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Christmas Wishing

Christmas Wishing

Author: Donnie

This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between characters mentioned in this story and actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Summary: Kevin and Peter are friends who wish they could go back full time to diapers but they are afraid of their parents' reaction. What will their parents do when they accidentally find out about their sons' wishes? Will Tommy's desire to have the family's Christmas Wishing Star ritual performed be the key to unlock hidden desires? And what about the other unexpected discoveries they make along the way?

Ted Levassy woke up and groggily checked the time. 2:45AM. He looked over to his wife, Marsha, who was softly breathing next to him and he wondered what had woken him. With a shudder he suddenly realized that there was the unmistakable glow of flame shining dimly through the bedroom door that stood ajar. He jumped out of bed and headed down the hall. Now he was fully awake as he quickly padded down the hall trying to figure out a plan to rescue his family from what might be a spreading fire.

"That's funny," he thought, "there's no smoke."

Suddenly, the truth hit him. He must be looking at the reflection of the living room fireplace which he had lit for the Christmas decorating party they had enjoyed that very night.

It had been a fun evening. Ted's business partner and wife, Rick and Brenda Harrelmon, and their son Peter were having their house renovated beginning the day after Christmas, so it was decided that the Levassy home would become the "official Christmas celebration center" this year. Peter was best friend to Ted and Marsha's middle child, Kevin. Both boys had just turned fourteen and had always been best friends just like their fathers before them. Peter was staying over with Kevin tonight. Adding further excitement to this holiday season was the fact that they would be spending all of their Christmas vacation together as the renovations wouldn't be finished until the second week of January.

"I must be getting old. I could have sworn I turned the gas off in the fireplace before going to bed," mused Ted as he rounded the corner to go down the stairs leading to the living room.

Halfway down the stairs, he heard Kevin and Peter's voices in hushed conversation.

"Those guys," Ted thought to himself, "they must have come down to admire the tree. At Christmas time, those guys are just like little kids. They probably turned the fireplace back on too- I knew I hadn't forgotten to turn it off."

He also chuckled to himself at how the boys' relationship was so much like the relationship he and Rick had had at that age. Many other parents might wonder how two teenagers could keep so much childlike interest and innocence about Christmas, but both families understood that some boys preferred growing up at a slower pace. This had certainly been true for himself and Rick.

At the bottom of the stairs, Ted was turning to enter the living room when he abruptly froze in amazement. There were Kevin and Peter stretched out on their stomachs in the middle of the room facing the brightly lit Christmas tree. Each was wearing a juvenile-looking striped T-shirt, white socks, and thick cloth diapers and plastic pants. Ted stared open-mouthed for a full five seconds before snapping out of his shock. He quickly moved to the right of the entranceway so that he would not be seen. His heart was racing as fast as his thoughts. What should he do? He knew he couldn't just barge in on them, but standing here listening to their conversation didn't seem right either.

"Well," he thought, "I guess I can go upstairs by the back stairs and they won't have to know I even saw them."

But, he knew that he had to find out what they were saying. Swallowing his feelings of guilt, he stood very still and listened.

"...sneaking around like this. I wish we could tell our parents how we feel about diapers," Peter was saying. "I also wish we could buy more diapers and plastic pants, three of each just aren't enough. I know it's hard enough hiding just three, but after Christmas, I'm going to spend some of my Christmas money to get more- at least a dozen.

"Kewl, if we each had a dozen we could wear them whenever we wanted to," Kevin said excitedly. "But," his voice dropping down again, he said "we've said it all a million times- it ain't gonna happen. Can you picture how our parents would react if we asked to go back to wearing diapers full time? My mom would give me one of her "sad with disappointment" looks and my dad would probably kill me. I don't even care what the other guys would say as long as my parents would allow it."

"Shit. (This was about as bad as their language ever got, and only when they felt very frustrated.) I feel the same way. Are we really freaks? Why do we feel this way?"

Ted felt too guilty to listen any longer, so, very shaken, he crept to the kitchen where he took the back stairs up to the master bedroom.

He composed himself for a few seconds before reentering the bedroom. Marsha was awake.

"Where have you been? Are you feeling OK?" queried Marsha.

"I'm fine," Ted answered.

"No," Marsha replied, "something's wrong. I can hear it in your voice."

"You're right. You know me so well, don't you?" So, his voice cracking with emotion, he told Marsha everything he had just seen and heard.

Marsha remained silent for several minutes after Ted had finished his story. Ted was anxiously waiting for her to respond, to say something, ...anything. As the time stretched on he became alarmed. Finally, she half rolled over toward him and said, "Honey, there's something I have to tell you."

Ted felt like someone had just hit him in the stomach. "Now what?" he thought. "Did Marsha already know about this? But how could she? Didn't he just hear the boys say that neither of their parents knew?"

"Honey," she said starting over again, "a short time before we were married, your mother told me a story about two boys, best friends, a little younger than Kevin and Peter are today, who wanted to be put back into diapers and treated like little boys again."

Ted was sure that the room was spinning as fast as the spin cycle on a washing machine. He couldn't form whole sentences but he vaguely knew that someone was saying something.

"She told... you knew... but why...???" croaked Ted.

He became aware of his wife gently stroking his forehead and hair.

"Shh..., everything will be alright" she soothed. "Take some deep breaths and relax."

"Oh, sweetie, I'm so embarrassed," sighed Ted.

"Embarrassed. Why, whatever for?" responded Marsha. "I'm the one who should feel embarrassed. I didn't share with you the information your mother gave me almost twenty years ago. Please, forgive me, honey. Please, believe me, I just didn't know how to bring it up."

"I'm not mad. I understand. After all, what were you supposed to do? Start up a conversation with 'By the way, honey, how did you like spending your teenage years in diapers?"

Marsha breathed a sigh of relief as she realized that her husband's sense of humor was returning. Nonetheless, had there been a light on she would have seen how red with embarrassment he was.

"Marsha, there is one thing more that is bothering me."

"What's that?"

"Tommy," answered Ted.

Tommy was their youngest child. Shortly after his birth, his parents sensed that there was something different with him. In time, they found out that he was developmentally handicapped. He turned out to be a sweet child but, even in preschool, he lagged so far behind the other children that his parents placed him in a special school. Now, at the age of nine, he seemed happy and well adjusted, although his interest were more like those of a four or five year old. He also never became fully dry at night. His parents didn't make a big deal out of it but opted to keep him in overnight disposables.

"What I mean is," continued Ted, "I don't want Tommy confused by his brother returning to diapers if that's what he wants. He looks up to Kevin so much it would be a shame for him to lose that relationship. I also don't want Tommy regressing. Would he want to go back to cloth diapers if we allow Kevin to wear them all the time? Come to think of it, could Kevin's desire to go back to diapers be connected to all the attention we give to Tommy?"

