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Cassie’s Messy Matinee Adventure

Cassie’s Messy Matinee Adventure

By: DaddyRich

Hi, my name is Cassie. This is a story about a very messy adventure I had. I am 25 years old with long black hair, with red highlights and blue eyes. I am 5'5” 115 pounds. I have been into panty wetting and panty pooping ever since my college days. It wasn’t until about six months ago that I started using diapers for my wet and messy fun, my feeling being that that diapers are a more practical alternative than constantly buying new panties and clothes that I have sometimes ruined.

In that time I have purchased a pretty good supply of disposables (plastic backed) and also bought a few pairs of plastic pants to wear for added protection. I started taking Nullo, to help mask the smell, that started back in my panty pooping days!

Anyhow, for the past few days, I have been really constipated. Usually, to get over it, I will eat foods that are high in fiber or drink prune juice. However, that method did not work this time. I was even tempted to use suppositories, but passed on that. I decided to take a laxative instead. The ones I bought were supposed to be a slower release type, yeah right!

It was a lazy warm Sunday, and I was bored, so I decided to go to the movies in the early afternoon and see the latest Godzilla movie. Another devilish thought entered my mind, the theater would be a perfect place for my messy accident!. Knowing that the laxative would take a little while to work, I decided that wearing diapers would be the best alternative than messing my panties.

I pulled out two thick plastic backed pink Megamax’s. These were brand new in my diaper inventory, so I figured I would break them in properly. I took my small utility knife and cut some slits in the crotch of the first diaper (another trick I learned from other’s on the various pooping and ABDL forums, I frequent), to create drainage into the second diaper. I then grabbed a pair of soft frosty clear high back plastic pants. These would hopefully muffle the sound of the disposables and provide another layer of protection, just in case of any leakage.

I rubbed baby lotion on my shaved pussy and ass to help prevent diaper rash. I then powdered myself with some Johnson’s baby powder, I love the smell! I then took both diapers and laid them out on my bed, one on top of the other. I positioned myself on top of my crinkly padded protection and snuggly taped them up. I stood up in front of my full mirror to check myself out. I felt a tingling sensation from my clit. The diapers crinkled quite loudly, at least to me, as I walked around a bit. Then another idea came to mind, I needed to reinforce the diaper tapes because I have had incidents with my potty habits of the tapes coming loose. I had a packing tape gun on my bedroom desk. I grabbed it and ran some lengths of the clear packing plastic tape from one side of my hips across the existing tapes to the other side. I was satisfied that I was now well sealed and ready for action!

I grabbed my plastic pants and pulled them up my legs and over my diapers, making sure the diapers were well covered by my plastics. I chose the high back ones as they would come up to the middle of my back. The elastics were covered in plastic for comfort. The legs and crotch area are slightly larger, so they are better suited for thicker diapering. I forced the legs up some to help avoid too much sagging, because I didn’t know what the outcome of my mess would be like! I took a short walk around my house to get a good feel of my diapered state. The plastic pants did muffle the diaper crinkles some, but to the well-trained ear, someone might stare at my butt and figure out what I am wearing. In a way, I really didn’t care, I will bring a plastic bag with me, he-he!

To cover my thickly diapered ass, I grabbed an old pair of loose fitting jean shorts. I rarely wore them because I had lost some weight. I seriously doubt that any of my other shorts would fit adequately over my thick diapers. I added one of my belts to help keep them up. I opened my dresser and pulled out a black t-shirt with the “Just Do It!” logo on it (wow how appropriate!) and put it on. I put on my sandals and did my makeup. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and grabbed a baseball hat and opened the closure in the back of the hat and closed it over my ponytail. I decided to grab my large purse and added a couple of spare diapers just in case, along with powder and wipes..

Another thing about these shorts, even though they were looser they still showed a slight bulge all around, but I was satisfied with the fit. I put my t-shirt on and pulled it down. It flowed down to almost mid-thigh. I have a lot of long t-shirts that I wear with my shorts anyway. I checked myself again in the mirror and was quite satisfied. As I semi waddled as I never wore doubled up diapers before out in public. I was getting a little more aroused as I started to feel a little wetness in my crotch. My wetting and messing fetish has always turned me on, going back to my panty wetting college days.

Anyway, I got to the theater, bought my tickets and got my usual candy, popcorn and a large Mountain Dew. The theater was not crowded at all. Then I went and took my seat in the theater. I chose a seat in the upper center that was near the back wall, as I really didn’t want an audience. I could still hear a slight crinkle as I moved, but wasn’t really noticeable in my mind. My thick diapers actually felt quite comfortable, almost like sitting on a small pillow. The movie started, and I felt a twinge in my stomach. Thinking it was only gas, I ignored it and watched Godzilla start tearing up stuff and stomp around .

About halfway into the movie, I was really cramping up and feeling pain. I didn't want to leave, because I'm a really big Godzilla fan, so I didn't want to miss any of his movie and I figured that I could wait it out, trusting what the laxative label stated. At one point, I let a loud and very wet fart that fortunately got muffled by my thick diapers. I did panic, thinking others would hear it, but no one looked!

Minutes later, I felt pressure right on my sphincter, and soon realized that the only thing holding the poop in was the fact that I was sitting down in diapers! I somewhat raised up as a large log, that felt like a rock scraping my butt hole started to find its way into my diapers. I then sat back down.

I then shifted slightly to lean forward and let another log go. I felt it squish into my diapers and start to tent out the bottom of my protection. Then all of a sudden the rest of it filled my diapers. It felt like warm mud! Three days worth of shit went into my diapers! I felt it creep up my back and all around my girly bits. Thank God for Nullo as there was no foul odor smell!

I started to panic again, because I was hoping that my diapers and plastic pants were up to their task. I relaxed for a minute and just sat down and felt it ooze its way around, At this point I let out a warm gush of pee. It seemed like I peed for almost two minutes, and the whole time while I was shitting and pissing, I continued to watch the movie casually with my elbows on the top of the empty seat in front of me like I was shocked at what was on the screen, praying that my thick plastic bottom did its job!

My shirt's logo did not lie! I did it. I am glad it was long, It more than adequately covered my secret. I sat through the rest of the movie in my mess. When it ended, I quickly walked, or should I say waddled somewhat out of the theater. I kept looking for signs of leakage, nothing appeared.

Before I opened my car door, I went and opened up the trunk and grabbed a large trash bag to set on the seat just in case. I slowly lifted my t-shirt and felt around my shorts for wetness, nothing! My diapers and plastic pants did the job! When I sat down in my car seat I could feel my load shift even more, only this time it felt sloshy since I wet heavily. I continued to have little bubbly poopies on my way home.

When I arrived home, I went straight to my bedroom. I pulled my shorts off to survey the damage. My diapers sagged and showed some of the brown mess oozing out of the leg bands slightly into my plastic pants, not much though. I was so turned on by what I did. I pulled back my bottom sheet on my bed (I do have a plastic mattress cover) and laid down on my back. I then started rubbing hard through my plastic pants squishing the mess even more . I had a mass orgasm. After words, I went and grabbed a garbage bag and went into the bathroom. I stepped into the tub peeled down my plastic pants and grabbed my scissors from the shelf and cut the packing tape away and let the messy diapers fall into the garbage bag. I put the plastic pants in the laundry bag. Clean up took a while, but this adventure was well worth it.

After my shower I did something I rarely do. You see I normally wear panties and a t-shirt around the house, but because my tummy was still having a little rumbling, I decided to put on another diaper and a set of plastic pants for the evening as a precaution and sleep in them too. I slept like a baby, LOL!

The End