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Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway - Part 6

Very good my Dirty Little Slut, I am glad you decided to proceed. Remember, there is no judgment, I am here to support and assist you in being the dirtiest nastiest slut you want to be. I am going to enjoy using your ass. Opening a drawer in the medical station he pulled out four very large syringes filled with a dark brown substance she knew was the pudding. She whimpered a little knowing what he was going to do with them. At the same time she knew she wanted it, she wanted him to pump her ass full of pudding and fuck it. She wanted to be used in whatever way pleased him. She watched as he placed the four large syringes on the rolling tray and wheeled it around between her legs at the end of the exam table. Picking up a large enema nozzle he attached it to the first syringe. "Relax my Dirty Little Slut, this will go in easier." he said applying a bit of KY to her anus, slipping a finger in just a bit. Removing his finger he slowly pushed the nozzle int her ass until the syringe was pressed against her ass cheeks, leaving it there just for a few seconds while her reached up and pinched her nipples. As he pushed on the plunger she could feel it filling her rectum, it didn't feel like an enema, she could tell it was thinker and maybe heavier. It kinda made her feel like she had to go to the bathroom. OMG she thought, he's going to pump three more syringes of this up my ass. The first syringe empty he removed the nozzle from her ass and attached it to the second syringe, inserted it into her ass and slowly pushed the plunger. The second syringe empty, he again pinched her nipples a bit. "Very good my Dirty Little Slut, your almost done, then I will stick my cock in your mouth and make you suck me while you hold this for a bit before you expel it." With the third syringe he pushed the plunger with more force making her feel even more like she had to go to the bathroom. Removing the nozzle he instructed her to hold it and not make a mess. Moving around to the head of the exam table he undid his pants extracting his cock. He lowered the table so she was not laying flat. Grabbing her hair he turned her head to the side and stuck his cock in her mouth. "Now suck slut" he commanded. He pinched and played with her nipples for a couple minutes while she sucked his cock. "Now void your bowels you dirty slut, look at the screen and watch yourself shit all over the table!" when she hesitated he pinched her nipple harder. "I said void your bowels slut!" she whimper and closed her eyes as she started to void her bowels, she could feel her asshole open and the pudding start to ooze out. She couldn't help herself, she had to see, she opened her eyes as the pudding oozed out of her open hole. OMG this is so humiliating she thought whimpering again. Even though she knew her ass was clean from the soapy enema and rinse and this was really just pudding, it looked and felt like she was pooping, a very messy poop. She felt so humiliated even more so because she wanted him to fuck her ass like this, she wanted him to humiliate her and use her.

Most of the pudding voided from her bowels, he pulled his cock from her mouth. "Now I'm going to fuck that dirty shitty slutty ass of yours" he said as he moved between her legs. "But first, a little more pudding to make it nice and slippery." he said before inserting the nozzle with the fourth syringe and pushing the plunger with even more force than the third. She could feel a little leaking out around the nozzle and she whimpered again even more humiliated. Then he started licking her asshole again, circling her anus while rubbing her clit, his tongue poking into her dark hole. OMG he's licking the pudding from my asshole, fucking my ass with his tongue, thats soo nasty she thought, ooh but it feels so good, her pussy literally dripping now. She whimpered and moaned and thrust her ass at him wanting more. "You Dirty little slut!, thrusting your ass like that" he said stand up, "Your pussy is literally dripping juices down your ass crack from me licking your asshole. "Grabbing her hips he pushed his cock into her slowly at first until he was all the way in. The thick pudding making her feel even fuller than if it was just his cock. He pumped his cock in and out of her ass at a medium pace, he was taking his time.

"Just look at your nasty slutty ass being fucked with that brown mess oozing out of it" he said shifting to one side so the camera could see her asshole. Again she couldn't help herself and watched as his cock plunged in and out or her dirty asshole smeared with the brown substance. Pushing in as deep as he could manage he grabbed both nipples and started pinching and twisting. Telling her what a dirty slut she was, He could see her pussy dripping, her juices running down to where his cock was fucking her nasty slutty ass. Releasing just one nipple he began to stroke her clit, alternating between each of her nipples with the other hand, pinching and twisting her nipples, stroking her clit. As her back arched and he could feel her pelvic muscles tighten as she climaxed the grabbed her hips and thrust faster into her ass, plunging his dick in and out of her ass like a jack hammer, he quickly hit his own climax groaning loudly as he pumped his cum into her ass collapsing on to of her.

Once recovered from his climax, he cleaned her up along with the end of the table. Wiping the last bits of pudding off her with a warm wet cloth. He unstrapped her legs and lowered the stirrups. Covering her with a warm fleece blanket.

"You did wonderfully today my Dirty Little Slut, I'm so pleased you fully embraced your own personal kink and I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you will visit us again here at the clinic. Now that you have completed your initial evaluation, given how well you did today, I believe I will recommend some CNC usage for your next session."

"You're going to need a couple more enemas to wash the pudding out, would you like me to administer them here or would you prefer to do them in private in the bathroom down the hall?..."