Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

I got caught smelling dad's shoe

One day while I was where I was supposed to be in that was asleep shoes off smelling them

He wasn't as asleep as I thought he was but all of a sudden I was in pain curled up on the floor. Balls hurt. Badly.

He watched me lay there a little while and told me to set up like a good boy or Indian style.

I set up like a good boy.

He adjusted the remote and shocks my balls.

Must have been 20 or 30 cuz it's like damn. Although not horrible.

Dad laughs at me.

He says you are going to tell me the truth boy.

He shocks my balls.

I say yes Dad quite anxiously

He say you like feet socks and shoes do you?

Presses the button.

I say yes Dad.

Who was your first?

I tell him about the huge old fat smelly priest socks.

He buzzes Mark to come up.

Mark comes up and sits down on the couch. Mark's feet are about like that priest.

Dad says get over there and get his shoes and socks off and lick his feet clean boy.

I said dad you never said I had to do anything with him it would only.

Dad says no that was my cock in your mouth and your ass this is fake I'm going to do who I say.

He shocks my balls hard. I curl up and cry.

He shocks me again he says get over there.

I get over there and get his socks and shoes off and start liking his feet. Mark's feet are deliciously nasty. Wow I never dreamed he tasted this good.

When I get done licking his feet clean they both stripping down to just my shocking ball harness.

Dad puts a shoe on my face and Mark puts one by my cock.

That shocks me and says. Smell that shoe and fuck this one boy.

God damn it hurt I roll over and get to it.

Suddenly I'm in heaven. I must look like a total fucking idiot fucking this shoe and smelling the other in the middle of the living room floor beneath them both. I'm loving it though.

I get going hard and I'm about ready to get off and my balls get shocked at 100%. I'd curl up and scream. I'm crying.

Dad says stand and present.

I heard the fuck up it's almost as automatic as open please.

I'm right there and dad sucks my cock.

My cum so God damn hard right after I really hard shot at all that's just pleasure.

Dad says open please I'm automatically on my knees

Fucks my face hard and cums quickly. I swallow and everything's great.

Then it's pretty well Dad's feet and shoes so I'm really horny and fucking his she good and zap.

He sucks me off.

It's just a good tease for me as dad wants. That's pretty well how it all went after that..

Then at the bars and clubs. Sometimes he makes me lick different people's feet. Some are Good. Some are bad..

Of course my choices are which are good and which are bad are probably opposite than most people would think.

Sometimes I get to keep a sock. Mostly not.

Got set up a lot. Dad would have one of these guys leave their sock out so that I could get caught and I wouldget shocked in front of them.