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My name is Carl, and I am fourteen years old this is my story.

It started at 5 o’clock Saturday morning July 2, 2005 with us pulling out of the driveway to head to a family reunion and my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary all rolled in into one event. I knew the trip would take us six hours; five hours of driving and one hour give or take for restroom breaks and to get some breakfast. We have made this trip many times to see my grandparents but not for family gathering. The last time I had been to a family reunion was when I was three and that was before we had moved out of the state.

It has a little after eleven o’clock when we pulled in to the local park where the two events, the anniversary and family reunion, were taking place. We parked the car and unloaded the gifts and food that we had brought with us. We meet with relatives and friends of my grandparents for this event.

There was lots of food, lots of kids, and lots of games. We had a family softball game, a three-legged race, a game of flag football, plus it was a full day of running and playing with the other kids at the event. Being outside and active we all keep eating and drinking and enjoying the day. In the evening a fire was started and the adults sat around it talking, as the night sky came into view one the uncles had us kids laid on our backs looking up at the stars. He pointed each one of them out and had a story about them that he told us. It was interesting what he was telling us, some was based on folk law and myths some on hard science. I shut my eyes and was listening to him speak about the North Star.

I woke to my mom calling my name and rubbing my shoulder. I was in a bed in a room that was not mine and it was no hotel either.

"Good morning sleep head." My mom said to me.

"Good morning, where are we?" I asked her.

"Your Aunt Ruth’s and Uncle Joe’s home." My mom said as she pulled the top bed sheet back to help me out of bed. It was at that moment I knew something was different and not right. I did not wear a t-shirt yesterday but I had one on now, and not my PJ’s that I had packed, and also a warm feeling around my waist. My mom’s hand slid the base of t-shirt toward my stomach, but she stopped when it had only moved a few inches.

"Well, well, well our aunt was right." My mom stated.

"Right about what?" I asked as my hands headed down to that area.

"What is it?" I asked as my hands touched the plastic under the t-shirt.

"It’s a diaper, I put it on you last night after your aunt talked me into it."

"What! Why would you do that? I don’t need it."

"From here it looks like you did. Come on Carl get up and lets go to breakfast."

"I can’t go dressed like this."

"Carl, yes you can and will go dress this way. Your two cousins are dressed this way and are at the table."

"No way I am not going."

"Carl, please do this for me and don’t fight it, please just accept it for now. I understand that you have questions as to why and I will answer all them later. For now, it will help your cousins if you come to breakfast this way. Please, for me. I will let you have your grand whatever auto video game if you just go along with this and do not fight it for the time we are here."

I had to think about. I did want the video that she had said no to before.

"OK, but I am not happy about it." I said in a soft voice. "And if any one makes fun of me I am back here and I am changing into my clothes that’s the deal."

"That is only fair."

"I need to stop by the bathroom first. I have to go."

"No time for you to go to the bathroom besides you have a diaper on so use it, because breakfast is on the table." My mom said as she took my hand as if I was a toddler and led me to the table.

As we entered the dinning room I saw my two cousins dressed just like me, my dad, my uncle and my aunt was coming through the swing door from the kitchen with a large plate of pancakes. They said good morning to me and me to them. There was a place next to my cousin Todd. On my left at the head of the table was my Uncle Joe, across from me was my dad, and next to him was my mom. At the foot of the table were my Aunt Ruth, then Jimmy, then Todd and I. Todd and I are the same age and Jimmy is a year younger. We ate breakfast, and the adults talked. I told my Aunt that she had made my favorite breakfast, and how good it was. My Aunt thanked me, but also told me that the children in this house do not talk unless asked a direct question or prove them self’s to be trusted.

After breakfast, my Aunt told Todd and Jimmy to go to Jimmy’s room that she would be there soon. My two cousins got up and headed for the bedroom slowly. My mom said I was also excused from the table and that I too should go to Jimmy’s room and wait for her.

Once in Jimmy’s room I asked my cousins what music, they liked to listen too, no answer from them. I asked if they could talk, they told me to be quiet or I would get us all in trouble with their mom. They said in a whisper. The two of them stood next to the bed watching the door. I noticed the smell of pee and could see that both of them had used their diapers too.

Some time had passed when my mom and aunt came in to the room. My aunt took the chair at the desk and turned it around.

"Today, your Aunt Bev and cousin Carl are going to witness your punishments." Aunt Ruth said as she sat down on the chair.

"Todd, bring me your belt from the hook by the door. Now."

