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Bruce gets diapered

Bruce gets diapered

My mom went to bed early tonight and I stayed up to watch a late night

movie. The house was quiet when I went I got ready for bed. I had pushed

closed my bedroom door but did not shut it, it stood open only a few

inches. I worked as quietly as I could but the plastic backing of the

disposable diaper made some noise as I unfolded it and when I put it on.

I stood up and turned to find my mom standing in the doorway staring at

me. The only thing I had on was the diaper. I froze and time seem to

freeze, My mom looking at me and me looking it her. I am not a bed

wetter, and have no medical need to wear diapers, and as far I know she

had no idea that I even had diapers in the house. I thought, say

something but what do I say.

“I think we need to have a talk in the morning.” My mom finally said.

“Yea.” Was all I could say as I started for one of the tapes to undo it.

“You put that diaper on for a reason, no sense in taking it off, we will

talk about it in the morning. Goodnight.” My mom said.

“Goodnight” I said softly.

I did not sleep much tonight, I laid wake thinking of what questions my

mom would ask and the answers I would give to her. I also was thinking

how stupid I must have looked just standing there in my diaper and how

long had she been standing at the door.

The smell of breakfast cooking is what I awoke to. I had not used the

diaper so I took it off and hid it under my bed. I then went to the

bathroom and did my morning thing. After that I went to breakfast in my


“I see my sleepyhead is a wake.” My mom said.

“Yea, I’m awake.”

“Did you sleep well?”

“Not really.”

“Sorry to hear that. Did you wet your diaper?”


“Bruce, why were you wearing a diaper to bed?” My mom asked in a calm

voice like all fourteen year old boys wear diapers and its no big deal.


“Because, does not cut it. I want an honest answer from you, Bruce.”

I had read on different web sites ways of telling your parents about

your wish to wear diapers and some of the questions that might be asked.

The one thing that the different web sites stated was to tell the truth

and be honest with what you would like from your parents, be it

understand or all the way to caring for you like a baby. Ok, she asked

for an honest answer and I gave her one I thought.

“I like to wear diapers, mom. I have been wearing them to bed over the

last two months and that is the only time I wear them. I am not a bed

wetter. I know that I can not go back and relive my early childhood, but

I can try to hold on to it by wearing diapers. I am sorry, if you are

disappointed with me. I ask for your understanding, and I know this is a

shock to you.”

“You are correct, that this is a shock to me. I was not expecting the

answer you gave me, I expected something very different.”

“You thought I was bed wetter, right?”

“Yes, and that is way I was not upset last night, disappointed that you

did not tell me tho.”

“So by telling the truth I am in trouble, and if I lied I would not be

in trouble.” I barked. I could see that my mom was getting mad and upset

with me.

“Drop the attitude, Bruce. You are in enough trouble now as it is, don’t

add to it. Do you understand me!” My mom stated in a very stern voice.


“Why in the world would you want to wear a diaper any ways? There must

be something wrong with you!”

I waited a few moments before speaking. I could see that this was not

going to go well so I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself, I

have to keep my cool. None of the web sites said that it easy telling

your parents, but they did say that you have to control your feelings

and do it by your rules. Well, so much for my rules, now if I just keep

my feeling in check. I could tell my mom was waiting and I could see her

understanding level was dropping fast.

“First off, nothing is wrong with me. If I did wet my bed would wearing

a diaper be wrong? No, why because as the ads in your magazines and the

ads on TV promote it. OK so I don’t wet my bed, and maybe it is odd to

want to wear a diaper, but I like wearing them. It offers a level of

freedom, and at the same time gives me a secure feeling. Like I said, I

know I can not go back to my early childhood, when you loved me. Maybe

…” I was cut off by my mom.

“Honey, I love you, I always have and I always will love you. You are my

son. Maybe I don’t show it because I embarrassed you when I do, but I

still love you. You don’t need a diaper as a substitute for my love.” My

mom said as she took me into her arm and hugged me.

“Let’s have breakfast first, then we will talk again about your diapers.

OK sweetie?”


