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Part 1

Captured! By Terry G

Dave was returning home that Friday evening, looking forward to his vacation.

He'd been saving up his allowance and had nearly two months owing to him. Sue, his wife, had promised him a vacation, which he'd never forget, but wouldn't give him any hint of what she'd been planning. It certainly wouldn't involve water-skiing, he thought, as that had cost them both so dear. He thought back to that weekend, just after they were married, when they'd gone water-skiing together. It was such a hot day that Sue hadn't worn her wet suit and the sight of her in her bikini skimming over the waves as Dave drove the boat made him smile to recall the sight. He grimaced as he thought of the aftermath when she came down with that pelvic infection. He could picture her still lying on that hospital bed, hooked up to the fluid replacement and antibiotics, as she writhed in agony. The local sewage works had been dumping raw sewage into the river and had been concealing this. Sue had got compensation after the infection had been proved to come from the sewage plant after the Environmental Agency had prosecuted the company.

When she'd recovered, the doctor had spoken to them both and told them that the infection had scarred Sue's fallopian tubes so badly that there was no chance of her conceiving naturally. Sue had been very keen to have children and he'd father fancied the idea of becoming a father. After that news, Sue seemed even more desperate to have children and they'd been to doctor after doctor, using the compensation, which Sue had won. The results were the same: all the doctors agreed that Sue could not conceive. They'd tried IV. treatment, but twice the eggs had failed to implant and made Sue even more depressed.

Sue had asked Dave if he'd be her 'baby'. She'd been reading about adult babies and he'd agreed to try for her. She'd bought diapers and rubber pants, as well as feeders, bibs and other special adult sized baby gear. Dave had tried for her, but wearing a diaper and wetting himself wasn't really his scene. Sue had sensed his misgivings and had abandoned asking him to be her 'baby '. Sue opened the door to him and greeted him with her usual warm welcome. When he came in, he saw Jane sitting in the living room. Jane was about two years younger than Sue was and they were both nurses on the men's urological ward at the local hospital. Sue too was childless, but that was because her husband had been killed in a work accident two years before. She was strictly Roman Catholic and there was no way in which her scruples would allow her to have a child other than in the state of matrimony.

There were large glasses of wine on the table and Sue suggested that Dave would like a glass after work and before they all had dinner. Jane was a regular guest at their house, and vice versa, so Dave thought nothing strange in Jane's presence that evening. He sat down and started to drink his wine. IT had a strange taste and he frowned at his drink. Sue, seeing this, said, "I'm trying a new wine today. I think it's a bit sour, don't you?" Dave replied, "It's not too bad, but I wouldn't bother buying it again." "Drink up," said Sue, " and we'll go in for dinner." Dave drained the glass in one large swallow, shuddering slightly at the bitter aftertaste. They all went into the dining room and Sue entered the kitchen to start serving. Jane was looking at Dave with a strange expression on her face and Dave couldn't fathom what was wrong. Suddenly the room began to swim in and out of focus. He clutched his head as he felt so dizzy and Jane asked, "Are you all right, Dave? Do you think you'd better lie down?" Dave stood up, and was very glad when Jane grabbed his arm to steady him. Sue had come from the kitchen and had taken his other arm. Between them with their support, Dave made his way to the bedroom where Sue and Jane helped him to lie on the bed. Dave shut his eyes to stop the world spinning around him and felt himself falling into a deep abyss.

When he woke, his mouth felt as if his tongue was made of fur and he had a fuzzy headache. He'd only had the one glass of that wine he thought to himself as he struggled to wake up fully. He was aware of wetness under him and his back was sticky with sweat. He tried to sit up and found that his wrists and ankles were held down. Opening his eyes, he saw that he was in what looked to be an adult sized baby cot made from cream painted steel tubing. His wrists and ankles were fastened to the bars of the cot by vinyl straps and he was lying, completely naked, on a rubber sheet. At that moment, Sue and Jane walked into the room. They were both dressed in their nurses' uniforms, with a white rubber apron over the front. "I was beginning to wonder whether we'd given you too many sleeping tablets, Dave," said Jane. "What the hell's going on?" asked Dave, angrily. "I promised you a vacation you'd never forget, Dave, and it's started right now," said Sue. "Look, let me us and we'll forget the whole business." "No way," said Sue, "Jane and I have been planning this for months. Jane was going to help 'baby' you if you'd have co-operated, but you didn't want to play. So now you're restrained, we're going to treat you how we want!" Dave struggled against the restraints on his wrists and ankles. "Don't bother," said Sue, "The Vinyl straps have a strong webbing core. There are what we use in the hospital to hold down disturbed patients and you won't get out of them. Struggle like that and you'll only hurt yourself."

