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Brice Gets Diapered

Brice Gets Diapered

Author: Nathan McNeil

Part One

Brice, age thirteen had been potty trained since the age of two one half. His twin bothers Ronnie, and Donnie age fifteen, were also trained at an early age. One summer morning Brice and his best friend Timmie were in Timmie's backyard. Timmie, age fourteen still wet the bed. Brice knew about this, but never teased Timmie about it. Suddenly Brice noticed a large wet spot on Timmie's pants.

"Gee Timmie" he exclaimed "You just peed your pants huh?" Timmie knowing he had indeed wet his pants slowly nodded. "Un huh I did, gee Brice...I just had to pee kind of bad." "So you just peed in your pants huh?" grinned Brice. "Well, I sure I did" Timmie answered with a grin.

"Yeah, can see you did..gee you still wet the in your pants?" "just wanted to" Timmie added, "So I can have mom put a diaper on me, I like them." Brice was very surprised to hear that Timmie liked to wear diapers. And at fourteen years old. "Wow" Brice laughed not being able to help himself. He had seen Timmie who was small for his age in a large baby diaper several times. At a sleep over he had watched Timmie's mother diaper him awhile before bedtime. Brice was beginning to have thoughts about being diapered.

"Timmie Randell you get in here right now." They turned to see Timmie's mother standing on the porch. "I guess I will just have to put you in a diaper" she sighed. Timmie turned to Brice with a grin. "Just mess around in my room?" Brice nodded as they started towards the house, and again he was wondering what it be like to be put in a diaper. "Timmie's lucky, his mom just diapers him" he thought as they went in the house and to Timmie's room.

While Brice sat in a chair, Timmie sat on his bed as his mother got a diaper, oil and powder. Brice watched with fascination as she rubbed the oil onto Timmie's diaper area then powder, and fastened the diaper on him. "Boy, if I could be put in a diaper too" he thought. But he didn't want to ask Mrs. Randell to do it. And what would his mother say? Ronnie, and Donnie sure would tease him.

After playing awhile with Timmie's computer Timmie turned to Brice with a big grin. "what you grinning about?" Brice asked. "I just peed in my diaper" Timmie laughed. Mrs. Randell had gone grocery shopping, and Timmie needed another package if diapers. "Still got a couple left, hey Brice, want to change me?" After putting Timmie in a dry diaper, they played video games until about lunch time.

Later in the after-noon Brice was out in the back yard sitting one the lawn. Timmie was having a nap, and two other friends Mark and Bobby had gone to a movie. His mother was to an after- noon meeting, and Ronnie, and Donnie were off some place. Suddenly he realized he had to go pee. "Hmm" he thought "could just pee in my maybe just a little and they'll dry before anybody gets home". A grin came over his face as he looked down at his crotch to see a small wet spot form.

"Aw damn" he exclaimed. He could tell his bladder was real full and he was about to soak his pants good. Holding his hand on his crotch he quickly started for the house. He could feel the warm pee running into his hand. Soon he returned to the back yard with a large wet spot in his crotch area. Hearing a giggle he turned. The boy next door Kade Benson, age three was standing by the fence. A sudden bust of embarrassment went through Brice.

"Aw shit" he thought. If he tells everybody about it I'll be in for it. "Hey Brice, you pee peed in your pants huh?" as he walked over to Kade. "Just tell him a spilled a soda on me" he thought. "Know it looks I did, but was drinking a soda, and spilled some on me. "Un uh" laughed Kade. "You peed in em. I see you do it Brice, sat there an peed then went you wouldn't wet em too much" Brice's face turned red. Here he was a kid thirteen peed his pants and caught by three year old Kade.

"You're a baby Brice" laughed Kade "you need a diaper. "Guess so" Brice nodded. "and don't tell anybody Kade...Ok? "Ok nodded Kade. "Kade" called Mrs. Benson from the porch, "come in and get ready now. "Going to see me cousins" he said starting for the house. "see you Kade" Brice then turned away so Mrs. Benson wouldn't see him. He decided to go up in his tree hut until his pants dried off. And he was hopping it would be soon. "A warm summer day, they ought to" he thought as he climbed up into his tree house.