We ate breakfast and my mom talked about the plans she had for the day,

it was pretty much the same plan as last Saturday and the Saturday

before that. We finished breakfast and my mom cleared the breakfast

dishes from the table and poured her self a second cup of coffee. She

asked if I wanted any more juice, I did not. She sat back down and it

was time to talk.

She asked questions, pointed questions and I answered them. She also

asked some leading questions and I answered them too. She also asked

questions a lot of different subjects. Which I answered. Some were

embarrassing to answer. I tried to be open and honest with each answer,

hoping that she would understand. She kept asking if I had wet my bed,

and each time the answer was the same, no. Mom did ask where I had

hidden my diapers and what I had done with the diapers when I did use

them. I told her under my bed was where the diapers were hidden as for

the used one well they too went under my bed until after school when I

could throw them in the trash can. She also asked me what I wanted from

her. I told her what ever she was comfortable with would be fine by me.

We sat that the kitchen table talking for over two hours before I was

dismissed to take my shower and get dressed. I guess it went OK, mom had

not asked or ordered me to throw out my diapers out.

Mom added an extra stop this Saturday, Wally World, I asked why and she

said that she was looking for a mattress cover. That was fine by me, I

wanted to check out a new CD. Mom stated that I had to come with her

because she was not going to spent time looking for me, what a bummer.

We walked into to Wally World and head straight for the bedding section.

“Bruce, help me look for mattress covers.”

“They’re right there.” I pointed to the end of the row.

“OK, we need one for a twin bed that is waterproof.”


“Yes, waterproof. You are not going to urine soak your mattress and have

your room smell of stale urine.”

“But I don’t wet my bed, I told you that.” I said in a whisper.

“You asked me to understand what you want to do and for me to do what I

felt comfortable with, correct?”


“I want to protect the bed you are sleeping in, do you understand my



My mom picked up a waterproof mattress cover and we headed to the check

out line.

When we got home from shopping mom had me strip my bed down to the

mattress. She came in to my room and checked the mattress for any signs

that I had wet my bed. Finding none, the new waterproof mattress cover

was put on and my bed remade. I thought that was the end of it as the

rest of the day and evening went as normal. Expect that mom did spend

over an hour on the computer, she said it was for work. We had dinner

and watched TV.

At eleven o’clock P.M. I switched to channel eight to watch Mad TV as I

have done for the last six months.

“Bruce, its time you got ready for bed.”

“Oh, mom. I want to watch this.”

“Bruce, I said its time. Now move it. You can watch you show after you

are in your PJs.”

My mom had that look that said do it or you will be very sorry you

didn’t. So I got up and headed for my bed room.

“Bruce, stop by the bathroom first.”

That was an odd request coming from my mom but I did it any ways. After

the bathroom I walked into my bed room to find my diaper from last night

on my bed and my mom waiting for me.

“Get undressed, or do you want me to it?”

I froze not sure what to do for a moment.

“Ah, I can do it, you don’t need to stay.”

“I am sure you can, as I know from last night, but thing are different

now. You want to be a little boy and wear diapers, then mommy has to put

them on for you. That is what you told me, right.”

“Yea, but you know, its embarrassing.”

“So you don’t want to wear diapers then.”

“No, it’s ...”

“Bruce, I diapered you for the first four and a half years of your life.

I know what you look like down their now get undressed, or come over

here and I will do it.”

“I know what I said, about doing things to your comfort level, I just

did not expect this so soon that all.”

“Well you were open and honest with me with what you wanted, and you

felt that I don’t love and care for you enough and that you want to go

back in time to when I did. Well the clock has moved back in time for

you, you are now my little boy.” She said as she came to me and started

to undo the buttons on my shirt.

“I know you love me you made that point clear this morning. I just don’t

expect you to be so willing this early on that’s all.”

By now my shirt was unbuttoned and by belt was undone.

“Its too late now to have second thoughts.”

“Do you think …” My pants and underwear were pulled down.

“Lift your foot, sweetie.” I did as was asked.

“Now the other foot, please.”

I was now standing in front of my mother in my birth suit, embarrassed

and yet excited. She turned me around and had me flat on back on the

bed. It took her two tries to get the diaper at the right spot on my

body and to tape the sides shut.