Dave lay back on the bed, then, taking a deep breath, started to yell for help at the top of his voice. Sue grabbed something and stuffed it into Dave's mouth and Jane helped Sue to strap it in place. "I thought that you might try shouting, so we had the gag ready." Dave could taste the rubber gag, but found that he could breathe through his mouth, as there was a small hole through the gag. The straps bit into the back of his head and he knew that they had him in their power. He couldn't summon help and he couldn't escape. Sue lifted Dave off of the mattress and Jane worked disposable incontinence pads under Dave's body until the protective pads extended from his head to his feet. "Babies don't have hair," Sue said to Dave, "so we're going to deal with that first." Sue and Jane put on rubber gloves and picked up aerosol cans. They proceeded to spray foam all over Dave's body. Sue covered Dave's eyes and then sprayed his head as well. After a few minutes, Dave could feel them scraping at his body and this went on for ages. After that, the women washed him from head to foot and finally Sue pulled away the covering over his eyes. "That was to stop the foam getting into your eyes. You can look at yourself now." Jane held up a mirror and, as she twisted it from side to side, Dave could see that he was completely bald. The foam had removed every last little bit of his hair. Dave was squirming somewhat as his bladder was begging for release. Jane noticed this and said to Sue, "I think baby needs a pee!" Sue looked and Dave nodded to her. "OK then, Dave, we'll help you." Jane had put on a pair of rubber gloves and opened four small foil packets, removing a cone shaped white object. She put KY Jelly on her finger and, parting his buttocks with her other hand, inserted her finger into his back passage and lubricated it with the jelly. Taking the first object, she inserted it into Dave's back passage, pushing it up as far as she could, shortly doing the same with the others. "They're Ducolax suppositories. You need to empty your bowels anyway and these will help," said Jane.

Sue and Jane took a pile of cloth diapers and, as Dave struggled unsuccessfully, proceeded to diaper him with a thick wad of diapers, which pushed his legs even further apart. Sue and Jane then expertly slipped a pair of drop front rubber pants over the top of the diapers, tucking the cloth in so that the whole of Dave's bottom was well encased by the knickers. "When you're ready, you can use your diapers. I'm now going to get your feed ready." With that, Sue and Jane left the room. Dave could feel his bladder screaming for release and he could also feel the suppositories doing their work too. With a groan, muffled by the gag, he lost control of his bladder and a stream of hot urine escaped from him. The stream poured from him until his diaper was thoroughly soaked and he could feel its warm wetness pressing against his buttocks where the rubber pants held the diapers to him in a warm wet embrace. He felt his bowels going into spasm. The suppositories were doing their job well, breaking his control and forcing him to move his bowels. He desperately struggled to hold on. He was determined not to soil his diapers as well. At this moment, the women came back into the room. Jane was wheeling a drip stand and Sue was carrying a large plastic 'drip' bag filled with what appeared to be water. Sue smiled as she saw Dave's contortions in his efforts to avoid releasing his bowels into the diaper. "Don't waste your time, Dave," she said, "Ducolax always works. You may as well give up now." Jane had put the drip stand by the bed and Sue hooked the bag onto it. Sue plugged the tubing into Dave's gag and slid the thumb wheel on the drip tubing to let it run down at a fast rate. "Swallow when you feel your mouth filling up, or you'll choke. It's water mixed with a diuretic to ensure that you keep wetting your diapers and more laxative to keep you open." Dave felt the liquid fill his mouth and he swallowed hard and kept swallowing. Suddenly, with the need to avoid choking, he felt his bowels go into spasm again and he was unable to stop the contents of his rectum being forcibly expelled into his diapers. The contractions of his bowels forced wave after wave out until his diapers were bulging with the large quantity of stool which the suppositories had compelled him to release. He could feel the wet, warm, liquid mass pressing against his buttocks and grimaced as he could feel gravity redistributing it under him across his hips and back. "Phew, you certainly passed a lot that time, baby." Sue remarked. "We're going to control your bowels and bladder until you're willing to co-operate. When you are, we'll feed you with a bottle and spoon, but until you've learnt to behave, we'll going to keep you tied up and treat you our way. We'll leave you for an hour or so to make sure that you're emptied your bowels, then we'll be back to sort you out some more."

