Committed - A Crazy Inpatient Hospitalization Story

Chapter 11

The next morning Jena and I are woken up to take a shower so we have clean johnnies on for breakfast with the other patients. This time our johnnies are pretty clean because we didn’t make a mess of them last night. But we go shower and change anyway. I have forgotten what day it is so I ask the nurse and she tells us it’s Friday. As usual the food tastes like it is from a 5 star restaurant. But I have gotten sick of being here and I want us to get out.

I ask my wife, “Aren’t you tired of being in here?!”

She tells me, “It’s kind of nice here because we get to spend time talking with the other patients.”

However, me, I just want to get back to my normal life.

Pretty much more of the same. A walk around the hospital grounds outside, and I’m almost used to having to go out dressed like this. But no, not really, I will never be used to having to go walking around outside like this! I want my clothes back! This is embarrassing!. But ok I guess it does kind of feel nice in a way. Just a little. But the feeling of embarrassment outweighs the comfort of wearing this. I love them at night, but during the day I am sick of them. Johnnies; why do they even call them that? It means the same thing as hospital gown. They could just call them gowns. God I’m bored.

Friday night comes around before I know it. At least they keep us plenty busy to make the time go by. Glad I have this journal to write my experience and feelings down.

After we get tucked in for the night I quietly tell Jena in her ear in a sinister voice, “I’m going to make a mess again tonight.”

She knows what I mean and she quickly grabs my cock through the hospital gown. And not very softly either she really grabs hold of it. Then she lets it go just long enough to pull the gown out of the way and grabs it again with her bare hand now on my bare penis. It starts to get hard.


Yes there is that; checks. The nurse comes with the flashlight and she looks in. Jena doesn’t care, as I’m looking over at the nurse she has already started stroking my shaft.

The nurse leaves without even a curious or interested look. Jena then puts her head under the sheet and blanket where my cock is and sucks it hard. I respond by nibbling on her ear. She gets like a wild woman really going at it. After a couple of frantic minutes on my dick she huffingly says, “Put it in me!”

She guides me in.

We fuck side by side. I grab her ass and pull it towards me to push her pussy into my dick so I penetrate her deeper.

After a few minutes of that.


Already! Wow time flies. She moans in ecstasy and the nurse is standing right there. Of course Jena doesn’t care. Wow really even that doesn’t faze my wife. I give the nurse a funny look. The nurse just gives me a smirk and walks away.

A few seconds later I turn us so I am on top of her. I thrust her hard. Then I slow down and speed up again. This time I’m mostly on top.

I then start saying to her after each thrust “You like that!” as she responds “Yeah!”.

That night I don’t let her switch to the top.

She reaches down and grabs my balls as I’m inside her. Rolls them around and around like a toy.

After a while the nurse doing the checks comments, “You two are still at it?”

I respond with a little smirk.

“I did give you your med right patient John.”

“Yes Nurse and Patient Jena’s too. I say with a laugh. You wouldn’t let us forget that.”

And I think to myself, “Or let us refuse.”

Of course we did get our meds. Every night, every morning, same time, like clockwork. Delivered in a little tiny tiny cup with a little cup of water.

I only take one. One sedative at night and nothing in the morning. At least it’s only one pill a day they’re forcing down my throat.

I start to get tired and I rest on top of Jena and wrap my arms around her as I say, “Oh. I love you.”

“That’s the sedative.” She says.

“No it’s not. It’s late.” I say starting to sound drowsy.

I think to myself “Who the hell said I need a sedative anyway.”

That’s my last thought before I am completely out.

The next morning I am beside her. She obviously pushed me off.

I ask, “Did I make a mess?”

She responds, “I think you got it all in me.”

“Aw” I say with a sound of disappointment.

“Well I think you dripped a little.”

“Good, you know how disappointed they will be if they don’t embarrass me and have a mess to clean up.”

She just starts giggling like crazy. Was it that funny?