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Bens Strange Weekend

Chapter 1

Ben stood at the gate and checked that he’d got the house number right on the Friday night. It could have been so embarrassing to ring at the wrong door. The house was detached, as were the others along the street with the gardens and house looking well cared for. There were blinds at some of the windows drawn across so no-one could see in. Ben swallowed nervously and his mouth was dry, both from excitement and nervousness. He decided he couldn’t stand there all day so opened the gate, closing it carefully behind him, and walked up the drive to the front door. He range the door bell and the door opened a little. He guessed he’d been seen coming. "Ben?" came a voice from behind the door. "Yes, that’s right," he replied in a voice which didn’t sound like his because of his nervousness and dry mouth. The voice asked him to come in and the door opened wide enough for him to do so. As he crossed the threshold, the door shut behind him. Standing by the door was a nurse in the old fashioned uniform of dark blue for a sister with a starched white cap, white apron and those little rucked white cuffs around the short sleeves of the dress, as well as the essential rubber gloves to be worn when making patient contact. Ben took out an envelope and handed it to the ‘nurse’, "It’s all there in cash, as we discussed." "That’s fine, Ben. I’ve prepared everything according to your wishes with a surprise as well. Come upstairs with me and we’ll start!"

Some weeks ago, his wife announced that her mother was going into hospital for a short operation and that she was planning on staying at her mother’s house for a few days to visit her and look after her when her mother was discharged form hospital, if that was all right with Ben? Of course Ben agreed as he could understand his wife’s need to make sure her mother was all right, especially when she came out of hospital. "Will you be all right for a few days on your own?" Ben laughed and gave his wife a kiss, "Of course I will, love. I can work the dishwasher so you won’t come back to a huge pile of dishes and I can microwave myself something to eat or get a takeaway." "I wish you could be with me, " his wife said, "but I know you have that project at work and you can’t get away at the moment." "Honestly, I’ll manage, love," was Ben’s reassuring reply. As his wife made arrangements, stocking the freezer with ready meals for Ben, he started to make his own plans.

A free weekend, as they hadn’t got children yet, would allow Ben to indulge in his fantasy. Not far from where they lived, about twenty miles away, was an adult baby/diaper lover nursery where people could spend a weekend having their needs catered for. Ben booked his weekend on the Internet and posted a cash deposit, as well as sending his preferred scenario so that his needs would be met in full. he’d taken the money out of a cash machine to send as well as for the remainder of the money. Being careful, he’d used a cash machine near his home so that there wouldn’t be a strange withdrawal from another town which might, in the future, make his wife suspicious. He’d got an adult sized diaper, or nappy as they’re called in the UK, to wear when he went over to the house where his fantasy weekend was to take place as Ben had special needs. Following a stay in hospital as a child when he’d been in nappies and rubber pants the whole time with the nurses feeding and changing him, that had been a special time in his life when he’d felt cared for and safe. he had fantasized about returning to that time as an adult and here was his chance.

Ben followed the ‘nurse’ upstairs to a large bedroom at the back of the house, one of the ones with the drawn blinds which he’d seen. In the middle of the room was a hospital bed with cot sides - exactly as Ben had imagined as well as a chair somewhat similar to a dentist’s chair. She spoke to Ben, "By the way, Ben, I used to be a nurse and this is my old sister’s dress. This weekend, you call me ‘nurse’ when you want anything. I also expect you will do exactly as nurse tells you. Do you understand?" Ben replied immediately, "Yes nurse!" "I will help you to undress and we’ll put your clothes away for the weekend in the wardrobe there as you won’t be needing them until Sunday." She removed Ben’s coat and jacket, hanging them in the wardrobe, then his tie and shirt, followed by his shoes, socks then trousers. "Good, I see you’re well protected!" she said, when she saw the all in one disposable nappy around Ben’s waist. Come over here and we’ll clean you up." Ben was about to say something when a look from nurse silenced him. In the corner, hidden by the door, was a large shower tray with a shower over. She indicated that Ben should stand in the tray so he did as he was bidden. The room, Ben noticed, was warm, so, despite wearing just his nappy, he wasn’t cold at all. The nurse put on a long plastic apron with sleeves which came down to her wrists. She tucked the plastic sleeves into her rubber gloves so she was well protected against splashes. She undid the tapes on the nappy, leaving Ben completely naked. Embarrassed at standing in the shower like that in front of her, his manhood stood to attention. His first reaction was to cover himself modestly, but his reason argued that she’d be seeing him like that quite a lot this weekend and she must be used to seeing men undressed in view of her very specialist services. She handed him a capsule and a glass of water to swallow. "It’s crudely termed a ‘cock crinkler’ - it will help to stop erections when you’re wearing your nappy a so that the urine escapes out of the top at the waist rather than being absorbed. Trust me, it will also make passing urine easier." Ben took the capsule trustingly and swallowed it.