Todd moved slowly to the door and removed a leather belt from one of the two hooks and then walked over to this mother and handed her the belt. Aunt Ruth took the belt and then ordered Todd take off his T-shirt, then had him over her lap. In one move she pulled the back of his diaper down to expose his bottom. Then she folded the belt over and swung, WACK, I turn my head away so that I did not have to see this spanking. WACK, WACK, I could head Todd now crying. WACK this went on for total of, fourteen times before she stopped. Todd never asked her to stop hitting him. She then had Todd stand up and pulled his wet diaper down so that is was around his ankles. She them had him walk back to where he was standing before she had called him out. The same thing happened to Jimmy, he had to get his belt and undress before us the only difference was he only got thirteen hits.

Now both of them were standing in front of us naked and crying. The one thing I noticed was the only hair on both of them was on their heads; the rest of their bodies were hair free. They were then marched into the bathroom with their diapers still down around their ankles. My aunt put a few inches of water into the bathtub and had Todd step out of his diaper and into the tub. My aunt washed him from head to toe as if he was a small child as my mom and I watched. When she was done bathing him, his crying was down to a whimper and then he was then sent over to my mom to be dried off while his brother got his bath. The shocker to me was after Jimmy’s bath that my aunt told me to come over to her as the tub drained. She removed my diaper and I blushed with embarrassment as I stood they naked. My penis was at a state of hard erection bouncing to my heart beat as I waiting for the water to finish draining and then the tub to be filled with three inches of warm water. Then she helped me into the bathtub for my bath. The only difference was she placed a second washcloth over my penis. My two cousins stood naked and watch as I got my bath and dried off but my mom let me keep my towel. Then it was back to Jimmy’s room to get our fresh diapers put on. Today was going to be hot, so my cousins got just a diaper to wear I got a diaper and a long T-shirt.

For a next few hours my cousins and I played the board game candy land under the watchful eye of one or more of the adults with out talking. I had pee twice in my diaper as we played the game. It was then time for lunch. Lunch was cold leftovers from the party with a tall glass of ice-cold lemon aid.

After lunch and the dishes washed up and put a way and the food back in the refrigerator, it was then time for our diapers to be changed. After that, I took a nap on my own free will. I was tired out I think from the heat, it had to be mid ninety’s, and yesterdays fun.

After I woke from my nap I went outside and found the adults. The three of us, my dad, uncle and I walked over to the out building garage. My Uncle opened the door and turned on the lights and we walked in. In the middle bay sat a red primer painted 1950 Ford pickup truck in pieces. My Uncle stated that he and the boys had been restoring the truck, but the work had stopped since police had caught Todd, Jimmy, and another boy egging a neighbor’s house. My Uncle stated that the truck was for sale as is where is. My dad asked why he was selling it now and why not waiting until it had been restored before selling it. My Uncle stated that the boys were grounded for the next three years. He also stated that they had been under house arrest for the last thirty days under order of the court. Since they are grounded no work on the truck would taken place and was best to sell it. My uncle also stated that they (the boys) thought it was a joke until the bars were place over their bedroom windows and the diapers. I stated that seem like a hard sentence over a few eggs. My uncle stated that they had done a number of other deeds to get to this point. My dad asked was not the truck meant to keep them out of trouble. My uncle stated ‘a lot of good did, now the only way we can trust them is to not trust them, and treat them two year olds.’ For all the bitterness my uncle had for his sons, he had tried very hard to get them on the right path. Only they had not followed and I could tell he had wish that they had turned out more like me. I did care about others, I did listen to my parents (most of the time), and I am polite and was not in trouble despite the fact that I was wearing a diaper with out much fuss.

Around four thirty it was time for our diapers to be changed. A big treat was that my cousins could talk to me but we had to stay in Jimmy’s room until dinner was ready if we wanted to talk or we could leave the room but they had to be quiet. We stayed and talked. They stated how much they disliked the diapers. We did talk about other thing however they much different from me in there likes' and dislikes. The hour passed by and dinner was ready.

