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Camp Springs in Texas

Camp Springs in Texas

All right, y’all ready to go kids… load the bus… come on…

This is the way the beginning of camp started; this was going to be one of the best weeks of my life, away from mom and dad for a week. Well I loaded the bus hoping that I remembered everything. I was 13 and this was the first time I had ever been to camp. Well I got there and they split us up into different cabins, my cabin was right on the lake beautiful view. There were six other guys in the cabin and all of them were my age, the oldest was 15, his name was Brad. Brad and I from the first time we met kind of hit it off. The first day we were doing everything together fishing, hiking, and whatever else we felt like doing. That night all the guys were taking showers and I was lying on my bed eating Doritos and drinking a Dr Pepper, thinking to myself that this is very relaxing. It was my turn to get in the shower and Brad was taking one in the shower next to me. We were talking through the walls to each other about what we were going to do tomorrow and he finished up with is shower. I was just finishing to and I remembered that I forgot something very important at home. “Well, you see, I am a bedwetter, been one since I was 5 and this is not a good thing,” I was thinking to myself. What am I going to do? The guys are going to make fun of me when I wake up wet in the morning, so I went to my counselor who was almost asleep and I told him about me wetting the bed and that I forgot my diapers and he said that it would be alright because Brad is a bedwetter, too, and he already told me that he brought some so I will get you one from him. Brad brought it to me in the bathroom and said that he didn’t think that there would be anybody else here that wore diapers…

Brad asked me, “Can I put the diaper on for you?” I said, “I do it myself but if you want to I guess you can.” He said, “I want to,” so I lay on the floor of the bathroom on my towel and he started to pull my pants down and then my boxers (Scooby doo). I was lying there bare butt in front of a guy I met today. He grabbed the diaper and put it under me and said, “Wait, I will be right back,” and he ran to his bag to get some lotion. He put some lotion in his hand and started to rub it all over my groin area and I got hard. He looked at me and said to look at him, and he was hard, too. He finished up and we decided to sleep beside each other so we could talk. He started telling me about his life and that he really doesn’t wet the bed anymore; he just wears them for fun. I thought that was kind of weird, but I played along with it. We stopped talking and I was almost asleep and I looked at Brad and his hand was going back and forth under his cover. I was wondering if he was all right.

The next morning we woke up and I went to the bathroom to take off my very wet diaper and Brad walked in and asked, “Do you want another one to wear today?” I said, “Sure, that would be cool,” so he threw me one. I put it on and he was in the other stall putting a new one on, too. We decided that we would go walking in the woods on the trail so we were just going along talking and I remembered what had happened right before I went to sleep, so I asked him what he was doing. He looked at me kind of embarrassed and said that he was masturbating, and knowing me, I was wanting to know more about this mas..ter bateing or what ever he said. So I asked him tonight would he show me how to do it. He said sure, he would love to. We walked on the trail in our diapers for about another mile and decided to turn around and go back to the camp.

We got back to the camp around three in the afternoon and that is when they let people go skiing and tubing on the lake. Brad and I went back to the cabin and changed into our swimsuits and were taking off our diapers when one of the other guys walked in on us. His name was David and he just stood there looking at our diapers and nothing else. David sleeps on the other side of me so I think he knew that I had a diaper on last night but I wasn’t for sure until then. After about 10 seconds that felt like forever he said, “I thought you had a diaper on last night.” I said, “Yep, and so did Brad.” Then David asked, “Can I wear one tonight, I have always fascinated by diapers; I used to steal them from my younger brother.” Brad and I at the same time said, “Sure, you can.” We went out and tubed and skied until supper. Well we went back to the cabin and played cards until the counselor said it was time for bed….

Brad, David and I were getting ready for bed and we asked David how old he was just kind of getting to know him even better and he said, “I am 14.” We all went to the bathroom and locked the door to get diapered up. I put the diaper on David because he asked me to. He said he forgot how and Brad diapered me again after David went ahead and got in the bed. I remembered about our conversation that we had had on the trail and reminded David about it. Then he proceeded to tell me how masturbation works.

