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A Friend Indeed

A Friend Indeed

Martha chuckled as she slid the long scissors' blade under Mark's jockey shorts crouch section. The crunch of cotton being severed and the brush of the scissor's handle against his leg startled Mark to exclaim,":Hey, this isn't funny. I don't need an enema. At least from you."

“Honey, you definitely do need a thorough cleaning and character adjustment training at my gentle and loving hands. I expect your full cooperation and follow up to my instructions. Amongst other things I have a nice new wooden paddle that can be applied vigorously to you. So be quiet and accept what you have coming to you. " With that said Marth brought a large bag from beneath her double bed and began to unpack it before Mark's upturned face. First to appear was an open top two-quart red douche bag and connecting hose with a bent black nozzle attached. She next picked out a small enema pipe nozzle and exchanged it with the bent douche nozzle while Marke looked at her wide eyed. ”I think we'll start with the 32FR colon tube for you Mark. This will assist you with receiving your first enema., remarked Marth as she took off a pharmacy wrapper from a new 20 inch red colon tube. “Now wait here patiently as i prepare a nice warm soap suds enema for you sweetee. ”

Mark heard the running bath tube faucet water and Martha humming loudly as she prepared his payback enema. “Mark”, she called, do you prefer Ivory or Kirkman's soap in your enema? I have both sweetee."

“Let's skip the soap. Even better. Let me up”, piped a high voiced Mark from the bedroom floor where he was trussed to the stool in a well exposed position. He thought to himself God if someone called at her apartment a friend or neighbor or fellow nursing school students. This would be hell and he felt suddenly very insecure. “Martha, I am sorry for hiding your car key and causing you to be late for your friends the other day. Please forgive me. I didn't mean anything. I was only kidding.” A scared and humiliated Mark spoke in a repressed voice.

“Mark honey, I appreciated your apologizing and I will try and make these enemas as comfortable as possible, but you must have them for what you have done and to train you to be more open to and accepting of me., answered Martha in a cheerful voice."

Marth walked back into the bedroom and confronted an amazed and trepid Mark with a full red enema bag and a coiled wite hose at the end of which was a bright red colon tube plugged onto the enema tube. “Jesus” Mark thought to him self. “This is going to hurt. If I survive, I shall never cross her again." Mark was scared. He hadn't been enemad since he was five years old; he barley remembered the experience except that he was embarassed by his mom who performed the procedure.

“Okay honey. I want you to take the colon tube in for me without complaint”, said Martha sweetly as she gently pressed a gloved finger covered with KY jelly against Mark's exposed rectal passage. Mark tried to buck away but to no avail as he was well secured to the four stool legs. Martha had placed two a wide female's leather waist bands attached together and purchased especially for this purpose around Mark's back and the stool. This kept Mark in place and out of danger of hurting himself. Martha's only concern was that she wouldn't be able to release Mark in sufficient time for him to relieve himself without having a dreadful accident on the linoleum floor. Next time we'll use the bathtub , she mused.

Mark sucked in air as he felt a cold tube wiggle it way up his backside deeper into his bowel. “Now I'm going to open the valve and let water in, so I can advance the tube Mark, so just relax and enjoy” Martha spoke softly into his left ear. Mark tried to do as she said. Knowing he did not have another choice. As the colon tube wormed its way further into him he began to feel slight pressure from the water draining from the rapidly shrinking enema bag. “Mark honey, you are doing real good. Keep breathing and behave yourself and we'll get through this together. Okay honey?”, whispered Martha. Mark just nodded his head and closed his eyes as the intestinal pressure started to strain and induce an urge to expel the amazon of water and soap that had invaded his not so grand canyon.

“Your a good man Mark Challenger. you took the whole bag without a wimper, said Martha as she slowly eased out the colon tube from Mark's straining rectum. ”Now hold still honey. I've an additional surprise for my sweete, giggled Martha as she took a glass anal plug from its container. Martha did not put a heavy coat of KY jelly on the glass oval as she did not Mark to expell it too easily. Gently she pressed it forward up Mark's ass. He gasped “Oh no. That's too much. I've got to go. Please!”.

“Okay dokey Mark”, replied Martha as she quickly undid all the securing and helped a shacky victim to his feet and escorted him to the toilet. “Relieve yourself Mark and we”ll enjoy more what comes after", said Martha with a loving smile as she turned to leave him in privacy and relief.


M & M will have more fun, loving and pleasurable happenings as they continue their living near one another.