Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

New clothes. New places

I got a whole bunch of clothes.

There were simple Levi overalls and colors. With a simple polo Green blue white red etc…

Then there was all my favorites. My favorites.

Overalls were died in colored not just plain blue denim. With an appropriate onsie , socks and shoes

Of course there was still dominos.

Now there was the striped train engineer which I still kind of wear that one today.

The Pittsburgh Steelers.

Chicago bulls.

St Louis Cardinals.

St Louis blues

Bob the builder.

Green lantern

As well as new clothes we went everywhere now.

The grocery store, restaurants, other shopping stores. Anywhere he wanted to go and a lot of places I wanted to go.

As far as that one we both pretty well had the same taste.

And then basically the story was outside of the clubs and boys Town.

He was my real dad and I was son I was 23 I had agency I still need to go care and at any time that I decided I wanted to move out I could go have the ladies are in a group home or have them take care of me or I was making enough money on my own I can pay them to take care of me wrong place but right now I still want to live with him.

I would say something like fuck group home no group homes

And while we were out during the day we would find a single bathroom as I said no other stalls just on toilet and sink.

My whole world changed