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A Night of Pain

A Night of Pain

By: kira9871

Summary: She endures a night of pain for her Masters pleasure.

The world was black; Lynn couldn't see or hear anything. Leaving her like this for long periods of time was one of her Master's favorite games. He would tie her up so she couldn't move, then put on a hood and ear plugs, effectively cutting her off from her senses. She had no idea how long she had been down there, but it didn't matter, it always seemed like an eternity to her.

Sitting in the dark got to her after a few hours. She would start to imagine she could hear things around her, that there were people are all around. Then her mind would shift and convince her that she had been left alone forever, and no one would ever come and find her. Lynn would start to panic then, her mind overrun with fear. He knew very well what tricks her mind played on her when he left her like that.

When she felt his fingers brush her thigh she screamed out loud, startled by the sudden contact. She had figured out why enjoyed subjecting her to this torture -- He loved the gratitude she showed him when he finally gave her her senses back. It was like he was waking her up, like he was her god bringing her back to life. She would tremble as she knelt before him, crying in gratitude, begging him never to leave her alone, offering herself to him like it was the first time. He always knew just how to soften her up, how to chase all thoughts but submission to him out of her mind.

"I think we'll work on pain today, pet. I think you can take a lot more than I've been letting you get away with," he told her.

"Yes Master," she replied as she leaned down to kiss his feet. Lynn was instantly wet, he always had an immediate effect on her. She was nervous though, he was constantly pushing her farther than she thought she could go. She appreciated it, because she knew he was making her a better slave, teaching me how to serve him better. But their sessions always left her drained, physically and emotionally.

"Come on pet, hop up here." He motioned towards the table he used for punishing and inflicting pain on her. There were simple restraints on each of the four corners. The table was divided into three sections, each connected by hinges that allowed the table to be adjusted in three places, allowing him to position her any way he wanted.

She got up on the table and obediently lifted her arms above her head so he could restrain her. After he buckled the soft leather straps around her wrists he slapped her thigh, indicating he wanted her to lift up her legs. She moaned quietly; this meant he was going to bind her legs above her head with her wrists, bending her in half. Lynn found this position was very uncomfortable, but it was effective allowing him access to everything but her back. He could torture her ass, pussy, thighs, and tits as he wanted.

She felt horribly exposed and vulnerable this way. But she didn't protest, just lifted her legs up so he could pull them back and secure them next to her wrists. She started breathing a little heavier, her body reacting to the helpless feeling caused by being bound. As she always did, she thought of how helpless this made her, how he could do anything to her and she could do nothing to stop it. It scared her a little, but even though she knew he would push her, she trusted him not to seriously hurt her.

"You look beautiful like that cunt, all spread open for me," he whispered in her ear as he leaned down and kissed her forehead. After all the time that had passed, it still surprised her how he could be two completely different people. One minute caring and tender, the next twisted and cruel. A shiver ran down her spine as he traced a finger between her breasts and over her stomach stopping just before he touched her pussy.

He turned away and walked to the wall where he kept his toys. He spent a few minutes considering his wide collection before choosing two and returning her. Lynn closed her eyes and moaned softly to herself. Brining over more than one meant that she would have to choose what toy was used on her body. She hated choosing, he always made it difficult -- giving her a choice between one evil and another.

She saw he was holding a crop and a strap and another moan escaped her, because they were both whips that she could take for long periods of time. "Well pet, what should we start with?" he asked. She bit her lip slightly, thinking. The crop had a stinging bite to it that she loved, but it didn't become too much for a very long time. By the time he finished with it the areas he chose to abuse would be so sensitive to pain that she could hardly stand the slightest touch. The strap broke her a lot quicker being much more painful, especially when used on her exposed pussy, and that was his favorite place to use it. It could reduce her tears very quickly.

The crop seemed like the better choice to her, but she knew that he would prefer the strap. He loved to watch her cry and beg for a rest from it, teasing her by hitting softly a few times and then attacking her with cruel hard hits. If she picked the strap he would be pleased, and might go easier on her and let her go sooner, but there was no guarantee of that. If she choose the crop she would be in less pain, but he wouldn't be happy with her, and would probably take it out on her in other ways.