"I don't know, honey. But somehow I don't think that's what's motivating it. Besides, it doesn't explain why Peter is also interested in diapers. But the question of what effect Kevin's going back to diapers will have on Tommy is a good one. We'll have to make sure that Tommy doesn't feel that he is in any way responsible or limited by what Kevin does. After all, two boys back in cloth diapers wouldn't be the end of the world. If necessary, we could always hire a diaper service again." Marsha responded.

Just then, they heard a noise coming from downstairs. Sure enough, the reflected glow of the fireplace and Christmas tree lights went out leaving their bedroom in almost total darkness.

"Shh, they're coming upstairs," Marsha warned.

Several seconds later, the light from a flashlight could be seen shining under the door. Kevin's room was down the hall and to the left and the boys were talking as they sneaked quietly down the hall.

"Do you think your parents are awake?" Peter asked.

"Nah," whispered Kevin, "you know how old people are. They can barely stay awake after dinner." A suppressed snort from Peter brought a warning shush from Kevin. "Quiet, or you'll wake them up. Do you want them to catch us?"

"We should be so lucky," Peter mused.

"Yeah, if only they wouldn't freak out," answered Kevin as the door to his room closed quietly behind them.

Laying in the dark, Ted and Marsha knew what the other was thinking. "We've got to help these guys out."

Out loud, Ted said "Good night, old wife." Marsha didn't answer but she did jab him in the ribs with her elbow.


> Neither Ted nor Marsha got much sleep for the rest of the night. Laying there in the dark, however, Ted felt a sense of peace he hadn't experienced in a long time. He would need time to examine it, but he was sure it was connected to Marsha knowing about his past. He wouldn't have to worry about anything "slipping" out and this made him feel good. Right now, of course, the priority was to help Kevin and Peter feel good about themselves. It was obvious to him that until they could come to terms with their diaper desires, they risked developing potentially destructive feelings about themselves.

For her part, Marsha had resolved to find out more about her son's current diaper situation. She had never been the kind of parent who snooped around her children's rooms, but she was a vigilant parent who prided herself on listening to her children and (hopefully) having them understand that she would always be there if they needed her. Kevin's current dilemma saddened her in part because he didn't feel enough trust to confide in her. "Enough self-pity," she thought to herself, "there's work to be done."

That morning, over coffee, Marsha and Ted shared their thoughts.

"Well, first off, it's obvious that Rick and Brenda have to be brought up to speed. Whatever is decided, it won't have a beneficial effect unless both families agree to respond the same way," said Marsha. "Kevin and Peter are so close that if one of the families says no to supporting their diaper desires, the other will get diapers from his friend anyway."

"Maybe we should settle that first. What do you think, Marsha? Should we support Kevin in his wish to go back to diapers?"

"Well, of course," answered Marsha. "From what you told me last night, it seems obvious that if we say no to Kevin about diapers it will do great harm to our relationship with him as parents- he probably would start withdrawing from us even more than is natural for an adolescent to do. And, besides, consider the damage we would do to his self-esteem if we sent out any message that said we thought he was weird. Also, I want to stop this sneaking around as soon as possible. I don't want them feeling guilty over something like this."

"OK, I agree," affirmed Ted. "Now, as to how we get Rick and Brenda on board I've been thinking that I should speak to Rick alone first. Afterwards, he can decide whether he wants to tell Brenda by himself or whether he wants all of us together to break the news."

"OK, it's still a little early. Why don't you call him in about an hour?" Just as Marsha was finishing her sentence, Tommy walked in.

"Good morning, sweetie," Marsha said, "Are you ready for breakfast?"

"Uh, huh," answered Tommy. "Can I turn on the Christmas tree and sit on the floor to watch it while I eat my cereal?"

"OK, honey, but be careful not to spill anything."


> Later that morning, Ted nervously waited for Rick to show up at the coffee shop where they made all their important business decisions. If was a tradition that started the day they formed their partnership in the very booth he was now sitting in.

Ted was so wrapped up in his thoughts he was startled when Rick slid into the seat across from him.

"What's up, partner? You look like you're going to tell me that we just went bankrupt."

Ted forced a laugh, "Oh, no, nothing like that. Unfortunately, we're doing so well we're going to be chained to our desks for many more years to come."

"Very funny. But I'm sure you didn't call me down here to tell me that. What's up?" questioned Rick.

"OK, I'll give it to you straight. My Kevin and your Peter are secretly wearing and, I believe, using nighttime cloth diapers and plastic pants."

"What!" exclaimed Rick, loud enough to make heads turn their way. "How do you know this?"

Ted told him.

"And they say history doesn't repeat itself," commented Rick. "Of course, we were a little younger, weren't we?"

"Well, maybe," responded Ted, "but we don't know when these guys started."

"Unless I'm misreading you, you're telling me we have to either find a way to tell the guys that it's OK to wear diapers or set up a situation where they feel comfortable telling us it is what they want."

"Essentially, yes," Ted agreed, "but Marsha and I think we have a way to do both. But, first, don't you and Brenda have some talking to do?"

"I suppose we do. But, you know, she already knows all about you and me as teenagers in diapers."

"Hell, am I the only one who thought that the past had stayed hidden? How many more people know about our teenaged diaper wearing?"

"You know what, buddy," answered Rick, "I don't know and I don't care. Let's go over to my house and we'll call Marsha to come and join us so that we can have a powwow over this. The guys are at the mall and video arcade all afternoon aren't they?"

Rick got up to leave the booth but he noticed that Ted was hesitating and asked if there was something else they needed to discuss. Ted sheepishly admitted that he couldn't stand up right at that moment.

"All this talk about diaper wearing has taken me by surprise and, frankly, recollections from the past have gotten me excited," he said red-faced. "I'll need a couple of minutes for the excitement to go down."

Rick admitted to being somewhat aroused also and they ordered another cup of coffee staying carefully away from any references to diapers.

Their meeting lasted a little under two hours and they had all agreed on the same strategy that would be played out beginning a few days before Christmas.

"You know, Marsha," Ted commented later, "Brenda seemed awfully pleased at the idea of getting her boy back into diapers."

"Yes, I noticed that too. I think Peter might not realize half of what's in store for him. He is an only child so maybe Brenda is relishing the idea of having another "baby" to care for."


> On December 20, Sharan arrived home from State University and she was apprised of the situation. She was rather amused by it all but she promised to do her part to make the boys comfortable with themselves. She was mature enough to understand that they needed this space in their lives, but at the same time she was young enough to think of several ways to use this as an advantage over her younger brother.