“Whenever you start to think about something that you really like, like diapers, it makes you hard,” and I said, “Okay, I have done that.”

“Well, then you can lie on your back or stand up, kind of like this,” he showed me. So I did it too. “Then you take your right hand if you’re right handed, and put it on your pecker.” He showed me on my pecker how to do it. By this time I was really liking this feeling and I was already hard from just lying there naked. “Then you start going up and down kind of fast.” My heart was beating like crazy and I didn’t know what was going to happen. This looked exactly like what he was doing last night.

“After a little while you will make white stuff come out; that’s called cum.” So he did it for me until I cummed.

“That was the best feeling I think I have ever had,” I said out loud.

“Well, that is how you masturbate,” he told me. “Now let’s finish getting you diapered up.” I was hard the whole way through this diaper change. He got done and I asked him if he wanted me to change him and he said yes. So he lay on the towel we had on the ground and I went after it. When I pulled his pants down he was already hard, so I thought to myself that I should do what he did to me. I put my hand on his pecker and started to go up and down and then he stopped me and said that was enough. I stopped and then I asked him, “Why did you stop me?” He said that he wanted to do it in his diaper, so I finished diapering him and then he said, “Okay, finish.” We went ahead and got in the bed and talked for a little while, and then we fell asleep after the counselor got on to us twice for talking too loudly.

“Wake up, guys, time to pack your stuff and load the busses,” the counselor was screaming. I woke up again with a wet diaper and David turned over and said that he peed in his diaper without even knowing it and that he thinks he might be able to get his mom to buy him diapers because he is going to wet the bed from now on. I got up with just my t-shirt and diaper and walked to the bathroom to take a shower. Brad walked in and said that he was going to wear a diaper home and asked if I wanted to, too, and of course with no hesitation, I said yes.

Then the horrible thing that I didn’t want to happen was fixing to happen. I was going to have to say bye to Brad. I was already upset that I was going to leave this place but I didn’t want to leave Brad. but I got myself together and we sat and talked about what we were going to do when we get home and we got each others phone numbers and addresses and we got David’s. too. The busses were leaving and Brad and David got to ride the same bus but I didn’t. So off to the house I went and couldn’t wait until next year when I got to come back. I was thinking to myself on the way home that I kind of had a crush on Brad. Then I was like, no, he is a guy and that’s just weird. Guys don’t like other guys, but we had fun together, a lot of fun. I decided that I would sleep to get my mind off of leaving the camp and Brad. I got home at about five in the afternoon and my mom wanted to know everything about what I did at camp so I told her about all the fun stuff that we did and a little about Brad and David, not too much, though. At about six I ate supper and then went to my room, I wanted to write Brad a letter so I started to write….

Dear Brad,

I a ready want next year to come so I will be able to see you again; I have never had so much fun in my entire 13 years. I thought camp was going to be no fun but you made it the best. When do you think we can see each other again? I hope that it is going to be before next year at camp. Maybe my mom will drive half way and we can come get you and you can come stay at my house for a week. Write me back or call and let me know if you want to stay with me for a week. Good night Brad… Hope to see you soon,


I sealed the envelope and got my mom to mail it the next morning.

I just woke up from sleeping and I had a wet diaper of course cause I am wet every morning it never fails and I went down stairs and my mom said that there was a letter from Brad on the table. I went running to the table still just in my diaper and t-shirt to go open it. This is what it said…

Dear Alex,

It was good to get a letter from you, and I was all ready missing you before we left camp. But anyways my mom said that meeting your mom half way would be fine with her if me and you both really wanted to see each other again and I want too. So I will call you this week if I haven’t all ready called. Sorry it is so short but I am fixing to leave to go to the store with my dad. Talk to you soon!!!

Love you,


That is what I read and I went straight to my mom and said we have to go pick him up and let him stay here for a week and then she asked, “does he know about your problem?” and that was an easy question but I didn’t tell her that. Right off the bat I said, “he does, he is a bedwetter, too and I left my diapers last week so he let me borrow his all week.”

