Alan’s Dormitory Medical Care

The First Session

Allen watched as Sarah grabbed her keys and her bag. She turned to Alan before leaving, and with her soothing smile, instructed him, “Don’t go too far! We need to get started quickly when I get back. I know you might be a bit hungry, but it would be best if you didn’t have anything to eat until we are through. The dining hall may be closed by then, but if you cooperate, I’ll take you out to eat. Perfect chance to get started on a healthy diet.”

Allen found himself alone in Sarah’s room and he figured he may as well stay there. She’d probably be back in less than an hour. He got up from the bed and started to look around. He looked at the titles of her medical books on the shelf. There seemed to be a lot on psychology. He saw her chemistry textbook and felt a bit smug realizing it was different from his and that the nursing students did not take as rigorous a course as the one he was in. He happened to glance down at the plastic trash bin and saw the multiple purple exam gloves and foil lubricant packs Sarah had disposed of. Most of the gloves were inside out, but there was one that he could see the shiny residual smears on the extended finger of it. It reminded him of when he was in his bathroom in his dorm suite and while brushing his teeth and looking down, happened to notice a used condom in the trash one of his roommates had left there. The parallels were immediately apparent to him — in a different mode, Sarah had had her way with him. As he contemplated this, he thought again about bolting and heading to the library and ignoring the texts that invariably would come. He rejected the idea — partly because it would set off a complicated chain of uncomfortable confrontations with both Sarah and his mother, but partly because he knew that this was the least unpleasant way to get his health on track. Much better than the student health center. He also felt a vague deeper need to do what she wanted him to do simply because that is what she wanted and he wanted to please her.

Alan wandered around the other rooms in Sarah’s suite. He came to a cork board where she had some photos up. There was one of her with two other girls, all of them in scrubs and all holding up a pint in a bar. Another showed the three of them after a race or track meet. They had skimpy shorts and tank tops on and Alan noticed how fit Sarah looked. She wasn’t ripped with muscles, but she was quite toned. It seemed to Alan she was not as thin now and in his opinion, her face had a more attractive appearance now than then. She now had a warmer more comforting countenance. Although she was facing forward in the photo, he thought that she probably did not have the pleasant shape to her hips, thighs and butt in her skinnier former state — those features that he would admire when he had the good fortune to be behind her in the elevator when she had on one of her tighter fitting scrub bottoms.

As he looked around some more, he continued to notice that his bottom had not quite recovered from what Sarah had done to him. The penetration and probing she had done with her finger had left him with a lingering urge to evacuate his bowels. He thought that maybe he could take advantage of this and see if he could successfully go and in that way avoid whatever she had planned for him. If his plan worked, would she believe him, or would she insist on “checking” to make sure? At any rate, he certainly did not want to stink up her bathroom, so he would have to run upstairs to his own suite. Before he could act on this plan, he heard the sound of her key in the door.

The door opened and Sarah entered with two bulging plastic shopping bags looped around each wrist. “Hi Alan! I‘m back! I know you’re delighted to see me,” she said with a bit of playful sarcasm. “You’re still here, so that’s a good positive sign. Let’s go back into the spare room.“

Sarah led the way and Alan followed her into the room. She put the bags down and turned to him, “Why don’t you go ahead and lie down now and try to get relaxed as I unpack.

Alan sat on the low bed and watched her as she started to remove items form the bag. Sarah noticed he was still sitting up and she repeated that she wanted him laying down and this time he complied

He saw her take a substantial box out of the bag and saw “Enema Kit” on it and got anxious right away. Sarah picked up on this and wasted no time, “Alan, I need to give you an enema. Have you ever had one before?”

”No. I don’t think I want one either.”

”Well let me explain why you need one. Its the best way to hit the reset button and get you cleaned out. In case you have some misconceptions about what an enema is, I am going to put a tube into your rectum and put some water up inside you and this will help to soften and loosen your stool and help you have a good complete bowel movement. I think it will work much better than just more suppositories like you got at the student health center and overall, there will be less discomfort.”

He saw some of the other items she bought — a new box of exam gloves, some small boxes of medications or ointments, a plastic box of baby wipes and a bag of blue disposable absorbent pads the size of a hand towels.

After she unpacked these, Sarah turned to him and knelt down on the floor facing him closely. Her voice got quieter and, looking directly into his eyes, she explained further what she was going to do to him, “I want you to be as comfortable as possible through this and I don’t want to hurt you, so first I am going to apply a local anesthetic to your anus and a bit up inside you. It will sting at first but them it will numb the most sensitive parts of your bottom and make it easier for you to receive the enemas and also to expel them. The first enema I am going to give you will be some warm mineral oil. This will thoroughly lucricate your rectum and make it more comfortable as the stool passes out of you when you are pooping out the enema. Do you have any questions?”