That evening the family were seated at the table. "yup, sure smells like piss to me". Ronnie grinned turning to Donnie who let out a big laugh. "Guess Timmie must of been over, and the smell lingers". With that the two older boys began to laugh. "now that's enough of that boys" their mother said sharply. Eat your supper". "Gee" Donnie exclaimed "Maybe Brice peed his pants. Brice began to feel very uncomfortable. He gave Donnie a dirty look. "Donnie" I told you that is enough. "yes Donnie" their father added. And nothing more was said.

Later, after supper Brice decided to go over to Timmie's for awhile. While the two were watching television in Timmie's room, Timmie turned to Brice. "Hey...think you could sleep over?" he asked. "I don't know, have to ask, and what about your mom?" "I already asked her, it's Ok" Timmie grinned. "Have to call and ask." Brice's mother told him it was all right. About nine Mrs. Randell came into the room. "Ok Timmie, time to get into your diapers...Oh Timmie, shame on you" noticing a large wet spot on Timmie's pants. "yeah, kind-a wet em" Timmie nodded.

Brice sat on the roll away bed that had been brought in for him as Mrs. Randell got two cloth diapers and a pair of plastic pants out of the dresser drawer, and baby oil and powder from a shelf. Timmie was now naked and laying on his bed. She folded the diaper then rubbed the oil onto Timmie's diaper area, then powder. "I suppose you going to have to wear diapers all your life" she told him as she put the diaper under him then brought up and pinned it in place, then put his plastic pants on him. "Guess" nodded Timmie looking at Brice who was grinning. "but really Timmie" Mrs. Randell said firmly. "You are fourteen years old and should of been potty trained at least twelve years ago. If this daytime wetting continues, you will stay in diapers all day also."

"Boy Timmie" Brice said turning to him after Mrs. Randell had left. "She is just going to put you back in diapers full time" Timmie grinned. "Un huh, just what I want too, and I think mom does enjoy diapering her little boy". After thinking for a few moments Brice decided to tell Timmie about him wetting his pants, and Kade seeing him. "Wow Brice" Timmie laughed. That was cool. "Long as he doesn't go tell everybody Brice sighed. "Don't think he will, but did Mrs. Benson see you?" Timmie asked? "I'm not sure if she did, hope not...cause she'd probably tell mom" Brice sighed. After watching television awhile they decided to go to bed.

The next morning Brice awoke feeling very strange. "What the heck" he thought feeling cold around his shorts and on the sheets, he lifted the covers too see a big wet spot. A feeling of shame came over him, he had wet the bed, and he hadn't done that since he three years old. "Aw gee" he thought, "how am I going to explain this to Mrs. Randell". At least there was a protective plastic cover over the mattress. And what would Timmie say about it. He felt like he was going to cry.

Part Two

We left Brice at a sleep over at Timmie's house. Brice wakes up to find he has wet the bed, and this is something that he has not done since he was three years old.

Brice lay there ready to cry. Timmie, waking up, looked over at him seeing something was wrong. "What's wrong?" he asked Brice. "I..." stammered Brice, "I wet the bed, I didn't mean to do it, Timmie" "Aww," answered Timmie with a big grin. "You know I wet the bed every night". Brice looked very worried. "But what is your mom going to say about it? and I'm sure there's a cover on the mattress." Mrs. Randell was understanding. Brice borrowed a pair of Timmie's shorts, and a plastic bag for his wet shorts.

That afternoon Brice was at Mark's shooting baskets with Mark, and Bobby. Kade Benson sitting on the lawn watching them. "Oh wow" Brice thought. The urge to relieve his bladder became very strong and soon he gave in, the warm pee soaking into his jeans. Suddenly Kade pointing at Brice, begins to laugh very hard. "Look, Brice just pee pee'd in his pants. An he done it yesterday too. "Wow" exclaimed Mark "he sure did. Brice's face turned red with shame. "And you said he did it yesterday, too?" Bobby asked Kade who nodded with a big grin. Brice began to wonder what was going to happen to him. Would his mom put a diaper on him now?

