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Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway - Part 7

"Excellent my Little Dirty Slut, I applaud your commitment to your own sluttiness. Lets just get you set back up." He proceeded to strap her legs back into the stirrups. "Now remember just relax your leg muscles, let the straps hold your legs in place, it will be more comfortable that way. Here lets do your arms too" he said. She started to protest but he already had her right arms strapped into a cuff and was reaching for her left.

"Now behave my Dirty Little Slut or I will have to spank you." He spanked her ass cheek once firmly for emphasis. Her legs and arms now securely strapped down he moved over to the sink and prepared an extra warm extra soapy 2 quart enema. Hanging it from the IV stand he wheeled it over beside the exam table.

"That's a lot more than the first time" she said, "I can't take that much."

He smacked her ass sharply, "You can and you will my Dirty Little Slut, I told you to behave or I would have to spank you." "You got me so excited over and over again while I was playing with you earlier and I only got to fuck you once and there is so much more I wanted to do to you."

"What are you going to do to me? Let me go." she said pulling on her restraints.

He smacked her ass sharply again, "I told you to behave." smack, smack smack, "behave he commanded, the only sounds I want to hear out of you are whimpers and moans. I'm not going to hurt you, well not any more than the cropping you got earlier. But I am going to fuck you again, more than once. But first your ass needs another good cleaning, a much larger enema will get you good and clean even further up inside you." Lubing two fingers he slowly pushed them up her ass. She clenched her ass trying not to allow him access. "Clenching your ass isn't going to stop me" he said pushing harder into her ass. "Ouch, your hurting me", she exclaimed. He spanked her pussy sharply just below her clit causing her to yelp. "I said all I wanted to hear out of you was whimpers and moans, now behave. You know you're going to enjoy this, Dirty Slut like you craves being used, needs it even." She whimpered and relaxed her ass letting him work his fingers inside her. To her utter humiliation she was indeed enjoying this, her pussy was already wet, he could have fucked her right then without any lube required.

Once she relaxed and he could get two fingers inside her without any trouble he pulled a double balloon nozzle from another drawer. She whimpered at the sight of it, she had had one used on her before and she knew it meant she was going to be force to take and hold the enema for as long as he wanted her to.

Inserting the nozzle he pumped it up night and tight inside and out, causing her to whimper again. "That's a good little slut, whimpers and moans only out of you." Opening the clamp she felt it immediately, it was much warmer than the first time. As the enema flowed into her he pulled over a duffel bag and starting putting items on the rolling tray.

"Those are way too big she exclaimed, they will never fit inside me." grabbing the crop he spanked each cheek sharply, "They will fit inside you, just you wait and see." he said "Now behave unless you want more of the crop!"

She watched wide eyes as he pulled the items from the bag. There was a large dildo that looked like it belonged on a horse it was so big. A small bowling pin, what looked like a dogs squeaker toy, a large candle, four golf balls, a cucumber, one of those stress ball things, and a trailer hitch ball. Lastly he pulled out three of those suction cup things people put on women's nipples.

Leaning over he started to lick and suck her clit, then he stopped and removed the glove on his hand, sticking two fingers in her pussy. "What a Dirty Little Slut you are, your pussy is sopping wet. I knew this is what you wanted when you came in here today." Sucking her clit again he worked his fingers in and out of her pussy for a minute or two. Replacing his lips with one of the nipple suckers he checked the bag, it was nearly empty. He rubbed her belly for a short while until the bag was completely empty. She felt so full her belly distended with the 2 quarts enema inside her. It didn't take long for the soap in the enema to take effect, moaning she said she had to go. Pinching a nipple sharply, "You'll go when I allow it." he said to her. Leaning over he suckled each nipple for a few seconds before attaching a suction device to each one. Moving between her legs he removed the suction device from her clit, leaned over and suckled on it for a few seconds stroking it with the tip of his tongue before reattaching the suction device.

Undoing his pants,"Now your ready to be fucked" he said before pushing his cock into her pussy. Holding her hips for leverage he thrust his cock into her pussy. Deep hard thrusts, grunting each time his pelvis slammed into hers. He wasn't fucking her fast, just hard and deep, he was making sure to enjoy every minute of having his cock buried in her pussy. "You're pussy is so wet, you're such and wanton slut, I'm going to do this to you every time you come back and I know you will come back. You need to be used like this, your sloppy slut pussy tells the whole story." She just whimpered and moaned as he thrust into her over and over again. He was right, even now her pussy was dripping, she could feel her juices running down her ass crack. Even the cramps of the enema she was holding couldn't mask the pleasure she was feeling right now. Her nipples and clit were tingling, if she hadn't cum so recently she knew she would be close to a climax. He finally climaxed dumping his cum in her pussy with one final deep thrust. It took him a few seconds to regain his bearings, once he did he pulled the bucket and tray from earlier back into position. "Now watch the screen you dirty slut, watch your asshole open up while you void that dirty water from your slutty ass" Again she couldn't help herself she watched as he released the valve on the balloon and the soapy stream spewed from her ass. The sensations were exquisit, the nerve endings in her anus, the relief of the pressure from the enema, the suction devices on her clit and nipples, she wished she could climax again as she moaned and whimpered.

He gave her a second enema to wash the soap out, it wasn't quite as warm as the first and he didn't make her hold it. Probably because he just wanted to start shoving things up her ass. He did indeed manage to make every one of the items fit in her ass. He spent the next hour stretching her ass a little wider with each new item. He stuck the four golf balls up her ass and made her push them out several times. The thing she thought looked like a dogs squeaker toy was indeed exactly that. He took great pleasure in sticking it up her ass and making her squeak it with her anus muscles over and over again, each time she pushed it out trying to make it squeak he would shove it back in. The stress ball, the cucumber, the large candle which he lit and let burn while amusing himself with shoving the items into her pussy as well (having soaked them is sterilizing solution, applied a fresh condom and changed his gloves), even the trailer hitch ball, they all got shoved up her ass multiple times.

When he tired of shoving things up her ass he fucked her again. Shoving his dick up her ass no lube, no prep, he just shoved it straight up her ass in one stroke. He really didn't need lube or prep, she was already dripping and gaping from the working over he had just given her ass. Again he took his time, enjoying having his cock buried inside her. Deep thrusts at a medium pace until he finally came dumping his cum in her ass.

Finished with her he chastised her, making her look at her gaping dripping holes on the big screen. Reminding her what a dirty wanton slut she was. Finally he unstrapped her and helped her clean up. She scheduled another session for the following weekend before leaving.


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