Carole's journey

Carole part 2

It had been almost a week since Carole had met the young couple at the open air concert.

She hadn't intended to see them again and had almost thrown the note out with their phone number, but for some reason she had kept it.

She did want her panties back, they had been expensive and were really comfortable, as well as being sexy.

Taking the note from the fridge, she dialed the number, not sure what she was going to say but determined to get her panties back.

The phone rang several times and she was just about to hang up when a breathless Stevie cheerfully said "Hi Carole".

Carole wondered how she knew it was her, then realised they probably had caller ID and recognized her number.

Stevie asked how she was doing and wanted to know why she hadn't phoned earlier. "I was sure you would want those expensive knickers back" She giggled into the phone. Carole couldn't help but smile, Stevie's giggle was so infectious. Even though she was beginning to think she was making too big a thing about a pair of panties.

Before she had a chance to speak, Stevie said " We are are having a bit of a lunch thing tomorrow. Why don't you come over?".

Carole thought for a second then thought, why not. "Sure, I'd love to come. You'll have to give me your address. What time, and what do I need to bring?"

Stevie told her not to worry about bringing anything and Mark would be happy to pick her up about Noon.

"OK see you then" was Stevie's quick reply and she quickly hung up.

Carole stood looking at the phone in her hand and wondered what she had got herself into this time.

She made a vow she would only have one glass of wine and she certainly wasn't going to smoke any pot.

Hanging up the phone, she looked for a bottle of wine to take over and realised she didn't have any. That would mean a trip to the off-license, so she got dressed and headed out hoping she could find something not too expensive, but some cheap plonk that would make her look like she was broke, which of course she was.

The evening seemed to drag after dinner and Carole wondered about cancelling her lunch date, but figured that would be just too rude. Anyway, she had enjoyed their company at the concert and was sure they would have some interesting friends at this lunch. Who knows? Maybe she might make a job contact or someone who knows about a cheap flat to rent.

That night in bed she revisited the sexual aspect of the meeting with Stevie and Mark and as she had done for the last few days, and masturbated to a wonderful orgasm. She still couldn't get over how much she got turned on thinking about Stevie kissing her so deeply and remembering how her body responded to her touch.

She had done the odd experimenting with girls in college, but she had been a virgin then and just exploring sex, period. Soon she had met her husband and that had all faded into the past.

Getting out of bed Saturday morning and heading to the shower Carole found herself still thinking about Stevie and Mark as she was slipping out of her t-shirt and turning the water on. Soaping her body she couldn't believe how sensitive her nipples were. They sprang to attention as soon as her soapy fingers touched them. This is ridiculous she thought, as her hand slid down her stomach and through her pubes to find her labia were already slippery and it wasn't because of the soap.

"I have been in an almost constant state of arousal since last week. This is ridiculous". Quickly turning her attention to her hair, she shampooed vigorously and forgoing the conditioner, she rinsed quickly and got out of the shower.

Drying herself, and trying not to stimulate herself any further with the towel, she quickly headed to her bedroom and searched through her closet for something suitable to wear. She found another Summer dress she quite liked and put that on the bed while she rummaged in her underwear drawer for a matching bra and panty set.

Having found something she liked, just plain white as she didn't want it showing through her dress.

Slipping the dress over her head she looked in the mirror and wondered if it was a bit short. She hadn't worn it for ages because her ex had told her it was too short, but looking in the mirror it seemed to be a nice length. She figured that Stevie and Mark's friends were probably young like them too and she didn't want to look frumpy.

Satisfied that she looked presentable, she did her make-up and hair then headed into the kitchen to have some coffee and toast.

Finishing her breakfast Carole switched lap-top on and checked her e-mails. Nothing very exciting there and no answers from the resumes she had sent out. Not that she expected any to come on a weekend.

She began to search through for any more job openings and found a couple that might work for her and made a note of them to send out resumes on Monday.

