Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

Humiliate me Make me anxious

When we go out during the day everything's cool and it's like we're best friends when we go different places. I can't talk about anything intelligent but we still go to baseball games at hockey games.

Although if we go to the clubs for the he doesn't do the clothes that I like or anything that I'd like at all for that matter

It's back to footsies,' bib, cap, and diaper. No more cool clothes or shoes or this or that it just cry baby shit. That's usually what it says cry baby. They all have some kind of animal or boys cry eye balls out. Wiping their eyes with tears coming out.

Of course I still have my big bib that says please be patient I'm retarded.

The footsies are just like thick socks and they have tracks on bottom like slipper socks at the hospital. I really like those.

When I'm in cry baby clothes instead of my cool overalls, dad is mean as fuck.

Today we're off to the park.

When we get there they bully me in and close the gate behind us.

One new game that we play at the park especially when there's other people here is run, shock, trip and fall.

I run around the park all over the place like a a baby throwing my arms in the air. I hop, skip and jump.

When he thinks he can make me trip and fall he shocks my balls. He's usually right too. I fall most every time.

And I'll trip over myself fall on my face stumbled down wind up with grass and dirt all over myself and on my bib, cap and diaper. And I get up and do it again until he's happy.

And it might get to the point that I can barely walk or run but I keep going until he's happy.

Some of the other adult baby parents will ask him why so cool with me he said because he's been that bad and he deserves it. Then he'll have me come tell them the same thing. I damn well better too.

At the clubs now in the evening too it's the same exact thing. Do what he says or get shocked in front of everybody till I fall down. He just loves it.

For some fucking stupid reason I do too.II don't know why but I just love it. The pain is a bit much at times but he makes it all better when he comes in my mouth. The stupider, more humiliating, more painful, and the more people see me, the the better his cum taste and makes me feel.

I don't know why but I don't cum as hard or feel as horny if I'm not just totally fucking worried about what's going to happen.

Even at home now it's just footsies aa bib, a cap, and my diaper.

Dad is as aggravated and angry as ever. He really enjoys it. He enjoys scaring me..

I guess that's why I asked for. I kept telling him I wanted to be anxious. I'm fucking worried all the goddamn time. I get shocked, or my hands and thighs slapped with the riding crop.

Sometimes my face.

I wish we could do some fun things at home again but we haven't in while. I don't see it happening anytime soon. He may be having a party but I'm not allowed to have any fun whatsoever. I just have to be worried about what the hell he's going to do or how I might piss him off. It's so easy to do now.

I don't have to worry about any decisions, my mental health or even taking care of myself. I better not piss fucking dad off. It's so easy to do now.

I get shocked at least four five times a day and it's always till I'm down on the floor curling up in a ball and crying my eyeballs out.

There's some little reminder shocks here and there but barely are there any light shocks anymore they're all as hard as it can be.

Dad's as mean as ever.

I'm as worried as ever. It's gotten more than I ever dreamed it would be. All I wanted to do was sit naked in front of him between his legs and suck his cock. I didn't want to be a baby. I didn't want some BDSM admin to be anxious but I didn't ask for this.

All I got to do is tell him I want to go home and he'll give me home but I can't do it. I can't give up sucking his cock cuz I just love it too much. No Matter how bad my problems here are I don't want to go back to listen to some bitch boss or listen to my dad mom bitch and not having sex again. I can't help but I love it here. I'm scared of my mind all the time but I'm horny all the time too. And his cum fixes all my problems both physical and emotional just like the first day I showed up and tripped and fell in front of him.

So I'm still here.