As they left the room, Dave panicked. He was fastened so firmly to the cot that he couldn't get free. Struggling had shown him that the only result of that would be to cause the straps to cut into his arms and ankles. He had thought about trying to bend the tubing of the cot so that he could reach the fastenings, but after a great effort, he realised that the cot was too strong to bend like that. Another bowel spasm forced more stool into his diaper and, because it was already so full, he could feel it being forced up between his legs and over his abdomen. He shed a tear of frustration and anguish at the thought of his condition. The gag and straps had rendered him helpless to their will.

Sue and Jane returned, dressed as before in their nursing uniforms and white rubber aprons. Jane was carrying two padded metal bars with a loop at one end. She plugged them into fixings either side of the cot and the loops dangled over Dave's legs. Sue grabbed one of Dave's legs as Jane undid the strap and forced it up into the loop. Jane quickly fastened the strap to the bar and the process was repeated on the other leg. Dave was still lying on his back on the rubber sheet, but with his buttocks slightly raised from the bed and his legs spread- eagled apart, bent at the knee and raised in the air. "We use these stirrups for gynaecological and urological operations baby. We're going to clean you up and then plumb you in to ensure that we can control you." Sue told him. The two nurses removed the rubber knickers and unpinned the diapers. With skill acquired by long practice, they cleaned Dave and Jane inserted her gloved finger into his rectum and swept it around. "He's empty, so we can carry on, Sue," Jane remarked.

Sue took a key and undid something at the end of the cot and Dave was surprised when the end of the cot was lifted away. Jane took some surgical disinfectant and proceeded to paint Dave's abdomen and buttocks with it. Where she'd painted, Dave was stained yellow by the iodine-containing surgical scrub. Both nurses went out and Dave heard the sound of hands being washed and scrubbed. When they came back, both were wearing masks and carrying a tray each. After putting the trays down, Sue took a hypodermic syringe and filled it from a bottle. Jane picked up a syringe with a nozzle rather than a needle and took hold of Dave's penis. Inserting the nozzle into Dave's penis, she pressed the plunger and Dave could feel the cold liquid going down his urethra and starting to sting. In a matter of seconds the stinging was replaced by numbness. Jane continued to hold his penis tightly to stop the liquid coming out. "It's a sterile lubricant and local anaesthetic, baby, to let us put a tube into your bladder. It'll stop this hurting and we wouldn't want to hurt our precious baby, would we?" Jane cooed at him.

After a few minutes, Jane slackened her grip as Sue took a blue plastic bag from out of a long paper packet. Ripping off the end of the blue bag revealed a round tipped rubber tube with two eyes near the end of the tube. "This is a catheter, baby, and we're going to put it into your bladder," said Sue as she inserted the tip of the catheter into Dave's urethra as Jane continued to hold his penis for Sue. Sue inserted the catheter by pushing on the outside of the blue bag, crumpling it up as the catheter slid into place. The catheter forked near the end and she stopped just before the fork reached Dave's penis. He could feel the tubing pressing inside his bladder and felt the pressure as the tubing had pushed past his prostate. After Sue had passed the prostate, Dave saw urine leaking out of the end of the catheter. Sue picked up a syringe, which she had pre-filled with water and inserted the tip into the inflation funnel of the catheter. She injected the contents of the syringe and said, "That inflates a balloon at the end of the catheter: it won't come out until we deflate it." She left the end of the catheter leaking its small trickle of yellow urine into a kidney dish and went to get a drip bag. She hung the bag from the drip stand and connected the end of the tubing to the catheter. Opening the valve on the line, she turned to Dave and said, "Shake your head when your bladder is full." Dave could feel the cold liquid filling his bladder and it quickly filled up. Dave shook his head furiously and Sue then cut off the flow, leaving Dave so full that he felt that he would burst. Jane took a syringe and injected it into Dave's abdomen just above where his pubic hair would have been, if he'd still had any. Sue then picked up an instrument and having first palpitated Dave's abdomen to ensure that she was just above the pubic bone and over the bladder, pushed the trocar down through Dave's abdomen and into his bladder. Dave could feel the warm urine flowing out over his abdomen and Sue quickly inserted a catheter through the fistula made by the trocar, inflated the balloon and removed the trocar. Urine, or rather the water, which Sue had put in Dave's bladder, was now leaking out of the catheter. Sue took an empty syringe and deflated the balloon of the urethral catheter and pulled it out, none too gently, causing Dave to wince with the discomfort. "You've now got a suprapubic catheter in place, baby. It goes into your bladder through your abdomen, leaving the tube through your penis unblocked. We can fill your bladder any time we like through that and make you wet yourself. Nod if you understand." Dave nodded - he understood only too well. Sue then connected the suprapubic catheter to the bag of fluid, but left the tap turned off.