After some more kidding from Mark, and Bobby, who knew Brice just couldn't help wetting his pants. But Kade was being more mean. The idea of a big boy going wee wee in his pants was real naughty. Brice, still red faced with embarrassment excused himself and started home. "This time a real accident, and what is mom going to say?" he thought. "Boy," Kade could be heard laughing. "I bet his mommy is going to put a diaper on him." Brice hearing Mark, and Bobby laugh felt like starting cry, and quickly ran home, into the house to his room.

"BRICE JOHN ABRAMS!" He had been followed to his room by his mother. "You big baby!" she yelled. "Thirteen years old, and you've wet your pants, just like a little baby." She took a hold of Brice's arm and sat him in a chair. "Now you sit right there till I get back." "But mom, these pants and my shorts" he pleaded. "That's too bad, you wet your pants, you will wear them till I say otherwise." Sitting there, Brice looked at the pee spot on his pants then quickly looked up as Donnie, and Ronnie stood just inside the doorway. "Just look at him, he peed his pants, thirteen and pissed right in his pants" Donnie laughed. "yup and just like little Timmie who still wets the bed, now Brice needs a diaper." Ronnie added. "Ronnie" Donnie said grinning. "I just bet mom is gone to get a diaper for him." "yeah, and is mom makin' you just sit there in your wet pants?" asked Ronnie. Brice just slowly nodded.

Soon Brice was laying on his bed after taking his clothes off. "yeah little Bricy is getting a diaper" laughed Ronnie" Now you behave Ronnie, or you'll be put in a diaper, too. And you too, Donnie. We'll have no teasing," their mother said sharply. Donnie, and Ronnie looked at each other then left the room. For some reason Brice began to enjoy it when his mother took a nice warm wash rag and wiped the pee off of private parts and bottom, then put baby oil in her hand and gently rubbed it in to his skin in his diaper area. "Now, does that feel good? she asked. "Un huh" Brice nodded. "We don't want you to get diaper rash now," she said getting the baby powder and rubbing it in. Brice has seen some rash on Timmie, and he sure didn't want that. She got the disposable diaper lifted his legs and slid it under him, then pulled it into place and taped it. "Well," he thought. "Guess I did ask for it," he thought to himself. "Yes, my little boy does look cute in his diaper. "Aww gee, mom," he sighed.

Brice went out into the back yard. Seeing that Kade wasn't out in his yard, he felt better. "Hey Brice" a voice called out. It was Timmie. And he was in a disposable diaper, a tee shirt, his shoes and socks. "Wow" he exclaimed seeing Brice in only a diaper. "Yeah" sighed Brice. "Now me." "I just took a piss in mine on the way over," Timmie grinned. They sat on the lawn and talked about diaper wearing awhile when suddenly Brice felt the urge to pee. With-out saying a word he relaxed and felt the hot pee run out into his diaper. "hey, did you just cut loose, Brice?" asked Timmy with grin. "Yup, he answered. "Wow it felt good too...nice and warm. He liked the feeling of being a baby and wetting himself. Soon it was time for Timmie to go home. "Hey, see you after awhile Timmy said as he started to leave. "Yeah, come on back over if you can Brice called out.

At supper, Brice still had on the wet diaper, and now he was also wearing s shirt. "I come home and find my thirteen-year old son in a diaper," said his father shaking his head. "What next?" Donnie and Ronnie turned to each other both grinning, but didn't comment because of their mother's warning. After supper Brice went to his room and took off the wet diaper, cleaned up then got a clean pair of shorts. He was just finishing putting on his pants when Mark, and Bobby walked onto his room. "Hmm," Bobby grinned. "His mommy let him take his diaper off? "I thought she'd put another one on you Brice Mark added. "Nope" Brice answered. The boys after talking decided that they would go to a movie.

The next morning, Brice awoke and after a few moments lifted up his sheets. The smell of pee hit his nose. Damn, he had wet the bed again. "Just why am I doing this, what's wrong with me?" he asked himself. He got out of bed then showered. Back in his room he got into some dry shorts as his mother came in. "Brice, did you wet your bed?" "yeah" Brice sighed. "Finish getting dressed, and we are going to do some shopping after you have breakfast." Soon, Brice, and his mother were a store, where she bought six packages of large cloth baby diapers, baby oil, powder, and some ointment. "Don't want you to get a rash." she smiled. "I know" Brice nodded, Timmie had it and it took awhile to get rid of it. While his mother got a few other things Brice walked around the store. He found himself going back to the baby section. Looking at the things began to make him feel funny inside. He picked out a bottle, a pacifier, and largest size of training pants he could find then found his mother about to go into the checkstand and quickly put the things in the cart. "Going to be a baby...need these things too. His mother just looked at him and nodded.