December 23rd finally rolled around and the Harrelmons were expected to "move in" right after lunch. Brenda and Marsha chose this date so that they could get a head start on Christmas dinner and the other plans they had made. Kevin and Peter were delighted. It meant that they would have an extra day to hang around together.

Shortly after the Harrelmons arrived, Kevin and Peter were called into the dining room for a "short meeting." Both boys wondered what they had done. They couldn't think of anything except...

Ted invited Peter and Kevin to have a seat. "Guys, we asked you here because we need a favor from you. Of course, you are free to say no, but we hope you won't. It would mean a lot to us, and it would mean the world to Tommy."

"What's up, Dad?" Kevin asked. Instead of answering his son, Ted turned to Peter.

"Peter, I don't think you know about the Wishing Star tradition we have in our family. It started when Sharan was a very little girl. One Christmas Eve, we were having trouble putting her to bed, so we told her that if she made a wish on the Wishing Star and then went straight to bed, she would receive whatever it was she had wished for. I am a little ashamed to say that it started out strictly as a way to manipulate her to go to bed. In any case, she got excited by the idea and we were able to get her to sleep at a reasonable hour. When Kevin came along and then Tommy, we continued the tradition. As you might be able to guess, Tommy has not lost interest in this tradition the way Sharan and Kevin have. In fact, he feels that for the last two years he has not gotten his wish because we haven't been doing it right. Kevin, can you explain to Peter how the Wishing Star ritual works?

"OK. Basically, you get ready for bed like usual but before getting into bed you have to look up at the sky until you're sure you've found the brightest star. Once you've found it, you make your wish and the you go straight to bed." Kevin then turned to his Dad and asked, "What did you mean that Tommy thinks he's doing it wrong?"

"He doesn't think he's doing it wrong. He thinks we're making him do it wrong," answered Ted. "He remembers back a few years when he still wore cloth diapers under his sleeper. He thinks that the disposables are the wrong thing to wear. And now here's the part where you come in. He thinks he's not able to find the brightest star by himself so he wants you to help him during the Wishing Star ritual."

"Gee, Dad," Kevin started, I'm sure we'd be happy to help Tommy find his star. That's no big deal."

"I don't think you understand the whole thing yet, Kevin," Marsha commented. "He wants you and Peter to participate completely. To him that means you must also wear sleepers, cloth diapers, and plastic pants."

Peter and Kevin were as thunderstruck as their fathers had been when they found out a few weeks ago about their sons' desires to return to diapers and plastic pants. Being younger, though, it was harder for them to hide their true feelings. They tried their best, though.

"Well," Kevin began, "I guess I could do that for Tommy. He is just a little kid and he is slow and everything, I guess it would be OK."

Yeah," Peter chimed in, "I kind of like Tommy. He's not a brat or anything so I guess I would be wiling to help. But, where will you get the um..., um..., diapers and everything?"

"Don't worry about that," Brenda stated, "That will be our problem. I am very proud of both you boys doing this for Tommy. It is very sweet of you both to support him like this." She leaned over and gave Peter a kiss on the cheek.

"Aw, gee, Mom, not in front of Kevin," Peter protested.

Both boys, however, floated out of the dining room, their feet barely touching the ground they were so happy.

Once they heard the boys going up to Kevin's room, Rick commented, "Well, that erased any doubt I had about whether the guys wanted to be in diapers or not. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but their pants were more than a little tented on the way out."

Running up the stairs to get to Kevin's room, the boys were so happy they couldn't walk straight, falling down several times on the stairs. Back in the room, the tried to keep their voices down while repeating over and over, "They're going to put us back in diapers! Oh, man, can you believe it?"

"Kevin, are you really excited, I mean "down there?"

"You know I am."

"How about we put our diapers on now?" Peter suggested. "Since our parents are actually going to diaper us tomorrow night, we can use some of our own diapers today."

"Do you mean put then on now and wear them all day? Are you crazy? What if they notice? Oh, man, no," Kevin stammered.

"C'mon don't be chicken. I'm gonna do it. Besides, we're wearing pretty loose corduroys. No one will notice, I'm sure."

So, the boys changed each other into their diapers. Their hearts nearly stopped when Tommy knocked on the door and asked to come in. What a sight he would have seen: his older brother in a T-shirt and diapers pinning a diaper on his friend. The boys scrambled into their pants as fast as they could.

"See," Peter was saying, "the diapers hardly even show. Our shirts cover them up completely. Even without them, you can hardly tell anyway."

"I guess so," Kevin reluctantly agreed. "But what about the noise."

"You're paranoid. Our moms are playing Christmas carols all over the house anyway. No one will hear a thing."

Feeling guilty, the boys went in search of Tommy. To make up for sending him away they played with him for the rest of the afternoon.

Around five-thirty, Brenda interrupted their games by telling the boys to get ready to go out to dinner.

"We're going out to dinner?" a surprised Peter asked.

"Yes," his mother said, "Mrs. Levassy and I are cooking a big meal for tomorrow. We don't feel like cooking another one tonight."


"Now hurry up, we're leaving right away and we're going to a nice place. Here, change into these shirts." Brenda said as she handed two dress shirts to the boys.

"OK, we'll be right back down." Kevin said.

"No time for that; change right her. And tuck in your shirts, so that you'll look nice and neat. Tommy, come with me, your mother has your clothes ready in your room."

When the boys had come downstairs earlier to play with Tommy, their fathers were pretty sure they had diapered themselves. Their keen eyes (and years of experience) confirmed the extra roundness of the boys' behinds and the extra fullness in their crotch. So, a hasty meeting was held in the kitchen where it was decided that the boys would be taken out on their first diaper outing.

"Peter, look what have you gotten us into," Kevin said between clenched teeth.

"Me? You didn't exactly fight very hard against the idea. Besides, you know you're excited about being in diapers."

"That's not the point. Look at us. What were we thinking? Without our shirts hanging out you can see our diaper bulge from a million miles away." Kevin worried.

"That's only because we know. People don't look at other people that closely."

"Come on guys, hurry up," a voice said from the hall.

The house had gone quiet as the TVs and stereos had all been turned off. The boys became acutely and painfully aware that their plastic pants were making clearly audible crackles and rustling sounds.

"Oh, God," the boys prayed, "don't let anyone hear them."

Everyone was waiting by the back door. Kevin and Peter were handed short jackets.

"Here, it's not too cold tonight," said Peter's dad, "These will be warm enough, but button up well."

With the exception of Tommy, who was not in on the plot, everyone else knew that after they buttoned up their jackets the waistbands would further constrict their pants and cause the roundness of the diapers to be even more visible. It worked perfectly. With a combination of horror and excitement, the boys saw it, too.