Alan pondered his grim predicament and finally spoke, “How much will it hurt?”

Sarah looked at him sympathetically and responded honestly and bluntly, “The larger warm water enema will cause some cramps. When you are pushing out that hard stool, it may be difficult for you, but I will keep you as comfortable as possible, ok?”

He didn’t know how to respond as they looked at each other.

Sarah got up and announced they needed to get started, “I need you to undress completely except for your T shirt. Socks too. Things could get a little messy and also I don’t want your legs to be constrained by your shorts or undies. You can cover up with the blanket to undress.

After Alan had done this, Sarah knelt down and switched on her desk lamp and moved it into position and then instructed Alan on the position she wanted him in, “Like before on your left side, but tilted over more and with your right leg bent up and out in front of you and your left leg straight. I need to get better access to your bottom this time. “

Alan turned over and shifted around. When he stopped moving, Sarah got her purple gloves on and pulled the blanket away. Alan‘s bare bottom was thrust out as she wanted it and the position caused his buttocks to part enough that she could glimpse his light brown anus between them.

“That’s perfect, stay just like that.” She popped open the tube of lidocaine gel and squirted some onto the tip of her index finger. “I‘m going to put the numbing medicine on you, so it’ll be cold with a bit of stinging.” She spread him open a bit more and the light gave her a clear view of him. He flinched when the cold gel touched him and Sarah could tell he felt the sting as his anus tightly contracted and he moved his hips forward away from her.

”I know, it stings. It will numb up soon. Takes some deep breaths”

Alan noticed the stinging did subside pretty quickly and the gentle rubbing of Sarahs finger became less noticeable until he could no longer feel it, but he could still tell she was doing it as his inner buttocks could still feel her hands and fingers moving a bit.

Sarah could sense he was relaxing and noticed his anus which had been clenched so tightly a minute ago, had become soft and relaxed. She was even able to gently spread him a bit with her fingers and this allowed her to inspect the more outer part of his anal canal with it‘s glistening pinkness under the bright halogen light. She took another dollop of the lidocaine gel and very slowly pushed her index finger into his rectum. She noted his anus was remarkably relaxed around her finger and he seemed very calm with even breathing. She started to move her finger tip around a bit to see if anything had changed with the situation inside his rectum.

Alan had not felt the penetration, but his rectum sensed some pressure surprising him and he blurted out, “Is your finger in me?! Sarah, is that your finger in me?!”

Sarah held her finger still, but did not remove it, “Yes Alan, Yes,” she whispered. “Shhh! Relax. See how well the gel has numbed your bottom? You didn’t even feel me go inside you at first. Its good that it has you relaxed and comfortable.”

Sarah took out her finger and Alan could hardly tell. He just noticed the wet feeling of the gel as it seeped out onto his inner left butt cheek which was not numb. Sarah covered up his naked bottom with the blanket and told she‘d be back in a few minutes.

She got up and stripped off her gloves and grabbed the mineral oil enema plastic bottle and headed into the bathroom and put the bottle in the sink with hot water until it felt like it was at a comfortably warm temperature.

She returned to Alan and pulled away the blanket. She noticed he had shifted a bit and was not quite in the position she wanted him. She grasped his hips with her bare hands and guided him so that he was more flexed at the waist and the hips and then pushed on his lower back and pulled back his top hip so that his back arched in a way that caused his bottom to be thrust out towards her. Alan was getting a bit inured to the serial humiliations, but was exquisitely embarrassed to have Sarah position him like this.

Sarah got a fresh pair of gloves on and uncapped the enema bottle. She spread Alan’s buttocks and it was obvious he was very lubricated.

”OK Alan, her comes the oil enema. It will be a bit warm and you’ll feel some pressure. Relax and hold it in. If you really think you can’t possibly hold it, then tell me.”

Alan did not feel the skinny nozzle slide into him. The first sensation he felt was a slowly building mild pressure in his rectum with a vague warmth. He then felt Sarah cover him with the blanket and he assumed the enema was done.

Sarah got up and removed her gloves again and then sat down in a chair nearby, “Allen, the longer you hold it, the more it will make the rest of the process more comfortable, but again, if you are feeling too strong an urge to expel, tell me, so no accidents, ok?” She went on, “Also, the oil can sometimes feel more like you have gas in your rectum rather than stool, so if you feel like you need to fart, don’t be fooled. Hold it in until you are on the toilet.”

