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A surprising Beginning

A surprising Beginning

A long time a go , probably about 53 years ago now , We would enlist Wife's Mother as a Baby sitter when Wife would go off on an expedition with a large group of school aged girls for a 7 day camping trip . I had a job with varying hours because I worked off a service truck and the Jobs were all over the state .

Mother in Law , B . had a bed in a common area that we had to pass thru to get in to our Bedroom , so with that little introduction we get to the rest of the story .

It had been a long busy day , lots of driving to all 3 jobs plus repairs I made , so I didn't get home till a little after 9 , that day , had a burger on the road for supper , so Mother in law didn't have to make me supper , so by the time I got all cleaned up showered was closing in on 10 o'clock and Mother in law had settled inta bed with her book , she was an avid reader just like her daughter still is .

But there was one thing left to do . My IBS had been pretty active all day , still was , so I decided I'd give my self an enema . They usually worked best if I was laying down when I got it , so whipping up my courage I told B. what I was going to do because I had to pass thru that room to get to my bed and would be carrying the Loaded enema hot water bottle along too .

She calmly said “Ok thanks for the warning ”. So I merrily went back to the bath room got every thing ready , made up a calming bag full of warm Baking soda , water which works like a charm for me , also got a couple bath towel for in case I leaked , the usual jar of Vaseline , and headed to My bed room with all this stuff in hand .

As I entered her room I quickly noticed that she wasn't reading , but now was flat on her back watching for me . Right then it got interesting , She spoke , I have been a little out of sorts my self today , I think I could use a good dose of that !!! then pushed the covers down , rolled on to her left side , pulled right leg up , grabbed nightie and pulled it up to her waist , did it all this in one fluid motion ! Well I was one kind flabbergasted guy , I had no clue this was gonna happen, never expected it from prim proper her .

I was kinda put in to automatic drive , several things happened in rapid sequence , I put the enema outfit on the foot of the bed , Tucked the towels in under her Bare bottom making sure to get a good feel for the experience , then a finger full of Vaseline got tucked into place , Oh Yes , was gonna be need for this enema ! That old time Black baseball bat shaped nozzle entered easily but stopped short before full insertion , pulled it out , looked wasn't blocked , so pushed it back in , picked up bulging bag held it over her bare hips , asked ready ? Popped the old shiny metal clamp . Oh Yes , I was really giving my Mother in Law an enema , view was Quite good , memorable as the bag grew thinner !

It was pretty obvious that she had enemas some where along the line because she seemed to know all the right stuff to do . Well about ⅔ rd's of the bag drained into her before she said turn it off , take it out ! I gotta go !!!! and that's what happened , I could easily here the expulsion , sounded like treatment had been a huge success .

After she returned to her bed and crawled in she told me I gave real good enemas .

Well I didn't get any offer to help with my enema , so I re filled the apparatus up and did my own on my bed .

This incident led to three other times I was asked to give her treatments over bout a multi year period , Think might have been more but she moved clear across county several years later .

Think I may have posted about two other times some where but cant seem to locate them . The fourth and Last incident is here , Title “ Just the way it was ” .