Even outside, walking to the Levassy's SUV, Kevin and Peter thought that the crackling noises of their plastic pants sounded like mini-gunshots. But nobody reacted- or, in truth, nobody let their reactions show.

To their amazement, the thrill of going out diapered in public won out over their fears at being caught, with the result that the bulges in the front of their pants grew. Seated in the back row, Peter discretely tried to readjust himself, but even this casual contact set off a predictable explosion in his plastic pants. His inability to sit still caused Peter to notice what was happening and this set him off next. Again, they were lucky that no one else noticed- or so they hoped. Still shaking and unsteady they arrived at the restaurant.

They would have to wait for a table. The whole time they were standing waiting they couldn't decide where to place their hands to best hide their bulging diapers. Lost in a flood of memories of when they were in similar circumstances, their fathers hoped that the plans they had been made would allow the boys the freedom to express themselves as they wished.

Near the end of the meal, Peter excused himself and headed for the rest room.

"Wait up," Kevin called to him. "I need to go, too."

Kevin had been feeling uncomfortable pressure from his bladder for some time and was glad that Peter needed to use the bathroom.

They had only gotten a few feet away from the table when Peter's dad said, "That's a good idea. I need to use the facilities, too."

"Me, too," added Ted. "How about you, Tommy?"

"Nope, I'm OK."

Looking over their shoulders, Peter and Kevin saw their fathers following them to the rest room.

"What are we going to do now?" Kevin whispered.

"Use a stall, of course," Peter answered. "What else did you think we would do?"

"I mean, our dads will hear the crinkling noise of our plastic pants if we try to pull them down!" Kevin lamented.

"Maybe the bathroom will have loud music, or something," Peter said hopefully.

But, the rest room was empty and quiet. Each boy entered a different stall.

"Quick," Peter said, "pull you pants down and sit on the toilet. Our dads will probably finish quickly and then we can pull down our plastic pants and undo our diapers after they've gone."

Seconds later Ted and Rick entered the men's room talking about business, seemingly oblivious to the boys in the stalls. As they were washing their hands, Rick made a hand motion to Ted indicating that he should stand by the door and wait.

"Are you almost done, Peter?"

"Uh, yeah, dad. Just a second," Peter blurted out.

"OK, we'll wait right here for you."

Panic filled the boys. Peter silently cursed himself for answering the way he did and Kevin would have throttled Peter if he had been able to get his hands on his friend. Kevin's nervousness was now so intense he could no longer hold back. He lost control and he began to flood his diaper. Peter heard the unmistakable hissing sound of peeing coming from the other side of the partition and he also lost control and heavily wet his diaper. Ted and Rick clearly heard the sounds and knew what was happening.

Satisfied that they had accomplished the mischief they intended to do, Ted called to the boys, "We're going back to pay the bill. Meet us at the entrance when you're finished."

They chuckled all the way back.

"What's so funny?" Tommy asked.

"It's Christmas Eve," Ted answered, "isn't that enough to make you happy? Come on, your brother and Peter will meet us at the door."

Sharan, Brenda, and Marsha were dying to ask questions but they knew they would have to wait until the got home.

Inside the rest room, Peter and Kevin had pulled their pants back up (since it was too late to worry about taking down their diapers to pee) and were washing their hands at the sink.

"Why did you tell your dad you were almost finished?" Kevin said between clenched teeth, "That was sooo stupid."

"Hey, don't blame me. It was just automatic." Peter defended himself. "Besides, there's something more important to do. Check my backside and make sure my plastic pants aren't leaking. I don't think I ever peed so much in a diaper before."

"You're OK," Kevin advised, "but check me, too, I know I'm super wet."


> Back home again, the boys knew they needed an excuse to get to Kevin's room so they could change out of their soggy diapers. Going into the den, they intended to pick up their T-shirts and announce that they were going to change. But, Kevin's mother was already collecting them saying that she wanted to get all the laundry done before Christmas.

"Besides," she said, "you look so handsome in your dress shirts. Keep them on."

Defeated, the boys retreated to Kevin's room anyway. Once inside, Kevin started undressing so that he could get out of his wet diaper. Meanwhile, Peter was taking out another set of diapers and plastic pants.

"What are you doing?" Kevin screeched. "We almost got caught at least two times tonight. I don't think I can stand anymore of this."

"Keep your voice down," Peter warned. "Didn't your mother tell us to stay dressed the way we were? If we showed up looking different they might notice that something was up."

"That doesn't make any sense. Besides, didn't you say before we left for the restaurant that people don't look at other people that closely."

"Yeah, but this is our mothers we're talking about. They notice everything- we shouldn't take any chances." Peter insisted.

Kevin sensed that Peter really wanted to stay in diapers all evening and overnight. In fact, he himself was reluctant to change back into regular underwear. So, he let himself be convinced.

"OK," he sighed, "but first I want to use the bathroom. I don't want a poopy diaper on top of everything else that's happened tonight."

"Good idea, hurry up and I'll use the bathroom next," Kevin seconded.

Freshly diapered and dressed, the boys left Kevin's room to watch television. They fell asleep lying face down on the floor of the den. At 11:00, Ted and Rick couldn't resist waking them up by placing their hands on the back pockets of their son's pants and shaking them gently. As soon as the boys were awake enough to realize that they were being touched on their diapers and plastic pants, they jumped away, panic in their eyes.

"Sorry," Ted apologized, "We didn't mean to scare you. It's time for you to get to bed. Oh, and Kevin, I don't know what you carry around in those pants, but make sure you empty your pockets before you throw them in the laundry. I don't want whatever is bulging in your back pocket to wreck the washing machine."

"That goes for you, too, Peter," Rick affirmed.

The boys fled the room and raced up the stairs. It was a full five minutes before their heart rates were back to normal.

In the meantime, Ted and Rick were desperately trying to keep their laughter from being heard upstairs. But, in the end, it was the boys who got the greatest satisfaction. They were now free to enjoy their diapers and to drift into a contented sleep in warm and cozy diapers and baby pants. These wouldn't stay dry for very long, either.


> Christmas Eve dawned bright and clear. The weather forecast promised clear skies through Christmas night. It would be perfect weather for the Wishing Star ritual. Peter and Kevin were especially well behaved and they even played games with Tommy for several hours in the afternoon. Marsha and Brenda wondered if this signaled how the boys would behave once they were back in diapers. If it did, they were delighted.

Dinner was over a little after six o'clock and Tommy was told to go take his bath and then wait in his room until his mother came to diaper him. He normally would put on his own disposable diaper, but since he would be wearing cloth diapers tonight Marsha would have to do it for him. By seven, Tommy was all ready.