My cousins were sent to bed at eight thirty; I got to stay up later with the adults. It was then that I was again included in the conversation and could join in with my viewpoints and thoughts. It was ten o’clock when I called it a night. Both my aunt and uncle thanked me for what I had done. That was being an accepting and willing friend to my two cousins, and my willingness and acceptances to be treated like them is the mark of a true friend and a very good-hearted person. I blushed when they said that. I was also informed that I could get cleaned up and to go to bed with out a diaper. I asked what time we were leaving the next day. My dad said it would be late morning somewhere around ten to ten thirty. I know shocked them when I asked if it would be ok if I wore a diaper to bed like last night. I justified my request by acknowledging the fact that I had wet myself last night and as a sign of friendship to my cousins and the three dry night rule I had when I was little. They, the adults, looked at each other as to question did they hear right. My mom asked if I understood that I did not have to wear one. I told them that I understood that. My mom stated that I did not need to wear one to bed that I was old enough to get up if I need to go. My aunt asked me why I wanted to wear one when I should up jumping at the opportunity to get out of them she knew her sons would. I blushed with embarrassment at the question and more so with my answer. I told them what my mom had said to me that morning about the video game, and also that while it was embarrassing to be seen by my mom and aunt naked the diaper was not all that bad. I also stated that in an odd way it was nice to be … I stopped talking at that point, I could see I had dug a hole that I might not get out of. My aunt stated that we had a problem here. I thought to myself ‘Oh shit … she knows I like them.’ It seem, she stated, that he feels he has to keep his end of the deal you made with him and accept the fact he has to wear a diaper until you are ready to leave. We have a young man here who must really want that video game. My mom stated that I would be getting the video game, and I did not need a diaper. I was then sent off to bed.

I turned and walked out of the room towards the bedroom. I could hear my parent and my relatives talking about my request. I was feeling cheated since I was living up to my end of the deal and I like being in a diaper but they did not need to know that. I sat on the bed think how to stay in my diaper and not be caught wearing it. A few minutes later my mom walked into the room.

"I want you to know I was wrong for letting your aunt talk me into diapering you last night and keep you diapered today. I should not have done it and using the video game to get you to go along with it was wrong too. I should have listen to you this morning and let you get dressed instead of forcing to stay in a diaper. Please forgive me."

"I forgive you mom. You were not wrong in doing it. It has given me insight in to my self and I am better for that."

"OH. So what have you found out."

"That I do not have much in common with my cousin. That I do not understand why, people do what they do. And I have lived up to my end of the deal mostly."

"Why to you say mostly. … Never mind I know I said until we leave right."

"Yea, its … I feel like I am cheating on the deal by not finishing what I has started. More insight I guess."

"Carl if you really feel that way. I will not stand in you way of finishing out the time on the deal. Is it what you want?"

I did not answer her, I looked at the floor like I was in deep thought and I was. If I say yes that is what I want to do, do I give a way the fact I like to wear diapers. If I say no then, I have to remove the diaper I am wearing.

"If I were to ask yes then what?"

"Then I would assume that you would wear a diaper to bed."

"Would you think less of me?"

"Carl, I love you. You are my son. No I would not think less of you. You do not have to wear a diaper, I was wrong in what I did. You are a young well-adjusted adult. I was talked into this just as I talked you into too. Your aunt and uncle have tried every thing else to get your cousins to think, before they act they just ran out of option. I am sorry to have put you through this maybe they would learn more if you were not sent down to their level and had to wear a diaper."

"Mom, I made the deal and I want to see it through, so yes." I said as I blushed.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, and one other request please."

"What is your other request?"

"Ahh … would … can you … Ahh … help me with the … Ahh … diaper."

"I do not feel right in do that, but since I got talked into this and did the same to you. I will this one last time."

My mom changed me and then helped me in to bed.

The next morning I got up early took my shower and was dressed for breakfast. I helped set the table and did other thing to get breakfast to the table. Todd and Jimmy showed up dressed just like yesterday. The difference was I could talk because today I was an adult.

Around ten we were packed up and said your good-byes and on the road home. I thought about what had been and how I could diapers at home to wear with out my parent’s knowledge.

Part 2

August 16, 2005.

Last night I did a sleep over at a friend house it was his birthday. I came home today to find this story printed out and sitting on my bed. I had not printed it out. My mom came into my room and said that we needed to talk. My dad was cleaning up old files on the computer and he came across my story. My mom and I talked for over an hour about my wanting to wear diapers. She blames her self for my wanting to wear diapers do to my Aunt Ruth talking her to diapering me that July night. My mom points to the story and said, she should have known that I liked diapers because I did not put up a fight over wearing. It ended with my being allowed to wear diapers whenever I please however I most take care of my own diapers. My mom or dad will not change me and I can not hide when I am wearing then. I lost one item from all of this and that is the video game.

I can live with it.

Thanks for reading this story,



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