A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 1 - Ominous announcement in the gynaecologist's surgery

Ida turned 18 just under four weeks ago. She has had a steady boyfriend for a year and almost as long ago was her first visit to her gynaecologist, who examined her gynaecologically for the first time shortly before her 17th birthday. Ida can still remember her first visit to the gynaecologist very clearly - when she had to take off her panties for the first time and spread her legs in front of the doctor in the gynaecological chair - she felt a bit queasy. Her gynaecologist, Dr Koch, examined her thoroughly and yet proceeded gently, so that Ida's fear was allayed right from the first visit. Nevertheless, she is a little nervous before every visit and then very happy when she can put her panties back on and finally leave the doctor's office.

Today was her second routine visit to the gynaecologist with the annual examination in the chair, which basically went the same way as her first examination a year ago. Only now Ida already knew the feeling of the metal speculum, the slightly scratching swab brushes and the ultrasound wand, which the doctor carefully pushed into her vagina to be able to see something on the monitor at the same time. Everything went according to plan and there were no abnormalities, so Ida could get dressed again and follow Dr Koch into the adjacent room for the final consultation. She couldn't forget today that she needed another prescription for pills, which Ida reminded the gynaecologist of straight away. "So Ida, that's it for today, everything is fine with your vagina, your uterus and your ovaries. I'll write you a new pill prescription again," Dr Koch said as a farewell. Ida smiled, thanked him and was about to get up when the gynaecologist, glancing at her desk calendar, suddenly asked: "Are you already 18, Ida? Friendly, Ida looked back and replied that she had come of age barely four weeks ago.

"Oh, I wouldn't have thought that," Dr Koch looked at her in surprise, "I hadn't thought of that at all, I thought it would be a bit longer until your 18th birthday. But then we would have to carry out an extra examination on you as soon as possible, Ida. The reason for this is that this additional examination is part of the gynaecological screening programme for young women shortly after their 18th birthday, and the health insurance will not pay for it later. Great, Ida thought...now she has to come back here again in a very short time, and the 18-year-old didn't feel like it at all. A little unsettled, she asked: "And what is this additional examination? You did the complete gynaecological check-up again today, didn't you?

Dr Koch answered calmly and explained the necessity of the examination to Ida: "Yes, we did the gynaecological check today. At the additional gynaecological check-up for girls, I will have to examine you rectally, which means I will take a closer look at your bottom. I know that sounds strange and may be a bit unusual. But I can assure you that there is nothing to be afraid of and that it is just as routine as the vaginal examination in the gynaecologist's chair. Unfortunately, all girls have to undergo the examination through the buttocks in my practice shortly after their 18th birthday, and you have to go through it too. But you'll get through it like everyone else, Ida".

When Ida heard that, her jaw dropped and the smile that had been so cheerful before suddenly disappeared from her face. She didn't know what to say at first, so surprisingly did this enquiry come like a hammer. "Ah..ooh...okay. I don't have any choice then, I guess. I mean...well...I'll just have my butt examined then, I hope that doesn't hurt..." the stunned Ida stammered with a visibly flushed face. No one had ever tampered with her back door, not even her boyfriend could touch it. Her anus was a taboo zone that belonged to her alone - and now a stranger was supposed to tamper with her butthole?! For Ida, the idea of having her gynaecologist shove whatever she wanted into her virgin bottom in a few weeks seemed more than surreal. She had to process the information and let it sink in. First of all, let's get out of here and go home!

"Ida, no, it won't hurt, we'll be very careful and I'll explain every little step to you. Every 18-year-old girl has to go through this with me and then it's over and done with and we can check if everything is OK back there. As I said, unfortunately I can't spare you this, we have to do it promptly, it won't take any longer than a normal gynaecological examination like today. Please make an appointment with my receptionist, I'll let you know that we still have to do this examination on you," the gynaecologist tried to calm her somewhat distraught patient.

This last sentence actually managed to calm Ida down a little, whereupon she got up and went to the registration desk, where the receptionist she already knew was sitting. "Ah Ida, there you are. Dr Koch had already told me to give you an appointment for a rectal screening as soon as possible. Well then, let's see..." said the receptionist as she leafed through the appointment calendar on the PC. Ida was visibly embarrassed when the receptionist said the word "rectal" alone, which somehow sounded both threatening and somewhat disgusting to the 18-year-old. "Could you do it next Thursday afternoon already? Around 2:30 maybe? If I remember correctly, you live just around the corner, so you could come here relatively quickly, okay?". In fact, Ida was free on the next Thursday at 2:30 p.m., so she agreed to that appointment. "All right, I'm your appointment card, see you next week then!" said the doctor's assistant as she handed Ida the slip of paper over the counter.

The 18-year-old quickly took it and left the practice without delay. Outside on the steps, she took a deep breath and glanced furtively at the note - it said "Ida - Thursday, 2:30 p.m. - rectal examination (buttocks examination)". She folded the note cursorily and pocketed it. Her boyfriend, who had promised to pick her up in the car today, was already waiting at the street corner. She tried not to let on and got into the car with him.