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An Embarrassing Doctors Appointment

An Embarrassing Doctors Appointment

It was a dreary morning, wet and rainy. I awoke in my bed; half dazed, and wondered what day it was. I did not get much sleep the night before, as I had been making up homework for the school day I would miss. Then it suddenly occurred to me why I was missing school; I had a doctor’s appointment today. Crap! I thought, as I dressed myself and went downstairs. I was also ½ hour late waking up.

It was that time of the month, where I was getting my period and I was as miserable as ever. The fact that the weather was rainy didn’t make things any better. I hated the doctor’s office. Something about the place always freaked me out. Whether it was taking off my shirt or lying down on the examining table and getting my privates checked, I did not like going.

My mom pushed me to finish my breakfast as quickly as possible. “Rachel, let’s get moving. I have an appointment for 9:00 and I don’t want to be late.” Nonchalantly, I respond “Yea, whatever, I’m going, give me a sec.” “Okay, but I want you ready in five minutes.” “Fine” I said.

Ready at the door, we set off to the dreaded doctor’s office. I was wearing a diaper, and my mom knew. She persistently tried to get me to wear the pads and the tampons, but never worked for me. Constantly, they would either leek or bother me. Thus, a diaper, especially while I was sleeping, was much more comfortable and efficient.

Arriving at the doctor’s office, I was taken right away by the nurse. We were the first appointment of the day. “Rachel”, the nurse called, “Can you come back?” “Go on”, said my mom, “I’ll wait in the examining room.”

That was the other thing. My mom always insisted in staying the examination room with me. She claimed it was important that she hear everything the doctor had to say about me, but somehow they always ended up talking about something that had nothing to do with me.

“Take off your shoes, dear” the nurse said kindheartedly, “we’ll need to weigh you.” I removed my shoes and stood on the scale. “130 lbs, very good, you look good.” “Thanks”, I replied. “Now come over here and let’s measure you;” 5’2 ft, no change from last year. The nurse then took my blood pressure which was normal and then sent me back to the examining room where both the doctor and my mom were waiting.

The doctor was about 40 or so, blond, and mildly attractive. I had had her before. She was a nice lady, but she was rough.

“So how have you been Rachel, how is school?” “Fine”, I replied as she sat me on the crinkly paper of the table and filled out some documents in a folder. “Any changes in your health,” she asked. “No”, I replied, “Healthy, thank goodness.” “Great”, she said, putting away the folder and washing her hands. She took a glance of my body head to feet and then proceeded to take out a mini-microscope from her pocket with a light at the end and checked my eyes. “You look like you grew”, she inquired. “Not much” I replied apathetically. “Do anything fun recently,” she asked. “No”, I said, “just usual stuff.” Then my mom interrupted, “yes we did we went to the Halyard Museum on Sunday.” “Oh did you”, the doctor replied enthusiastically, finishing checking my nose and throat with her microscope. She was feeling my neck. “My cousin works there”, the doctor said. “Does he really…”, said my mom.

The conversation continued and of course had nothing to do with me. When the doctor finished my facial exam, she removed my shirt without even asking me and proceeded to feel my breasts. She removed my bra with ease and now had me hold my arm up in the air so she could check for any discrepancies. “very good”, said the doctor cutting off her conversation with my mom temporarily. “Let’s have a listen to your heart.” She took out her stethoscope and put the cold metal on my breast. “Take a deep breath”, she said, “Hold it for 5 seconds, and then exhale.” I did this about 5 times, each time she moved her stethoscope from one place on my body to another. When she finished, she asked me, “Now lie down on the table and let’s check your tummy.”

My mom and the doctor and resumed there conversation which of course I had no interest in partaking in. She laid me down on the crinkly paper face up with her hands placed firmly on my bare tummy. She massaged it for about a minute or so while chatting with my mom about stupid stuff before she decided to unbutton my pants. “Hold on a minute dear”, the doctor said to my mom, “just want to listen.” She again put her cold stethoscope on my belly and gradually moved down to my vagina and around my diaper. “Sounds good”, she said, and then proceeded to take off my pants. I was naked with a diaper on lying face up on the examination table.

“Any problems peeing or doing number 2?” the doctor asked reaching down my diaper and applying some pressure, “You feel a little wet.” “It’s her time of the month”, my mother responded hastily. “Oh, no problem”, said the doctor as she moved my legs around to check to make sure my muscles were not sore or strained. Then came the most embarrassing part, the doctor removed one side of the tapes to my diaper and began to feel my vagina and started rubbing it. To make things worse, my mom was standing right next to her watching it all happen. She put her stethoscope on my vagina and listened for a minute.

The doctor then proceeded to remove the other side of the diaper to discover that I had had my period and peed a little in my diaper. “Good thing we keep some extra diapers and wipes in here”, the doctor said cheerfully, “Let’s get you cleaned up!”

“Uh, dear”, the doctor said to my mom, “open that drawer and bring me a diaper, there should be wipes right next to them.” “Sure” said my mom, and before I knew it, the doctor was wiping my vagina with a baby wipe and applying some cream. I was so embarrassed. “Okay, just to make sure your not sick, I am going to take you temperature”, said the doctor. Oh no, I thought, please not in front of my mother. “It will only take a few minutes”, she assured me. “Here, come down off the table next to me and stand with your feet next to mine.” I followed hesitantly, placing my feet next to hers. “Now bend down a little”, she said, “Feel free to lean against you mom for balance.” This was getting really awkward. Here I was completely naked with cream on my vagina and butt ready to have my temperature taken rectally by the doctor. To make matters worse, I had to lean on my mom.

Before I knew it I felt a small tickle in my rectum, the thermometer was in. It was deep, as the doctor did not have to hold it in herself; it stayed there on its own. “Now I’m just going to have a look at your vagina for a minute, okay, try to relax.” I felt her spread open the lips of my vagina and feel around as if she were looking for treasure. She put her fingers deep inside and kept them there for a good 30 seconds. She then proceeded to take them out and insert what felt like a dildo in my vagina. She must have been looking at my cervix or something. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she took it out of my vagina and removed the thermometer. “Good, Good, Good!” she said, wiping some wetness with her hand that leaked from my vagina. “Hop back onto the table and let’s get you dressed!” She helped me back onto the table and lay me flat on my back. She then lifted my legs up, exposing my vagina and rectum, and applied some powder. She laid me down in a crinkly, baby-like diaper and secured it around my waist. “I would have given you an adult diaper, but we don’t seem to have any.” The diaper had designs of Barney and Big Bird on the front and was very puffy. I felt like a baby. The doctor stood me up in front of the table, pulling up my diaper and making sure it was secure. She stuck her fingers inside to make sure there were no clumps and then gave me a small potch on my tushy. “All set to go”, she said. The doctor gathered my clothes and I put them on this time myself. I left the doctor’s office shaking. It was the most embarrassing experience of my life!


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