Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

Clubs are now are stricter home.

A lot damn stricter.

Whenever we went to the clubs now, I kept my mouth on his cock. Just any other time he had friends around. If ee didn't want his cock sucked I was to keep my eyes right there on it.

Same rules for his friends at home now applies to the clubs. Except stricter much much stricter.

And he didn't want to hear a word out of me or have a single problem. Cock sucked by his boy constantly that my new purpose in life and what he wanted everybody to see.

No I didn't want to be the retard or an adult baby but that's what I wanted everybody to see too. That I constantly suck his cock and that was my purpose in life. I wanted everybody to see that Nott like this.

If I could have just been naked without the shocker. I would think.

No I couldn't behave otherwise. That's what got me trained

That's what Dad wanted. It's what I really truly wanted.

Dad wanted people to see me be anxious too. I did too.

He would say stand and present.

I was now to spread my legs and put my hands behind my back like at ease

Absolutely nothing at ease about.

He could do anything.

Punch my balls.

Twist my titties.

Smack my legs, hands, or face.

And that was the whole point to make me scared him in front of everybody. Which is really what I wanted to just not in a diaper as an adult baby

I would have never been more embarrassed any other way. I asked for that too.

He would say something like better be worried you bad boy.

He always loved taunting to me with the remote.

Again more often than not he shocked Me.

Less often than more it make me crawl and crawl the floor.

When he said open please

Without hesitation or any thought. It was an automatic reflex on my knees of my mouth on his cock almost instantly.

I was trained not just my mind but my body. Instant reflex.

He loved doing all this at the bars more than at home because we had an audience for him to embarrassing and be little me. So did I.