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A day at the Hospital

A day at the Hospital

This room is bare except for a hospital bed against one wall, and a table literally dripping with various restraints. There's nice, soft padded white leather cuffs, adjustable for wrists, elbows, ankles, or even thighs. Several long straps of soft white leather are there, as well as a large padded leather blindfold. . Hanging on the wall is a step-in strait jacket, made of very smooth, supple yet strong white leather. The front is a smooth expanse of soft leather, but the back is bristling with straps and buckles. You'd never get the strait jacket on by yourself, and you'd certainly NEVER get it off!

The strait jacket looks very inviting. To feel the full effect, you remove your clothes. You slip into the leg holes and pull it up around your hips. You tighten the straps in the back so that the leather squeezes your hips tightly. Then you slide your arms into the supple leather. Sure enough, the smooth material feels tremendous against your skin. Next, you slip your arms into the long leather sleeves. Then, with a lot of squirming and twisting, you succeed in fastening the many buckles behind your back, pulling the leather tightly around your torso and making you prisoner in its soft but firm embrace. Now for the hard part: how do you get your arms buckled behind your back?

You cross your arms in front of you, trying to imagine what it would be like to be imprisoned in the supple leather. Suddenly, the straps are pulled behind you. You try to see who is behind you, but all you see is glimpses of brunette hair and a beautiful face. Meanwhile, she is tugging at the straps at the end of the soft leather sleeves. Your arms, imprisoned in the smooth, strong material, are pulled slowly, inexorably across your chest as the straps get tighter and tighter. You twist and squirm in the bondage, but any slack you create is immediately taken up by your sweet captor, and the supple leather prison is tighter than ever.

Your mysterious captor seems to be an expert in securing someone in a strait jacket. She's sure doing a great job of restraining you in the soft clinging folds of the self-embracing bondage. The smooth, supple leather holds your arms gently but firmly. Your hands are securely embracing your waist, the tight leather straps completing the encirclement. As you struggle against the enveloping sleeves, your sweet captor is tightening the buckles behind your back. Soon the leather strait jacket is skin-tight, relentlessly squeezing your entire upper body .

You're soon sitting on the bed, your sweet captor working on your legs. She's a gorgeous brunette, wearing a sexy nurses outfit, revealing long, sexy legs. And are nurses uniforms supposed to be made of shimmering white satin? The wide leather cuffs are wrapped tightly around your ankles and snapped shut with an ominous click. The sexy Satin Nurse tugs at the bindings and when she is satisfied that they are securely locked and escape-proof, she looks at you, smiles and winks, as if to say, 'There. You wanted to be bound in the strait jacket, and now you are!' Then she leaves you to struggle in your tight leather prison.

Hospital restraints are designed to be comfortable, because once the patient is strapped into them there's NO WAY to get out. As you struggle and squirm in the tight leather, you realize the truth of this. Even if the Nurse in Slippery Satin hadn't done such a great job of ensuring there was absolutely no slack in any of the buckles, you could still never escape the firm embrace of the soft, smooth leather. Escape artists constantly get out of strait jackets. But this one's no ordinary hospital restraint: it's skin-tight, secure, and designed so that once the straps are tighten and firmly buckled, the prisoner is helpless. Your leather-encased arms embrace your own waist so tightly that you couldn't work them up over your head even if the satin nurse hadn't threaded the straps though the ring at your waist. You know she did, though, because every tug on the straps pulls the soft leather tighter around your genitals.

Damn that clever Bondage Nurse and her slippery-satin uniform! Damn her sweet smile that said 'You wanted to be helplessly bound in the leather; I just gave you a hand making your wish come true!' She didn't have to be so damned efficient at it; you just wanted to see what it was like. She must have specialized in bondage and restraints; she sure did a good job on you.

You lie on the bed, occasionally squirming in your tight leather prison. Some time later, the sexy Bondage Nurse returns, the shiny satin shimmering sensually as she approaches you. The shiny material flows over her sexy curves like liquid honey. She sits on the bed and idly runs her hand over the supple leather restraints. 'Well, I see my little prisoner has discovered that he can't get out of my special strait jacket, hasn't he?' You try once more to escape the relentless embrace of the tight leather, and once more discover the utter futility of trying to get free. The strait jacket is perfectly constructed, and flawlessly applied; there's no way out!

She bends over so that her gorgeous face is close to yours. You smell her sensual perfume, and catch a glimpse of firm, round breasts under the shiny fabric.

'You see, it's crazy to WANT to be bound. And you know what we do with crazy people, don't you? We RESTRAIN them, so that they can't get loose and hurt themselves. I had this strait jacket specially designed for people like you: there's absolutely no way out! 'I know just how helpless you feel. I had to be sure that it was completely secure; it is possible to escape the ordinary ones. So, I had myself strapped into this leather one, so I could ensure that there's no way out. So I spend some time just like you: buckled tightly into the leather strait jacket and struggling helplessly. After several hours of ineffective struggling, I gave up. I'm convinced that it's totally escape-proof. You can struggle all you like and convince yourself, but believe me, it's hopeless!'

'You enjoy being bound and helpless, don't you? I do, too, and I'm somewhat of an expert in escaping. In case you didn't notice, I'm also an expert in applying my restraints. That's why I know that there's absolutely NO WAY to get out of that strait jacket. I outdid myself in designing it, didn't I? Tell you what: If you can get loose, you can strap me into it, and I'll see if I can get out!'