She was still surfing the net when the doorbell rang and almost made her jump. Looking out the window she could just make out Stevie standing in the doorway. Opening the door she asked Stevie to come in while she shut her laptop down. "I thought Mark was picking me up" Carole said. "He got caught up with some phone calls so he asked me to pick you up. Luckily I remembered how to get here". She said with a grin.

As they left and Carole quickly locked the door and skipped down the steps after Stevie and caught up with her just down the street where she was getting into a lovely little pale blue sports car. Carole Maneuvered herself into the passenger seat. She never realised how low these things were. She was sure Stevie got a good look at her panties as she got in and blushed a little.

Thet soon took off and Stevie quickly whipped through the traffic with a skill that impressed Carole. Even though it was a stick shift, Stevie still managed to put her small hand on Carole's exposed thigh as her dress rode up.

Carole was concentrating so much on where they were going she hardly realised she had let her thighs part slightly until she felt Stevie's hand slide further up her thigh. She quickly closed her legs and pulled her dress down. Stevie removed her had and just smiled.

Before she knew, it they were pulling up to a garage and Stevie was clicking a door opener and the garage door rolled up revealing a triple garage with two other vehicles inside.

As they pulled inside the door rolled down behind them.

Try as she might, Carole couldn't seem to extricate herself from the low seat without giving Stevie another flash of her panties. Stevie came around the car and taking Carole by the hand lead her over to an elevator door, which she promptly opened and pulled Carole inside.

They quickly rose and when the door opened again they were in the living room of a very spacious loft style apartment.

Mark quickly greeted them by hugging them both and kissing, first Stevie then Carole. He apologized for not being able to pick her up and quickly asked if she would like a drink. Carole suddenly realised she had forgotten the wine in her rush to follow Stevie. Blushing and feeling stupid she apologized profusely. Mark quickly said she didn't need to bring anything. They had everything here. "Except you" He said with a big smile.

"Lets go out to the patio while we drink these" Mark said as he poured some cocktails from a shaker.

Stevie lead them out to the patio, which Carole realised looked out over the river. The view was beautiful. She wondered what these two did for a living. This place must have been very expensive.

As if to read her mind Mark informed her that they had a media company that included photography as well as video advertising, amongst other things.

Carole asked when the rest of their guests would be arriving and was quickly informed she was the only guest. He said they had found her fascinating and wanted to get to know her better. Carole didn't know what to say to that.

Her ex had put her down so much during their marriage, she had developed a very low self esteem. To hear someone say they found her fascinating, and obviously sexually attractive, was almost overwhelming. She quickly downed her drink and it was just as quickly refilled. It wasn't long before she was beginning to feel the effects of the cocktails and was glad when Stevie told them lunch was ready. They were to grab a plate and help themselves and could eat out on the patio, if that was OK?

The table was laden with an assortment of cold cuts, boiled eggs, pickles, a couple of different salads, Rolls and butter, plus an assortment of salad dressings.

Everyone helped themselves and headed back out to the patio, where the conversation was centered mostly around Carole and what was happening in her life.

When they found out the predicament she was in, with losing her job, her ex taking off with their savings and the possibility of her eviction they seemed genuinely concerned for her. Carole really appreciated their concern and thanked them, but assured them she would work something out.

The conversation eventually turned to their work and Carole was fascinated with how they operated and wanted to know all about it.

After eating her fill at lunch and with a few cocktails under belt, Carole was feeling very mellow and a little sleepy.

Noticing this Mark suggested some coffee and dessert and Stevie quickly got up said she would fix that up.

After Stevie came back with three coffees and the fixings, she went back to the kitchen and returned with some cookies and brownies.

As Carole reached for one of the brownies Mark warned her they were "special" brownies. Stevie could tell by the uncomprehending look on Carole's face, that she had no clue what Mark was talking about. She quickly informed Carole that they were pot brownies. Now Carole wasn't that naïve that she didn't know what pot brownies were. She had just never seen any. Not wanting to look gauche, she picked one up and put it on her plate and said. "I have always wanted to try them".

By the time they had finished their coffee, Carole had nibbled her way through her brownie and was feeling no pain whatsoever.

As there was a bit of a breeze coming up from the river, Stevie suggested they move inside to the living-room.

