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Dan's in Diapers and in Trouble!

Dan in Diapers, Dan In Trouble!


His bottom hurt, and his pride hurt perhaps even more. Standing in the corner, 18 year-old Dan could not believe what had just happened: Made to put on his pajamas, he was then taken to his parents room to be given a good old fashioned over-the-knee spanking. That, though, was not even the worst of it. Dan, at a very early age, had developed a love of wearing diapers. He had gotten away with it in secret all this time, but today, well today was the end of that.

He had been minding his own business, enjoying a bit of pleasant diaper time while his mom and brother were out for the afternoon. When they left earlier that day, he immediately got out a cloth diaper, pins and plastic pants from his hiding place, and quickly pinned it on. Pulling up the plastic pants was always a great feeling, completing the look he so desperately craved. He was soon so deeply immersed in his collection of on-line diaper stories, that he did not hear the front door open. It took a few seconds to realize that it had indeed opened, and his mother was very much home.

It turned out that their afternoon out was cut short. They had gone shopping for a couple of things for his brother to take to summer camp, but instead of taking all afternoon to buy them, it took perhaps an hour. His brother then took off to meet some friends, and mom just came home. She was now calling his name and heading right for his door. He tried to get his pants on, and while struggling to get them over his diaper, she walked in.

Mothers of teenage boys expect to catch their grown-up bundles of joy doing “things” with their parts, and as awkward as that is, it happens a lot. This on the other hand, took her completely by surprise. She could see that his “underwear” did not look at all right, and after a few seconds to take it all in, went over and pulled his pants back down, and touched his diaper. Confirming for herself that it was in fact what she thought it was, (she’d seen enough of them to know they looked like!) she asked him point blank: “What are you doing? Why are you wearing a diaper? Tell me, tight now, what is going on!

Dan stammered a few words, but really did not know how to begin. He went silent again, and then managed to say a few words. He said “I can’t explain, but I really like to wear them. I don’t know why.” “When did you start doing this?” she asked. “Years ago, when I was about 10, I found our old diapers in the attic and tried one, and I just really liked the feeling. I did it over and over until I realized how much I enjoyed diapers.”

His mother took a moment to try and take all of this in, and then said, “it’s all very well to enjoy them, but I don’t appreciate you sneaking around like this, and what, by the way is on your computer?” Looking at the screen, she realized that they were ‘dirty’ stories involving diapers. “This is not acceptable though. Now before I deal with this, how many diapers do you have? I want to see them all now...” Because he didn’t know for sure what she was going to do, and not wanting to risk losing his whole stash of diapers and plastic pants, he lied and said, “just this one.” She looked at him, and reading his face, asked “you’re sure? Only this diaper and baby pant? No others? You’re sure…?” He looked at her and shakily gave an almost whispered “yes”.

She was pretty sure otherwise, though, and said “Okay, so I guess you won’t mind if I take a look. Let’s hope I don’t find any others though, I don’t like being lied to, and even though you’re now technically and adult, you’re still my child under my roof,” then added menacingly “and you know what happens to lying children under my roof…” He gulped, but was afraid for his things, so stayed silent, praying she would not find them.

She moved about the room quickly, looking in all the obvious places: under the mattress, in his clothes drawers, at the back of all his stuff in his closet, and found nothing. Stopping, she looked around, seemingly ready to give up, and he breathed a quiet sigh of relief. She the looked at the filing cabinet he had insisted he needed for all his ‘documents’, and even though he was only a teen with few of those, they had agreed and bought it. She saw his expression when he realized where she was going, and she knew what to do. Opening the bottom drawer, she pushed the folders to the front and saw a bag, which she quickly took out. She turned and looked at him, standing there quivering with fear now, wearing only a tee-shirt and diaper. She almost chuckled because she could still see toddler Dan dressed just like that and being caught being naughty.

She regained her composure though, and looking at him, opened the bag, and emptied it onto his bed. By this point, he was beside himself, and nearly started to cry, but managed to hold back. What he couldn’t hold though, was the fear-induced need to pee. So shook up he was that he flooded his diaper, and when the hissing sound and suddenly drooping plastic panty became obvious, she reached over and put her hand under his crotch, and knew he was wet. An idea came to her, but first she had to confront his lie.

“So, you only have the one, eh? Surveying the diapers, a couple pairs of plastic pants, and even an extra set of diaper-pins, she asked “what are these then?” He stayed silent, blushing, embarrassed by, well, by the whole situation. How many young men his age would be childishly standing in a wet diaper in front of their mother, while being caught in an even more childish lie? How many would have had their mom actually do a ‘diaper check’ to see if he was wet?

