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1951, His diaper history

Part 1 - Curiosity

I was In first grade. My aunt would often come over to the house with her son who was about two years old and in diapers. I would see him walking around and taking naps in them and sometimes I would wonder how it would feel to wear one.

Thinking about it would make me feel kind of funny in a oddly pleasant way. One afternoon I was going out the front door when I saw my aunts diaper bag next to the couch and couldn't resist looking in it. In it was a couple of folded diapers some pins and powder and a pair of baby pants. Suddenly I got the idea to take the baby pants into my closet and try them on. My mom and aunt were in the kitchen having coffee so I pulled them out and put them down the front of my pants and took off for my room. Getting in the closet I pulled them up and they were so small I was just barely able to get them over my shorts. I was nervous and scared by what I was doing. I stood there for a few minutes just touching them. Suddenly it occurred to me that if my aunt went into that bag and found them missing I was a dead duck she would know it had to be me. Pulling them off real quick I hurried back to the bag and put them back just like I found them. I ran out the front door. I knew what I had done was wrong but couldn't help thinking how good it made me feel. The idea of going in and confessing was out of the question I was so embarrassed and confused there was no way I could bring myself to do it. I made up my mind I was never going to do that again and from then on whenever my aunt would come over I would avoid her and her son like the plague.


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