Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

When the bathroom door clicked

We would find a good bathroom stall that was just the one room.

He would open the door and guide me in and went closed behind him and he locked it.


I was down on my knees with my mouth open shaking anxiously as hell.

Just because I'm anxious doesn't mean I shouldn't have been scared.

I was scared.

Course he always remote out taunted with the button.

I better not scream or have anybody hear me either.

75% of time shocked me. So it was more likely to happen than not.

Sometimes I begged. Sometimes he liked it. Sometimes he didn't.

Crammed his my mouth and lectured me.

Pulled his cock out and shock me for how many times that I deserve for up till then for that outing.

Any screaming or crying for me that somebody might hear me more at home.

And he'd be all something like oh come on boy you know I got to change your diaper I know you don't like this but we got to go through it.

Sometimes he did my diaper and fucking right there.

I would stand heir naked in a public bathroom get my balls I fell down on my knees like a fucking retard

Retard he told me I was. Retard I told myself I was.

No doubt at all I was truly retarded for being there.

One day he packed all my shit up in the bag and walked out and left me there for about 20 minutes.

I'm not sure if he was outside the door or not. Assuming he was.

Sometimes he said things out loud just a embarrassment. I knew there was people out and around the area.

He said stop oh come on we just got to get through this you know you have to change your diaper. Don't give me no shit today. I'm just get this over with.

But as soon as I'm dressed and ready again everyday ended with a good warning shock. Every single one.

Just because I'm anxious doesn't mean I shouldn't be scared.

How's we're walking along and different places after that he'd remind me of some of the lessons my for the day.