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A checkup from the Nanny

A checkup from the Nanny

My name is John and I am a DL, have been for some time now. My parents, being the spies that they are, have caught me a few times with diapers, but haven’t in a long time. I think they thought I grew out of liking to wear them or something like that. I keep my diapers in a suitcase in my closet that no one knows is there but me. I’m a small kid, and can fit just fine into any Huggies or Pampers size 6. Every now and then, I like to put one on and sleep in it. But last week, the most amazing thing happened to me. Well, it was not so amazing at the time, but reflecting on it now, I’m so glad it happened.

Last week I was sick and had a temperature. I felt like crap. I came home from school and immediately told my mom I had a fever. “How do you know”, she inquired. “I can feel it”, I said half-dazed. “Go upstairs honey and rest, I’ll be up in a minute to take your temperature”, my mom said reassuringly.

She came upstairs and took my temperature and sure enough I had a fever. “Well, there’ll be no school for you tomorrow”, she said, “You need to stay home and get some rest.” “Okay, sure mom”, I concurred. It did not take me long to realize that this would be a perfect time to put on a diaper. Even though I was sick, putting on a diaper took no time at all, plus no one would be coming into my room to check on me because they would all think that I was asleep. I followed my usual routine, carefully taking stuff out of my closet to get to the suitcase with the diapers in them. Finally, when I reached it, I grabbed a fresh crinkly puffy diaper and put it on. I slept the rest of the night forgetting I even had one on.

My mother did not come to wake me the next morning. She left for work without saying goodbye, which though unusual when I was sick, I was grateful for. I didn’t somehow want her to find out I was wearing a diaper. Though just as I thought I heard her leave, I heard our Russian nanny/cleaning lady come in the door. My mom and the nanny (who we called Auntie) exchanged a few words which I was unable to hear from my room. I knew though that my mom was telling her that I was sick and that she should do her best to take care of me.

I saw my mom leave the house and drive away in her car. But just as I was about to lie back in bed, Auntie walked in without even knocking to come see how I was. In a rush and a panic, I dove to get under the covers, but there was no fooling her. She saw my diaper.

“Johnny, how are you feeling”, she said in her strong Russian accent, “are eh you betar?” “Yea, feeling better”, I replied. “Why are you wearing ze diaper”, she suddenly asked me. Damn, I thought, she found out. I started to panic. I thought she was going to tell my mom and everything was going to wrong and I was going to be embarrassed. I quickly thought of some bullshit. “Well Auntie, since I have been sick, it has been hard for me to get up and go to the bathroom. In a diaper, it is much easier for me to rest and not get up.” Without even asking me how I got them, she immediately bought the story and asked me, “Are eh you wet?” “Just a little”, I said innocently. “Well come, I vil change eh your diaper…where are ze other diapers”, she asked. “In the closet in the suitcase”, I replied. Before I knew it, she had a diaper in her hand and asked me to come upstairs with her to my little sister’s room. She was just a baby and had tons of different baby stuff and changing materials that I knew Auntie would make use of. “Come, let’s eh go upstairs”, she said.

I followed her upstairs in just a baby diaper. “Wait here unteel I get some zings to change you”, she said. Obviously, I didn’t make a move, standing right in the middle of a babyish room with a crib, baby toys, and baby wallpaper with ducklings. I waited for about 5 minutes before she came back with a diaper, some wipes, cream, and a thermometer. Anxiously, I awaited further instruction.

“Come to me, Johnny”, she said as she sat down in a chair, “u know in Russia, ve deed not have ze medicine that ve have today in America. I gave ze checkups to my keeds vhen zey were seeck. I vil see if you have a fever.” Clearly, I did not tell her that my mother had just taken my temperature. She was not attractive in the least, but I had always fantasized about getting my diaper changed.

Before I knew, she took her firm hands and put them around my waist. She massaged it roughly and then put her head to my tummy to feel if it was hot. “Yes, you are a beet hot.” She said, “Your eyes are also pale, you are sick”, she told me as she look puzzled at my face.

Then came the best part, she told me to lie down on the floor. I was too big for the changing table, but under the changing table was a mat used for changing diapers when a changing table was not readily available. She pulled it open and laid it flat on the floor. It made a crinkly noise and she asked me to lie down. “You know, if ze penis is hot zen u have ze fever”, she suddenly said to me.

Quickly she undid both sides of my diaper and lifted my legs up in the air. I was wet. She grabbed a wipe and stalwartly began to wipe at my penis and butt. She was very thorough, and even put the wipe up my butt to make sure that I was clean. It was a lot of fun.

I was hard as a rock but she didn’t seem to care. It probably happened with everyone she did this exam to. Ignoring my enormous boner, she put her hands around my balls and felt them, then said, “Yes they are warm, not good.” My legs were still in the air. “Okay, since u look a leetle red, I am going to put some crem on u.” She took out a huge wad of cream and wiped it all over my privates, making sure that my hole private area was snow-white. Again, she opened my butt to put cream in, but this time, a thermometer went in with the cream. She was taking my temperature rectally. It stayed in there for a good 3 minutes before she took it out and for the third time, confirmed my fever. “Yes, you have ze fever.”

She then got up and proceeded to leave the room, also leaving me naked with a lot of cream on my balls and butt. I could hear the water running to I figured she was washing the thermometer off. Then she came back and told me that she was going to put me in a fresh new diaper. My boner was now a semi and could be pushed down into the diaper. She quickly took notice of it and began to hold down my penis, almost putting it into my butt. She unfolded the diaper with one hand, slid it under my butt, and wrapped it around my waist securing it. “Okay, good job”, she said. Just as she said that, I got up and told her I was going to get some clothes on. “No”, she said sharply, “You have ze fever and u are hot, just wear ze diaper.” I did not object and walked around the rest of the day in a diaper. She would occasionally throughout the day open up my diaper and check to see if I was wet. It was great. Plus she said she wouldn’t tell my mother. I could not wait until the next time I was sick. Then it could happen all over again.


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