That afternoon Brice, Timmie, Mark, and Bobby were playing a game of baseball with Donnie, Ronnie, and a few of their friends. Timmie was in a disposable diaper. It was easy to tell he had one on, because of the bulge, and when he'd bend over the top would show. Soon Brice's bladder began to tell him it was time to empty. "Aww shit, not again," as he tried to hold it, but soon the warm pee started to run into a pair of the training pants he had got. His bladder wasn't real full and the pants did absorb a lot of the pee, but did leave a large wet spot on his pants around the bottom of the zipper. "Hey look, Brice just pissed in his pants" one of the boys called out. "We got two babies here, one peed his pants and the other in a diaper" he added. The older boys began to tease Brice, calling him a wet pants baby, and other names. Almost ready to cry, Brice started for home.

He entered the front door, and sitting in living room with his mother was Mrs. Benson, and Kade. "Oh Oh, Brice pee pee'd in his pants Kade laughed. "Never mind Kade" Mrs. Benson told him. "Go get your things, Brice," his mother said turning to him. "Aw shit" Brice thought, well guess Kade the little brat will get off on this. Soon Brice returned with two cloth diapers, a pair of plastic pants, oil, powder, a large towel, and a wash cloth. Kade was watching this with much interest. After putting the towel on the floor his mother set him next to it and took off his shoes, socks, and shirt. "Training pants?" asked Mrs. Benson. "Yes, he wanted them," she replied. Kade started to giggle but was quickly hushed by his mother. Brice's training pants were taken off, and he was cleaned, then the powder and oil then she folded the diapers and he lifted his legs as she slid it under him and pinned it, and put his plastic pants on him. "Ok go put your wet clothes in the laundry room." Soon Brice was laying on his bed with his bottle full of milk. Yes, he was beginning to enjoy being babied. His diapers made him feel warm, and secure.

Part Three

At the end of part two of the story, we left Brice lying on his bed in just diapers, and plastic pants drinking from his bottle.

"Hmm" he thought to himself. "Bet Timmie's probably doing the same thing." He lay there thinking about how nice it felt to a baby, and in nice soft diapers. He didn't like the teasing he got, but knew that would happen, he soon fell asleep. "Hey little Bricy" a voice called out. He awoke to see Donnie and Ronnie standing in the doorway. He could feel the warm wet pee in his diaper, he didn't even know he had done it. "What do you want? he asked still half asleep. "It's almost time for supper...and do you need your diaper changed?" Ronnie grinned. After a few moments Brice sighed and nodded. "Mom's busy with supper, so change yourself...we're not going to change your diaper full of pee pee" Donnie laughed. After they left laughing Brice got up took the pants and wet diapers off, then wiped him self off and got another pair of training pants, and a tee shirt.

After supper Ronnie, and Donnie went to a movie with some of their friends. Brice decided to go out in the backyard awhile and was soon joined by Timmie clad in a tee shirt disposable diaper and shoes. " the ol' trainer's huh?" Timmie smiled. "Sure, trying to potty train" laughed Brice. Timmie just shook his head. "yeah…sure" he smiled. After talking about their diaper interests awhile Brice felt his bladder release soaking his training pants and going into the lawn. He knew Timmie had peed in his diaper a few minutes ago, the telltale yellow stain on the front of his diaper was quite large. But it held the Pee. "Aww damn" Brice sighed "just leaked in my trainers." Timmie nodded "When you got to go, you got to go," remarked Timmie with a grin.

