Diversity of Life

1. The Day

Today was not a normal day for 18 year old Amber. She had slept fitfully the night before and had seen this day coming some time before with a queasy feeling. That I agreed, she thought at the breakfast table where she ate her muesli and some of the fresh strawberries that morning. She was already home alone. Her mother was already on her way, she started the day a little earlier. Her father is currently in England and was in London on a business trip.

Amber attended the 12th grade of the city high school. In a year she should finish school and maybe go to university. She was very excited about where her decisions regarding her further professional life would lead her and what was to come in the near future. She wasn't quite sure yet. Everything was still fine. School wasn't a problem for her. She has developed well and everything else has gone well. She regularly met up with her friends and liked to go out. She especially enjoyed sports. She is on the city's volleyball team and regularly travels to games with her teammates.

As announced by the teachers in the parents' letter, a visit to the medical center was scheduled for today. The most athletic students who have voluntarily taken part in the sports medicine examination should remember to be on time for the examination that day. Not many signed up. As far as she knew there were three boys and two friends from her class. Amber was overcome with doubts. She wondered at that moment why she signed up for this study. Isn't it enough to get vaccinated? Bad enough, she thought as she reached for the cup of orange juice. She regretted her decision more and more. And then we should also bring short gym shorts and sports shoes. Who knows what exercises I'll have to do there, she murmured and went from the place at the kitchen table to the wardrobe. At least she didn't have to go to school for it today. On the way she grabbed her backpack and keys, quickly slipped into her sneakers, got her bike out of the garage and left the house.

It was a few miles to the medical center, which was right next to the school. Usually she didn't care. She loved riding her bike to school and feeling the wind blow through her hair. But today the ride wouldn't really be fun. It wasn't long before she saw the school and medical center next door from afar. Every now and then she saw familiar faces driving past, greeted them cautiously and then drove to the bicycle storage room, which was easily accessible via a path into the basement. You can also walk to the medical center. The bike parked here and locked, she set off. Most of her classmates were probably already in class. However, Amber was excused.

The way across the site to the medical center was not far. She took a short shortcut and chose a pedestrian walkway that led straight onto the street. Some students and teachers came towards her. Some of them she knew by name. But there was no one she knew from class. I wonder what they'll think when they see me going in the opposite direction from school, she thought. She was excused by her registration anyway. Therefore, she left the school grounds with a clear conscience and approached the medical center ever closer. From afar she saw Sebastian walking through the big door. Sebastian knew her from a young age. He too had registered for this sports medicine examination. Amber waved, but Sebastian was already standing in the entrance area of ​​the medical center.

I'm certainly not too late if Sebastian arrives now. He's always on time, Amber thought, saving herself a glance at the time on her cell phone, which she carried in her back pocket. She approached the front door. As she touched the door handle, she noticed someone behind her in a bit more of a hurry than she was. She turned around and saw a young woman stop in front of the door and smile at Amber. Positively impressed by her friendly nature, Amber opened the door and gave the lady the right of way. "Thanks!" she said and accepted the offer.