Alan’s Dormitory Medical Care

Alan’s Prepares to Meet His New Doctor

Alan was anxious to the point of distraction about his upcoming appointment. Although he had been through a lot with Sarah, it had mostly happened spontaneously, at least from his perspective. With his appointment with Dr Young, he was aware of it well in advance, and so he had lots of time to contemplate it. He looks at the hospital’s web site and looks at Dr Young’s photo and reads her bio. She has a smile that seems spontaneous in her photo with brown hair cut short to just below her ears and red frame glasses that almost make her look like she is modeling the glasses. He tries to reassure himself that she is a good choice for him. He texts Sarah and asks if they can meet to discuss what to expect and of course she agrees to meet him in her suite.

When Alan gets to Sarah’s room and she lets him in. It’s a different atmosphere — the lights are dimmer and there is music on quietly in the background. She hands a a cup of warm tea and they sit together in the lounge area.

Sarah starts the discussion, “So, what’s on your mind?”

Alan sighs. “Well, what should I expect? What do you think she will do to me?”

”She’ll start out with an exam like I did for you — feel your belly. You will definitely be getting a rectal exam, you can be sure of that. She may use an anoscope or proctoscope to look inside your rectum.“

”What’s that like?” Alan winced as he asked the question, not sure if he wanted to hear the answer.

”It will be a tube that she puts in your bottom so she can see inside. You’ll be ok, it will be a little bigger than my finger and maybe a bit uncomfortable, but speak up if it hurts. I know whe will do everything she can to keep you comfortable.”

Sarah could tell from the look on his face that he was tense, “What else? What are you stewing over?”

”Should I …. . ”. He stopped and looked down.

“Should you what?” Sarah probed further.

”Should I prepare? Should you give me an enema before I go?”

”No, it would be better if she can assess you in your normal baseline state. If she decides you need to be cleaned out, it can be done then and there. Don’t worry, I‘ll be there with you the whole time.“

Alan took some solace in hearing this, but the scoping possibility had him pretty nervous.

Sarah sensed his unease and anxiety, “What do you do to relax? You need a stress reliever. Warm showers? Music with headphones lying on your bed?”

“My roommates are constantly around. They make it impossible to relax.”

”Your right… That’s a problem. You probably can’t even engage in the most tried and true stress reliever, masturbation. Your trapped.”

Alan was surprised to say the least to have her bring this up so frankly, but she was exactly right. He looked up at Sarah and nodded his head in agreement.

”Tell you what,” she went on. “I will be gone the day before your appointment from 3 in the afternoon until 9 pm at a seminar. I’ll give you the combination to my door lock. You can come here, use the spare bed to relax. Take a nice long hot shower, order some food. No one else has the combination, so if someone knocks, ignore it. You can do whatever you need to do, OK?” Her emphasis on the word “whatever“ was not lost on Alan and he was a little embarrassed at what she was suggesting.

The days went by slowly. Anxiety kept Alan from sleeping well and had a hard time focusing on his classes. He was still heading towards getting straight A’s this semester as inmate ability more than adequately compensated for his distracted state of mind. Sarah sent him encouraging texts each morning and evening that would have short little yoga based poses and breathing exercises attached to them.

On the day before his appointment, he went straight to Sarah’s suite. It was nice to finish with classes for the day and not to have to confront his troglodyte roommates for once. He punched in the key code to the lock on Sarahs door and the internal mechanism gave a quick mechanical whirring sound as the bolt withdrew, and just like that, he was inside. The now familiar smell of the rooms greeted him — a mixture of clean laundry and the aromatic spicy bouquet of Sarah‘s hair products. He could feel some tension leaving him already. He put down his things, and wandered around a bit. He looked at her whiteboard calendar on the wall and saw that today was marked, “Seminar,” and tomorrow was marked, “A’s Appointment!!” He wandered into the spare room. Everything was neat and the bed was freshly made up for him. Laying on top of the blanket was a note in Sarah’s writing, “Make yourself at home! Relax!” Next to the note was a small pump bottle of body lotion and a small blue package that read, “Nice n’ Clean Flushable Wet Wipes with Aloe and Vitamin E.” It was a not so subtle suggestion of how she expected Alan to achieve a state of relaxation as he enjoyed his “spa day.”