Mark put some music on and they settled on the couch. Carole thought it a bit odd that they were all sitting on the couch when there were a couple of easy chairs too.

Still, It felt nice and cozy and when Stevie snuggled into her and put her arm around Carol's waist, She put hers around Stevie's waist and hugged her closer. As Carole smiled at her, Stevie slid her arm up and putting her hand on the side of Carole's head and pulled her face down so that their lips were close and kissed her gently, holding her there. They held the kiss for what seemed like ages. Carole's heart was racing and Stevie's tongue had insinuated it's way into Carole's mouth and was teasing her tongue. She was vaguely aware of Stevie's hand sliding up her thigh and easing her dress up to expose her white panties.

As they broke for air, Mark's husky voice in her ear sent shivers up her spine and gave her goosebumps as he said. "My turn". Turning Carole's head towards him. His lips soon claimed hers and his tongue proceeded to invade her mouth as Stevie's had done. Carole's head was swimming and she could feel fingers unbuttoning her dress in the front. Soon a small hand was stealing it's way around her back to deftly unclasp her bra, which was quickly lifted exposing her nipples to the cooler air. Carole moaned into Mark's mouth as she felt her nipples stiffen. then ache as Stevie's mouth found and suckled each one in turn.

Stevie's hand had found it's way to the waistband of Carole's white panties and Carole lifted her hips to help her. Mark had obviously become aware of what Stevie was doing, or they had worked this our before. Anyway, soon two hands were easing Carole's white panties down over her hips and Stevie slid them all the way down to Carole's ankles and slipped them off.

Mark's hand was now caressing her inner thigh and his fingers brushing lightly over her lips. Stevie was turning Carole's head back to continue kissing her and before her lips closed on hers, Carole got a brief glimpse of the sunlight shining from the patio and glistening on slickness of her arousal now coating her pubes where Mark had smeared them, splaying her labia and using the lubrication to tease her swollen clit.

That view was soon gone from sight but burned in Carole's memory.

Carole hadn't noticed Stevie divesting herself of her clothing but became aware when Stevie took one of Carole's hands and pressed it to her small breast. Carole massaged and squeezed Stevie's small breasts and teased her nipples which were quite large and stiff.

Stevie Eased Carol's hand off and straddled her, kneeling on the couch and lifted Carole's dress free and threw it to one sde with her bra. They were both totally naked now and Stevie drew Carole's face to hers and proceeded to kiss her deeply again.

Meanwhile Mark had knelt between Carole's thighs and was now running his tongue up the inside of one and brushing lightly across her now soaking slit. Her lips swollen and squishy with her juices.

When he buried his face in her pussy and started to lap at her juices and suck on her clit, Carole knew she was close to the brink. When she felt Stevie hook her arms under her thighs she felt herself pulled up so that she was totally exposed. Mark ran his tongue down to the juices that had leaked from Carole's pussy down onto her tight little puckered rosebud. He swirled his tongue around, probing and teasing that tight little hole.

Carole thought for a moment he was going to fuck her there, and began to panic. Her husband had fucked her there and it had been painful and hurt for days after. She soon relaxed when Mark moved up and she felt his mushroom head pressing against her slick pussy. She moaned into Stevie's mouth as he slid slowly into her eagerly awaiting love tunnel. Carole could feel herself gripping the length of him inside her.

As he slowly started to move in and out, stretching her in the most exquisite way, she could feel her orgasm approaching again.

Stevie started to suck on Carole's nipples and nip then lightly with her teeth. This sent shocks shooting down to her clit. She had never experienced anything like this before. Pressing Stevie's head into her breasts let Stevie know she was doing the right thing. Suddenly she was biting Carole's nipples quite hard as Mark started pounding into her pussy. Suddenly she was comming like she had never come before. She screamed, pulling Stevie hard too her and could feel her hips trying to buck up to swallow Mark's rock hard pumping cock.

Hearing her scream was enough to put Mark over the top too, and he grabbed her hips as he shot his load deep inside of Carole.


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