“And, yes I still know how to put a diaper on you.” My mom said with

some pride. “Now sit up so I can put your PJ top on.” I did as asked.

When my mom was done we went back out to the family room and mom sat

down on the couch and had me lay down on the couch with my head on her

lap to watch the TV. With one hand she patted my diapered bottom and

with her other resting on my head. It felt so good, so safe, so right, a

little embarrassing, and I was so tired that I went to sleep right there.

I woke to my mom shaking my shoulder. It took me a minute to figure out

that I was in my room and in my bed and that it was light outside.

“What time is it?” I asked, think it had to be early.

“It’s ten o’clock in the morning.”

I looked at my alarm clock its red face was shining 10:00. I rolled over

and heard the rustling sound of my disposable diaper as I moved. I


“Do you need your diaper changed Bruce?

“No. What?.” I asked as if yesterday had not happened.

With that the top bed sheets were pulled back, and mom then helped me

out of bed. I did not want to move but I had too. I started for the

bathroom when mom asked me where I going.

“The bathroom, OK?” I asked, trying to use my hands to cover my diaper.

“Little boys with diapers on go potty in their diapers and then mommies

change their diapers.”

The fog my mind was in was lifting very fast now and I could feel the

warmth of my face as my blood raced to my face for that glowing red

blush of embarrassment.

“Bruce, you have no need to be embarrassed. You said that you wanted to

wear diapers and that you had and were going to continue to wear

diapers. That is fine by me that you want to wear diapers, you also

stated that I was to do for you what I felt comfortable with. You now

you can wear and use your diapers full time, and I will be changing your


“Full time! But I don’t want to wear diapers to school. Please don’t

make wear them to school, please.” I begged her.

My mom said in a tone that suggested it might be too late. “If you are a

very good boy today and don’t put up a fuss, I will let you go to school

tomorrow in big boy underwear.” With that she took my hand and headed

for the kitchen.

During breakfast I relaxed and let my bladder empty into my diaper. I

could feel the warmth of my pee around my balls and my bottom and even

on my legs. ‘Oh shit, my diaper is leaking and I just wet my chair mom

is going to kill me.’ I thought.

“Ah mom, I think I have a problem!” I said as I stood up to look at my

chair for the damage done.

“What’s wrong?”

“I think my diaper is starting to leak.” I could feel a few drops of my

warm pee working its way down on the inside of my right leg.

Mom got up from the table a took my hand and took me to the bathroom and

she then had me stand in the bath tub and took off my soaked and over

full wet diaper. Mom then took a fresh washcloth and wet it down with

hot water from the sink and then wiped my diaper area with it. As she

wiped my balls I started to get an erection, she then move to my penis

and there was not stopping the full blown erection that I got, it was

very embarrassing for me but it did not stop mom. After mom was done

wiping me clean I was taken back to my room and re-diapered, then set

back to the kitchen to finish my breakfast.

After breakfast mom dressed me in a pair of long pants and a some what

nice shirt, socks and even put on my shoes before we headed out. We went

to drug store with a medical supplies that was at the strip mall. We

walked in to the store.

“Hello. How may I help you?” Asked the woman with a name tag reading Bev


“Hello. I am looking for some diapers that will fit my son that are

better than what he has on now.”

“What brand does he have on now?” Asked Bev.

“A generic store brand.”

“And the problem you are have with them is the fit, is that correct.”

“Fit is only part of the problem, capacity is the other. My son is

wearing one of the diapers now if you want to see it.”

“NO that’s OK. Hummm, the pull-up type should fit him fine. It should

fit like underwear if you got the right size for him. The capacity

problem might be because it is a generic and can not hold more than one


“He did not want the pull-on kind, he went with a disposable diaper.”

“OH!” Stated Bev. “So, the diaper is for overnight use then. Please

follow me.”

We walked over the incontinence supplies, as Bev explained the rating

system, the higher the number in the drop the more capacity the diaper

had. She showed us a few different diapers that were out on display and

explained the different points of each diaper. I was interested in what

Bev was saying but I was acting if I was not. Mom asked me which one I

wanted, I picked the best one that they had. Bev agreed that was a good

selection if I was a heavy wetter (wetting the diaper more than twice in

the same night). The diaper one level down would be as good as the one I

had selected if I was a moderate wetter. Mom went with that diaper, and

mom ruled. Mom then asked Bev to select diapers for daytime use based on

the one selected for nighttime use.