He sat down on the bed and started to browse on his tablet and started to dose off in short order. He woke a bit later, still very tired and with an erection that was uncomfortable inside his tight jeans. He got up and pulled off his jeans and crawled under the blanket and his hand wandered under his shorts to his stiff penis. As he looked around the room, slightly nervous, he slid his shorts down further. He closed his eyes and slowly moved his hand along the shaft of his penis, avoiding the sensitive glans. His mind quickly focused on Sarah. He tried to think of her in the encounters they had had in the elevator or at parties and to fantasize of pursuing her in these settings. He imagined the other riders on the elevator all getting off at other floors as they ascended and being there alone with her, but he had a hard time moving his mind in this direction. The time the two of them had been together had been so dominated by her medical ministrations, that these were the situations which invariably intruded into his thoughts. These experiences with her had been so emotionally and physically intense, private and intimate, that they were impossible to push aside. He could not conjure up a scenario in which he has the aggressor and would initiate physical contact with her or even disrobe her in his mind. This very much frustrated him. He had not ever envisioned his sexuality in this way before. The best he could do was see her pleasing smile gazing at him or hear her voice his name in a calming soothing tone. If he took a deep breath in through his nose, the smells of the room would enhance the experience in his mind and make it seem like she was almost present with him. He found himself gyrating his hips slowly as he became aware of the very pleasant sensation of the texture of the soft cotton knit blanket underneath him rubbing against the bare skin of his buttocks. His bottom had never much figured into his fantasies or masturbation habits, but he found that with what Sarah had done to him over these whirlwind weeks, any intimate thought of her automatically triggered an awareness and focus on that part of him. If he clenched his buttocks together, it caused some sensations around his anus and this excited him further. He could sense the first wetness and stickiness oozing from the tip of his penis prompting him to move away the top blanket to avoid getting any of his precum on the fabric.

The precum he produced was not enough to lubricate his penis to make his hand strokes more pleasurable. In fact, as it dried a bit, it became too sticky and uncomfortable and his hand could not slide over his rigid shaft at all. He reached for the pump bottle of lotion Sarah had left. He read the label — “Spice Island”. He took a squirt of it into his cupped hand and as he layed back down, the scent of the lotion flooded his nostrils with an instant familiarity. It was her scent. The scent that he first got a hint of when they first met, that he would detect if he was near her in the elevator and, off course, whenever he was in her rooms. Her shampoo bottle in her bathroom had the same name and so he now realized, her hair had the same smell. It was now like she was there next to him. He coated his penis with the cool lotion and enjoyed some intensely pleasurable strokes. He closed his eyes and the vision that came to him involuntarily was of her kneeling beside the bed, watching and quietly encouraging him in her calm soothing voice. “Good Alan! That’s it, relax.” His mind insisted that she utter some words that would conform to his previously held notions of his masculinity, “Alan, your cock is so hard! It’s getting even bigger! You are really a grower!” He started to focus more on his glans, passing back and forth over the corona with his thumb and index finger as he felt himself barreling toward orgasm. He imagined himself kneeling up on the bed facing the foot of it as he masturbated with Sarah kneeling on the floor right next to him, her eyes at the level of his hips, focused on his furious strokes. She reached out and put one hand on his bottom, alternately sqeezing his buttocks and then caressing all over from the base of his spine to sensitive skin of his crevice, “Your muscles are so tight and hard!” Her other hand stroked the front of his thigh nearest to her. She sensed his orgasm approaching, “Yes, that’s it! Come for me! Good boy!”