"Honey, would you tell Kevin and Peter to start getting ready too?" Marsha called to her husband.

"They're in Kevin's room. I'll go tell them," Ted responded.

Knocking on the door, he went in and told the boys to begin showering. "Peter, you use the shower in this room, and Kevin you use my shower."

"OK," they said simultaneously.

"When you're done, Peter, your Dad will help you get your diaper on, and I'll help Kevin when he's ready."

"We can do it ourselves," Peter began to say until he realized that they weren't supposed to know how to put diapers on. "I mean, yeah, I guess we will need you to help us."

As soon as Ted left, Kevin said, "Nice going. You practically admitted that we knew how to put on diapers by ourselves. Geez, let's not slip up too many more times."

"I'm sorry," pleaded Peter, "I guess it's just that I wish we could admit to liking diapers."

"I know. Well, go take your shower and then you and me can get ourselves diapered!" Kevin rejoiced.

Five minutes later the boys were back in the bedroom and their dads were already folding the thickest diapers either boy had ever seen.

"OK, Peter, lay down on the diaper," his father invited.

"You too, Kevin," Ted echoed.

Both boys were having tremendous difficulty keeping down their excitement. This always happened when they diapered themselves, but now they were embarrassed to have their fathers see it. Ted & Rick sprinkled liberal amounts on powder on their sons' diaper areas and gently began rubbing it in, all the while ignoring their sons' growing excitement.

"OK, roll over so we can powder your behinds," the boys were told.

The cool powder was like heaven to the boys. The feelings running through them were much powerful than they ever imagined they could be.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Rick questioned.

"It's OK," the boys answered in unison while their fathers winked at each other in complete understanding of what the boys were really feeling.

"OK, roll back over so we can pin the diapers in place. "Oh, and hold the diaper pins for us, please"

Each boy was handed six yellow and brown teddy bear diaper pins.

"We want to make sure these diapers stay on good and tight," Ted explained.

Next their fathers slid on the plastic pants as the boys automatically raised up their behinds. They took extra care to make sure that each boy's diaper was carefully tucked inside the plastic pants. As the boys tried to get up, they were gently pushed back onto the beds.

"No, we want to do this all the way. We'll dress you completely."

With that, heavy socks were pulled onto their feet ("To keep our little boys nice and warm.") and, finally, the boys were zipped into their sleepers,

"OK, all set. Tommy is expecting you in about thirty minutes."

As soon as their dads left, the boys began admiring themselves in the full-length mirror on the closet door. Kevin was wearing a yellow sleeper with a babyish train running across his chest while Peter had on a light green sleeper with baby blocks that spelled out "Sleepy Time." Their diapers bulged out on all sides and the slightest movement caused their plastic pants to make a delicious rustling sound. The boys were reaching a level of excitement never before attained, even when compared to last night.

"I've got to do it now, or I'll die for sure," Peter gasped.

"Me, too," Kevin agreed.

After only a few seconds of rubbing the boys exploded inside their diapers. Lying down on the bed, they delighted in the afterglow of the experience.

A knock on the door brought them hastily back to the present.

"Tommy's waiting," Sharan announced. "He's in the dining room." She gushed at their appearance and complimented them on their generosity in helping Tommy. All the way down the stairs she couldn't take her eyes off the slight waddle of their behinds caused by their thick diapers.

In the dining room, Tommy was all excited. He giggled at his older brother and friend in their diapers and sleepers, but he was soon down to business. The boys gathered by the window and to find the brightest star possible. The dining lights were turned off so that they could see the sky more clearly. After a few minutes Tommy agreed that they had found the brightest star, and, holding hands with Kevin and Peter, he wished his wish with all his might. He then hugged each boy tightly and was sent off to bed.

Now that Tommy was safely off to bed, the four parents would push the limits to see how far their boys would go with this.

"That was nice, guys. Thanks, Kevin, for being such a thoughtful big brother. And thank you, Peter, for being a good sport and friend to Tommy," beamed Marsha. "It's not even eight o'clock. Why don't go on upstairs and change back to your regular clothes."

"Um, well, Mom," stammered Kevin, "would that be a good idea? I mean, what if Tommy wakes up? Won't he think his wish might not come true if we've changed clothes? You said he was upset because he thought we weren't doing the Christmas wish the right way."

"Yeah, Mrs. Levassy," agreed Peter sheepishly, "I don't mind staying like this either. I wouldn't want Tommy to get upset or anything."

"Well, OK. If you really want to stay in your diapers and sleepers, we don't mind."

The way she said "your diapers" and "your sleepers" sent a wave of warmth and longing through each of the boys. "If only," they thought, "we could always be in "our" diapers and "our" sleepers.

Their reverie was broken by their fathers calling them into the living room. Upon entering the room they were invited to sit down next to their fathers, but as they approached them their dads grabbed them and spun them around. Before they knew it, they were lying on their backs on the floor with their dads pinning them down.

"Your dad and I," Ted said looking over to Peter, "decided that this opportunity was too good to miss. Seeing you dressed like toddlers reminded us that it's been at least nine or ten years since you've received a good tickling. So, prepare to meet your doom!"

Within seconds the boys were squealing with pleasure as their fathers tickled them mercilessly.

"Oh, no. Please, stop. I can't take any more. Ow, my sides hurt. Enough, enough, we give up," the boys gasped amid their uncontrollable laughter. But their dads stopped only after each boy admitted to wetting his diaper.

Meanwhile, in his room, Tommy had not yet fallen asleep but now he would because he knew that his wish had been granted.

Before helping their boys up, Ted and Rick insisted on checking the condition of their diapers.

"I can't remember a single time when a certain little boy got a tickling that he didn't also wet his diapers," Rick said.

"Neither can I, but I think we ought to be sure," agreed Kevin's dad.

Unzipping their sleepers from the bottom up, the wet condition of their diapers was confirmed.

The red-faced boys began a flood of explanations: "Gee, it wasn't fair. We didn't have time to prepare. I sort of needed to go, but I thought it could wait. We begged you to stop."

"Relax, guys. It was just our little joke. We were trying to get you to wet your diapers. Besides, you're not that wet. You can probably wait until bedtime to change into something dry." Rick explained.

"Oh, OK," the boys agreed rather too quickly and then went running into the den to watch TV.

"I guess that proves one more thing," Ted said.

"What's that?" Rick asked.

"That our boys don't mind being in wet diapers."

A short time later the doorbell rang. Marsha answered it and was surprised to see that it was their neighbor's boy, Frank.

