Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

Saturday night swats

There was times that dad want to be by himself on the computer so he'd let me go play in the computer room or out in the pool on the deck or something.

One such afternoon after a few hours, dad walks in and says, “Get your goddamn hand off your cock boy!!”

As I feel my balls get shocked hard and I fall to and curl up on the floor.

“Get your ass out in the front of my God damn chair on your fucking knees right now boy!”

Like hurry my ass but halfway there but I get shocked, trip and fall. I curll up in pain again.

Takes me a minute but I'm on my way to the chair again and I'm on my knees quickly.

It doesn't matter I get shocked so hard I curl up in pain right there in front of the chair.

A few more times as well.

Then dad asked me what I was watching on the computer. Then he says no I'm going to go look for myself.

He sees that I was looking at some punishment videos. Especially ones about getting swats on the week. As a regular punishment.

He tells me I'm fucking stupid for playing with myself watching punishment videos. Because I have to be punished more than once for that.

Dad says that we going to start weekly punishments. That I'm going to get swats with the belt bare assed every week. Every Saturday night right after dinner especially when we have a barbecue. Starting this Saturday.

He says we're in practice right now. He strips me.

We going to his bedroom and he has me lean over his bed.

He says you're stupid for this matt you have to be embarrassed and made to feel as stupid as you have shown me you are.

He says now anytime I want and you are you this baby I can add swats to your count for the week. I haven't got any yet but we're going to start off today just till I'm happy.

And then Saturday night and we're going to get bare-assed swats like this right out in front of everybody that wants to come see you. I'm going to start you off with 20 for this week for Saturday night.

You're fucking stupid Matt. that's why we are doing this. You get caught breaking my number one rule watching a goddamn punishment video man you are fucking stupid.

Ill have to change around here again Matt . I've laxed up and been easy on you. Back to strict again.

Now everything's double punishment if I have to shock you that's extra swats on Saturday afternoon.

Then Dad starts beating my ass with the belt. And he keeps going till I'm thinking and screaming.

I tried to kick and get out of it but he puts his hand in the middle my back to hold me down. I can't move. Too much of a fat ass with his extra weight on me.

He keeps going until I'm balling my eyeballs out. And he keeps going and going I'm not sure how many swats I got. So I was truly screaming and crying. So I was kicking, screaming, crying like cry baby he has always wanted.

They're really hurt. I've never had slots like this in my life. Never at school or anywhere before have they been this bad.

He's right behind me so he just fucks my ass while it's still sore and hurts and I'm still crying.

He comes at my ass pretty quickly cuz he enjoys it. He turns me around and fucks my face till I get all my shit off his cock.

Tells me to get my ass back out there in front of the chair.

And he's really strict with me the rest of this week. Keep my mouth on his cock. The whole time no matter what he does or where he's going

We going to the club Friday and it's the same way. I better not look anywhere else. I better keep my eyes right where they're supposed to be.

He tells a lot of people at the club about Saturday night. He had already planned the barbecue and had a couple people coming over but he asked as many as he could on Friday night.

We go to the store Saturday afternoon. I keep my mouth on his cock all the way in the van except in the actual grocery store. And he zaps me a couple times lightly in the store.

He talks to me like I'm stupid the whole time in the store. He scolds me and belittles me a few times too.

One lady says you shouldn't treat him like that. He tells her that if he doesn't I'll act up and I'll get in worse trouble by other people.

And then it's back home. The whole time he's getting ready for the party that evening I keep my mouth on his cock everywhere he goes or I get shocked and I do get shocked God damn.

Finally, party starts and I keep my mouth on his cock. Then it's dinner and I don't get dinner. I just get cock.

After dinner, some of his other friends that brought their boys embarrassed them and they take their punishments.

They get swats mostly just like me but not like me either. Their dad's just pull their pants down and they get some killer sorry maybe crying. Then they suck their dad or their dad fuck some ass everybody else is getting.

Dad make sure that I get the worst of everybody.

Starts off telling me to strip. Take your shoes off. Take your socks off. Shocks me cuz I'm not fast enough. He undoes my overalls. Tells me to get those to hell off. Shocks me I'm not fast enough. He makes undoes my onesie.

Then he has me put on some footsies a bib and a baby cap. All of which they cry baby.

He asked me why I was watching the video and what it was about.

I tell everyone that it was a punishment video.

He has me tell everybody that I got caught with my hand on my cock.

That I'm stupid for getting caught on Dad's number one rule watching a punishment video.

They all laugh at me. Multiple times the whole time I'm talking.

Then he makes me take my diaper off.

I bend over the bench.

He beats the holy hell out of my ass. More so than last time again the most I ever got beat in my life. So I'm crying screaming kicking begging please. More than I ever have in my life.

And then he fucks my ass. He fucks it hard too especially because my ass is sore now. I don't know why I guess I'm just a fucking perverted hypersexual but as his cum enters my ass i feel better. I feel sexy and horny. It's great that everybody got to see me take Dad's cum in my ass.

He makes me clean all my shit off his dick. I get to eat some cum too

I feel better now. Sexier than I've ever been. Horny as my ass ever felt. I'm rock hard.

Dad sucks me off.

I pass out and Dad wakes me up with a couple good shocks to my balls.

I get my mouth back on his cock real quick. He's not wanting a blowjob so I just keep my eyes where they're supposed to be.

We do this every Saturday night for most the rest of Summer. And some the next summer.