She turned to a cupboard beside the shower to remove three sachets. Ripping the top off each one, she placed them on a shelf in the shower. Taking the first one, she squeezed the contents of the sachet onto her gloved hand. It was a white cream with a strange odour. She grabbed Ben’s manhood in her left hand to hold it out of the way and proceeded to rub the cream around it, over his scrotum, between his legs, releasing her grip on him and asking him to turn round so she could get into his anal cleft from the rear. Using the other two sachets, Ben was covered from armpit and chest down to his feet in a layer of the white cream. "Stand still and let the cream work. For hygiene reasons, you should be hairless and the cream will see to that." As Ben stood there, she used the time by checking his fantasy with him. This had two purposes: to ensure that Ben received what he was paying for and to distract him from the cream doing its work. After ten minutes, she took as plastic scraper and, grabbing his manhood firmly again, scrapped his pubic hair off, wiping the scraper on paper towels to stop all the hairs getting trapped in the plug hole. By this time, the capsule had worked and his manhood was now floppy as well as he was felling relaxed from the drug she’d given him. Ben watched, horrified, as his hairs just came away leaving him smooth like a baby. He was asked to bend over and to turn from side to side until he was scraped clean with no hairs from below his neck to the soles of his feet. The scraper and paper towels were put into a clinical waste bin along with the rubber gloves which were changed for a clean pair. The nurse turned the shower on and washed the remaining traces of cream off Ben. "This is the last shower you’ll have this weekend - tomorrow and Sunday you get bed baths!" she said, with a smile. She took a large fluffy bath sheet and proceeded to dry Ben from top to toe, insisting that Ben was just to raise his arms or foot when instructed and that she would do the rest. When Ben was thoroughly dry, she took a pot of special cream for skin protection for incontinent adults and rubbed a good coating around the parts soon to be enclosed in terry cloth nappies and rubber pants. When she’d finished applying the protective cream, she held out her hand, telling Ben to take it and come with her.

Standing by the hospital bed with one cot side down, Ben saw that a thick pile of terry cotton nappies had been laid strategically on the bed for him to lie on with the nappy pins and a pair of real semi-transparent rubber pants to go over the top. The bed had been turned back exposing a draw sheet on top of a rubber protective draw sheet. The pillows too were in rubber covers as the covers could be seen through the open ends of the pillow cases. A hospital gown was hung over the far cot side ready to be put on him. He swallowed hard in anticipation. This was exactly what he’d been looking for. "Ben, I have a surprise for you. You wanted to be fully dependent this weekend and I have something to help you be just that. Close your eyes for me and you’ll find out what it is." Ben did as the nurse had told him. He could feel something cold which felt like rubber being slid over his arms which were then gently folded across his chest. Cold rubber touched his chest and then across his back as the garment, whatever it was, was fastened at the back. "Open your eyes now, Ben. If you look down, you can see you’re wearing a rubber restraint garment from neck to waist and your arms are trapped inside. You will be dependent on me for everything this weekend as, wearing that, you have no choice!" She turned Ben so he could see in a mirror on the wall how his arms were folded inside the black rubber restraining garment which fitted snugly around him. He genuinely couldn’t move his arms. As he stood there, she tied a hospital gown around his neck with the sleeves tucked inside as he wouldn’t be putting his arms through the armholes on the gown.