She began: “Nothing to say? Well, I guess I can understand that; what is there TO say? Now, I need you to understand a few things: I am NOT going to punish you for wearing diapers. We’ll have to work this out, but I would never punish you for just being you. I can’t say I fully understand why anyone would want to wear a wet diaper, but to each is own. I AM going to punish you though, and in fitting way. What you have on that computer is not acceptable in my house, and you know that. Moreover, you lied to me, right to my face, about not having any more diapers. Lying is forbidden, and you been punished for that before, so you know that too. So here’s what’s in store. You are going to keep your diaper on for now, and get into your ‘jammies’, as you will be going to bed early tonight. In ten minutes, you are to meet me in my room, and we will deal with your bad behaviour in private, while no one else is home. Any questions? Through the stress of his predicament, all he could ask was “what will you tell them (his dad and younger brother) about my bedtime?” again, nearly through tears. “I will simply tell them that you were not feeling well and went to bed. Now hurry up and get changed and come and see me in ten minutes, so we can get to the bottom of this, so to speak.

He was really scared. Mom had not spelled it out, but when he was younger, those kinds of words, and this scenario around punishment usually ended up one way, and even though now an adult, he felt like a naughty child. Still shaking, he changed into his pj’s and in a few minutes, trudged slowly into his parent’s bedroom.


He went in, and saw that the bench from his mom’s makeup table had already been pulled away from the table, and he knew right away what that meant. As he stood there sweating, his mom walked in and said, “Good boy, you’re right on time. I did not want to have to go and pull you in here like when you were little. Now, just so we’re clear, I am going to give you a good, sound spanking for what you have done.” Sitting down, she pulled him closer, and he instinctively pulled back a bit, but she just tugged a little more strongly, and he gave up resisting. “I told you to keep on your diaper for a reason. Do you know why?” He shook his head ‘no’. “Two reasons: I wanted you to really understand that bad behaviour get’s punished as if you were still very little. Adults don’t treat their parents the way you just did. Secondly, since it is wet, you will feel this more, and it reinforces that I am in charge. Do you understand?” This time he spoke, saying “yes, but please don’t give me a spanking, please. I am too old for this.” “Too old? Your diaper says otherwise, and also, you’re simply not too old to go over my knee when you deserve it.

The lecture done, she tugged down his pj bottoms, and actually quite easily, considering his size, grabbed one arm, and putting her other hand around his waist, pulled him over her knee.

He had not seen the room from this vantage for a long time, and it brought back memories, none of them good. Looking under the bench at his bunched-up pajama pants, he marveled at how nothing had changed. He was also quite amazed at how easily she had taken him from standing to lying over her knee. He was thankful, he still had on his diaper, but also a little more embarrassed than if mom had bared his bottom.

She made him wait a few seconds, and then securing his waist with her right arm, she reached down to the floor for her slipper, and in a second, he felt her arm rise and then she brought it down with a fierce blow. She carried on. At first, his diaper seemed to give some protection. Soon though, its wetness allowed the stinging spanks to really start to hurt. Spank, spank, spank, the slipper kept rising and falling on his now burning bottom. Spank, spank, he started squirming, but she just held him tighter. Spank, spank, he began to plead “Please mom, stop, it hurts!” Spank, “it’s supposed to hurt!” she said, not missing a beat. Spank, spank, spank, spank, on it went, and now, he was kicking, trying to get off her lap, but he could not push himself up. Spank, spank spank, the slipper was doing its damage. His behind was on fire! As the spanking went on, he now gave in to his feelings, and started to cry. He was a struggling, sobbing mess, and his mom, while feeling bad for her ‘baby’, decided that it this spanking was going to have the desired impact, she should keep going.

Keep going she did. Spank, spank, spank, spank, “mom…mommeee, stop!” he cried out through his tears. Spank Spank Spank, and then it was over. She knew she had landed her point right on target, and that he would be much easier to handle for a while. “He’s still a kid”, she thought.

He lay for a minute in that very embarrassing position, crying, for a minute, and then she helped onto his feet. Everything hurt, his stinging bottom, and his pride. Standing there in a wet diaper after being put over his mom’s knee and being given a good spanking was a lot for this young adult. She said, “ok, its over now,” and standing up herself, she led him to the corner, and told him to stay put. “I want you to think about what just happened, and why, and then in a few minutes you can come to the kitchen for something to eat and drink if you want.”


Corner time only added to the humiliation. He had kicked off his jammie pants with all his thrashing about during the spanking. Being made to stand, facing the wall, wearing a wet diaper, and relive all that had just gone on was hard, and in a few minutes he’d had enough. He turned and without even putting his pants back on, went to the kitchen to speak with his mother.

She was not at all surprised to see him so quickly, as she knew he had to say a few things. The diaper and no pants look was weird to see, but she said nothing. “Mom”, he said, “don’t think I deserved a spanking, but I’m sorry for everything.” “I accept your apology, thank you. I DO think that you needed that spanking, and I will do it again if you need another one. But you are entitled to your thoughts, and next time, if it comes, we will talk about it before I make my decision. Now have a snack, go and wash up and then off to bed for the night. As for your diaper, if you want to wear one, you should change it, because it is wet, and you don’t need diaper rash. Your bum is probably red as it is.”

Soon he was in his bed, dry diaper on. The whole afternoon had been very draining, and in spite of his sore behind, before long, he was fast asleep.


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