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A fantasy of mine

Part 2

Mommy would start the breast exam by palpitating around my boobs to check for any lumps. Once finished, she pay close attention to my nipples to check sensitivity. She'd pull, twist and suck until they were puffy and lightly bruised. Then, she'd clip on her favourite clamps with pink bows and little bells on after they've been in the fridge.

After finishing all that, the suppositories have finished working. The table is adjusted so once she gently removed the buttplug I can release. Once sure I've released it all, she will once again tilt the table back to give me two 2qt enemas to finish cleaning me out. To help, mommy will take the time to palpitate my stomach as I retain the soapy concoctions. Id try to moan but all that would come out would be soft groans from behind my paci. When doing the second enema, mommy would lightly shush me and tap my paci telling me what a good girl I'm being. Finally empty and clean, mommy would change gloves once more and start to finger my arse to stretch it before using an anal speculum. She'd open it impossibly wide before taking a sample with a swab. Closing the speculum and replacing it with another butt plug (one with a pretty jewel on) mommy would finally finish with my aching cunt.

She' comment on how drooly I was from this hole too before shoving two gloved fingers in. With one hand stroking my restrained thigh and the other scissoring me all I could do was whine and hope for more. After being prepped mommy would get the fucking machine out and line me up. She'd say she was worried about my cunt's elasticity so we were going to see what fit and what my cunt tried to swallow. What follows would be me slowly being fucked by a small dick, a long one, one with a wide girth, one texture all over and finally a tentacle. I'd have come several times and each time mommy would up the machines pace.

Finally done with all the exams, mommy would tell me how proud she was of me and I only need to come once more for her like a good girl before we were done. Mommy quickly put aside the fucking machine before fingering me again with three fingers as fast as she could before I came crying out with over stimulation.

She' untie me and help me to bed where we'd snuggle and do aftercare.


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