With a real goal in mind, you struggle desperately, pitting all your strength against the relentless grip of the leather. How you would love to encase that lovely body in the supple leather!

The Bondage Nurse laughs as you fight the smooth supple leather - she knows who will win that battle!

'Well, my helpless little prisoner, I'd love to watch you try to escape from my leather bondage, but I have other things to do. Just to give you some incentive, though, I'll show you this!' She rises, unzips her shimmering uniform, and lets the silky satin slide off her body to the floor. Her body is nude under the soft satin, and your erection doubles as you gaze at the perfection of every curve. She tosses the satin over your legs, and strolls out the door.

As the hours pass, you drift off to sleep, and dream of silky skin inside relentless leather.

The morning dawns, and finds you still captive in the Bondage Nurse's tight escape-proof leather. It's really quite comfortable. After all, it's designed so that once the victim is strapped inside, he (or she!) is trapped and helpless, often for days at a time. The thought frightens you: how long will the Bondage Nurse keep you her leather prisoner?

She soon returns, this time encased in a smooth white leather uniform that hugs every sensuous curve. The softly shining material seems to be the same as the firm white leather holding you within its clinging folds. Again she sits on the bed next to you, crossing her long, sexy legs so that the soft leather pulls tightly around her thighs.

'Did our helpless little patient have a good sleep? I see I'm in no danger of trading places with you: my special strait jacket is as escape-proof as when I had it on. Care for some breakfast?'

You sit up, leather bound and totally helpless, as she feeds you cereal and milk. You decide that there is nothing more degrading than being so totally helpless that someone has to feed you.

You plead with the nurse in leather to let you loose. 'You mean you no longer want to be helplessly bound in leather? That means you're no longer crazy! I guess my special escape-proof strait jacket cured you. You're sure you want me to free you from it's embrace?'

You assure her that you've had quite enough of the leather strait jacket's unrelenting grip. She unlocks the leather cuffs surrounding your ankles, then sets about unbuckling the dozens of straps at the back of the strait jacket which have held you prisoner. As she works, the soft white leather of her uniform sensually outlines every curve of her body. Finally the leather is loose, and you slide out of the restraint.

The Nurse's initial gasp of surprise should have done it. However, she still struggles desperately, her firm, leather-clad body writhing within your grasp. . You have all you can do to restrain the amazon in leather Gradually you feel her body relaxing, and finally she's collapsed and unconscious, her warm, soft, leather-covered body heavy in your arms. You're so aroused by the struggle that you can hardly contain yourself!

You place her carefully on the bed, and unzip the tight leather dress. The soft, supple material slides easily off her nude body. The white leather drapes heavily over your arm, still smelling of leather and female musk. You give in to temptation, and slip the leather up your legs and onto your naked body. Unlike most leather garments, this one has no satin lining: the inside is soft, smooth latex rubber. It fits snugly around your hips even before you zip it up, and the tight leather grips your thighs all the way down past your knees. How did she walk in this? One thing's for sure, though: if the smooth, supple leather has the same effect on her as it does on you, she's incredibly horny all the time!

You slide the leather strait jacket up the nurse's silky smooth legs and over her soft, round ass. Next, you place her silken ankles in the leather cuffs at the foot of the bed, and lock them securely. She'll not get off the bed now!

Her warm, soft body is limp against yours as you do up the buckles at the back of the strait jacket. Soon the leather is tightly embracing her gorgeous torso, the supple material flowing over every sensual curve. The leather is so tight that her nipples are visible through the smooth leather.

She begins to arouse as you cross her arms in front and pull the straps tight behind her. She starts to realize what has happened as you tug the last trap tight, encasing her in her special, escape-proof leather strait jacket.

When the nurse realizes that you have placed her in the very leather that held you prisoner, she starts to struggle in the restraints. She's very good. First she tries to pull her captive arms over her jutting breasts, but you made sure that the strap was threaded though the ring at her back. She tugs hard at the straps, trying to create some slack, but you buckled the strap as tight as it would go, and the leather doesn't give an inch.

Watching the sexy nurse struggle within the leather restraints that had held you so helpless for hours is a very arousing spectacle, and you run your hands over the smooth, tight leather of her dress that now clings to your body. Her moans indicate that she's enjoying the relentless leather bondage as much as you did!

Suddenly, as you're watching the leather-bound nurse try to escape from her special strait jacket, the ether rag is placed over your mouth. The room spins, then fades...

You awaken to the smell of leather and female sweat. You open your eyes, and the nurse's gorgeous face is inches from yours. Leather cuffs grip your ankles, and seem to be attached to her ankles at the foot of the bed.

You're both tightly strapped into leather strait jackets. Your arms are wrapped around her waist, and hers around yours. Leather straps connect the sleeves, pulling your bodies tightly together. You can feel her warmth through the two layers of soft leather between your body and hers.

'A FINE mess you've gotten us into. There's no way out of this: I've been trying for hours. I can't get at the buckles, and the straps pull our arms so tight around our bodies that I can hardly breathe! I might be able to slide out if my waist wasn't so small and my breasts so big. Can you try?'

You struggle against the tight leather, but you soon realize that she's right: there's no way out of this double bondage. Not that you'd want to escape: her heaving, leather-clad breasts rubbing against you as she writhes within your arms, her hot breath caressing your face...

The struggling of the leather-bound goddess in your arms becomes more and more sexual. 'I guess we're stuck like this until the Doctor decides we're sane. And remember, it's crazy to enjoy bondage. Are you enjoying this as much as I am?'


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