Carole's journey


Carole felt as if her world was falling apart. Her husband had taken off with his secretary from work, and emptied their bank account in the process. To make matters worse, she was due to be laid off from her job at the end of the month, due to the economic downturn. The flat they had been renting was more than she could afford on her salary and would be out of the question once she was unemployed anyway.

The thought of moving back in with her mother at forty, and putting up with the "I told you he was no good" didn't bear thinking about.

"Well, there's no point sitting round here moping. I may as well get out and enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts."

Deciding to to go to Hyde Park and just enjoy the day, she headed out to the tube station and tried to think about what she was going to do.

Getting off at the station she headed across the road to the park. She was amazed to see there was a large crowd gathered and she could hear music playing. Making her way through the crowd she managed to get close to the front.

The music was really good and she was losing herself in the whole atmosphere. She hadn't been to a music concert since she was in her twenties. The vibes were really good and there was obviously quite a bit of weed being smoked. This was just what she needed to forget her troubles for a while.

As she was standing there, swaying to the music, something caught her eye. A pretty young girl and tall handsome guy were waving. Carole looked around to see who they were waving at, but no-one seemed to be waving back, so she thought, "What the hell" and smiled and waved back. She had no idea who they were and thought they probably thought they recognized someone's mum.

After a while she noticed they had gone and she felt a little disappointment. It had been nice to make a connection of sorts, she thought. "God I must be lonelier than I thought" she mused.

She was zoning out listening to the music and had her eyes closed when she felt the crowd closing in on her a bit.

A deep husky voice said Hi, in her ear, which startled her, and when she turned around she recognized the young man from across the crowd. Another Hi right beside her came from the young girl who was smiling up at her. "We thought we'd come and join you. You don't mind do you?" The girl asked. To which Carole, although a bit flustered, stammered "Not at all."

On closer inspection they looked to be in their late twenties, maybe early thirties and made a very attractive couple.

"The band are really good, aren't they? The guy asked in a deep husky voice that sent a little frisson through Carole's body. "Yes they are. I haven't been to a concert for years" Carole blushed for some reason and was not quite sure why.

"I'm Stevie and that's Mark" the girl said, pointing to Mark. "I'm Carole" she replied.

Stevie was about 5'2" Blondish streaked hair and probably about 110 lbs and from what she could see of Mark he appeared to be about 5'10", maybe 6'. Slim build with shoulder length brown hair.

It was hard to tell more as he was standing right behind her as the crown had closed in on them quite a bit.

"Would you like some of this?" Stevie was offering her a joint. She hadn't toked up since she was in her twenties and almost said no, then thought what the hell. "Sure" Taking the joint from Stevie she took a good long hit, and immediately regretted it. This stuff was a lot stronger than she remembered.

Pretty soon she was swaying to the music and was very aware of Mark's warm body behind her, actually pressing against her. As they passed the joint between themselves Carole realized she hadn't felt this free in years. When Stevie slipped her arm around Carole's waist, Carole slipped hers around Stevie. Mark slid his arms around Carole's waist and held her closer. Carole was wearing a thin Summer dress and she could feel pressed against her bottom and was sure he had an erection. When Mark bent and kissed her neck she knew for sure he had an erection. She turned to say something, she had no idea what, but Mark's lips found hers before she could say anything and softly kissed her. all the while pressing more insistently against her bottom. She felt that kiss all the way to her crotch. Her nipples were rock hard and she realized they were being tweaked and pinched, seriously increasing her arousal. She looked down, expecting to see Mark's hands cupping her breasts but was surprised to see it was Stevie who was deliciously teasing her rock hard nipples.

Carole was hardly aware of the crowd around them. Thankfully the sun had gone down and they were all pretty much in darkness. The only lights coming from the stage where the band was playing.

Carole was suddenly aware that her dress was being pulled up at the back, the cool air on her bare thighs causing goosebumps. Stevie's hands left Carole's breasts and quickly slid under her dress and slid Carole's panties down with one swift movement, tapping Carole's ankles to get her to step out of them.

Carole briefly thought "What am I doing? This is crazy" But she was so aroused by now she could feel her juices leaking down her thigh. She had not had sex with anyone for almost a year and she was too far gone to stop now.

She watched with curiosity as Stevie put Carole's panties in her purse and pull out a small package and start to undo it. Sliding her hands behind Carole, she swiftly rolled the condom on Mark's Hard cock.

Bending her slightly forward, Mark positioned himself between Carole's thighs as Stevie guide his hard cock against Carole's slick labia, opening those lips with her fingers She pulled Mark's cock in and He eased himself deep inside Carole's soaking pussy.

As Carole felt the length of him buried deep inside her, she couldn't help but moan. This felt so much better than her toys and fingers.

As Mark began a slow steady rhythm, going all the way in, and almost all the way out, Carole was aware that someone was playing with her clit. Mark had both hands on her hips, steading her as he plunged in and out of her pussy.

Stevie had one hand up Carole's dress from the side and was teasing her swollen clit and engorged labia. Carole was lubrication so much Stevie's fingers were slipping all over. She reached up with her other hand and pulled Carole's face down to hers and kissed her deeply, her tongue seeking out Carole's.

Carole's mind was in a complete turmoil. She had done a little girl on girl experimenting when she was in college, but had always considered herself as straight.

Stevie was doing things with her fingers and tongue that was way beyond anything Carole had experienced. That, combined with Mark's increased tempo soon put her over the top, She came with a huge shudder, and would have screamed for sure if Stevie hadn't been kissing her hard.

Feeling spasms as she came was enough to trigger Mark's orgasm too, He pulled her close and rammed hard into Carole's pussy as he came, groaning as he came.

As Mark pulled out he had to support Carole, whose legs were shaking. Stevie slid a couple of fingers into the wet mess that was Carole's puss and brought them up to Carole's mouth, smearing them across her bruised lips. Carole automatically licked Stevie's fingers and was rewarded by having them slid into her mouth, where she sucked them clean. Stevie repeated the process and instead of offering them to Carole this time, took them in her own mouth and sucked them clean.

The band had finished playing and the crowd was breaking up. "Can we give you a ride home?" Stevie asked. Still in a sexual fog, Carole managed to say that she would appreciate that, and gave them her address.

It Didn't take them long to get to her place and Mark walked her up to the door to make sure she was safe and kissed her goodnight. Stevie had given her a kiss before she got out of the car.

Carole let herself into her flat and kicked her shoes off and pulled her dress over her head and tossing it on a chair, crawled into bed.

The next morning Carole felt as if her tongue was stuck to the roof of her mouth. Staggering into the shower she quickly turned on the water, soaping herself and thinking about last night. Her labia were still a bit swollen and her pussy was a little bit tender. It had been a long time since it had a workout like that. As she was soaping her pussy she quickly realized she was becoming aroused. A soapy hand caressing her breasts and a finger teasing her now swollen clit, going over last night's events in her mind soon had her moaning and coming so hard she had to lean against the shower wall to stop herself from collapsing on the shower floor.

Finally rinsing herself off and toweling dry, she made her way into the kitchen and made a coffee.

Sitting there drinking her coffee she couldn't believe what she had done last night. It had certainly been an evening to remember.

The only things she regretted was not getting their phone number and she had lost a very expensive pair of panties.

Suddenly remembering Stevie putting something in Carole's purse before she got out of the car. Carole found her purse under her dress on the chair. No panties in there for sure, but there was a note.

Opening it quickly, Stevie had written their number and said if she wanted to reclaim her pretty knickers to give them a shout.


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