A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 16 - The exam discussion

With these words, the gynecologist left the examination room relatively quickly. Still paralyzed by the agony of the rectal ultrasound examination, the 18-year-old slowly sat up. Finally - she had her clothes back. Quickly out of the stupid exam shirt and back into it. Marie handed the frightened high school graduate a piece of Zewa and grinned noticeably: "You can use this to clean the gel off your ass. You'll get rid of the one in your butt crack, but you'll probably feel the slippery lubricant in your anus for quite some time." Wordlessly and with an evil look, Ida accepted the cloth from Marie and wiped once through her ass notch. Her sphincter was still throbbing slightly, her butt hole ached from all the exertion - at first Ida felt like it was still open a little crack. At least it had given up some of its original tightness for the time being and with a finger one could now probably have easily penetrated towards the rectum without any problems. Without further ado, Ida put all her clothes back on and after less than two minutes the teenager left the examination room, where she finally had to endure such a painful examination over her butt. After Ida briefly took a seat in the waiting room, she was called back to Dr. Koch's office after fifteen minutes for a final consultation. There she took a seat at the doctor's desk.

"So, Ida, you did it and you were very brave. I know that this butt examination is more thorough than average and therefore a little painful at one point or another for our young patients. We did all the necessary examinations of your buttocks and intestines and I could not find any abnormalities. Everything is healthy, as it should look in a girl's bottom at your age. I will now give you your rectal examination certificate and the report of today's examination. It documents everything I examined rectally on you today," Dr. Koch continued. Nodding her head, Ida accepted her medical papers. At the same time she shuddered at the thought that in the report everything was written down exactly what humiliating procedures the doctor had done to her ass...how embarrassing. "I must avoid at all costs that anyone will ever read this examination report," thought the 18-year-old. Her gynecologist also mentioned that even with Ida's regular, vaginal gyn exams in the chair, she will always include a small rectal exam starting with her next appointment. Then, however, unlike today, Dr. Koch will "only" do a rectal palpation with her finger and a brief inspection of her rectum with the anal speculum. Ida gulped - so today was not to be her last butt examination. Rather, she must now be prepared to be examined by the doctor through her young bottom at every gynecologist visit. "Ida, do you have any questions about your exam," Dr. Koch asked.

"No, I don't. I'm honestly very glad it's finally over. It hurt a lot in some places, I'm just still very tight in the butt. It still hurts a little bit right now too, my butt hole," Ida replied. Dr. Koch then took a foil-wrapped, torpedo-shaped object from her drawer and placed it on the table next to Ida's examination papers. "And that's exactly why I'm giving you a soothing suppository for your irritated bottom. Because of all the thorough exams, your butt hole and anal tract are very irritated and a little sore right now. However, this is completely normal after all the examinations with the equipment. You don't need to worry, it will pass and in two days at the latest your butt hole will feel completely normal again and everything will have recovered at your back door," Dr. Koch pushed the not small suppository in Ida's direction. The 18-year-old hesitantly took the suppository in her hand and eyed it skeptically. Discreetly, she informed the doctor that she had never inserted a suppository into her ass before. "Oh Ida, that's not difficult at all. You can do it at home in the bathroom. There is still enough lubricant left in your butt from the examinations, so inserting it should be quite easy. Otherwise, you can also put some cream on your finger. Simply insert your finger all the way into your butt in one stroke and push it far into the bowel. Then leave your finger in for a short time and press your buttocks together and hold the suppository. Under no circumstances should you push or go straight to the toilet.

At first, it's a strange feeling in your butt, but when the suppository dissolves in your intestine and takes effect, you'll notice that it's good for your battered anus! Alternatively, you can also have your boyfriend insert the suppository. Then he will also get to know your butt a little better. By the way: Your boyfriend can always sporadically feel your buttocks for irregularities with his finger. You can also do this to each other and often it is a good idea to incorporate this into some nice erotic games before or during sex. For boys, the prostate is also palpated through the anus at the doctor's office, and you can thus take care of each other's intimate health. You can just bring that up gently, but definitely encourage your boyfriend to stick a finger up his butt as well," Dr. Koch elaborated afterwards.

Ida answered only with a meager "Hmmm" and took everything she had to take with her. She wanted to leave this practice as soon as possible and make the day of her painful rectal examination as quickly forgotten as possible. As she stepped outside the doctor's office door and walked home, she could quite clearly feel the remaining lube in her bottom. What a disgusting and slippery feeling, the 18-year-old thought to herself. With a disgusted expression on her face, she continued walking, thinking at the same time that some lube had probably leaked out through her stretched sphincter and was now spreading between her butt cheeks and in her panties.