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A fantasy of mine

How it begins

This story is an adult baby story. All characters are over 18 years old.

My mommy would have bi-monthly checkups to see if my body was all good, starting from top to bottom.

It would be just after breakfast when she takes my hand and leads me to the play exam room we have. I would start fussing knowing what was ahead of me. “Is my baby going to be a goodgirl for me? Yeah? Then hop up onto the table so I can check your temperature." She would say heading to get gloves on.

I would reluctantly get up onto the table facing away from her so as to give her the best access to my arse. Once in position I couldn't see mommy only hear the snap as she double gloved. I'd only have her stroking down my back to push down my panties and a murmured “big breath in” as warning until the thermometer was put in. At that point I'd squirm around, maybe a bit too much as mommy would get the restraints out to connect to the table for later.

Once five minutes was up she'd take it out and tut. “Aw is my baby backed up? Its okay, nothing a few suppositories won't fix!” And she'd pop three glycerin bullets in with a small butt plug to “keep them in while they work their magic.” Once done with that I would be told to turn over and lie down on the table so she can check my mouth. I'd do as told while she takes one pair of gloves off and start to restrain me. Once finished with the restraints I'd have my hands above my head and my legs spread eagled.

Mommy would put a jennings gag in my mouth to open it really wide so she can look at my teeth. She'd comment on how drooly her baby was and how desperate I must be to have her fingers in my mouth. All I can do is nod and make pitiful whines as she strokes my tongue with her gloved fingers. Once all my teeth are checked she tests my gag reflex to her desire before taking out the Jennings gag and replacing it with a pacifier one.

Next came the breast exam…


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