Committed - A Crazy Inpatient Hospitalization Story

Chapter 9

The next morning I have to go to the shower with the cum showing on the front of my johnny. Jena’s johnny is wet with her cum too, but she doesn’t seem embarrassed.

The nurse that leads us to the showers comments to me, “You’re seeing the psychiatrist today.”

“Yeah, I know. Finally.” I respond.

After we shower and change we go sit down for breakfast. It is an umlaut with peppers, onions and cheese, with a side of home fries and bacon. They also give us a choice of juice to go with it.

Tom is at the table and he tells me he is going home soon.

After breakfast. Tom gets his clothes back, gets dressed and leaves to go home. I say goodbye and good luck to him.

Right after this the nurse tells me that the psychiatrist is ready to see me. So I will finally get to find out what is going on.

I go into the room with just me and the psychiatrist, and the nurse closes the door so we can talk in private.

The psychiatrist is an older gentleman with graying hair.

“Hello Patient John, I am Dr. Dave Siduma, but you can just call me Dr. Dave. Nice to meet you.” He says as he holds out his hand.

I shake it then say, “Why do they always refer to patients as ‘Patient’ in this hospital, I never heard of that?”

“That’s just the way we do things in this hospital.”

“So why am I here?”

“We thought it would be for the best if you stayed with us for a little while. This is a very good hospital, we take very good care of our patients. I’m a patient of this hospital myself.”

“You are a patient here too?” I respond.

“Yes. This hospital is not just for psychiatric care. We are a full featured hospital, and I go here for my medical care.”

“I didn’t know that. I thought it was just a mental hospital. I have never been here before.”

“I like this hospital because they are very thorough and provide excellent care for their patients. I started going here as a patient myself soon after I got hired here, which was about 10 years ago.”

“Do they call you Patient Dave when you go in for checkups?”

“Of course, that is how we refer to our patients in this hospital.”

“My wife says most hospitals let their patients wear regular clothes.”

“Oh we never let our patients wear their own clothes at this hospital. Patients are stickily to wear johnnies, nothing else. We don’t believe patients should be allowed to wear regular clothes.”

“I am forced to take a pill every night here. The nurse won’t give me the option to refuse.”

“It’s just a mild sedative, are you having any side effects from it?”

“No, it’s just I thought I should have say.”

“Well the pill is not causing you any problems, so I’m going to keep you on it while you are here.”

“My wife says something about having the right to refuse.”

“We do some things different than most hospitals, and it is for your own good that you cooperate with us. OK?”

“OK” I reply simply.

I then explain, “I still don’t understand why I am here. And I have a job to get back to. I can’t stay here.”

“Jena has talked with us about you a lot. She explained to us that you have a bit of a temper and lose your cool quit often. So we thought we could help you with that. That’s why we wanted you to stay with us for a little while.”

I didn’t know what to say. I realize I do lose my cool at times, but being committed to a psych hospital seems very extreme.

He continues, “Also we decided it would be good for you and your wife to be able to spend time together while she is here.”

It is nice to be able to spend time with her, instead of spending all this time missing her. I really love her and it is hard being without her when she has to stay in the hospital.

“I would like you to stay with us a few more days, up to another week.”

“One more week!” I exclaim “I’ve already been here six days!”

“I understand. But we want to help you.” He responds.

“I don’t think so. I have work to do, and I can’t afford to stay out of work to long.”

“You have plenty of money saved up, and your insurance will fully cover your stay here.”

“How do you know how much money we have saved?”

“Your wife told me, I talked with her already. You have joint accounts.”

“What if I refuse to stay?”

“I would really appreciate it if you would cooperate with us, we are only trying to help you, and you will be able to spend time with your wife.”

“Is my wife going to stay for another week too?”

“Your wife is going to need at least another three more days of treatment here.”

“OK” I respond. I really like to be able to be with my wife, because I know how much I miss her when she’s gone.

“I also would like to speak to you about your follow up care after your discharge.”

“My follow up care?”

“Yes Patient John. It’s optional, however I highly recommend it.”

“What is it?” I ask.

“We would like to keep you on the shock device for another two weeks after your discharge.”

“Are you serious!?” I blurt out. The idea of wearing this device out in public is embarrassing.

“Yes. We will have someone assigned to your care 24 hours a day who will be in charge of administering a shock when you start to act out. Of course it won’t be the same person all the time.”

“At work too?!”

“Yes. We already talked to your boss, and he thinks it is a great idea.”

“You talked to my boss about this?! Isn’t that a violation of doctor patient confidentiality?”

“You don’t have to decide right now, take some time to think it over. We could also just do one week of the follow up treatment instead if you prefer.”

After we finish talking I shake his hand again and thank him.

“You’re quite welcome Patient John.” He says as I shake his hand and then I leave.

My wife Jena is sitting nearby and I talk to her about having to stay for at least a few more days and about the after discharge treatment.

“I think you should do it.” she responds.

“You mean the treatment after my discharge?”

“Yes. I think it will really help you.”

“I don’t think so. To have to wear this device 24 hours a day after my discharge even at work and when I go out. I don’t feel comfortable with that.”

She responds, “They’re only trying to help. And I think you should really consider it. It’s only for two weeks.”


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