"Hi, Mrs. Levassy. Kevin told me that he and Peter would be hanging around together tonight and that maybe I could come around and hang out with them too? Can I come in?"

"Of course, sure." She said hesitatingly. "Why don't you wait in the living room and I'll go find the guys."

Frank was in the same grade at school as Kevin and Peter. He had three sisters and, over the holidays, his family was hosting his mom's sister and her children- all girls. This way why Frank wanted to come over.

In the den, Marsha explained to Kevin and Peter that Frank was waiting for them in the living room.

"Do you want me to tell him to wait and that you will be down in a few minutes while you go change?"

"Naw," Kevin said, "It's not worth the bother."

"What about you, Peter? Do you agree with Kevin?"

"Yeah, he'll understand why we did it for Tommy."

With that, the boys trundled off to the living room.

"Hi, Frank."

Turning around to greet them, Frank did a classic double- take.

"Guys, aren't you a little confused. This is Christmas not Halloween. What's with the costumes?"

They told him about Tommy's wish and how they were cooperating with it and how they didn't want to do anything to upset him. He accepted their explanation with a shrug of the shoulders and a short "Oh, OK. Anything good on TV or can we play some games instead?" Of course, they didn't tell him about their wet diapers.

At ten thirty Marsha came in to tell Frank that it was time for him to go along home. On his way home, he wondered about his friends. He didn't mind that they were dressed like toddlers but he knew from the slight smell of urine that were wet when he arrived and he had heard the distinctive sound of their wetting some more while they watched TV. He wondered why this excited him.

"Bedtime, guys. I'll bet you'll be glad to get out of those wet diapers," Peter's Dad was saying. "Do you need any help? Do you know where your mom put your regular pajamas, Peter?"

"Um, Mr. Harrelmon," Kevin interrupted, "Tommy is probably going to come screaming in here at some god awful time tomorrow morning to get us up to open our presents. If he finds us in regular pajamas, he'll know we didn't follow through with the whole Wishing Star ritual."

"Are you saying that you want to stay in your sleepers and diapers? I'm sorry, boys, but you'll get an awful diaper rash if you don't get into some dry clothes soon. I know it's important to Tommy, but..."

At that moment, Ted came into the room carrying an armful of fresh diapers, plastic pants and two changing pads.

"I heard you talking, so I thought I would bring these in. Here are some diapers for you to wear during the night and a fresh change for the morning."

"Gee, thanks, dad, that's great. I mean..., Tommy will be so happy," Kevin amended.

The next few minutes were glorious for the boys. Their dads did everything for them as if they really were toddlers. The changing pads were laid out on their beds; their sleepers were unzipped and lifted out of the way; they were gently placed on the changing pads; they lifted their behinds and relished in the sensation of the plastic pants sliding down their legs and off their feet; they shivered with pleasure at the unpinning of the diapers and at the sensation of the cool air hitting their diaper areas. Then, the gentle washing with a warm washcloth, the sliding of the new diaper under them; the softness of the cotton against their bottoms. Their erections were becoming impossible to hide but their fathers ignored them. The boys smelt the sweetness of the baby powder before they felt it being gently rubbed in. They turned over and the process was repeated. Then, the actual pinning of the diapers, the sliding up of the plastic pants, the tucking in of any stray diaper material, and the re-zipping of their sleepers completed the process. They each let out a sigh of pleasure that was as unmistakable as it was heartfelt.

"Alright, now into bed with you," their fathers said as they put away the changing pads, tomorrow's diapers, and the other diaper changing items.

"Don't forget their wet diapers and plastic pants," Rick advised Ted. "Can we put them with Tommy's wet diapers for washing later?"

After their dads had left, a sleepy Kevin asked Peter, "Where did they get the changing pads and fresh diapers from?"

"I don't know," replied an equally sleepy Peter. "Let's not think about it tonight. Let's just enjoy sleeping in diapers."

"Yeah, good idea."

They were asleep in minutes and didn't wake up until Tommy blew into the room on Christmas morning at 5:45am.


> "Come on, Kevin, wake up. It's time to open presents!" Tommy shouted several times before waking Kevin.

"Huh, wha...??" replied a groggy Kevin, "are mom and dad awake yet?

"Yes, we are," Ted replied from the doorway. "In fact, it looks like everyone is getting up. Of course, it would be hard to sleep through all this noise."

Sharan and the Harrelmons were all coming out of their rooms dressed in pajamas and bathrobes. Peter was also showing signs of waking up.

"Sharan, would you take Tommy back to his room to change him?" Marsha asked. "I think it would be best to put him back in cloth diapers. You know how he is when he's excited. I don't want any accidents in the living room this morning. Oh, and would try to get him to eat some breakfast?" Under her breath, as Sharan passed her in the hall, she added "Try to keep him out of the living room for as long as possible. You know how he can't resist touching everything and I'd hate to have him break any gifts."

"Sure, Mom. I'll try," Sharan answered, "When are you going to spring the other surprises?"

"Shh... the guys will hear you."

"OK, guys." Brenda asked, "Do you need changing too?"

Both boys sheepishly nodded their heads.

"Well, Marsha, it looks like we need to get busy. I hope I remember how to do this," Brenda joked.

Ted and Rick left to get things ready for the next event of the morning.

While the boys were looking forward to experiencing another diaper change, they weren't sure how comfortable they were about the other boy's mother being in the room. But, since they wouldn't have any more excuses to stay in diapers after they finished opening presents, the boys accepted the situation with good grace. Each silently hoped that their mothers would understand if they started getting erections during the process. The fact that they were put into baby-print plastic pants that crinkled loudly nearly sent them over the edge. Back again in their sleepers, they delighted in looking and sounding like toddlers.

"Ok, guys. You're all set," said Marsha. "But before you go downstairs there is something we have to show you. Come to the bedroom," she said, meaning the master bedroom that belonged to Ted and her.

Ted and Rick were already waiting. Rick held a photo album thick with pictures.

"Sit on the bed, please," Rick said to the boys. "This first gift this morning is not exactly the usual kind of gift. We're going to show you a photo album. After you've looked through it, you may want to ask us some questions."

They handed the book over to Kevin and Peter who opened to the first page. There was a picture of their fathers, arms around each other's shoulder, taken when they must have been eleven or twelve. The kept turning pages looking for a reason to ask questions. They already knew about the things portrayed in the pictures. Their dads had been in scouting together, they had gone on family vacations with each other's family, they had played on the same basketball team. It was when they turned to the next set of pages that they let out a sharp gasp. There was a picture of their fathers, kneeling on the floor, smiling, and wearing diapers- not a baby picture, but a picture taken when they were twelve or thirteen years old. Almost as if they were afraid that the book might be taken away from them, the boys started quickly turning page after page trying to take it all in. Their dads wearing bulging shortalls and overalls, baby print shirts and plastic pants, sucking on pacifiers and baby bottles, playing catch in their diapers in the back yard, and on and on. Only when they got to the end did they look up into their parents' expectant faces. Ted and Marsha were standing next to each other holding each other around the waist, as were Ted and Brenda.