Lynn groaned in frustration and heard him laugh. It amused him to see her struggling to choose what form of pain she would receive. "Trying to decide how to save yourself some pain, slut? Is this about your pleasure or mine slut? Hurry up."

She blushed, because that was exactly what she was doing, trying to save herself some pain. Suddenly she felt very unworthy of him. "What will it be? Tell me now or I will take both back and pick something that only I will enjoy."

"Please use the strap on me Master," she whispered. He smiled cruelly at her.

"Good choice cunt," he said as he turned to put up the crop. She couldn't take her eyes off of him and the strap as he walked back to her. She watched him as he lightly ran the soft leather strap over the inside of her thighs, causing her to shiver slightly. Quickly, before she could even prepare herself, he let go with a torrent of blows to her tender thighs. She was not sure how many times he hit her on that first round, but it was many more than he had ever done at one time before. By the time he was finished she was begging and screaming continuously.

She looked at him through eyes cloudy with tears. He was breathing a little harder but other than that showed no signs of his activity. Her legs burned horribly, she was scared to look down at them. She was a bit taken aback. He was being horribly violent tonight, she knew he was just getting started and she was starting to worry. He ran his fingers over her thigh and she yelped softly. When she looked down she couldn't believe how red her legs were. She could see many rectangular marks up and down her thighs and realized he had hit her hard enough to bruise.

He watched her as she slowly got her breathing and sobbing under control. She knew what he was waiting for. "Thank you Master," she said. He didn't respond, just trailed his strap to her cunt, rubbing it up and down her slit. When he lifted it up so she could see she blushed. She could see her juices on the strap. He brought the strap up to her mouth and she obediently licked it, face burning even brighter as she tasted herself. Her eyes never left his as he brought the strap back down to her cunt.

He hit her pussy lips lightly and smiled as she tensed up preparing for a harder blow. He slowly hit her like this for awhile before making the blows harder and harder. There was a rhythmic wet smacking sound that was lulling her into a sort of trance. He tore a scream from her throat with a particularly hard smack. The strap was burying between her pussy lips to land on her clit, she could it feel it swelling. Her body was starting to shake now; he was alternating between soft blows and blindingly painful ones. She could feel sweat start to bead on her skin.

There were pleading words on the edge of her tongue. Her pussy felt like it was on fire, and she was biting her lip hard; he noticed and ordered her to stop biting. One time she had bit her lip very badly on accident. That was the first time he had used the cane on her.

The pain seemed to be traveling up into her limbs and through her whole body. She was focused only on the sound of the wet slaps and the pain between her legs. Lynn was so wrapped up that it took a while to realize the blows had stopped. She slowly opened her eyes again. The pain was slowly receding, and she wondered if he was done.

"Where do you want the next ones cunt?" he asked as he let the strap fly hard against her left breast. She screamed out with his sudden blow. "Well cunt?" He hit the right breast. "Tell me slut, tell me where you want it." Each word was punctuated with a blow to her tits, causing her to struggle in her restraints.

"My ass Master, please!" she screamed at him.

"What, you don't like your tits hit bitch?" he asked. She was screaming loudly again, he was hitting her very hard right on her sensitive nipples. Crying again she begged him to stop.

"Please Master, stop, please hit my ass Master." He was hitting her tits much harder than he ever had before. Her legs were aching; she had been struggling hard against her restraints. When he finally stopped she felt like she could hardly catch her breath. She sighed loudly in relief and sagged against her bonds. Looking at him she could see more signs of strain, there was sweat on his forehead, and she could see his cock standing out beautiful and hard. Her pussy contracted as a wave of desire hit her. Knowing that he was turned on made her very wet. There was nothing that turned her on more than knowing he was getting pleasure from abusing her.

He watched her for minute before he started to laugh darkly to himself. "You want me to beat your ass cunt? Ok, but I think I'll use something else this time." She stiffened in fear; he was being so hard on her tonight. He went and put up the strap, and when he turned around she gasped loudly. He had picked up a long wooden cane.