“Not that is any of my business, but why do you not want to use a

pull-on kind during the day?” Bev asked.

“Bruce, tell the nice lady why you want diapers.” My mom said.

“Ahh, because, do I have too, mom?” I asked.

“Yes, or you know what tomorrow brings!” My mom stated in a tone not to

fool around with.

“Really, I do not need to know your reason.” Bev said.

“Bruce, now.” My mom said.

I paused, I did not know what to say to her.

“One … Two.” Mom said.

“I want to” my face was turning red with embarrassment and I was

starting to stutter “we… wea…wear di… di… diapers.”

“And” my mom said.

I could see my chances of not wearing a diaper to school tomorrow going

down the drain and tears started to form in my eyes. I just could not

tell a stranger that I want to wear diapers and have mommy care for like

a baby. It was bad enough confessing wanting diapers to this stranger.

“Crying is not going to help you.” Mom said

“I don’t want to tell her.” I said.

“Fine, you don’t have to. You will be going to school tomorrow wearing a

diaper like it or not. You can cry all you want, I am not changing my

mind Bruce. You wanted to wear diapers and be treated like a baby just

remember that.”

“From the sound it, you will need a diaper for an active person with a

fair capacity level for daytime use. Go to Wal-Mart" or K-Mart" and buy

some Depends", they are a lot cheaper than what we charge for them here

and they should work fine during the day for him.” Bev said.

Bev was being very nice and had not acted shocked by what had been said.

Maybe she had run in to others that liked diapers and wanted to be

babied, or maybe she thought I was just nuts. I don’t know and I hope

not to see her again.

My nighttime diapers cost twenty-five dollars for eighteen diapers vs.

fourteen dollars for the twenty-two Depends diapers, that I would be

wearing during the days starting when we got home.

The rest of the day went by too fast. Mom changed my diapers when

needed. She was nice and motherly when she changed me. After dinner,

that mom feed me, was bath time. This was the first bath that I could

remember mom giving me. She washed me from head to toe and then let me

play in tub for a while, I almost forgot that mom was in the bathroom

with me. After my bath and I was dried off I was taken to my bedroom and

my night time diaper was put on me. For a disposable diaper, it was like

no others that I had ever had worn. It was thicker than the other

diapers and had a different fit and feel too. I was tucked into bed by

eight o’clock.

“It’s too early for me to go to bed.”

“Babies in this house are in bed by eight. I will check your diaper

before I go to bed. Goodnight my baby boy, you have a big day tomorrow.”


“No buts, if you get out of this bed before tomorrow morning and I find

out about it.” Said mom, with a look that say do it and you will wish

that you had not done it. Mom walked out of my room closing the bedroom


Before falling off the sleep, I let my warm pee fill the diaper, and as

the pee entered the diaper, it grew in size around my penis as it soaked

it up.

Monday morning mom woke me up for school, and took off my diaper before

sending me to the bathroom to get my shower. When I came out of the

bathroom mom was waiting in my bedroom with my school clothes all laid

out for me, she held up a diaper in one hand and my big boy underwear in

her other hand.

“Which one do want to wear today?”

“My underwear.”

“Give me one good reason why.”

“Am not sure any reason I give you would fill your meaning of good. I

told you the truth the other day and answered your question with the

truth. Since then, you have embarrassed me about my want of wearing

diapers. I know I told to do what ever you were comfortable with, I too

have a comfort level and going to school in a diaper is not in that

level. I am sorry that I told you the truth, if I knew that this is how

I was going to be treated I would have never told you in a hundred

years.” As I snatched the underwear from my mom’s hand.

“I sorry, I had read on one of the web sites of a boy being treated this

way and thought that is what you wanted too, but you did not know how to

tell me.”

“After two hours of talking, you read something on a web site and think

that is what I want. I told you what I wanted: to be loved, not to be

embarrassed by it. I know I am fourteen years old and not fourteen

months old and diapers should not be part of my life but they are.

PLEASE just leave me alone.”


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