Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

Back to just his cock.

There was almost 3 months went by there in the middle of it that all I did was look at his cock. I sucked him off and when he was tired of me sucking him I just kept looking at it that's all I did was stay right there on my knees.

Just diaper, footsies, and a cap.

He'll just push me out of between his legs and I got shocked at random times. He tells why. I beg and apologize. That's what he wants. Me to have to suck his cock cuz I wronged him.

I hate having to have wronged dad but he loves it I would do all this without having to have wronged him but he likes it that way.

It was always worse with company or if we went to somewhere. We haven't been going anywhere in public really just to the park and clubs.

It was all about I'm in trouble and pain.

Everything he could do to make me beg more and apologize more often, more sincerely, anxiously worried that I'm doing it right.

There's never any fun times anymore. It's all anxious. All I can do. Everyday if I get two likes or he thinks that I'm not worried and shocks my balls and lectures me. Tells me how fucking stupid I am for agreeing to do this. I'll fucking stupid I am for being here. How everybody knows it too.

And I better get my mouth on his cock and keep it God damn well there. It's the only place that I'm safe. The only time I don't get shocked. The only time I don't get punished or may look stupid or humiliated is when I have my mouth on his cock.

There's a wake set go by that I just keep my mouth on his cock and he said to his chair and place on the computer that's all that happens. I'm here in diaper, footsies, and cap. Anybody comes in and sees me. Which would have been all right with me if I'd have been naked but this is embarrassing and humiliating.

Since summer was over there's no barbecues and swats anymore. There's still people over all the time and I better keep my eyes and mouth when they're supposed to be.

He really doesn't want to have to punish me or interrupt his time with his friends anymore. He just wants me to keep doing what I'm supposed to be doing.