She shook her head in silent protest, eyes wide with fear. He had only used the cane on her once before. It had been absolutely horrible, the pain so intense she had almost lost her voice from the screaming. He had only hit her five times, but she remembered those five times like they were five hundred.

"Maser, please, what have I done? Please don't use that on me Master, you know I can't take it. Please!" she pleaded with him, but he just walked towards her, lightly swinging the cane against his leg.

"Pet, do you think you have to do something wrong to deserve the cane? No, I will use what ever I feel like on you just because I can! Because it amuses me to hurt you." With those words he swung the cane in the air to land across her ass. For a split second she thought the cane hadn't landed. She could still hear the swish of the cane ringing in her ears when pain exploded on her ass. She threw her head back and screamed. She could feel the thin line where the vicious cane had hit her skin, the pain spread from that spot like a wave. She was moaning continuously as her ass recovered from the blow, her skin raising back up to fill the indent the cane had left.

"Oh god Master, please don't make me take anymore. Please Master, do anything else, just not the cane please. It hurt so badly, I can't take it, it's too much." She was sobbing and begging him. He came up to her head and grabbed a towel, gently wiping up sweat and tears. She breathed raggedly, relieved that he was going to stop.

"Do you want me to stop badly enough to sleep by yourself tonight pet?" he asked. A fresh sob escaped her throat. One of Lynn's greatest pleasures in life was lying curled up next to him, touching him while they slept. She was extremely grateful he allowed her to sleep in his bed. The only time he ordered her away was when she was being punished. It was very effective punishment. She hated to sleep alone, and usually couldn't sleep at all when she wasn't with him. It seemed like every part of her body was reaching out to him, longing to touch him. He told her once when she slept she constantly pushed herself closer against him. She didn't want to give that up.

"I'll stop pet, let you go right now, but if I do, then for the next week you will sleep on the floor, in another room, far away from me. I'll hit you only ten more times, they won't be quite as hard as the first either. What do you say pet?"

She wanted to say no but she couldn't. Not just because she couldn't stand the thought of being sent away from him, but also because she knew he wanted her to take it. She knew how proud he would be if she took his blows. "Yes Master, I'll take the cane," she whispered.

"What was that pet? I couldn't hear you, speak up," he said.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. He wanted her to beg for it. "Please hit me with the cane Master, I want to take the pain for you, Please Maser," she pleaded. He stroked her cheek tenderly and chuckled softly.

"Ok pet, count them for me, I wouldn't want to loose track." She stared at him as he walked down to the end of the table. She closed her eyes as he raised his arm to strike her, holding her breath waiting for the cane to fall. "No pet, open your eyes, look at me, watch me," he ordered. She obeyed and looked into his eyes.

When he brought the cane down again another scream was ripped from her throat. But he hadn't lied; it wasn't as hard as the first. She had flinched but she quickly opened her eyes and looked at him again. "One Sir," she said. Tears were silently falling down her cheeks again. She didn't know how she could take nine more blows.

He went slowly, giving her plenty of time to contemplate the next blow, giving her body time to effectively register all the pain the cane could inflict. By five her body was shaking uncontrollably and she couldn't stop moaning, she was shaking her head softly whispering please over and over again.

She felt cool hands on her red hot ass. She hadn't realized she wasn't watching him anymore. "Only five more pet, you're doing great, I know you can take the rest." His encouragement was like soothing medicine to her, giving her strength and making it possible for her to take a breath and look at him again.

"Thank you Master," she told him. Once again she watched him lift his arm, she thought about his arms, how good they felt when they were holding her close, or holding her down. She loved the strength in his arms. She was fascinated watching him. Again she felt the white hot blow of the cane, and again she screamed, but she didn't take her eyes off of him. She was so fascinated by him. She felt detached, staring at him, memorizing his face, trying to capture the way he was looking at her in her mind forever.

