an impaction, I need to get more solution in to loosen it enough to allow it to exit. How are you doing?"

The shot had done its job and I sort of slurred, "I'm OK," or at least that's what I intended to say. He smiled and kept explaining "I'm going to try to insert the hose as deep as I can and it might feel uncomfortable. The higher we can get the solution the better so first I am going to open your anus with an instrument which I'll withdraw if I can get the hose in." I wasn't clear what this meant but was too fuzzy to ask.

I felt more lubricant and then the cold metal of a speculum in my anus! He kept urging me to take deep breaths and relax as the speculum began to expand greater than I ever thought possible. It was more than uncomfortable but less than painful. I was further surprised when his fingers massaged my clitoris as he kept expanding my anus, this was very nice but he stopped and inserted what felt like flexible tubing, threading it through the opening he made.

The speculum was suddenly contracted and removed. Once again water began to flow but deeper than before and warmer, if I was still feeling right. The flow was pretty intense as was the cramping. The doctor didn't decrease the flow but massaged, not my abdomen, this time but my now inflamed clitoris.. I wondered idly if I would climax, the feeling of increasing fullness combined with his ministrations, but every time I would come close he would check the top of my abdomen. I guessed he was checking to see if the blockage was released.

Suddenly something inside me moved and the pain all but stopped. I gave a little, "Oh" prompting him to ask if I was still ok. I nodded as my abdomen expanded so much it almost felt like I was pregnant!! "That's four quarts and I think we got it," he said as he clamped the hose shut. He removed quite a bit of tubing and said I could void. It took awhile but soon it was out along with some large chunks, embarrassing to pass in front of a stranger, but relief from the pain was worth it.

Hawk palpitated my abdomen nodding as he did obviously pleased with the results. "If you think you can roll over I'd like to make sure I've examined you and resolved your problem." He withdrew the tube that had been in my bladder and undid the straps holding my legs to the stirrups. He asked me to hold my knees to my chest and when I did so he popped the table back into place.

He came around to my side and removed the entire blanket, which he placed in a basket, I shivered involuntarily so he got another from the cabinet and placed it on the chair. "I'll help you roll over onto your stomach, we'll go slowly so you don't fall off."

He rolled me onto my side and then helped me scoot towards him. I felt his warmth on my back and his semi erection. One more maneuver and I was laying face down on the table. He instructed me to pull my knees up to my chest elevating my bottom. He placed the blanket over the top of me, leaving my bottom exposed. He asked if this position hurt my stomach and I told him no.

He moved to the bottom of the table and slipped on another pair of gloves. He placed one hand on my butt cheek and with the other one spread lubricant on my tender anus, inserting his finger to test my level of relaxation. He continued to stretch the opening again and I was sure I wasn't going to like what followed. Sure enough after he withdrew his fingers something cold touched me where his fingers had been. "This can be painful so I usually sedate my patients for this procedure but I need you awake so I am going to help the scope go in."

I was still feeling the medication from the injection so I thought, how bad can it get?

The cold scope pressed into my tender pucker, invading my rectum relentlessly, when the doctors fingers once again found my sweet spot, higher up. This time his fingers seemed seriously intent on their mission and holding still was difficult. I experienced a sharp pain as the scope was pushed in further, causing me to inhale sharply, but his fingers sped up their mission. Just as I though I would be torn apart the scope was in and I was experiencing the most intense orgasm of my life. Waves of pleasure from my throbbing clitoris were increased by the pain of the scope progressing into my colon. Then the pain was gone. The scope was still moving but there was no longer sharp pain just fullness.

Dr. Hawk said, "Just a few seconds more. It all looks good in here."

"I'm sorry you had to have pain but this is a simple way to see in here," Then the scope was pulled out with a slightly sucking noise, it clattered as he placed it on the counter. With my hind quarters still up in the air I was feeling quite exposed but I wasn't done yet. "I'm going to apply some numbing cream to lessen your discomfort down here," he explained as he slowly spread the cream over my sore hole, the surrounding area and up onto my still swollen labia. When he inserted his fingers into my rectum to get the cream up there his other fingers spread it onto my clitoris and I was shocked to realize I was coming again!

I was so embarrassed, thinking surely he couldn't miss the intense contractions of my vagina as the orgasm peaked and peaked. He finished applying the cream, tore off his gloves and helped me to roll onto my side.

"I'd like you to take a course of antibiotics and I'm going to send you home with some suppositories, one for nausea and one for pain. Do you know how to insert them?" I nodded mutely unable to speak. "Just rest here while I put everything into a sack for you," he said as he covered me once again.

I may have dozed off, exhausted from the ordeal and the most fulfilling orgasm of my life, because the next thing I knew his hand was on my shoulder and he was helping me to sit up and dress. He did most of the work but I wasn't so befuddled that I didn't wonder how I was going to get home when he said "I called you a cab, he's waiting outside. He said he would help you to your door if you needed. Is there someone to help you when you get home?"

I mutely shook my head no which prompted him to ask, "Will you be all right on your own?"

To this I nodded yes but I was thinking ………


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