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A Day With The Doctor

A Day With The Doctor

By: DavidBeck

Summary:Jane and david vist a sex therepist. The day doesn't turn out quite as planned.

Jane and David looked shyly at each other as they walked up the steps to the house.

"Are you sure we should do this "said Jane

"Well how bad can it be, its only a sex therapist after all. Im sure she doesn't bite, and she does this all the time, its her job"

"Well ok then, at least it will give us something to talk about over drinks later"

With that Jane pushed the door bell and stood back.

The receptionist answered the door,, asked the names and led them through to a waiting room.

"Dr Jones will be with you shortly"

After a few minites a tall 40 ish woman walked into the room.

"Im Dr Jones, but please call me Jenifer"

"I understand, you would like to improve your sex life, by both having more intence orgasmic response"

"Well wouldn't we all" said David laughingly

"Um" Replied Jenifer

Well lets see what we can do, now when did you both last orgasm. Um a couple of weeks ago, that is good as you will now both be very sexually excited and that makes this afternoon much more enjoyable for all parties. Now if you please, our receptionist will take you into our main room and prepare you both.

With that Jane and David were led into a well lit warm containing two examination chairs. Jane recognized them as gynological examination chairs. Now please both undress and take a seat, and remember please relax.

The chair were positioned facing each other so both Jane and David would be able to see each other. Once in the seats naked both had their legs positioned in the stirrups.

In walked Jenifer." Oh good Jane you took my advice and shaved yourself. And David, first time in a gyno chair, feeling exposed huh"

With that Jenifer wound out the stirrup supports spreading their legs wide apart, David could see Janes sex lips start to spread exposing her clit.

"Now I hope neither of you mind but I will just restrain you both a little. "with that Jane and Davids arms and legs were fastened to the chairs making it impossible for them to move.

"let me explain how this will work. I a short time I am going to insert a small sensor into your ass. This will very accurately tell me the moment that you are about to orgasm. Think of it as the point right were you are about to loose control of your body and cum.You will be stimulated, in a most pleasurable way right up to this point. As soon as the sensor picks up you are cumming a slight electric pulse will be sent to your cock, and clit preventing you from reaching a release. You will then me stimulated back to orgasm again, and so on. The more cycles of climax and denial you experience the more intense will you desperate need to cum be. You will eventually be driven beyond need to desperate begging, the urge for release will become so intense that you will have never experience a need like it. Still we will go far far beyond that. What will also add to your "torture " is the erotic sight of your partner being in a perpetual state of agonizingly close orgasm. "

"Now the injections please. This is a stimulant, which will infinitely increase you sexual response, and arouse you to a point you both never dreamed possible. Im sure you now understand the need for the restraints"

So let us begin. With that Jenifer slowly stroked Davids cock until it was almost bursting, he had never imagined he could get so hard, it was almost painful but so deliciously sensitive to every delicate stroke of the Dr hand. "um size 3 I think" with that the doctor applied a bag of ice to Davids balls making his cock rapidly shrink. The doctor then placed a hollow steel tube with pipes and wires over his cock.

"This device is just fantastic you will love it. It is based on a milking nozzle. Imaging the best blow job you have ever had and multiply it by a thousand. You will still be nowhere near the pleasure this will give you" Once secure in place, and connected David felt the orgasm sensor being inserted into his ass. Finally the Dr stroked his balls until his cock swelled into the suction tube, his cock almost painfully strained inside the tight steel tube.

"Now for you Jane".

Jane looked wide eyed at David tied into his chair with his cock enclosed in its steel tube.

Jenifer walked over to her and sat at a small stool between Janes legs. " Cocks are so much easier , but a clit is just so much more sensitive." With that she gently ran a finger over Janes exposed clit making Jane tense and then sigh, with the intense excitement it generated. Next Jane felt two cold clamps lightly pinch her clit forcing out the sensitive tip. Over this Jenifer taped a small electric stimulator. "this little toy is a delight. Im connecting it right onto your most sensitive pleasure generating nerve endings. And just to complete the sensation……." Jenifer wheeled in a large dildo attached to a piston. " we will set this onto slow to begin with and see how you go." Jenifer adjusted the position until it was fully inserted into Janes now soaking pussy. Jenifer tested the stroke by withdrawing and then inserting it again. The motion of the huge cock rubbing up inside Janes pussy nearly caused her to faint with pleasure, she could not help but let out a loud gasp.

Jane also felt the touch of the small sensor being inserted into her ass.

Finally the rooms lights dimmed except for two lights lighting Jane and David. "now please relax and focus on your cock and clit."

