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Zen and the art of boat repair

Career Training

Apologies to Robert Persig

My sister is two years older than I. On her sixteenth birthday, our parents gave her a “sweet sixteen”sleepover and paid me to serve as bartender for the party. It was only soft drinks but we had fancy glasses with fruit slices and umbrella and palm tree stirrers. Dress for the party was shortie nightgowns and my sister and all four guests wore them. This was quite a show for a fourteen year old “bartender”, The showpiece was Myra. She lived across the street and was the most beautiful girl in the world. Her gown was the shortest and sheerest of the five, and it was all my tighty-whities could do to hold me in. Myra would come over and talk to me during the party and would kiss my cheek when I made her a drink. I was in love and she became the focus of my masturbation from then on. It was four years later when my parents gave me a surprise eighteenth birthday party.

My sister and I had always been close and she delighted in teaching me about sexual activity as soon as she found out herself. She had taught me about masturbation for both boys and girls, and explained enemas to me when I was only ten. We did not do enemas together, but we both knew that the other one practiced the art. Myra was very close with my sister and I was not surprised that they shared their enema experiences and my involvement also. I often saw Myra on the street and when she visited my sister, but we usually said only “Hi” although she would sometimes pat me on my butt and if no one was watching, I would pat back.

A week before my HS graduation, I was surprised by my parents , with a party. My sister and Myra were back from college for the summer and they plus some of my classmates were there. After the pizza and ice cream were done, we switched off the lights in favor of some candles and turned up the music. I was thrilled when Myra asked me to dance. She held me so close that I was sure she could feel my erection and I slid my hand down to cup her butt. She asked me what my plans were when school was out. I think she knew that I had been accepted at college, but I just had to put in a little tease. I said “I am planning to open an enema and colonic clinic”. Even in the dark, I could see her jaw drop.

She kissed me hard and after as short pause said “ That is an interesting career choice. Won't you need some training before you open your clinic?” We stopped dancing and held each other tighter. My hand dropped lower on her butt and I gave her a squeeze. “Yes” I said. I am hoping to find a volunteer to help me practice for a while this summer”. “Where would you practice? “ she asked. ”My family has a cabin on the lake that is not used during the week” I said. “Would you be able to help me get used to the equipment”? I got two more kisses and a yes.

After a week, I had assembled a variety of nozzles and bags . I told my family that I was going to be busy working on my boat at the lake this week. My sister gave me a funny look when Myra came over to go with me, but no one said anything. Myra was wearing a loose tank top and no bra. She looked spectacular although not exactly like she planned to do boat repair.

On arrival, I told Myra that since this was a first visit, we would need to do a full exam. She took that OK until I handed her a paper gown and told her to change while I unloaded the car. She stammered a bit , but said “OK” .I had her sit on the kitchen stool and carefully examined from top to bottom. There was some resistance when I had her stand on a chair while I held the cup for her urine sample, but she laughed herself silly when she could not stop and peed all over my hand and down my arm. That ended my exam and we went out to the shower. I needed it too, so we both got in the shower together. Myra was nervous about the outdoor shower at first , but I assured her that we were far enough off the road, and would not be seen. We took a break for lunch and just stayed nude from the shower while we ate. It was the only time that Myra had seen me nude, and I think she was enjoying the chance to repay her exam.

The weather was so nice and Myra was getting comfortable with being nude outside that we decided to do the enemas out on the picnic table. We spread a beach towel on the table and hung a bag of warm and soapy from the umbrella.. I had Myra pull her cheeks apart and examined her anus. It was pretty and pink. When lightly touched, it winked at me. Myra made happy sounds when I rubbed lube on her anus and even happier sounds when I gently pumped my finger in and out. Mira had chosen the nozzle she wanted first and although it seemed a little large, it slid in with little effort. Myra said it felt fine and I started the flow. Myra had been lying prone on the table but got up on her knees as she filled. When the bag emptied she turned over to her back and gently rubbed herself to an orgasm. Watching was a first for me, and I was thrilled. She looked so pretty lying there with her bulging tummy that I kissed her on several particularly inviting spots and then removed the nozzle so that she could expel.. She was a real trooper and we “tested” half of the equipment we had brought. It was getting late, so we dressed and drove home.

I think Myra talked to my sister, because my sister just told our parents that she wants to “help work on the boat?" tomorrow.


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