He was spurred into more of a frenzy by her encouraging words in his mind. He hardly missed a stroke as he tore off his shirt. Just hearing her utter these words in his mind quickly brought on the electric tingling that started in his spine, spread through his pelvis and transitioned to a warm vibrating pleasure in waves that overtook his penis. His abdomen tightened, lifting his upper body slightly off the bed. Arcs of his semen erupted from him, shooting up onto his chest, leaving parallel pearly streaks across his bare skin. He eased his back down as the waves of his orgasm continued in waining intensity. He noticed he could feel his anus clenching with each wave. He had never been aware of this before and concluded that it must have always happened, but he was now more in tune to this part of his body.

He recovered his breathing and felt his penis slowly soften in his hand. The semen on his skin gradually went from warm to a cool wetness and started to slowly drip to the sides off the convexity of his chest. He moved in his upper arms against the sides of his chest to block any rivulets from reaching the bed beneath him. He thought about reaching for a wipe to clean up, but did not want to spoil the blissful sense of peace that was spreading over him. He felt his body relax like it was melting into the bed. He soon had that wonderful sense tranquility as he became unaware of the position of his limbs.

Alan’s chronic sleep deficit pushed him towards slumber. He tried to fight this as he was aware of the situation on his abdomen and chest, and felt some compulsion to clean up because of where he was, but the post orgasmic flood of neurotransmitters was overwhelming and he drifted off. He briefly woke at one point and was aware that the room had darkened. He could feel the hairs on his abdomen being pulled by his now dried semen as he shifted his position. He did not wake again until he heard the sound of the lock of the door disengaging. He heard soft footsteps on the tile floor then the door latch closed. He pulled the blanket up to his neck quickly.

”Alan? Are you in there?” Sarah called out. “Okay if I come in? Are you decent?”

As he pondered whether it really mattered what state he was in or if it mattered anymore, Sarah came to the doorway and looked in at him and smiled, “Look at you! You look very well rested.” She entered the room and sat down near the foot of the bed looking up at him, still smiling. “The stress looks gone from your face. I think our plan was a success. How do you feel?”

He sat up slightly while trying to stay covered up to his neck with the blanket. “Fine.” Was all he could reply.

Sarah looked around and saw the lotion bottle on the floor next to the bed. She looked back at Alan with a more mischievous smile and then behind him. She pointed to the pillow that was behind him and playfully quipped, “Looks like you hit a home run there!”

Alan looked behind him and was mortified to see a wet streak about 2 inches long that had soaked into the white pillowcase.

Sarah gave him a playful nudge on on the front of his shoulder with her hand, “It’s okay! Mission accomplished! You look like a new man! Do you need to get cleaned up? How about a shower? Looks like things may be got a bit too messy for just a few wipes!”

Sarah’s nonchalance put him at ease and he agreed to a shower. He reached down to pull on his shorts. Sarah suggested he leave off his shirt to keep it clean, so he did. When he sat up fully and the blanket fell down, Sarah looked at his torso.

“Wow! How about that! Your chest and belly look like a Jackson Pollock canvas!”

The comment was lost on Alan. His science heavy curriculum meant little exposure to the arts. He smiled with a mixture of pride and embarrassment. He began to appreciate how Sarah made him feel like everything his body did was ok as long as he was healthy and taking care of himself. He thought of how there is a difference between shame and embarrassment. He still felt some of the latter, but he very much liked how Sarah’s attitude and words eliminated the shame.

Sarah handed him a fresh clean folded bath towel and he headed into the bathroom to shower. He thought about how long he had gone without a clean neatly folded towel for his showers.

When Alan came out from his shower, Sarah offered him a back rub to which he agreed. As she massaged his back, she reassured him that she would be there in the GI department the next day, but that she might be a little late and that he shouldn’t panic if she isn’t there at first. When it was time for him to head back to his own room, Sarah gave him a hug and some final words of reassurance. “Your going to do fine. We will take good care of you. Anxiety is the enemy, so think positive thoughts. You need to sleep.”


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