With that a switch flicked and David immediately felt the most instance sucking and foundling his cock had ever felt. Jane gasped as her pussy exploded with untold intence stimulation brining her right to the edge of an immediate orgasm. David was now resisting the urge to cum, just as he was about to explode, his cock felt a sudden shock of electricity making him gasp with shock and forget about his orgasm as the stimulation stopped briefly , only to start again with a gradual build up .

Jane had now lost herself and was now in ecstercy chasing a desperately over due orgasm. She gasped and moaned as it got closer and closer giving her body over to the intense orgasm that was slowly but urgently building, her muscles started to contract and then open as she was about to explode. Then it all stopped and allowed her climax to fade before starting over again.

"oh god" was all she could manage before her body once again began giving itself over to the endless stimulation of her clit and pussy. She glanced across at David gasping and straining to force his orgasmic release, only to find teasing denial, before starting on the slow tortuous build up to yet another unbearably close denied orgasm. His eyes pleading for release, just please let me cum. I cant bear this its so. His panting and sighing matched by Janes gasps and slow tortured moans.

Jenifer walked into the light, to examine the proceedings. "Good you are doing well, Now we will administer the second stimulant. In terms of your arousal this will make the first injection seam like a cold shower. Im sure you will also be interested to know that the stimulators on your cock and clit are currently set on 2. They go all the way up to 10."

Jane felt a slight pin prick in her arm, and felt her whole body explode in pleasure, raising almost to the most intense climax she had ever felt, It was as if her whole body had been turned into one huge clit, she felt as if she would cum if someone would blow on her big toe. Still she was taken closer and closer to the edge. She was now screaming with pleasure gasping and moaning towards an orgasm that she felt would kill her. Finally her whole body was about to cum when again all stimulation stopped. Causing her to scream Nooooooooooo please please let me cum I need to cum so badly. " well said jeniefer perhaps we had better turn you up to 5. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" screamed Jane. "please I just cant, I have to cum I cant bear it "

The sight of Jane in ecstatic torment was a real turn on for David, who was also desparate to releieve his tortured cock, from its intense pleasure and denial.

"Now David how are you doing"

Please let me cum, Ive never been so close AAHHHHHH David almost gagged.

Jenifer examined a dial controlling his cock suction. "its amazing how short the gaps between your tease to the edge and your shock. Its now almost merged into one long never ending climax edge. And just look at the amount of pre cum just oozing out of your cock. It's a good job we can collect it. Jenifer bent forward and slowly licked Davids nipples, " ummmm Id just love to slide my tight pussy over your hard cock, and ride it up and down gripping the head and massaging it hard with the inside of my wet cunt."

Ahhhhhhhhhh please stop it.

Jenifer picked up the small jar of collected pre cum and walked over to Jane. Dipping a finger into the precum she rubs it into Jane lips spreading it under her nose." Imagine this hard cock slipping n and out of your mouth then stretching your pussy so wide rubbing in and out of you thrusting across your hard clit, stroke after stroke.

"I will be back in two hours, relax and enjoy your bodies, and don't worry you will not cum"

The combined gasps of David and Jane was by now almost animal.

When Jenifer entered the room 2 hrs later she was confronted with two tortured people simply begging as if they would die to cum. Jenifer said " all I have to do is flick this switch and the denial device well stop and youll be brought to the most intense orgasm you have ever had."

Instead she turned of Janes machine un connected her and helped her sobbing and weak kneed to her feet. Together she helped Jane across yo a chair in between Davids legs and adjusted the height so Janes mouth was level with Davids tortured cock. Then she turned off Davids machine and released his cock into the air.

"Jane you must now give David the best cock sucking he has ever had including swallowing until I tell you to stop."

Jane mouth made two strokes all the way down then up before David let out an inhuman scream and started to cum and cum and cum like it was never going to end. Jane now as if her life depended on it thrust her head up and down his cock sucking hard on the up stroke. This went on and on and on until finally Jenifer pulled a rabid Jane off of Davids cock and thrust her to the ground forcing her wet pussy into Janes face and hurling her well practiced tongue onto Janes clit. The receptionist grabbed a huge dildo and forced it in and out of Janes wet pussy bringing Jane to climax after climax, each more intense than the last, until final Jane collapsed to the ground shaking and rolling around in an uncontrollable state of extreme pleasure.

They both awoke in a room in a huge double bed. Shortly Jenifer walked in carrying a tray of water.

"Thank you for being such good subjects. I hope this has given you an insight in to both of your orgasmic capacities"

"Please feel free to drop by any time you feel like you could do with a reminder.".



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