"Do you have any questions or observations," Ted asked.

"How come you never told us?" asked Peter.

"It's not an easy subject to bring up. As I am sure both of you boys know very well," Rick answered.

A pregnant pause stretched out for several seconds.

Finally, Peter asked, "When did you find out about us, I mean Kevin and me?"

Ted explained how he accidentally saw and overhead them on the night of the decorating party and how he had never wanted to spy on them. He also explained how they used Tommy's request for a Wishing Star ritual to reintroduce them to diapers in front of the family.

"Does this mean I can wear diapers and baby clothes whenever I want to?" Peter asked his parents.

"Yes," they answered. "No more hiding your feelings, or your diapers for that matter?"

"How about me?" Kevin queried.

"Of course, the same goes for you." Kevin's parents agreed, "Whatever way you want to be treated, either as a "big boy" or as a "little boy," is strictly up to you," they answered.

The boys got up and hugged their parents for a long moment while thanking them over and over.

"Even if I don't get any more presents," Kevin said, "this will still be the best Christmas ever."

"Me, too," agreed Peter.

"OK, Rick, let's go load up the car so we can return all that stuff tomorrow," joked Ted.

"Good idea," agreed Rick.

The horror-stricken look on the boys' faces prompted Marsha to speak up, "They're only kidding. You'll get your other presents, too. Who knows? Santa may have been extra generous to two little diaper boys."

This led to another round of hugging by the boys.

"OK, let's go get Sandra and Tommy and begin some serious present opening," Ted proposed

"Not just yet," interrupted Brenda. "There's one last thing to clear up."

"Thanks right," seconded Marsha.

Ted and Rick looked at each other and wondered what their wives were talking about. They had accomplished everything they set out to do for the boys. What could they have possibly left out?

Marsha filled them in. "Answer this, Ted and Rick. When did you finally decide that you no longer enjoyed wearing diapers?"

"Well, Marsha," Rick began, "we each met the love of our life and we left childhood things to the past."

"That doesn't answer the question," Brenda pointed out. "The question: was when did you stop enjoying diapers? Not, why did you stop wearing them?"

"Well, umm," Ted said. "I think Rick means that before you're married there is room in your life for games and things. After marriage you have to settle down and give serious attention to your family."

"You still enjoy basketball and camping. Aren't those the same thing? In some ways, they take you further away from your family than the style of clothes you wear."

"But..., no, you see...," sputtered their husbands.

Both husbands were blushing furiously knowing that they couldn't deny that they indeed would still enjoy diaper wearing and its associated games. But, adults couldn't do that, could they? Especially not with their children's knowledge! "Well, Marsha, what do you think of their answers?" Brenda asked.

"I'd say the answers are pretty weak and not very believable."

"I agree," Brenda said, and with a tone of finality in her voice she said, "Rick, come with me to the guest room."

"OK," Marsha added, "Kevin, you and Peter go down to the kitchen and get something quick to eat. You can also help Sharan keep Tommy entertained. I'm sure he's driving her crazy wanting to get into the living room to start opening presents. We'll only be a few minutes."

"Hot damn," Peter exclaimed as they were on their way down to the kitchen. "Do you really think that our moms are gonna diaper our dads' butts?"

"I know they're gonna try, that's for sure," Kevin laughed. "I don't believe what's going on today. I'm so afraid that this is all a dream and that I'm going to wake up sad and without diapers."

"Don't worry about that," Peter encouraged his friend. "I've been pinching myself all morning and I'm sure that I'm awake."

"Yeah, but if you've been pinching yourself on the butt, your diapers and plastic pants are too thick for you to feel anything so that would be an invalid test."

"Then how about this one?" Peter rebutted. "Can you hear the crackling sound of baby pants?"

With that, they entered the kitchen giggling hysterically.

"Well, somebody is in a good mood. Maybe you guys can cheer up Tommy. He's really unhappy about having to wait," observed Sandra. She didn't ask the boys any questions about what had happened upstairs because she knew what her parents had planned, even the part that the wives had not told their husbands.

Peter and Kevin grabbed a quick bowl of cereal and tried in vain to distract Tommy. But, before they had even finished their cereal their parents were calling them to the living room. Tommy let out a "yippee" loud enough to shake the paint off the walls.

"Let's go, let's go," he encouraged the others, dragging them toward the living room.

When they got to the living room, their parents were waiting for them. Their moms were still dressed the same as before, but their dads were obviously wearing thick diapers under sleepers identical in design to the ones worn by their sons.

"Oh, daddy, how cute," said Sandra in a half-teasing voice. "You, too, Mr. Harrelmon."

Both dads blushed scarlet and gave weak smiles in return.

Tommy, on the other hand, was not phased in the least. He ran up to his father and exclaimed, "Look, Daddy, were the same now!"

As Ted bent down to give Tommy a hug, the loud crackling of his plastic pants sent Kevin and Peter into a fit of giggles as they realized what kind of baby pants he must be wearing. When Rick stepped to the side to let Tommy by, his loudly crackling pants caused the boys to double their laughter.

"OK now, all you boys sit here on the floor together. Now, I don't want any fighting or teasing. Is that understood?" admonished Marsha.

"Yes'm," they answered in unison.

For the next forty-five minutes squeals of delight and approval filled the room. Occasionally, a "new" little boy would blush at the juvenile nature of a gift, but not one of them even thought of objecting. Each gift had been picked out with care, and was truly appreciated. Of course, the gifts that got the most attention, even from Tommy, were the clothes and toys received by the "little boys." Each had received at least two dozen diapers and plastic pants (some in translucent white and some in translucent baby prints), shortalls, overalls, print T-shirts, additional sleepers, and sweaters and sweat shirts in various babyish colors and designs.

After all the wrappings and ribbons were sorted or thrown away, Marsha and Brenda asked Kevin and Peter if they didn't have one more gift for their dads. Confused, they looked from their moms to their dads who also seemed confused by this.

"Come here," they beckoned to Peter and Kevin. They whispered something to them that made their faces light up with mischievous glee.

The two dads were becoming uncomfortable as their sons and wives approached them.

"Now, what's going on here?" they demanded.

"Nothing that you won't enjoy, we promise. Sandra, why don't you help Peter and Brenda. Tommy, you can help Kevin and me," Marsha directed.