By the ninth blow Lynn was reduced to nothing but pain. It was everywhere; her whole body seemed consumed by burning pain. She was aware somewhere in the back of her mind that there was screaming, and that she was the one doing the screaming. But all she could focus on was his face, nothing else mattered but him, and the raising and lowering of his arm. She noticed him smiling and it seemed to her that it should mean something. She watched as he lifted his arm for the last blow.

Her body jerked hard as he hit her. Her vision clouded as the intense pain washed over her. He hit her directly over a previously hit spot, causing the blow to feel much, much worse than even the first one. She was thrashing her head back and forth trying to escape the pain. It lingered so much longer than the previous blows.

She was still screaming when she felt his hands at her feet releasing her restraints. She moaned loudly as stiff muscles were worked again. Her legs were asleep; she knew soon they would hurt horribly as proper circulation returned. Lowering her legs caused one of the welts to hit the table and she groaned.

He had a wet washcloth again, washing her face. It took a while before she could understand what he was saying to her. He was telling her how proud he was that she had taken the cane so beautifully. She smiled up at him and kissed his fingers as he traced her lips. She wanted to touch him, but when she went to move her hands she realized that she was still restrained. She frowned slightly and heard him laugh.

"I'm not done with you yet cunt," he said. He laughed again as she moaned and took a few ragged breaths. She didn't think it was fair, he had already put her through so much. She saw him reach above her head and bring back a pair of nipple clamps; she shuddered as he brought them near her. She was still in pain from his beating. She knew her senses would be so heightened that the little clips would be torture.

"Please Master…" she started to beg, but he placed a finger on her lips, silencing her. He reached down and placed one of the clamps onto her right nipple. Pain exploded from the tip of her breast. She moaned and looked up at him pleading with her eyes. He just kissed her lips in answer and attached the second clip. The pain was incredible, she would have done anything to be able to take them off, but her hands were held fast to the table.

She felt him lowering the head of the table down. Looking up she and saw his cock right above her face. Again her pussy flooded, she loved to have him in her mouth. Lynn immediately opened her mouth eager to taste him, and he grabbed on to the sides of her head, holding her steady as he slowly pushed his cock into her mouth. She moaned again, this time in pleasure as she felt him fill her mouth. She started to greedily lick and suck his cock, running her tongue around him, sucking salty precum down her throat.

The distraction of his cock didn't last very long though. Soon the pain in her breasts started to intrude on the pleasure of sucking him. She had to try hard to make her mind focus on his cock as the pain in her tits became steadily more distracting.

She gagged slightly as he pushed his cock further down her throat. She felt him slap her face and realized that she wasn't sucking and licking anymore. She forced herself to concentrate; she wanted to feel him come in her mouth. She used her throat and mouth to squeeze his cock, coaxing the cum from him, and moaned again as he used her hair to push himself further down her throat. It didn't take him long to cum, and she greedily swallowed all he had to offer and smiled to herself as she heard him moan softly.

She licked his cock clean as he removed it from her mouth. He reached down and pulled off the clamps causing her to scream loudly as the blood returned to her nipples. He listened as she whimpered and pleaded while he stroked her nipples, looking down at her face. "Let's go to bed pet," he said as he reached up to release her arms. She moaned softly as he lowered her stiff arms. He picked her up in his arms and she gasped slightly as his arms rubbed the welts the cane had left on her ass and thighs.

She loved when he carried her; it made her feel like a little girl. She rested her head on his shoulder and sighed as a feeling of calm and security washed over her. When they got to his room, he laid her carefully on his bed. Still, it hurt badly as her caned ass rested fully on the soft bed. He got on the bed next to her and she rolled over to snuggle close to him.

He reached a hand down to her ass and swatted her; causing her to yelp and suddenly start crying. The hit hadn't hurt that badly, but she was exhausted and still emotionally upset from the intense beating she had received. "Hush child, it's ok, I'm not going to hurt you anymore tonight," he whispered in her ear. This only caused her to cry more, and he brought his hand up to her hair to caress her. She held on tightly to him as she cried herself out. It occurred to her how wonderful it was, to suffer so much at his hand, and then be able to turn to the same wonderful hand for comfort.


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