A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 17 - Giving a suppository and a Happy End?

When Ida arrived home, she took another big breath - finally this horror afternoon was over. Her butt just hurt and was pretty sore from all the devices that Dr. Koch had stuffed into her butt. She wanted to get rid of the lubricant between her buttocks and in her anus as soon as possible. And then there was the sedative suppository....

She carelessly put the examination report of her gynecologist, in which every embarrassing detail of her rectal examination was described in detail, on her desk. She didn't want to deal with it under any circumstances, the report should best disappear in some drawer so that no one would ever see it. The 18-year-old then headed for the bathroom - the suppository in one hand. Should she really shove the suppository up her butt now? Or should she just throw it in the trash or flush it down the toilet? She stood motionless in front of the bathroom mirror and thought about these questions. Actually, she found the thought too disgusting again, to push this huge part with her complete finger deep into her intestine. On the other hand, her battered asshole still hurt and her gynecologist had not given her the rectal medication to take home for nothing. Ida bought herself some more time to think about it by first throwing all the clothes she had worn today during this horror butt examination into the laundry basket and then taking a shower. Finally she could wash off the slippery lube in her butt crack and thus at least remove those remnants of the painful and humiliating examination.

"I'll have to look at my butt hole in the mirror again in a minute," the 18-year-old girl thought. I wonder if it had completely closed up and looked "normal" again? Or had the invasive examination of her ass left permanent traces after all for the time being? Carefully, she spread her buttocks with her left hand and bent forward a bit so that, with her head turned, she could see her anus in the mirror reasonably well. Her rosette actually looked a little more irritated and reddish than usual. But at least her sphincter had closed completely again and was not still open a bit from the stretching by anal speculum or ultrasound probe. She looked hesitantly at the rather large suppository wrapped in foil - but then decided to get it over with now. Determined, Ida tore open the package and peeled out the suppository, which was several centimeters in diameter. This was exactly how she had imagined a suppository to be, perhaps a little smaller, but then still in this form. Dr. Koch had said that there was still enough lubricant in her anus from the previous rectal examinations and that Ida would therefore not need to lubricate the suppository.

She still felt some lubricant inside her, but to be on the safe side she smeared some cream on the tip of the suppository, because she definitely didn't want to have any pain when inserting it.

The girl, completely naked after the shower, bent forward a bit over the sink so that her buttocks parted a bit in this position. With her right hand, holding the suppository between her thumb and forefinger, she reached back toward her anus and headed for her butt hole. When she placed the tip of the suppository against her sphincter, she was startled, but then pushed the torpedo through her asshole quite firmly. With her mouth open and her eyes wide, Ida inserted her index finger limb by limb into her butthole until it had disappeared completely into her anus. The penetrator she pushed in front of her with her index finger felt cold and big - a really strange feeling as the thing shot further and further into her bowels. For a brief moment longer, Ida kept her finger completely inside her bottom until she could just lightly feel the suppository beginning to melt. Finally the thing was accommodated and now it could not slip out of her butt anymore. Quickly the girl pulled her finger out of her butt again. As was to be expected, something brown was not stuck to it - how could it be - her bowels had been completely emptied. The unfamiliar feeling of the foreign body inside her was quickly complemented by a warm sensation that was now spreading in her bottom. Probably the medicine was now beginning to work and the calming effect was setting in. Ida washed her hands thoroughly and took another sigh of relief. Now her bottom could finally be left alone and the last part was done.

Since Ida had put all her clothes in the laundry basket in the bathroom, she now had to walk the few meters to her room naked. When she opened the door, the naked 18-year-old girl was startled. Sitting at the desk was her boyfriend, rummaging through her examination report with curious eyes. Since he was only wearing boxer shorts, his stiff penis was clearly visible - he seemed to really enjoy what he was reading. "What are you doing here! Put that down right now, I don't want anyone to read it!!!" the naked 18-year-old screamed, beside herself with rage, literally knocking her examination report out of her boyfriend's hand. "Honey, relax, I wanted to surprise you today after your appointment and cheer you up a bit. And when I noticed you were still in the bathroom, I just wanted to wait here for you and I took a look at this exam report," Ida's boyfriend said, standing up and taking both of his girlfriend's hands to calm her down.

"But that's not meant for your eyes, now you've read everything they've done to me today with all the details and I'm so embarrassed. It hurt my butt so much. I don't want to talk about it and I would like to erase this day from my life," Ida burst out in a tearful voice and her boyfriend saw how the tears rose in her eyes. Lovingly, he took his naked and picture-perfect girlfriend in his arms in front of the desk, his hard-on still not gone again.

While she sobbed, he just whispered in her ear, "Yes, I read everything and I think it's good that the doctor examined your bottom so thoroughly, even if it hurt for you. But you don't need to be ashamed of your hot butt in front of anyone - not in front of any doctor and certainly not in front of me. And look at it this way: Now your gynecologist has already stretched your sweet asshole well with her examinations, so that we will have it a little easier during our first butt sex. I'm sure we'll both have a lot of fun right now, you sweet mouse". Quite unnoticed, he had pulled his boxer shorts down so that his stiff cock was now almost vertical. Turning his naked girlfriend before she could even react, he pushed her upper body down onto the desk with the examination report while he approached Ida's butt hole with his bulging penis and let out a throaty laugh....



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