In Brice's room, Timmie sat in a chair as Brice's mother changed him into cloth diapers and plastic pants as it would be bed time in awhile. They got on the net and went to some Teen Baby sites and read a few stories. Brice's mother then came in to tell Timmie he was wanted home. Brice went to the kitchen and filled his bottle with apple juice, then went to the family room and watched television for awhile. Soon Donnie, and Ronnie entered and began to tease Brice until he was about ready to cry. Their mother came in looking very angry. "Ronnie...Donnie… do you want me to diaper you both?" Both shook their heads. "Well anymore of this teasing and I am going to spank, and diaper you go to your room". Sighing they left for their room, Brice had a big grin as he watched his brothers leave the room. "Damn" he thought to himself as his mother also left. "Sure wish she would diaper them…sure would be funny. Soon he found himself dozing off so he turned off the TV and started for his room. He had wet his diaper but decided to just sleep in it since he wasn't real wet.

The next morning Brice woke up hearing his mother in Donnie, and Ronnie's room A big grin came over his face, he could hardly believe what he was hearing. "Just look at the both of you...your bed's are sopping wet." Brice quickly got up and went their room. Both Donnie, and Ronnie were standing by their wet beds their shorts had a big pee stain on them. Brice couldn't help laughing. Both had very red faces and tears rolling down their cheeks. "Go shower right now" she told them. "Yeah, I'll let the bed wetting twins go first" Brice laughed. Awhile later Brice could hardly believe what he was doing. While his mother was diapering Donnie, Ronnie was laying on his bed naked as Brice got the baby oil and rubbed it into Ronnie's skin, around his private parts and his butt. After sprinkling on baby powder, he took a disposable diaper, slid it under Ronnie and taped it. After breakfast the three boys were out in the back yard. soon they could hear laughing and turned to see Kade, and his cousin Benji, who was twelve. "Thought you said Brice was the one who wore diapers" laughed Benji. "Guess Ronnie, an Donnie peed in their beds this morning" he added. Donnie quickly turned to Kade, and Benji who quickly ran off. "Hell, I am going to get back into my shorts after I piss in this diaper" Ronnie exclaimed. Donnie said he was too then with a big grin let his bladder which was quite full, go and sighed as the warm pee filled his diaper. "Yup Brice's is right, feels good to just let go and pee in a diaper." Ronnie tried to pee but nothing would happened. Both he, and Donnie were beginning to feel diaper wearing wasn't so bad, and using them for their purpose.

Later that morning Brice, and Timmie were in Brice's room on the net. Brice had a small pee stain in the crouch of his pants. Timmie, wearing his diaper under his clothes was dry, because his mother had just changed him awhile ago. Donnie and Ronnie came in both looking upset. "What's wrong?" asked Brice. "That little shit Kade..."he's told everybody in the neighborhood about us wetting the bed" Ronnie, sighed. Timmie already knew, and since he was a bedwetter, it didn't matter. "Phill, Jake, and Rusty teased us, too." Donnie added. I'd like to see Kade piss his pants, then we'd tease him good." Timmie started to laugh then showed them a story where a something was used to make a boy wet the bed. "And that would make him pee his pants?" Donnie asked. Timmie nodded. Laughing ,the three of them then planned how they going to give it to Kade.

As Brice, Timmie, Mark, and Bobby were on Bobby's front lawn playing catch Brice, and Timmie were keeping an eye out for Kade. They didn't tell Mark, or Bobby that just after Kade came out play after his nap, they have him a coke with a small amount of a special something in it. Hearing voices Brice turned to see Kade, with Justin age five his sister Angie four, and Brandon age 4. And yes, Kade had wet his pants, a big dark pee stain in the middle of the zipper. As they came closer all on trikes, Brice turned to Timmie grinning. "Oh wow" exclaimed Mark "Kade peed his pants. Brice began to tease Kade good then suddenly stopped as Mrs. Benson walked up looking very angry. "Kade, shame on you...wetting in your pants...and you know better. Now I am going to put a diaper on you." "No mommy" he exclaimed. "I'm a big boy, don't want to" "You are a baby, you wet in you pants like one, so you are going to be put in a diaper. Mrs. Benson quickly pointed Kade towards home.

Brice suddenly realized he was wet and headed for home. After he, and his twin brothers were diapered. they went to Donnie, and Ronnie's room. "Boy I'll say" laughed Donnie "we went out back, could hear Mrs. Benson cussing him good" "And serves him right too." They sat talking and knew soon they would be in diapers full time 24/7.



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