The two dads were backing toward the wall when they were dragged back to the center of the room where they were pinned down.

"It seems to me that yesterday, two gentlemen, and I use the term loosely, deliberately tickled their sons until they had wet their diapers. I think it's only fair that they get the favor returned."

"Oh, no... you can't be serious...," and finally, "help!" was heard from each of the dads.

But no amount of protest would stop the ticklers. While the others held down their dads, Kevin and Peter followed the advice their mothers had given them. They took off their dads' socks and tickled the bottom of their feet. The effect was, well, hysterical. Both dads were laughing uncontrollably in no time.

"OK, OK, they gasped, you win. You got your revenge."

"I don't know," replied Brenda, "they could be lying. I think we need to verify their claim just like they did yesterday with the boys."

Laying the hands on the front of their husband's sleepers they confirmed that they had indeed wet their diapers.

"You just wait until tonight," each husband whispered to his wife. "You just wait!"

"Oh, we're looking forward to it," they answered- for each had also felt her husband's excitement inside his diapers.

Marsha, Brenda, and Sharan then went to the kitchen to finish preparations for Christmas brunch.

"How about you guys clean up in here?" Marsha suggested before leaving. "Oh, and pick out your baby clothes for the day. After lunch, you'll get cleaned up and then we'll be dressing you."

So, for the next half-hour the guys organized the unwrapped gifts and generally straightened out the room.

"I think we'd better take our diapers and baby pants up to our rooms," Ted said. "It looks like we're having a white sale in here."

Kevin and Peter were amazed at how big a pile two dozen diapers made and they wondered where they would put all this stuff.

As if sensing their thoughts, Rick said, "We've ordered changing tables for your rooms. They'll have plenty of shelves, drawers and cabinets to store everything."

The last order of business was picking out clothes for the day. Now that the boys felt free to do what they wanted, they were not the least bit shy about picking out the most babyish looking styles. Kevin chose yellow corduroy overalls emblazoned with a red fire engine and a multicolored striped long-sleeved shirt. Peter couldn't decide, but, finally selected dark green overalls to wear with a teddy bear print pullover shirt. In a show of support, each dad selected the same color overalls as his son and matching pullover shirts. Naturally, the overalls all had snaps running along the inside seams to make diaper changes easier.


> Later that day, after Christmas dinner, the four adults were sitting in the living room. Rick and Ted were still dressed in the clothes they had selected that morning (except for an after dinner diaper change).

"Well, I hope that this Christmas will turn out to be the most surprising I will ever have. Two boys, excuse me, four boys back in diapers and baby pants! Pity the poor mothers for all the extra work they'll get from this!" Brenda exclaimed.

They all chuckled over that.

"Well, maybe," added Ted "but, you know, our mothers (referring to himself and Rick) made us contribute to doing the laundry. And that was in the days when we hung the laundry out to dry on the back yard clothesline. The boys should also be involved in keeping their laundry under control."

"All the boys should," Marsha added, jabbing her husband in the ribs.

"You guys are the experts," Marsha said addressing her husband and Rick, "how do you think the day went?"

"For the boys or us?" Rick kidded.


"It's obvious the boys are having a blast. But, tomorrow, reality will strike and they will have to think long and hard about who they will bring into their confidence. As for Ted and me, you'll have to tell us if we go too far."

At that moment, they were interrupted by Tommy who wandered into the room.

"Mommy, Daddy, can I ask a question?"

"Sure, Tommy."

"If someone wishes something and someone else finds out about the wish and then tricks other people so that that wish will happen, is that being bad?"

"What??" Marsha answered in a confused tone. "I'm sorry, Tommy, but I don't understand your question."

Tommy hesitated for several seconds and then tearfully confessed, "I heard Kevin and Peter talking about wanting to wear diapers and I didn't want them to feel sad so I made up a story about the Christmas Wishing Star so that they could wear diapers again. Was I bad?"

"Do you mean that you asked for the Christmas Wishing Star ceremony because you wanted Kevin and Peter to be happy by wearing diapers again?" she asked.

"Yes," he whispered fearfully.

"Oh, honey," she said with a tear-choked vice, "that was very sweet of you. No, what you did was not bad because you did it to make someone else happy. In the future, though, come to me or Daddy for advice first, OK?"

"Ok. I'm glad Kevin and Peter are happy again," he said as he merrily bounded from the room.

"Well, I'll be damned," Ted exclaimed. "All this time I was feeling guilty because we were 'using' Tommy to get the boys back into diapers and it turns out that he was 'using' us."

"Yeah, you're right," agreed Marsha. "You know what else it means, though?"

"No," the others answered more or less simultaneously.

"It means that it is Tommy who is actually responsible for everyone facing their desires and making them known. Without the Wishing Star ritual that Tommy insisted on, could we have come up with a plan to allow the boys (and you) to acknowledge your desires and hidden needs? Just imagine the harm that could have come from the boys suppressing their desires or living in fear of being discovered. Think of the emotional wall they could have built around themselves to keep their secret hidden. And, Tommy was the one who discovered it first."

The four friends pondered this in silence for a few minutes. Even though there were still many more issues for the boys to face, a sense of peace seemed to permeate the house. And all because of Tommy.

Darkness was now falling and Kevin and Peter came into the living room to look at the tree again.

"Hi, guys," their parents greeted them. "Whatcha doing?"

"Nothing. We just wanted to come in and watch the tree for awhile," Peter said, as the boys lay down on the floor to stare at the tree.

The four parents were delighted with the ease with which the boys seem to have adapted to their new lifestyle. Of, course why shouldn't they? They had been dreaming of nothing else for over two years.

For several minutes the parents watched the boys watching the tree. The looked so natural and content in their brightly colored overalls and baby print T-shirts. And their rounded and padded bottoms were a delight to look at, too.

Suddenly, as if receiving an invisible signal, the two dads were out of their chairs and pouncing on the boys, screaming, "Revenge for the Tickle Revenge!"

"Auugh," screamed the boys. "No, Ted. No Rick," shouted Brenda and Marsha. "Be careful of their new clothes, or your new clothes, if it comes to that. Remember what you said about sharing in the diaper laundry. At least make sure they don't overflow their diapers."

But, the mayhem was already in full swing and none of the boys was paying any attention. The wives knew that only two sets of wet diapers would stop it. But they were wrong. It wouldn't stop until there were four sets of wet diapers.

Turning to Marsha, Brenda said, "Good grief, I think we've created four new Frankenstein monsters! OK, you guys, hurry upstairs and get ready to be put into your nighttime diapers and sleepers."

They all rushed up the stairs hoping to be first.

The End


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