Allen processed this and found it valuable information, but nevertheless, he was mortified to be told this. Sarah had put on some quiet music and monitored Alan and noticed him shifting his position ever more frequently, “Are you starting to feel more pressure, sweetie?”

”Yes … some.”

“Ok, deep breaths when you feel that pressure build.”

Alan tried the deep breaths, but the pressure in his rectum was more intense each time. He gasped and tucked into more of a fetal position and felt for sure he was going to expel in the bed, “Oh God!…Oh! Sarah, I have to go! I really have to go now!”

Sarah was up in a flash and pulled the blanket off Alan and helped him to his feet. She held him up as he took quick baby steps towards the bathroom stooped over. She got him onto the toilet and he tried to hold it in until she left, but oil jetted out of him audibly before she closed the door fully to give him some privacy. All of the oil was seemingly out quickly, but he was left with a intense need to empty himself more and continued to strain. He was successful to some extent but at a cost. Even with his bottom partially numb, it was a painful ordeal. He did his best to try to minimize his moaning and whimpering so that Sarah would not hear him. He hated the dorm room bathrooms. With all their hard tile surfaces, they were like echo chambers and seemed to amplify every sound. Plus, there was no exhaust fan he could turn on for sonic privacy. Just a silent ventilation grate in the ceiling. He finished up with just a partial success at best. Cleaning up was a conundrum. He knew Sarah would soon be looking at his bottom very closely under bright light, but the toilet tissue felt like coarse grit sandpaper on his sore anus.

Sarah knocked on the door and before Alan could stop her, she had opened it and stated the obvious, “I’m coming in, Alan.”

“I wanted to give you these, but there wasn’t time.” She put the plastic box of baby wipes on the counter next to the sink. They both were now aware that he was completely naked from the waist down. Sarah handed him her short terry cloth bath robe which He gladly accepted and put on, though it barely concealed what he wanted to cover. Very unmanly, but better than nothing her thought.

“Don’t flush, Alan. I need to see what kind of progress you’ve made.“

She walked past him and peered into the bowl, “Well, its a start, but we have more work to do. Don’t get discouraged.”

Sarah escorted him back to bed and took the robe off him and got him under the blanket. She told him to rest and took some items back into the bathroom. He could hear a lot of water running and was embarrassed as he wondered if she was cleaning up after him. When she came back, she was carrying the enema bag and the clear plastic was bulging and he understood. There was a control lever for the window conveniently a few feet above him, and she securely hung the bag there with the coils of clear tubing as well.

He was on his back with his knees up, still dealing with some abdominal cramps. She sat next to him on the bed facing up at him and reached her hand and gently rubbed his gurgling belly through the thin blanket.

She began explaining the next steps, “The next enema is going to be water — obviously! I will keep the flow of water into you very slow. You’re going to get some cramps, and when you do, you need to tell me so that I can stop it and that we we can keep going and get a good volume into you. The higher up it gets, the better it will work. I am going to have you in a different position. I’ll have on your knees next to the bed with your head and chest resting on the bed. That way, gravity will help the water move up higher and reduce some of the pressure you are going to feel in your rectum. It will also leave you belly exposed and so there will be less pressure on it. Any questions?”

Alan could only shake his head no at this point.

“OK, let’s get you positioned.“

Sarah put her yoga mat on the floor where she wanted Alan to kneel, “This will be more comfortable to kneel on and easy to clean too.”

Alan got onto the mat and felt Sarah gently but firmly pushes his upper back forward until he dropped to his elbows onto the bed in front of him. She started to unwrap her bathrobe that he was still wrapped in, “We need this all the way off or it’s going to be in the way if you’re in a rush. Now, head and chest all the way down on the bed, and spread your knees wider.”

Alan did these things and then found himself in a most exposed vulnerable position. The bed was low enough that his back was angled upward and his bare bottom sticking up. Sarah had guided his knees apart enough that his buttocks separated and he felt the cool air all around his anal area, perineum and scrotum.

Sarah moved a floor lamp closer to light up her work area. She paused and took some pleasure in seeing Alan in this position, all so accessible and visible, inviting her to go forward with her treatment. It had been easier to get to this point than she had anticipated. She took pride in that she was able to secure his full cooperation in a matter of a couple of hours and felt a sense of satisfaction that she was becoming a talented medical seductress. Many of her instructors had made the point repeatedly that securing a patient’s compliance was an essential skill for a nurse to have, and she was mastering it already.


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