Jane then took the syringe with the local anaesthetic and approached Dave from the open end of the cot. He felt the pinprick of the needle just below his anus and then the stinging as Jane injected the anaesthetic. She repeated this two more times until he was aware of a numbed area. Sue took a small scalpel and prodded the area with it. Dave didn't react, as he couldn't feel it. "He's about ready now, Jane. Get ready to insert the catheter when I've make the opening." With that Sue pushed the scalpel through the skin just behind Dave's anus and into his rectum. Sue then pushed a metal instrument beside the scalpel and removed the blade. She then opened the handles, widening the hole, which she'd made so that Jane could insert a very large catheter. When the tip was in far enough, Jane inflated the balloon, and Sue removed the instrument. "You've now got a catheter into your rectum. Any time we want, we can fill that with enemas that will make you empty your bowels. We can control your wetting and soiling now," said Jane proudly. Dave was uncomfortable again as his bladder had filled from all that diuretic liquid which he'd drunk. Sue noticed this and said, "We'd better hurry, Jane. Baby needs his diapers!"

Jane put a dressing over the cut in Dave's anal region and put a keyhole dressing around the suprapubic catheter. She then placed a rolled dressing just above the catheter to bend the catheter up towards Dave's chest. She fastened this down with a large film dressing to keep the under dressings dry. A long tube was fastened to the catheter in Dave's rectum and the catheter was taped to his back. With consummate skill, Dave was re-diapered and the drop front rubber knickers put back on him. "Now let's see it if works," said Sue, opening the valve on the bag of fluid connected to Dave's suprapubic catheter. Dave was already bursting to take a leak and the cold fluid pouring into his bladder was the last straw. He opened the muscles of his bladder and let the whole flood out into his diapers with a feeling of relief. He didn't want to do it, but it didn't hurt as much as when his bladder was swollen fit to burst.

The nurses removed the diapers and turned off the fluid from the drip bag. Sue removed the tubing and let the remainder drain from the spigot of the catheter. She inserted a catheter valve in the spigot and made sure that it was closed. Jane slid a fracture bedpan under Dave's hips and then hung a douche can on the drip stand. She connected the tubing from the douche can to the tubing connected to the catheter surgically inserted into Dave's rectum. "This is good old soap solution, baby. It'll irritate, so you can let it out when I say so. If you let it out too soon, I'll think of a way to punish you."

Jane opened the valve and the strong soap solution ran in. Dave could feel the warm solution filling his bowels and the urge to push became stronger. Jane closed the valve and disconnected the tubing. She held her glowed hand between Dave's legs to direct the flow into the bedpan. "OK Dave, let it go now," Jane said. Dave released the soap and it was expelled forcibly by the contractions of his bowels. There was some splashing, but Jane's hand directed most of it into the bedpan. "There you are, baby, you can co-operate when you want to!" exclaimed Jane.

The women re-diapered Dave and Sue put a large syringe into the gag in Dave's mouth. She pressed the plunger and a strange tasting liquid filled Dave's mouth. He swallowed hard, rather than choke and shortly felt his senses being taken away from him as he drifted again into a drugged sleep.

When Dave awoke, he was still in the same cot, but this time his arms and body was encased in a garment, which he quickly realised, was a straitjacket! He'd been in it some time as he could feel the dampness of his sweat and the smell of it was in his nostrils. From the pressure between his thighs, he was again wearing thick diapers and his legs were still in the stirrups. Raising his head slightly, he could see that the straitjacket had rings fixed to it and the straps through these would prevent him turning over or sitting up. He was even more securely restrained than before.

Just then, Sue and Jane entered the room, with Jane pushing a trolley piled high with strange sorts of medical equipment. Dave's heart skipped a beat. Whatever next? Sue, seeing the look on Dave's face, laughed. "Just you wait, baby. You've got a lot of treats in store for you!"


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