“Oh,” she said. “Then it will be fine to go get him. We will go get him first thing in the morning. Call him and let him know that we are and then let me talk to his mom.”

Brad, this is my room, and this is the bathroom but we won’t be needing that now, will we?” I said to him. Then Brad interrupted me and said, “All you have is one bed?” I said, “Yep, a full size bed is all.”

“So we get to sleep with each other all week?”

I said, “Yes unless you want to sleep on the floo…”

“No, no,” he said. “That is cool that we get to be with each other all week and sleep in the same bed, both diapered, laying right next to each other; that turns me on.” It kind of turned me on, too.

“What do you want to do first?” Brad said that he didn’t care what we did just as long as he could go ahead and put a diaper on. I was like, “Okay, I will diaper you in the bathroom. There is a big person changing table in there.” We walked in the bathroom and closed the door behind us and he got up on the table and I got to do what I really liked to do again. I pulled his pants down and then his boxers and he was hard and so was I. This time it seemed a little different. I am not sure why, though. I was forgetting something and then Brad said, “You forgot the lotion, so I don’t get a rash.” I reached under the table and got lotion and powder. I smelt the powder and it brought me back about ten years but then I got back into the diaper change after Brad said it was cold lying there naked.

We outside and played until suppertime and we ate. Then we went to my room just for some R&R in our clean fresh diapers that my mom put on both of us. We got into bed about midnight and Brad took his shirt off when he got in the bed so all he had on was his diaper. He said that that is the best way to sleep so I tried it and liked it, too. I had fallen asleep but something woke me up, so I woke up but didn’t say anything or move. Brad was undoing my diaper, so I just kind of watched out of the bottom of my eyes and he got done undoing the tapes. He put his hand on my privates and just kind of set them there. I thought that this was weird but I went ahead and let him do what he was doing. Then he took his diaper off and got really close to me and then fell asleep and so did I.

The next morning I woke up before Brad did and realized that my diaper fell off and that I had soaked the whole bed, but it had a plastic sheet, so I didn’t get the mattress wet, but those sheets just hold the pee so Brad was soaked, too. I woke him up and told him that my diaper must have come off in the middle of the night. He said that it is all right and he had been in worse stuff than that. We changed the sheets and went out to play.

About one in the afternoon I was sleepy from staying up so late I asked Brad if he wanted to take a nap and he said that he would. Even in naps I have to put a diaper on so I let Brad do the honors of diapering me. We got in the bed and I fell asleep again. He thought I was asleep this time. I was faking it to see what he would do. He started doing what he was doing last night, undoing the tapes… His hand went right back onto my balls but this time I was hard. He then kind of played with my balls and then took his hand out and he masturbated in his diaper. He then pulled me really close to him and put his arm around me. He was snuggling with me. I thought to myself that this would be a great time to turn to him and kiss him on the cheek and say goodnight so I did. I kissed him on the cheek and he kissed me back but on the lips. I freaked out to myself; a guy just kissed me on the lips. I didn’t really know what to do so I kissed him again because I liked it so much. We got kissing a lot and he got on top of me and was still kissing me and this felt really good, diaper-to-diaper. I never thought that this would turn out like this.

We stopped after a while and kind of talked about what we had just done. I told me that he never had even thought about doing what he just did he just did it. Then I asked him, does this mean we are gay? He said that he was not gay but then took it back like he really didn’t know. I told him that I would not ever do the things I did with him with a girl so I told him that I was gay and he agreed with me. The week went past and we both were having fun during the day and at night, but now it was time for him to go back to his house and I really thought that I was going to cry but I held it back. His mom came and got him from my house and he left. I wrote letters to him but never got returned letters and I called his house and his mom said that he wasn’t home. I tried everything to keep in contact with him but it seemed that he didn’t want anything to do with me. Time went on and I never talked to him but I still have that deep diaper gay love for my boy Brad.


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