She took him by the hand again and helped him to lie on the bed across the pile of nappies in the right place. She’d pulled the gown open and up so it wasn’t in the way. She lifted each leg in turn so that his legs were wide apart as he laid on his back. She turned to get a kidney dish from the bedside cabinet and placed it between his legs. She took a tube of KY jelly and lubricated her gloved finger liberally. "You can guess where this is going, can’t you?" she smiled at Ben. With that, she applied the lubricating gel to his anus and then gently started to insert her finger. Ben relaxed his sphincter muscles as much as he could to aid her penetration of him. Once she’d opened him up with her finger, she inserted a large rectal thermometer. Holding it in place so it wouldn’t get pushed out, she turned it from side to side which had an ‘interesting’ effect on Ben as she rubbed the tip of the thermometer against his prostate. Normally that would have caused a raging erection, but the earlier medication was still doing its work. Then she took two suppositories, one after the other and inserted them as high up his back passage as her finger could reach. "That’ll start to clear you out. You’ll get some laxative at bedtime and an enema or two, probably more, tomorrow and Sunday. Try to retain the suppositories as long as possible to get a good result." With that, she changed her gloves again, then pinned up Ben’s nappies around his hips, pulling the cloth snugly around him. Then she moved Ben’s legs together and pulled up the pre-powdered rubber pants. Ben had been expecting plastic pants and was thrilled that they were genuine rubber as he’d remembered from his childhood. He was already beginning to sweat inside his arm restraints and realised that he’d have to wet and soil his nappy as he was powerless to do anything about it. Nurse had absolute control over how he eliminated his wastes and the suppositories, already starting to irritate his rectum, showed that she could control when he passed stool as well. Nurse tidied up Ben’s gown for him, then she pulled up the cot side of the bed in case Ben rolled on his side and fell out.

She went away and came back with two large bottles with teats on them and a large, plastic backed cloth bib. The side on the cot was lowered and the bib tied around Ben’s neck. Sitting on the side of the bed, she smiled at Ben, saying, "There’s no point in wearing nappies and rubbers if you’re not going to use them! I thought you might need some help in wetting them, so drink up!" She leaned forward and inserted the teat between Ben’s lips. When he tasted the teat, he gave a little smile. She’d used a rubber one, not a tasteless silicone one. he closed his eyes as he sucked - transported back in his memory to his time as a child in hospital wearing nappies and rubber pants and being bottle fed by a nurse dressed exactly as ‘his’ nurse was now. The bottles held about one litre each so Ben knew that it would soon be passing through him and soaking the terry towelling nappy pulled snugly between his legs, although he reckoned, from the discomfort in his back passage, that he’d be soiling his nappies first as the suppositories did their work. Once he’d drunk his way slowly through both bottles of water, with his tongue tired from its unaccustomed exercise, the nurse told Ben to lie quietly and to rest. She would be back later with his supper which she’d feed him. With that, she got up, pulled up the cot side, took the bottles and left the room, turning the light down to its dim setting as she left. Ben laid there, thoroughly enjoying the sensations of his helplessness and the need very soon to undo all that childhood conditioning about not wetting or soiling whilst in bed. The suppositories must have been powerful, because he had severe griping pains followed by an explosive evacuation into his nappy. This was made more difficult because the nurse had pulled the terry towelling tightly between his anal cleft so that the stool was forced out across his bottom as he expelled it. As he did this, the contractions forcing the stool from him caused his bladder to release as well. He felt the hot urine flowing between his legs and up over his abdomen and down his sides as it was soaked up by the towelling nappy. It felt wonderful!


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